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Chapter 2

Lunch was brought to them both on sliver platters, and at the sight of all the different foods- Scarlet wanted to cry. Every bite was an explosion of flavor and melted her to the most inward core of her body. Along with the pain medicine, Scarlet felt like she was in a dream.

‘So what happened after they found us?’

“Well, was still awake, and the cut on my face was already scabbing up. So I didn’t need much help, but you. You were bad, and like Dr. Cartson said- the King had a fit. We were both taken care of, though you were done first. When I was done getting my face fixed- see there’s barely a scar, the King called me to him. I was nervous, the say the least. In that meeting is where he told me where I’d be serving him and that I would be given a proper room. Let me just say, too, that the room is more than proper. I could easily fit my old bedroom, living room and bathroom into the whole thing. That’s how big it feels.”

‘Wow, sounds nice. Do you know what my fate is?’

“No, sorry Scar, but whatever it is, it must be big. I mean, you’re Blessed, he’s not just going to throw you to kitchen.”


By the look on her friend’s face, Renee knew Scarlet was more than worried about her position within her new lord’s house hold. Reaching out, Renee wrapped a hand around Scarlet’s good one- as in, the one without the IV.

“Scar, relax, it’s going to be fine. I promise. Now let’s finish up lunch.”

After what was left of their lunch was taken away, the two girls were left to talk. Thanks to Renee, Scarlet was able to chomp down on a piece of peppermint gum- her only addiction. They were checked on a few more times by Dr. Cartson, but other than her visits were left alone. It was quite boring, despite the fact that the two were the best of friends. They sought entertainment through Scarlet’s powers.

Closing her eyes, Scarlet pushed her flat hands out, circling them opposite directions of each other as they reached their full extend. Flipping her palms to be up, she slowly lifted them. Giggling, Renee gave a small clap as she begun to float up from her chair.

“You’re doing great Scar; you got us both up this time!”

Giving a small smile, Scarlet lowered her hands, only placing them down she felt the bed against her back once more. Opening her eyes, Renee was rocking in place with a wide grin directed towards her friend.

‘I’m going to go to sleep now.’

“Okay, let me dim the lights. If you need me, I’ll be on this bed, right here.” With the lights off, Scarlet’s eye lids fluttered close.

“Now, Scarlet, remember get the berries and return home. Make sure you and Renee stay together and, most importantly, no using your power!”

‘Yes mother, I know.’

Closing the door to their kitchen, Scarlet started off towards Renee’s home two house to the right of her own. Knocking on the back door, Renee’s mother opened it. Her hands were full, with a child on one hip and a kettle in her other hand, she smiled.

“Hello Scarlet.” Scarlet waved and greeted Mrs. Ragon with a huge smile.

“Renee is coming right now.” As she said it, Renee pushed past her mother and embraced her friend in a hug. “We will be mom, come on Scar- let’s go!” Grabbing the hand that didn’t hold Scarlet’s wicker basket, she pulled her off. Turning, Scarlet gave Mrs. Ragon a wave of good bye.

“Bye girls!”

As the girl entered the forest and the path became uneven, each held up their skirts to free their reining legs from the burden. As a law in their home nation of Tobus, ruled by the High werewolf Lord Rolle; all females were to only wear dresses and men pants. Being a well sized nation of simple wealth from the mining, most people dressed modest. Scarlet and Renee were no exception. Their dresses were plain, and dull in color. The sleeves were fitted down their arms and their wide collared necklines were high. A simple sash as the hips gave the loose slip-dresses shape along their body lines. By most other countries it was considered old-fashion, dull, or unstylish. For the girls, it was life. It was what they were born and taught.

Slowing down, the released their dresses as they came upon the clusters of berry bushes. Releasing hands, the girls begun to fill their baskets up. They worked silently for a few minutes, until a berry hit Scarlet right on her temple. Looking to Renee, she was busy plucking at the berries. Narrowing her eyes, Scarlet went back to her bush. Before long, another berry hit, only this time Scarlet moved fast enough just to see her friend bending back down.

Picking up a few berries from her basket, Scarlet tossed them across the small clearing. They hit Renee’s head making small ‘splat’ sounds. Turning, Scarlet couldn’t help but let out a silent laugh.


