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Chapter 24

“I’m sorry.” With those words, Scarlet sighed. Hanging her head, she forcefully wiped at her eyes with the heel of her palm. Theo threw the folder to the table, slowly moving away. “It doesn’t make sense.” Leaning against the seal of an open window, Theo looked to the street below. Shaking her head she pushed off, and kicked a small waste basket. It tumbled to its side with a clang, and trash went across the floor. “It just doesn’t make sense! I’ve run every test I could on you- hell I even created some test in the process and I got nothing!” With a growl she grabbed two glass beakers, one filled half way with a blue liquid and flung it across the room. They both impacted the wall with a shatter, and where the blue liquid hit came smoke. Nothing caught fire, but there was a small sizzling sound as if meat was being cooked. Theo returned to the charts, looked at the spread out papers. “Everything is normal, your body is that of a normal human woman. There is no reason for you to have these powers.” Theo then screamed at the table, clutching a few papers in her hands as she did. Taking a moment her eyes closed before she glanced back to Scarlet. “I’m sorry,” she glanced up to Scarlet, “I tried and I’m just so frustrated at that I failed.”

‘You didn’t.’

“I did. I promised you answers and all I got was that you’re human. No different than Renee or some strange off the street.”

‘It’s okay. I’ve accepted that I am me. One of a kind.’

Theo gave a small smile and begun to shuffle the papers back into the folder. Scarlet sighed quietly to herself. Though deep within her soul she knew Theo wouldn’t find anything, it hadn’t stopped her hopes from rising. She got lost in her thoughts. The thoughts that she might have true answers, and the disappointment she felt. She was thankful for Theo though. “Enough moping. How would you like to see some new prototypes I’m working on?”

‘You won’t use them on me?’

Theo laughed, “Of course not. So is that a yes?” Scarlet nodded her head, and Theo picked up the folder. She motion for her to stay sitting. Opening a small closet, she set the folder down. Before closing it, she pulled out a rather large box and carried it to the table. Scarlet stood, curious to what was in the wooden crate. Theo sat the top to the side, and reach into the box. Holding it out to Scarlet, she was slightly confused. It was a metal hand, thin and wiry. “This is, well, I haven’t thought of a name for it but, watch.” Theo took the hand a slipped her hand into almost like a glove. Locking the wrist guard, she then attached each finger to her own. Taking a step back, she swung her arm into the air but then paused. Grabbing a pair of goggles from a nearby table she tossed them to Scarlet. Scarlet caught them without fumbling, and slipped them on. Theo then slipped on her own, and repeated the motion with her arm. Bringing her hand back down, there was a slice that filled the air. “How cool is this?” Theo held up her metal covered hand, where extended, knife sharp claws had come out of the metal hand. “They’re titanium! I got the idea a while ago. Since Pals been pregnant, she can’t fully shift during the full moon- because you know, the babies and body changing stuff. It wouldn’t be pretty. Back to the point, since she can’t her body turns into this weird hybrid thing. It’s super gross and yet amazing at the same time, and one of the things that changes is her nails. They extended out five inches and are like bone. If bone was sharpen to a point. It took me a few weeks but I finally figured it all out.” Theo clicked a small button at her wrist, and the blades fell back in. She removed the device and handed it to Scarlet. It was rather heavy, but not as heavy as it appeared. “I haven’t gotten around to making any more than the one, most because it has to be able to find an arrangement of hands. Different sizes.” Scarlet nodded and handed it back to her. Theo placed it back in the box and took out a small glass container. Unscrewing the top, Theo poured the peach colored liquid into a pan. “This, isn’t mine. I found the blue prints for it about a year ago, when I was cleaning. They were drawn up by my boyfriend, Jim. Didn’t do anything until recently only because of the war. It’s supposed to be a water resistant rub-like putty. Bouncy so that enough of it could act like a bumper.” Theo picked up the slim, stretching it out. “I got the stretch and it repeals water. I can’t get it to stick to anything. Clothing, skin, or even itself.” Theo dropped the slim, and shook her head. “That’s why it was Jim’s. He was always good at chemicals. Me, I went for the mechanical. It’s what made us such a great team.” Theo poured the slim back into the jar, not allowing Scarlet a touch.

