Taming The Gods

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Sam a human Anubis a god of Death, two people that would never meet are now bound together in order to help each other fix their ways that they've dug themselves into. Samuel is just your normal freelancing artist who makes a living going to conventions selling merchandise, and people commissioning him, along with the support of his best friends that help keep him focused along the way. Anubis, the Egyptian god of cemeteries and embalmment, Protector of Tombs, Guide of Souls, guardian of the scales, has a bit more to him than what his roles show. What happens when Sam and his friends are paired off with their own god to help them fix their ways. And will the gods be able to help Sam and his friends conquer their own insecurities?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Best Friends and A New Task By A Goddess?!


“Good run today Sam,” One of my best friends James slapped my back as we got to my house. James has today off from his job so we decided to take the chance to go for a run together.

“Thanks, you know I do at least three miles anyway,” I laugh a little slipping out of my running shoes and tossing my keys in the bowl. I live in a small four-bedroom house with two bathrooms. It’s the house that I grew up in. My parents left it to me when they decided to move out of state and travel the world.

“I know, but having encouraging words always helps makes this better, right?” He chuckled and I looked back at him with a raised brow. He brushed his black hair that fell from his hair band out of his face before pulling out his hair band and putting his bangs back up once again out of his amber eyes, “So, what else do you have to do today?”

“I have to go shopping and clean around the house,” I answer looking around even though it’s not that dirty at all.

“Sam, it doesn’t look dirty, and you cleaned two days ago, it’s not like we all came over went mudding then trashed the place,” James pointed out.

“I know but, Ya never know when my parents are going to stop in for a visit,” I chuckle.

“Sam, is there something that you want to talk about?” I look up at Jay and smile at this concerned expression.

“No, no, I’m all good. Just the normal,” I sigh a bit and rub my arm.

He pats my back, “One day I know it. You’re too sweet to not have anything good happen to you.”

“Not just me, I want the four of us to be happy and not be stuck in our normal that we’ve all been going through since graduating college,” I comment walking into the kitchen and pulling out a bottle of water for Jay and then getting a glass for myself. Pulling at the corner of my right eye I blink a few times to get my contact to readjust.

“I know it sucks that the four of us can’t hang out too much because we’re all going through hell and back with our jobs, but hey, I think Jaeger gets out of work at two and Shane are 2:30, want to get together, just the four of us and do something?”

I hum as I swirl my water around in my cup, “I don’t see why not. What are you going to do?”

“I’m not too sure yet,” He shrugged drinking half of his bottle of water in one go and then setting it down so he could lift his shirt and wipe off his face exposing his fit soccer player torso that was nicely accompanied by a well-defined six pack. I pull my eyes away from his stomach as tip my head back to finish off my water and set my cup in the sink. “I’ll let you know when I come up with something.”

“Heading back to your parents?” I questioned.

“For now, I need to keep packing and what not,” Jay commented before finishing off his water bottle and placing the empty in the recycling bin. Shane, Jaeger, and James were planning on moving into the house with me. Jaeger and Shane already were moving some of their things in considering the lease on their apartment was up in a month.

“Sounds good, I’ll be here. Probably get out of these compression shorts and take a shower. Watch a documentary or something,” I shrug my shoulders a bit.

“But if you take a shower it means that you don’t want to do any more physical activity,” His shoulders slumped.

“Jay, you know I’m at least going to go and work out a bit more before I go and take a shower, so you have at least an hour before that happens to come up with something if you want it to be something physical,” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“I think I can handle that,” He nods and looks at the wall where I have a clock, “I’ll be back later,” He waved.

