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Musings of a Mage Historian

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In my Beginning

As the Iron Robes prepared for their 1000 year anniversary celebration, I prepared for my initiation and duties as Mage Historian. What are the Iron Robes you say? A Mage Historian?? 1000 year anniversary??? Surprising questions; but then again, maybe not. It falls to me to answer them and many more, as best I can.

About a millennia ago (the date is lost in myth and legend) the Iron Robes were formed. The fact that the Iron Robes have survived these past 1000 years and formed a Guild is surprising, and a testament to the desperate ingenuity and dumb luck charisma of the members. Recent years though have seen the number of Iron Robes initiates drop and the members figured a good old anniversary celebration would set the membership back on track. But, what anniversary, what to celebrate? The debate raged on for days, in a fashion only Mages and Royalty have mastered.

I, with my apprentice naiveté, eventually chimed in with “What about 1000 years and Purple Fenwick? It is rare that one can hear a pin drop in the great hall. The silence was claustrophobic; the laughter that followed was crushing; and as Archmage Phinneth rose from his seat, the silence that followed that, worse. Apparently the debate was settled, and things went from worse to ‘just kill me now!’, for me anyway.

Not one to let opportunity pass him by, my master seized the moment, took most of the credit and promised to provide the Guild Council with details. Not one to do much work either, my master congratulated me on finishing my mage apprenticeship, named me Historian-in-training and informed everyone I would be named the Guild’s Mage Historian at the next initiation ceremony. The sounds made by a great hall full of puzzled, shocked and cheering mages is one I will not soon forget, or ever be able to put into words.

I am Initiate Dorn Freelock, Historian-in-training of the Iron Robes Guild. Soon to be the first, and possibly only, Mage Historian. Mages, while adapt at writing spells in Arcane in their great books, have never ever been interested in documenting anything else. Many can barely read or write the common language. Even the Elven and Dwarven Mages seem to lose much of their first tongue once Arcane is mastered. I, having my apprenticeship cut short, can still read and write common and will apparently be learning the Elven and Dwarven languages as well. To keep up appearances, and keep me away from Guild Council members who ask too many questions, my master has granted me leave (lots of leave) to visit libraries, the Bard Guilds and the Storymakers.

Most have heard of the Iron Robes Guild for Mages through the many stories, tales and even Bard songs. Many know the legends, few know the true stories. My task is not so much about historical accuracy and setting the record straight as it is about what the people ‘believe’ to be historically true and important. Fact or fiction, it depends on the point of view (of my employer).
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