‘Do you miss him?’

“All the time. It’s been about five years, but for me it feels like it was only last week. The down side to living hundreds of years. I mean, we didn’t have that much time anyways. He was a human and into his thirties when we met. If we were lucky, we would have another twenty years before the accident. And we wouldn’t be able to have children. Fate’s a bitch like that. Vampires just turn someone and boom- life is good. Werewolves got the short end, long lives and no way to change or create a future with those they love.” Theo shook her head, “Look at me babbling on as if you didn’t know this already.”

‘What happened? No one talks about it.’

“Admiral Erik Wiles happened. Jim had been working on this under-water ship that could be used to sneak up on the enemy and sink them from the bottom up. He called it a water tank. Neither of us were ever good at names.” Theo chuckled at the thought, she tipped a little sealed container. The brown liquid moving with the motion. “Everything was going very well, the test and prototypes. When Wiles caught wind, he demanded to see them in action out in the open ocean. I wasn’t sure about it, but Jim, damn Jim. He was willing to risk himself to prove a point. He had so much faith for the both of us. It was never enough.” Theo finished packing her crate back up, clearly not willing to show anything else off. When she took a seat, Scarlet could see she was far off, somewhere else.

“The test day came around, as we all waited near the edge of a large navy ship. It was fine for the first twenty minutes and then a storm started to move in from the sea. Jim was having them bring it back up when something went wrong. Wires crossed, some gas caught a spark or something, I don’t really know. There was screaming from the radio, distress calls, alarms in the background and then nothing. It went from being noise every where, to not even a single being breathing. We sat in silence for three full seconds before learning the fate of the five souls on board. The water tank ended up exploding. Shook a thirty story naval ship to nearly fifty degrees starboard tip. The project was canceled after that. The other four water tanks we had made are sitting in one of my family’s warehouse in Seustad, collecting dust. Wiles lost his twenty year old daughter, I lost my boyfriend, a family lost their brother, and two children lost both parents.” Scarlet reached her hand out, wrapping it around Theo’s. And in a move that was less than called for, the werewolf pulled the human to her. The two embraced, as true friends would.

Scarlet climbed out of the car, her stomach rumbling. “If you stop by the kitchen, I’m sure Ariana will have some of the lunch still left.” Vern gave a small smile at Scarlet, climbing the steps with him. Her mind was already lost on the thought of warm potatoes with gravy, and some freshly cook veal. Scarlet’s daydream was interrupted by a voice calling her as she entered into foyer. Renee came into the room from one of the back halls. “Scarlet, I was hoping to catch you. I need to speak with you. I have tea and cookies in my room.” Scarlet followed after Renee, waving a good bye to Vern. The two walked silently to Renee’s room, taking seat in the corner by a window- where her seating area was set up. Scarlet took a seat, sitting as she had done so many times before but none so recent. With a hand of fresh cookies, Scarlet watched Renee grab something from her desk. Taking a seat across from her, Renee unfolded the paper in her hands, and then refolded it; words up. “I um, I don’t think I can say it out loud.” Renee kept her gaze down, her voice growing thick with emotions. “So, um, I’m just going to, you know, let you read it.” She held the letter out to Scarlet and pointed where to start.

To answer your question on how Ms. Solomon is doing, I am sad to inform you that due to both her illness and weaken state she has died. I saw to her burial, it was small. Her home is now in the hands of the local Appointers of the High Lord, I barely had time to get her things before they were rushing to rent it out to another family. I kept a few items, the most important, but most I had to sale. We have no extra room to store her things.

Scarlet looked to Renee, both numb and unable to say anything. A small sob escaped her friend’s lips. “I’m so sorry Scar. She got a cold and it ended up turning into pneumonia and, she wasn’t strong enough. I’m sorry Scarlet. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I didn’t know how.” Scarlet frowned. What had her friend meant by sooner? Unfolding the letter, Scarlet looked at the dating. It was dated a few weeks after Pals’ wedding; early summer. Hot tears, from both anger and pain, filled Scarlet’s eyes. She threw the paper at Renee.

