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Chapter 19

Sticking her head out the open window, Scarlet smiled. Her whole body shook both from excitement and nervousness. The car she rode in turned into the field where the King’s airship waited for them, another one taking off over her head as they did. Her grip on the window’s seal grew tight, and she smiled as the great beast shadowed her. Her head followed it, and watched it until the car came to a stop. Unable, and not all too willing to wait, she opened her own door and hopped out. Taking a few steps, Scarlet then stopped, and took in the airship in front of her. It was so large, easily two-times the size of a real ship, and the balloon that lifted it into the air looked as if it could fit a whole town in it. Workers rushed from the cars to the lower dock ramps, like ants. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” Scarlet nodded, glancing over to Renee as she pulled her small tote from the back seat.

I can’t believe we’re going to be on it.

Renee nodded, “I know.” Renee glanced to Scarlet, before returning her gaze back to the ship. “You nervous?” Though she was, to the deepest part of her core, Scarlet shook her head no. “I am… I’ve never been more than three thousand yards from one, and now we are to travel in one. The King’s at that.” Scarlet, who had turned back to the ship, gently took Renee’s hand in her own. Squeezing it, the two then begun towards the upper deck ramp. Releasing her hand as they came upon the opened door, Scarlet took the moment to pause. Turning, she looked out to Drale. The sun rose up behind it, the city slowly coming to life. “You coming?” Renee’s hand on her shoulder pulled Scarlet from the city view. She nodded, and headed into the ship.

Upon entering, and going through a second set of doors, the two walked straight into a well sized opened area that looked as if it could be a living area of some sort. In the center of the room was pot-belly fire place, though Scarlet had been under the impression that anything fire-burning was strictly forbidden. One side of the pot belly was circled by a couch, a few chairs; the other side sat a chess table- clearly a favorite of the King’s. Throughout the rest of the room were low bookcases all filled with a variety of entertainment. Over all, it all seemed fit for a King. “Ah, here you are.” The King stepped into the room from the far left hall way, smiling at the two humans. “I was wondering when you would both board. Come, let me explain the ship to you all.” Motioning for them to step closer to the pot belly, they did. “This is the common room, you can read, play board games, enjoy the view or just sit by the fire. The Great Adventure is one of the three airships in the world to have a burning fireplace. Now the hall to the left that I came out of leads to my stateroom, the captain’s cabin and has a stairway to the flight deck above us. Below us, all our luggage is stored, the engine is in the back and there are a few rooms for the ship mates on board. Above us is the bridge, where the ship is steered, the Captain’s office, the Kitchen and a few more sleeping quarters.” The King begun to move towards the hall on their right, the two girls following after without needing to be told. “Now this hall leads into the dining area and where you both will be sleeping.” Pointing into the only opened door way, both girls were able to peek in and view the small table for five. Moving on deeper into the hall, the King motioned to a set of spaced out doors to Scarlet’s left. “These are the sleeping rooms here, they are not big, but they need not to be. Across from each door is a private sitting room; that you are free to use on our journey. This is Renee’s room.” Pulling a key from his pocket, the King handed it to Renee. She opened her door, stepping it. “Your room is down here Scarlet.” Before Scarlet could be nosey, the King had moved a few doors down and now held a golden key out towards her. She took it, thanking him.

Unlocking the door, Scarlet stepped into her room. It was indeed tiny compared to her room in the mansion. To her right was a single bed, the left a small desk with a vanity mirror hanging over it. To each side was a built in wardrobe. The window sat in a small nook, a cushion creating a seat beneath it. Despite it’s cozy size, the room was still grander than anything Scarlet had ever felt she deserved. “I took a guess that you would not want to be right next to Renee.” Scarlet spun to face the King, confused to how he would know how rocky her relationship was with her friend. Before she could ask, the King answered her. “The maids tend to know everything, and I hear it all whether I wish to or not.” She frowned, and upon seeing it the King smiled. He laughed, as her frown deepened. “Do not worry, they are harmless. Their lives are dull and they merely wish to spice it up a bit.” Though Scarlet thought it was not possible, the frown grew deeper. The King, upon seeing her falling mood, frowned himself. Coming into the room he reached out and ran a cool thumb over her forehead. “You shouldn’t frown, I don’t like it.” Scarlet’s frown softened at this confession, and her heart rate picked up. Her eyes fell to his lips for just a moment, before Scarlet casted them away. The urge, the need as air is to her lung, to have their mouths together was over powering her once more. All from a simple, gentle, touch. The King fell back a step, going back into the doorway. “Please remain in one of your rooms until we lift off. I’ll tell Renee this also, it’s safest to be sitting.” The King cleared his throat, standing silently in her door way for a few moments. “I shall see you at dinner.”

Left alone, Scarlet closed and locked her bedroom door. She looked around the room, peaking in the wardrobes to see them full of her outfits. She settled lastly on the bed. There was a medium size brown-paper wrapped bundle with a white envelope on top. Opening the card, Scarlet glanced over the writing. Her eyes wandered over each curve, the thinning or thickening of each letter. It was some of the finest print she had ever seen. The message itself was simple, and to the point.


Thank you for everything.


Taking a spot on the bed, she sat the card down. Pulling at the twine, the brown paper came open easily. Giving a small smile, Scarlet picked up the first pair of perfectly folded pants. The fabric was divine, easily the highest of quality and the dark olive green coloring beautiful. Setting the first pants aside, Scarlet pulled out the next pair, and the pair after that. In total she eight pairs. Unable to stop herself, a few tears fell from her eyes. She was so grateful.

Journal Entry Number Thirteen

We set off in a few minutes, free as a bird into the sky, but I just needed to express myself. I got Pals’ gift today. She had it brought to the ship and left on my bed so that when I arrived I would see it. She had eight pairs made for me- eight pairs of pants all my own! But my gratefulness for her is not what plagued me to write. I believe I might be falling in love. He’s the most wonderful man I’ve ever met- so caring and kind. Even when he is not, there is always a just reason to his behavior. His knowledge, and his thirst to learn is beyond anything of natural life. He has taught me so much; photography, chess and my personal favorite how to dance. He’s very handsome too. I seem to fall into an abyss every time I see him. I did not think anything of these strange attractions to him before, it is not the first time I have found myself drawn to a man. We danced yesterday, for the first time in public. I did not know what I was truly doing but I knew in his arms I could not be led wrong. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted him to kiss me. Today, with just a simple touch to my forehead I was overwhelmed with the urge to feel his lips upon mine. I must admit that the whole thing- I must be going now. We are lifting off!

Without signing off Scarlet closed her journal and tossed it into her tote. Hopping from her bed, she fell into the window nook. Pressing her hands to the window, the gentle hum of the engine came below her. Suddenly, with a quick shift that sent her into one of the nook’s walls, the airship was untiled from it’s port and they were lifting off. She watched as the ground below them shrunk away, and then looked up to the city. Scarlet had never realized how large and yet microscopic Drale could look. Adjusting herself, Scarlet watched the city fade away on the horizon into nothing. Even once it was out of her sight, Scarlet remained at the window. She was seeping parts of Voirol she’d never seen before. Oh how my world is expanding. At that thought, Scarlet smiled.

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