The Time Bender

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Fantasy / Scifi
Morgan Peterson
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My name is Shula Garcia Rivera and my family is not exactly human as you will see soon.

The land we the Star Seed Tribe live on, belonged to our family for generations. It is passed down to the women in our family. It rightfully belonged to my mother Sonia Garcia Rivera. I was next in line as her only daughter to inherit and care for the land as her mother had before her.

Let me explain what happened on that morning that lasted only a moment in time during the year I thought Lily had disappeared.

A magical creature came to live in the clearing at the center of our land.

The center of the land is where our clearing is located and it is found along a ley line of power that is one of the chakras of the Earth. A secret place that has yet to be discovered by man. Like the human beings that inhabit the land of earth, a reflection in a pool of water that mimics its surroundings symmetrically, the Earth also has several chakras or energy centers.

I never learned the magical creatures name nor exactly what the magical creature could accomplish with It’s personal power. As suddenly as It had appeared, It left. Leaving us with only a memory of its presence and a feeling of misplaced time.

When my father Herman Garcia Rivera discovered it on that starry morning, it was almost too late to ask for It’s help to teach its magic to the five little girls apprenticing with us in our home. We were always open to learning and taking advantage of a presented opportunity. During that moment in time It had already lived a lifetime between Its arrival/departure. It was preparing to leave just as it had arrived; in the blink of an eye.

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