‘Don’t ever speak to me again.’

“Scarlet.” Renee grabbed her, and held on. “I wanted to tell you sooner, I just didn’t know how.” Scarlet pulled her wrist free.

‘So why now? What’s changed?’

“We’re going to the battle front.” The two girls turned, looking to the King. He stood in the doorway, the handle in his hand. “I specifically told Renee to not say or do anything to upset you. Clearly this is yet another order she chose to ignore from me.” He turned his gaze on her. She held her chest out, not backing down. “She deserved to know.” The King frowned. “Scarlet,” he kept his eyes on Renee, “you should go pack. We leave in a day.” Taking the hint, Scarlet nodded to his order. The moved into the room, giving Scarlet room. Leaving the room, wiping the tears as she did. Closing the door, his eyes grew cold towards Renee. “You really should learn how to hold your tongue, Renee. Scarlet no longer needs a translator in this house, your being here is now by my good grace and not necessity.” Renee rolled her lips, turning back to her sitting area. Taking a seat, she motioned for the King to follow. He remained standing in the middle of her room and she wished that she had made her bed that morning nicer than she had. “So you don’t agree with me, so you don’t like me. It’s not as if I’ll be in this home for much longer.” The King moved forward slightly, clearly interested. “And why do you say that?” Renee snorted, picking up a cup of tea.

“I’m no fool, I have had much free time on my hands lately. I have taken advantage of your great library and it is recorded that no Blessed human has ever out lived their 30’s if lucky. They all step up to save the world and then they die.”

“That is why I trained her. Scarlet is unlike any other Blessed human.” The King took a seat across from her, folding one leg over the other. “That’s a lie. She’s no different than the others. So I thought she deserved to know the truth before she died. I did it out of love.” She took a sip of tea, hiding her shaking hands.

“That’s shit Renee and you know it.” Her blood ran cold as he went on. “You were feeling guilty.” Renee had never heard the King curse directly to her ever. She was token back. “You’ve been hiding the fact that her mother died almost three months ago, and when I told you we were going to the front this afternoon you got worried. You told Scarlet so that if she dies then you live on with a guilt free conscious. That’s not love.” The King stood so fast that Renee jumped and spilt her tea. “Now I suggest you pack warmly, the base of the mountain is always colder than the rest of the country this time of year.” Leaving her alone, the tea cup fell from her hands as the door slammed shut. Renee slid from the chair, her shaking, curling fingers running along her face. Unable to breathe, she hyperventilated until everything went dark.

Mindlessly, numb, Scarlet stared out of the window to her left. The country passed below her, a rainbow of greens for the plants and an arrangements of browns and greys for towns. It was all so beautiful and yet she couldn’t find any part of her inner being to come appreciate it. She had not even glanced at Renee in almost twenty four hours. At her request meals were brought to her room. They traveled in a separate car to the air ship, and once aboard Scarlet locked herself away in her small sitting room. Alone, as she had been for the last day, she allowed herself to get lost within her thoughts.

Though she knew the day would come, and she had come to the terms of never seeing her mother once more- it still hurt. Perhaps she had been lying to herself. As anyone, Scarlet held a small hope that one day she would escape the hell that had become her life. To return to her mother once more, to their home.

Her mother would be one break from sewing, hunched over their small garden. Stopping on the edge of their property, Scarlet would let out a small, silent, sob. At the sound of the gate opening, her mother would pause, and look to who had entered her land. Upon seeing her daughter, she would let out a cry. Standing, her head would shake because she wouldn’t believe it. Her daughter, the one she thought she had lost, had returned to her. Rushing towards her the two would meet half way, and embrace. They would clutch at each other, neither one willing to let go. Mumbling her disbeliefs, Scarlet would reassure her mother with kisses to her cheeks. Together, still in each other’s arms the two would head inside to catch up for lost time.