Grabbing a handful of berries, Renee tossed them at Scarlet. Before they could hit her, she stopped them midair and tossed them back to Renee. They hit her face, leaving little red stains behind.

“Oh- that’s so not fair!”

That was the start of their berry war. The two girls got so into it, they didn’t hear the small group of feet slowly moving towards them or feel the pairs of eyes watching them. Just as Scarlet pulled all the berries from one bushes, aiming them at her friend; large hands popped out from the brush behind her and pulled her in. The berries went flying, and Renee stumbled forward after her friend.


Picking up her skirt, she ran through the brush that Scarlet was just pulled into. Seeing no one, she paused for a second.


Scarlet, having been pulled into some huge, dirty man’s arms- fought her capture. He had covered her mouth with his hand, to stop her from making any noise. As if she could. The man and his three thugs pulled Scarlet along the forest, as she heard Renee calling out for her.

“We need to hurry-”

“-Get away from the girl-”

“-This one will fetch some pretty coins!”

It was another common moment in her life that she wished she could speak. Then it hit her though, she wasn’t able to speak- but her kidnappers were. Closing her eyes, and hoping she didn’t catch any strange disease, she opened her mouth. Pushing her teeth out she bit down hard on his finger- the metallic flavor of blood filling her mouth before she was pushed to the ground. The man cried out,

“OW! The bitch bit me!”

“Oh man up!”


Running up to them, Renee pushed herself at the man that Scarlet had bitten moments before. It was just enough force to push the man to the side and forced Renee to the ground.

“Quick- grab ’em both!”

Scarlet’s eyes fluttered open, and scanned around. After a few seconds, she saw that she wasn’t in the woods on that faithful day, but in the white room, of the King of Voirol’s castle.

How strange, to be serving under a King whose name I don’t even know

She stretched out on the bed, her body the least sore it had been in, what felt like forever. Relaxing her body, she took a deep breath. She was enjoying the time she had the moment, being her fate working for the King was unknown.

Where ever it is Scarlet, it will most likely be something high, or grand, or maybe even both. I am Blessed, and that is what must have caught his attention. I wonder what his name is- or if he’s a vampire maybe he is a werewolf- or possibly a human. I should have paid more attention during my school days. Scarlet laid for a while, thinking to herself; as she did often. With no one around, she allowed her mind to wonder freely. I wonder what he’s like; Renee said the castle is grand from what she’s seen. No corner was left untouch everywhere you look is grandeur than from you just turned from... When will I meet my savor, my new Lord, my owner- the king?

Scarlet only stopped thinking to herself, when the door opened. Dr. Cartson walked in, head to toe in red scrubs and her blonde hair back in its normal pony-bun. She was humming lightly as she slowly dimmed the lights back up.

“Alas, good morning miss Scarlet! Glad to see you up before me, did you sleep well?” Scarlet nodded, knowing if she tried anything else it would go beyond what Dr. Cartson knew. “Wonderful, it’s just wonderful. Well, miss I got some great news today. After talking with the King, he has said that you can be moved to your room today! When you’re settled in, the King is even ready to meet you! Isn’t that wonderful?”

Scarlet gave a small smile and nodded her head despite the fact that her whole body turned ice cold and heavy as stone. She felt nowhere prepared to meet the King, but knew that it would have to happen at some point. She just didn’t think it’d be so soon.

On her little fold down bed, Renee moved about, making a few small noises. Rubbing her eyes, she slowly sat up. “Good morning miss Renee, did you sleep well?”

“Wha-um, yeah, yeah I did. What time is it?”

“Just a tad past nine.”

“Oh wow- so early!” Scarlet gave Renee a look, and Renee replied with a lazy eye roll.

“Well miss, if it was up to me I’d let you sleep in, but alas, it’s the King’s order and I’m not to disobey that.”

“Right, of course- whew.”

Renee stretched her body out as she stood, shaking her hair loose before pulling back into a low ponytail. She had gone to her room the night before to change, but the outfit was literally the same minus colors. She had replied to Scarlet’s doubtful face with ‘King’s orders’. Apparently her whole wardrobe was of the fitted pants and button down collar shirts with varying sleeves.

