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Chapter 11

Dolra turned to her side, facing her husband. He turned his head, remaining on his back. She reached a hand out, running a finger over his forehead, “Thank you.” Catching her hand, he gave it a gentle kiss. She gave a small smile, satisfied with the fact that she was waking up beside her husband after a wonderful pleasure-filled evening prior. “How could I not? It’s my duty as King to please the Queen and believe you are that Queen.” Her lazy grin grew across her face, and she looked at Cain dreamingly. She had spent the last few nights with him, and had forgotten what the morning felt like to wake up with someone beside you. “Thank you.” Cain kissed her hand once more, before releasing it. “I must get changed, Pals’s airship is due to come in at ten and Claudia set up a meeting for the three of us at eleven. So I will be forced to cut my lesson with Scarlet short today.” Cain climbed out of the bed, leaving nothing but a breath of cold air as he did. Dolra rolled to her back, and resisted rolling her eyes. She loved her husband, but she hated that his little pet of a human had started to consume his life. She held King Muis accountable for some of that hatred. If the pompous man wasn’t so bent on war, then perhaps Cain would have never gotten the Blessed human in the first place.

Who was she kidding? Of course he would have- Scarlet was a Blessed human. But perhaps so much of what little free time he had, would be less spent on her and more on Dolra. She was a selfish, vain woman. Not that she minded, it should be added. Her attitude, and her noble father, had gotten her the crown to the country and the heart of the King.

Coming out of his bathroom, the room got a fresh wave of Cain’s favorite after shave. It was one that made Dolra’s toes curl and her back arch. The scent got stronger as he moved closer to her. Leaning over her, he gently pecked her lips and whispered a good bye. She watched him leave her to go be with another girl.

“My Lady, your car is ready.” Dolra, who had been staring mindlessly out of the window, turned. Nodding the guard, she stood from her seat and left the small sitting room. She moved silently, in a manner so graceful that one would believe her to be floating. Stepping out into the mid-morning light, the air rested at a perfect temperature with a slight breeze. Her driver greeted her with a nod of his head as she moved down the stairs towards him. “My Lady.” He opened her door and she climbed in. The driver said not one word to her as he got into the car, and begun to move away from her home.

Many girls have had the dream of becoming a princess. None ever think of what is to come once the title of Queen is passed on to them. Dolra had never been one of those children. She had sought out the crown for the power, the status. But with the feared title of Queen, also came duties she would much rather ignore or pass over all together. Cain was the bronze, the protector. Dolra was to be the love, the face of the royal family. The thought was always slightly sickening to her. She had never been one to be see love as a strength. Perhaps it was from the lack of love received in her motherless, nanny filled, childhood with a father of whom she rarely saw. From what little she did see of her father along the years, she learned that love was more or less of a bonus for one’s life. After all, many had lived their whole lives alone and progressed just fine. She had always believed she would be one of those women. Until one grand party, the gossip of the night was of the red head’s ability to catch the eye of the young, and very eligible Prince. When one catches the eye of a royal, it is not something so easily given up. Luckily for her along the way she found herself not only enjoying the Prince- but loving him.

The car came to a soft stop, steam rushing suddenly from the sides of the front hood. Climbing out of the car, Dolra held up a hand to shield the sun from her eyes. “I shan’t be long, I have tea at ten thirty with the Society.” The driver nodded, and she entered into the fabric store. Stepping into the store made Dolra feel as if she was stepping into the home of an old friend. Her mother had come to this shop, and she insisted her nannies to come here when it came time for her to get a new dress. “Ah, good afternoon my Queen. Welcome back.” A small, pale skinned girl stood behind the counter, glancing up from the paper she had been writing on. “You must forgive me, I’m in the middle of taking stock. Please take a few minutes to look around, we just got new stock yesterday.” Dolra nodded, and begun to slowly shift through the slightly hazardous isles of stacked fabric. The worker hunched back over, a few strands of black hair falling over her forehead.

Feeling like a young child once more, Dolra ran her hands over a few bulks of fabric. Stopping on a maroon lace, she shimmied a small portion out to get a better look. It was beautiful, a mixture between a table cloth lace and a spider’s web. “It’s lovely, isn’t it?” The werewolf came up beside her, her brown eyes glowing just a slight bit more. “We just got it in.” Dolra nodded her head, pulling the bulk out more. “It is, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a pattern before… I must have it.” Wrapping the lace back up, she tucked the bulk under her arm. Dolra’s eyes roamed a few more rows before stopping on a blue that appeared to be a dark, muted teal. Standing on the tip of her toes, she pulled the bulk free from where it was smothered. Tuning to the werewolf, who had been following her heels, she handed the teal fabric to her. Pulling the lack from her arm, she compared the two colors. “What do you think? This maroon lace with this blue for an accent?” The wolf looked at the two colors, narrowing her eyes before looking back up to Dolra “Maybe a small ribbon at the waist, a choker for the neck.” Dolra smiled. “Just what I was thinking. Ten yards of the lace and two of the blue.” The werewolf nodded, taking the two bulks. “Right away my Queen.” Turning on her heels, the werewolf rushed away, Dolra slowly following after. By the time Dolra reached the counter, the werewolf had cut the fabrics. She was folding, and wrapping them in brown paper. “Add it to my tab and have sent to my seamstress.” The wolf nodded, tying a thin strand of twine around the package. “Very good. Good day.”

“Thank you my Queen, I wish the same to you.”

Dolra left the shop, and went out to her waiting car. Climbing in, the door was closed behind her. As the car pulled back out onto the street, her eyes wondered out to the scenery beyond the window. They passed by the air field and it’s entrance, where crowds of people had gathered. Some were waiting for airships to come in, some were waiting for them to go. Huddling together to say goodbye to a loved one as they go or great one as they come. She scanned the crowd, as if she was expecting to see her husband’s head or even Theodora’s wild red mane of dreads. She knew better, Cain was busy getting prepped for the meeting and Theodora was most likely still sleeping. As the turned a corner, she lost sight of the air field and begun to return her mental state of preparing for her weekly tea meeting.

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