Of course, that hope was now crushed. For even if Scarlet could get out of the war alive, her mother was gone. Her house was the High Lord’s and what little belongings they had were sold away. She could return to Tobus, but she would be returning to nothing. That was not the thought that made her weep. Her tears did not fall for the fact that her mother was gone, Scarlet had never stop truly missing her and now she knew she’d never would. Her cheeks were stained because she never got to say goodbye. Her mother had the left the world, and Scarlet was burdened with regrets. None were too great, but just large enough to cause her pain at their thought. They were scores she would never get to settle, and thus forced to live with their pain.

There was hand upon her own, embracing it. She glanced over to the King. Lifting her hand, he kissed it. Keeping it to his face, the King’s eyes closed as he drunk in her scent. She moved her thumb along his cheek, his skin cool to the touch. He glanced up to her. “Tell me your thoughts.” It wasn’t a demand nor a question, it was a simple request of a lover. Scarlet shook her head, glancing back out the window. “We’ll be landing soon.” The King leaned closer to her, looking with her.

‘We’ve reached the base so soon?’

The King shook his head. “No, we’re landing in a town a four hours’ drive from the nearest base. I can’t risk anyone spotting my ship so close to the front. The cover story is that we have come to visit a local vineyard for Theo’s and Pals’ birthday. The vineyard is about an hour from the particular base we’re heading to.” Scarlet nodded her head. More secrets, more lies. It’s all her life had ever been, and she realized that it was all it ever was. Hide your powers, pretend to be normal. Control your powers, save the world. Love, but only in secret and behind locked doors. Surround yourself with people you think you can trust, but know they can never be trusted. Always remember that those we love, leave us in the end. Turning her body towards him, she held his face in her hands. Leaning in, Scarlet kissed the King. Advancing it, the King wrapped his arms around her. She moved, her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around neck. They held onto each other, her grip on his shoulders so tight it was as if she feared him floating away.

“All I’m saying is I don’t get why you’re here.” Theo chased after Pals down the ramp as they deboarded the air ship. “I’m one of the top ranking warriors. That’s why I’m here.” Pals, annoyed at Theo and wobbling from her protruding stomach, did not turn to look at her sister. “That’s not what I meant- we all know you’re one of the best. I just don’t see why you have to be so close to the front! You’re almost full term!” Pals sighed, leaning against a car with one had as she looked to her sister. “Because I want to be here, that’s why. Rony is here and my due date is just under a month away. I have time. I’ll be here for a weeks’ time now for the last time, get off my back on the subject. You aren’t my mother.” Pals climbed into the car, Claudia already waiting inside, just as Rony placed the last bag in the back. Climbing in, Pals cracked her window and yelled to the King. “I shall meet you there.” As the car started to drive off Theo chased after it for a few feet, screaming foe her sister. Finally giving up, Theo kicked the ground and started her return to the others. As she did another car pulled up. Climbing out from the back, Klaus looked back at Theo. “What’s the fuss all about?” Klaus bowed to the King, and then embraced him in a hug. “Theo is still upset with Pals coming.” Klaus nodded his head, understanding. “I see, well, Pals is grown. She is free to do what she wants.” The King nodded. “Not to mention,” Klaus went on, “she’s a pregnant wolf and you don’t piss off any being that’s pregnant. Let alone a werewolf.” Klaus cracked a smile, and a laugh. The King said nothing.

The car ride to the vineyard was long, boring and quite. Along with the King, there were two guards in the back with her and thus she had to refrain from straying from a status of ‘follower’ to her ‘leader’. Upon arriving at the vineyard, they were escorted through a secret passage in the wall filled with stairs. The stairs led to a series of tunnels, and from there they were in some sort of warehouse like room. Lead to a large, cargo truck the whole group entered. A bench lined each side, and their bags were stored in the space between. They all found a spot, slipping an arm into the straps that lined the walls. Scarlet kept her eyes casted down, still refusing to meet Renee’s- who looked at her from across the bags. The ride in the truck, unlike the car and airship, was bumpy to say the least. If Scarlet hadn’t kept a grip on the bench, she would have surely flown from the seat. Once it ended, and the drawn out journey couldn’t end any sooner than it did, the back doors opened. Muffled voices were now clear, as the group got their first look at the military base. They were inside a large warehouse, not has high as the navy one off the coast but the length was equal. Multiple types of all kinds of vehicles were lined throughout, with large packs of ammunition scattered throughout.