“Sounds good, talk to you later Jay,” I wave back at him. I walk out of the kitchen as towards the door to the garage. Most of Jaeger and Shane’s stuff was sitting in there, but they left a path to make it to the work out equipment. Not too much, just a treadmill and a weight bench with some free weights. I sigh as I look at the weights. No matter how much I train and run I’ve looked the same since high school. No new muscle build or anything like that. “I always feel like I’m falling behind the other three,” I mumble to myself and get on the treadmill to start running again to make sure my muscles warm back up so I don’t hurt myself. I train so much and I never develop any muscles to show how hard I work. Pretty much everyone in my family says that I took after mom with how thin and fragile I look. I hate that, I don’t like being pitied. James, Jaeger, and Shane all know that too. They don’t pity me, but every now and again they end up feeling bad for me. I know they mean well, but it still feels like they’re looking down on me. And I’m a little jealous of all of them because their bodies show how much hard work they’ve put in. James a soccer player, he’s been playing since he was four and all the way through college, Jaeger is a rugby player, he got into that when we were in fifth grade and has been with it since. Shane has always loved dance ever since we met when we were little kids and he went into ballet. His parents would drive him an hour to classes until a dance studio opened in town. And then there’s me. I played tennis and I’m a runner. I only played tennis between middle school and high school. I’ve been running all my life because my dad was a runner until he tore his ACL. But I run all the time. I did do it competitively all throughout college, but now I run at least three miles every day. Some days I’ll run around ten. It all depends on how I’m feeling that day and how much time I have.

Running for another mile I then get off the treadmill and do my normal work out that has been ingrained into my system from running for so many years. All together it takes me an hour and a half to make it through the workout and stretch. Things could be worse, I went to school for art. I love working in watercolor and wanted to attempt to make a living off it. Of course, I know how to work digitally too, so I am on a bunch of different art sites and I take commissions from people. I also make large canvases paintings and during the fair time every year I enter my painting into the contests there, along with taking my digital art and merchandise to the fair and other conventions to sell. It’s a lot of work, but it also means that I’m working for myself. It also gets one of my best friends out of work to come with me. It all depends on who can at the time though, then the other two sulk a bit until we come home with stuff for them. But during the fair time, I get all of them to take the two weeks off work to come with me. That way they get to enjoy the fair and help at my booth. It’s a lot of work, but it’s enjoyable and it’s nice to see the four of them having a good time. Maybe not being able to gain any weight is a curse for not going into a different career. Ugh, I don’t know, I’m just putting too much thought into this. I need to work on a commission and some merch for the next convention anyways so I don’t have time for this to be bogging me down again. I know I’m fairly strong and that’s what’s important. I go to the bed room and grab some boxer-briefs, a pair of my comfy skinny jeans and a baggy, light long sleeve shirt, along with a pair of black socks and a tank top, then I wander over to my phone and grab it before heading into the bathroom. Checking to see if James massaged me about what we’re all going to do it seems like it didn’t, so I can take my shower and not sit around feeling like someone dumped a bucket of sweat on me.

The most time I spend on the water is letting it drench my deep red hair and massaging my back. When I get out, dry off, get dressed. Once I’m done getting dressed I get something to eat, go back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take out my contacts. Slipping on my classes I look at myself in the mirror staring back at my blue-gray eyes I push up my glasses and sigh a bit before wandering out of the bathroom once more and setting up my tablet and sitting down at my desk that’s in the office/ library.

“I guess I’ll just finish this commission now. It should only take me an hour or two for what’s left,” I mumble to myself as I hold the draw of my juice box in my mouth and click away on my wireless mouse to pull up the commission and a few other drawings for Overwatch Merch that I’ve been trucking through.

Setting the juice box aside I put on my glove so my hand will easily slide on the screen of my tablet, pick up my tablet pen, turn on some upbeat music then get to work. It takes me around an hour to finish with the shading and details and saving a hundred million times in the process, but I finish the commission and get it loaded onto Deviant art and finally note the person with the result. After that’s set I get up and stretch.

There are a quick two knocks on my front door. Standing up straight I head out of the office only to had a shoulder ram into my stomach and knock the air right out of me, “Got ’em!” Jaeger exclaimed as he lifts me up off the floor as I’m not over his shoulder.

“Jaeger, what the fuck, put me down,” I protest as I feel both his arms wrapped around my legs so I can’t do anything. I pound on his back but considering he’s taken so much of a pounding from being a rugby player it’s not affecting him at all.