They all begun climbed out, Pals with the aid of Rony. She let out a long breath, closing her eyes. When it came Scarlet’s turn she graciously accepted the King’s hand. Once firmly on the ground she held onto his grip for just a second too long, forcing herself to let go. “Your highness, I’m glad to see you all make it here safety.” The General, and three lackeys behind him, bowed. “Yes, thank you General. I trust everything is going according to plan here as well?” The werewolf, who was clearly in his later years, gave a small frown. “Not exactly, but we will discuss the matter over dinner.” The General cleared his throat, though it sounded almost as if he had water in his lungs. He went on, “I am sure you are all hungry. My men will see that your bags are brought to your barracks.” With a snap of his finger and a hand signal the lackeys behind the General were moving past them, each step perfectly precise. “Please, follow me.” The General begun to move, glancing back to make sure they were following. Moving across the warehouse, the General led them through a set of double doors. They entered into a hall, white and crisp. After a few turns, and a passing of many doors, they stopped in front of another set of double doors. The General opened the door, and they were ushered into yet another room.

The mess hall was like the hallways, white, crisp and clean. Though it could easily seat three hundred, the room was empty. “The last set of men just finished their meal prior to your arrival. But the Cook was prepared for you all.” As he said this, the General led them to a pre-set table. The meals were all on sliver trays and their utensils were plastic, but the steam rising told them it was fresh. “Please, sit.” They all took a stool, though Pals was forced to sit on the end. Her stomach prevented her from fully facing them while also sitting at the table. Everyone begun to eat, though the food didn’t stand close to Arianna’s cooking. Everyone that was minus Pals and the King. “Rey, what’s gone wrong with the plan? What are you not telling me?” The General took a sip from his water. “Though his men have not advanced, King Minus is sending more. We might not be over powered, but we will be outnumbered and that’s an issue.” The King nodded and General Rey went on. “I also got a message from our main camp on the other side of the mountain this morning. A mole we deployed a few months ago has finally sent us some information.”

“And what is it?”

“King Minus sets out for the mountain base tomorrow, heading a marching brigade of five thousand men.” As the General said this, the reactions around the table differed. Theo and Rony let out profanities. Pals’ hands went straight to her stomach, her eyes casting away. Claudia hit her brother, demanding to know if he knew about this. Klaus admitted that he did. Scarlet could image Renee’s color going pallid; because her own had. The King’s face changed shading, going from pale to red in a matter of seconds. “What?” The General nodded. “He’s heading to the battle front?” General Rey nodded once more and the King slammed his fist onto the table. “Damn it! We head out in the morning.” The King stood, his food still untouched. He looked as if he was about to say more but a high pitch squeal suddenly filled the air. Alarm lights along the walls flashed red, changing the atmosphere. “Attention, attention. We are in code black, everyone to their stations. I repeat, everyone to their stations.” The voice spoke over the alarm, giving clear orders. “What’s going on?” The King looked to the General. The General looked to the solider rushing through the double doors. “General, we’re surrounded. There’s a fleet of airship from the North and the East and West both have men marching in.” General Rey nodded once and the solider left them. “Your highness, I must insist that-”

“No. I’m coming with you. Klaus, Claudia; see to it that everyone gets to a bunker below.” They nodded, having clearly been to this base before. The King and General Rey then rushed from the room. “Come we must hurry.” The two vampires motioned for everyone to follow them out a single door. “Like hell. If you think I’m going to sit on my ass while shit gets blown up around us you got another problem.” Theo remained by the table, arms crossed. “And just how are you going to fight, sister, when you have no weapons or armor?” Pals held on to Rony with one hand wrapped around his arm, the other around her stomach. “I’m not unarmed though, sister. I have a metal bird here. Klaus, where it is?”

“Klaus, do not dare tell her where that death trap of a flying machine is.” Pals glared, a real glare, at the Vampire. Theo pushed him. “Klaus tell me.”

“Do not.”


“Theo you can’t go out there.”

“I’m going not just because they need me but I’m one of the best damn flyers.”



“It’s in warehouse C, right next to us.” Theo nodded, avoiding her sister’s deadly natural face. “Good, can you take me there?” Klaus shook his head. “I can’t. I need to get the others to a safe bunker.”

“Claudia will do it, plus I need a second person in the plane. One to fly, one to shoot.” Just as Klaus shook his head, Claudia stepped up beside him. “I’ll go.” Everyone ignored Pals calling out the Claudia, clearly upset. “Klaus can take them to the bunker. I’ve flown in it before and I know it can’t be much different then shooting a normal gun.” Claudia glanced to Pals. “I’m sorry, but its what needs to be done. Keep my godchildren safe.” Claudia rushed to Theo, grabbing her. Together they ran from the room. Pals let out a stream of profanities and curses, only stopping when Klaus motioned for them to follow him. They did.

With a small slam, the metal door to the bunker closed and locked. The bunker was simple, two hanging lights, four sets of bunk beds built into the walls, and a small washroom separated by a curtain. With a great sigh Pals was lowered onto one of the bottom bunks by Rony. Her eyes were closed, and in the dim, swinging light, Scarlet could see light beads of sweat on her forehead. Rony sat close to her, their hands intertwined. The whole room shook as something above them impacted it. The shaking was less violent then when they were rushing through the base, but it shook enough to still make your head hurt. Scarlet took the bottom bunk across from Pals and Rony. It was only the three of them. Renee insisted on going out and helping, and not allowing anyone to stop her. With her sword drawn she parted from the group. Once reaching the bunker, Klaus claimed he needed to help in the control room. Reaming on the other side of the door, he closed them into the bunker. Scarlet peaked under the bunk, opening the drawers. Next to some basic leather guards, and clothing, there was food, a first aid kit, a communication radio and a knife. Scarlet stuck the blade into her pants, her own packed away in her bags. With nothing else to do, Scarlet laid down and closed her eyes.

Pals whimpered, in such a way that Scarlet sat up almost at once. She avoided nearly bumping her head, and swung her legs over the side of the bed. The room shook. The light was questionable but Pals’ condition was not. There was a shining layer of sweat coating her face, which color had turned much too pale. A wet cloth had been put on her forehead, but whatever its use was not being met. She laid on the bed, one hand on her stomach. “What is it?” Rony, who sat on the ground beside the bed, looked up to his wife. “Rony.” He nodded, though her eyes were closed. “Yes?”

“Rony.” Pals repeated herself once more, taking a deep breath before speaking more. “It time.” Rony looked as if he were near passing out. Scarlet felt her heart stop in her chest. “It’s time? How?” Pals’ head barely moved as she shook it. “Don’t know.”

“How long have you been in labor?”

“Since the truck ride, guess the bumpy road did it.” Rony shook his head, running his free hand over his face. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Hospital. We need to get there.”

Rony wanted to protest, but his eyes agreed with his wife. He was lost. Scarlet bent over, remembering the radio under her bed. With it in her hands she fell to her knees and handed it to Rony. He thanked her and begun to call out to each station. When he finally caught one, the voice on the other end was cut off and replaced by the King.

“Rony, what’s wrong?”

“Palsea’s in labor, we have to get her back to the town.”

“She can’t be in labor, that’s impossible!”

“It’s not!” Rony’s face twisted in pain, and a glance at his discolored fingers told Scarlet Pals was in much more pain than she was allowing to show. “I’m going to carry her back up, I need a truck to be ready!”