“I figured you would have taken a shower when I realized what time it was,” I look up when I see a smirking James walking up to us with Shane right behind him.

“You’re planning on us doing a physical activity aren’t you,” I frown at him and blink slowly.

“Well, I wouldn’t be shirtless now if I wasn’t planning something that involves physical activity now would I?” He chuckled and patted my cheek, “Pick up soccer, in the back yard, You gonna fight it? Or are we going to have to strip you and change you ourselves?” The evil smirk and raised eyebrow stabbed right through me.

“You sure I’m not allowed to suck out your soul and make you a freckle on my ass?” I ask.

“Did you put your contacts in the bathroom, Sam?” Shane questions as he wanders away from the three of us.

“They are, but can’t we do something that’s not physical. I already took a shower, and I don’t want to take another one,” I groan.

“Come on Buttercup, buck up,” Jaeger laughed and bumped me.

“Ugh,” I groan and slide down on let my arms go limp on Jaegers shoulder, “I finished my commission I had to do anyway. Do with me what you want. Take me away.”

“Can do!” Jaeger walks me to my room and then chucks me onto my bed and I land with a few bounces.

James came into the room and went right to my dresser, “You’re going to be on skins with Shane. It’s SS versus JJ today!”

“I’ll be out in a few minutes then,” I chuckle as Shane comes in with my contact case.

“How was work for you two?” I ask rolling off my bed and going to push James out of the way from my dresser.

“It wasn’t bad,” Shane answered first.

“Fucking hell, I had to practically lift a fucking house into the god damn truck today,” Being a loader as Lowes had its rough days on Jaeger. Knowing that he had to lift so much I was probably like a feather for him.

“Damn,” I mumble looking back at him while I get a pair of compression shorts shoved into the side of my face.

“But I get tomorrow off so I can keep packing and bringing shit over,” He shrugged.

“That’s good at least,” I smile and then feel a head rush like I stood up too fast and a get tunnel visions.

“What the fuck?” I hear Shane groan as I catch myself before I fall forward. Placing my hands on my knees my vision comes back and I blink a few times. I’m not looking down at my plush blue carpet like I thought I would. Instead, I’m looking down at white marble floor.

“Welcome humans,” Snapping my head up when I hear a voice that I’ve never heard before. There’s a beautiful woman who is the embodiment of what people would consider the perfect women standing on top of a balcony. The long, flowing dirty blonde hair cascades and helps frame her body as her large chest seems to be the only thing holding up her tunic. Her deep golden eyes peering down. I look around, James, Shane, and Jaeger are all here with me. “I am Aphrodite, I am quite sure you have heard about me so I do not have to explain who I am,” Her soft plush lips turned into a sweet smile.

“No way,” I mumble and she giggles.

“Yes, my dear Samuel, all the stories about gods and goddess are quite true and not just legends and myths like your society has turned them into,” I look around and everyone is looking at each other in disbelief. “I am sure that you are all confused as to why you have suddenly been transported to somewhere you do not know.”

I looked away from my friends and back up at Aphrodite. “You four will each be assigned a god that you must guide and help change their ways.”

“Miss Aphrodite,” Shane raises his hand.

“Yes, Shane?” She asks sweetly.

“What is it that these gods, in particular, have done wrong to where they need a human’s guidance?” He questions.

“They have been set in their ways and dug themselves into a dark hole and need to have a bit of light that is not another god or goddess show them that what they are doing is wrong and to be shown things that I believe only a human will be able to show them.”

“But why us? There are so many other’s out there,” I comment looking up at her.

“Because, you all have your strengths and what you are lacking the god that you will be matched with can help you with that,” She lifts her right hand and snapped her fingers. “In a way, you will be helping them, and they will be helping you in return. You both will grow together.” As the snap echoed through the large room that we’re in there are four large golden bubbles that originally start out small, but then grow larger as they float down to the floor that’s just below the balcony. I jump a bit when they pop and four different gods are standing or have fallen on their ass on the floor.

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