“What? No! You need-”

“You don’t get it! SHE’S DYING!” As Rony screamed into the radio he crushed the box in his hand. Cleaning his hands, he stood. “Love, we’re going to get you back to town. I promise.” Rony slipped his arms under her. “I’m going to pull to you to my chest.” Like a rag she fell against him, the rag on her forehead falling to the ground. “Scarlet, I’m-I’m.” Rony turned, facing her. As he had spoken to the King, she had slipped the leather chest and arm pieces onto her frame. They were clearly made for someone more filling, hanging from her body. The knife was in one hand, the other was turning the large wheel on the door. “You shouldn’t come.” The door opened with a release of pressure. With determination on her face, she motioned to Pals and him. Then herself. Up to the ceiling, and lastly a motion of driving a car. Flipping the blade to point outwards in her hand, she led the way from the room. Rony followed.

The warehouse was still standing, but all of the vehicles that had once filled it were gone. Scarlet scanned for anything, or anyone. “Scarlet, Rony!” Standing in the bed of what looked like a farm truck was Renee. She waved to them until they were almost at the truck. “Come on.” Renee jumped from the bed, and Scarlet noticed multiple cuts along her shirt into her shoulders. Clearly ignoring her own pain, Renee helped Rony get Pals into the bed of the truck. Scarlet climbed in after them, as she did Renee leaned through the small back window of the cab. The truck begun to move towards the open doors, and it was then Scarlet saw her first taste of a real battle.

The dark sky was lit up by explosions, and gun fire. Above them propellers roared, lines of gunshots flew across the sky like lightning bolts. Small fires on the ground gave the light to soldiers fight. Any type of combat that was imaginable was taking place as they rushed by. The driver was going near blind, any light on the truck turned off. Soon enough Scarlet found herself bent over, the threat of getting hit too real. The truck suddenly swerved and she shot her head up just as a blast went off not far from them. Somehow, despite all the noise, Scarlet could hear Pals whimper and whisper to her husband. “I’m sorry I lied.” The truck swerved again, but this time Scarlet spotted the bomb before it hit the ground. Catching it, she set it back at the enemy’s air ship. “Don’t be, you’re fine. You’ll be fine” Pals shook her head, her lips dry. “I’m not, I’m not strong enough.” Rony wiped her forehead. “Don’t say that.” Scarlet begun to block more attacks at their speeding truck, and even found herself breaking a sweat as they cleared the inner ring of the base. In the light of an explosion above their head, Scarlet glanced at Pals. She looked worse. “Don’t give into the darkness when I’m gone, our pups will need you.”

“Don’t say that, we’re going to get you to the doctors. You’re going to be just fine.”

“I’m so sorry, I love you.” She sounded so tired, so frail. “I love you too, keep talking to me.” Pals said nothing.

“We’re coming up to the gate- Scarlet you and I will need to jump!” Renee, who had been silent for the most part, screamed over the noise. Scarlet nodded, look to the road ahead. The dirt path led into a rather dense looking forest, and she knew that once they made it to the trees the werewolves would be fine. “Ah shit.” Scarlet looked to Renee, who was looking behind her. Turning, Scarlet cursed to herself. A rather determined group was chasing after them on tag-team motor bikes. One drove, the other shot from behind. “Pals keep talking to me.” Scarlet focused on each arrow, bullet and even knife thrown; catching each one and tossing it to the side. “Scarlet, we need to jump!” Glancing back, the trees were just feet from them. Turning back, Scarlet held one hand out to Renee. Lifting them both from the truck, they remained in the air as she used her other hand to pull down trees. Blocking the road from the motor cycles. The bokes stopped short, and the soldiers looked up to the two floating girls. They wondered out loud, in shock. Scarlet lowered them, and glanced to Renee. “She’ll be okay, I know she will.” Scarlet nodded to her friend, looking at the soldiers as they climbed from their bikes. Taking a stance with her sword Renee met eyes with Scarlet and nodded once. Scarlet returned the nod, and flung her arms out once more. Releasing her powers out, racing towards the enemy.

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