“Besides, today is a good day. The King has released miss Scarlet with the okay from me. After breakfast a few hand maids will be coming here to help her change. She has a meeting with the King- one you will be at too, so you’ll have to get a tad more fancied up.” Renee nodded, and watched as Dr. Cartson removed Scarlet’s blankets. “I’m going to get that catheter out, but in order to do so; you’re going to have to use the bathroom right after wards. Okay?”

Scarlet nodded, as she was laid back down. Dr. Cartson then put in stirrups on the edge of her bed, making sure they were secure before having Scarlet rest her legs in them. She then proceed to remove the catheter. Renee turned away, unable to watch Dr. Cartson pump water into the tube. She only turned around when she deemed the deed done.

“Now miss, if you don’t take these pills- then it’s going to hurt to go to the bathroom. You should only need them for a day or two. But if you feel like you need them longer, feel free to ask. Now I’m going to get that IV out and unhook you and hopefully you need to go soon.”

As Dr. Cartson worked on Scarlet, Renee kept her busy.

“So, did it hurt?” Dr. Cartson watched Scarlet’s response, as she removed the sticky-pads from her chest. “Miss Renee, what did she say- it seemed very animated.”

“She said it wasn’t as bad as dying, but it wasn’t like floating- or flying in the air.”

Dr. Cartson laughed, as she helped Scarlet sit back up. The last thing she removed was the IV, placing a small gauze on her arm and tying it tightly with a piece of cloth. She only paused, when Scarlet started to talk to Renee.

“She has to use the bathroom.”

“Oh good, can you help her, and I’ll start cleaning up here?”

“Sure, come on Scar; let’s get you into that bathroom.”

When they came out of the bathroom, Dr. Cartson had finished cleaning up and the treys with breakfast had been delivered. Refusing to get back into her bed, Scarlet took a seat on the small loveseat. There she and Renee ate breakfast there, until the maids that Dr. Cartson warned about arrived. Two or three would have been a few, instead they got nine. Two attended to Renee, and the other seven to Scarlet. Each woman had her job and did only that job. It was dizzying.

When it was all over, Scarlet found her plain gown replaced with long, simple pale purple A-line. She wore brown slippers exactly her size and a small leather corset on her chest. Her hair was twisted up and behind her head, in an elaborate bun.

Turning to face Renee, Scarlet smiled. Her hair was fixed nearly identical to her own, and the only thing changed on her outfit was she was wearing flats and had on some strange over-coat. Its straight-cross neckline was so low it rested right under her breast. It was buttoned all the way down to her hips, where beneath it the skirt flared out to the ground. Renee smiled to her friend, walking over to her and grabbing her hands. The hand maids left them with a curtsied, leaving them alone for a few minutes before set guards were to summon them.

“Oh Scar, you look amazing.”

‘Thank you, you too.’

“You think you’re ready for this?”

‘Yeah, I don’t have a choice.’

Renee gave a small smile and squeezed her hands.

“It’ll be fine; the King isn’t as horrible as you may believe. I promise.”

Scarlet nodded her head, letting out a sigh as she did.


A knock at the door stopped Renee from saying else, as it told them it was time.

“Come on, you’ll be fine.”

Stepping into the hall was like stepping into another world. Unlike the very white, plain room, the hall was covered in dark wood and rich colorings. Everywhere Scarlet looked, was like seeing a new piece of art.

There were four guards waiting, all dressed in suites. Despite the fact that there were no windows in the hall, and the lights weren’t all the bright, all four men wore sunglasses. They were all large in height but only two were large in size. With silent nods to each other, the two girls were centered between the four, and led down the hall.

Scarlet lost count of how many twist and turns they took, but after what felt like an endless walk, they stopped. The two large doors they faced were the same dark wood found though out the castle. There were no guards protecting it, so Scarlet did wonder for a few seconds if they had come to the right door. But when the main guard knocked on the door, and opened it on command, she knew they were in the correct spot.

“Do you have them?”

“Yes sir.”

“Send them in.”

“Right away.”

Opening the door fully, the guard stepped aside to allow the girl entrance. Scarlet gave a nod of thanks, and Renee verbally thanked them. Stepping inside, it was clear that they were entering an office. One wall had floor to ceiling book shelves and the opposite wall had a large fire place with windows so large they could past for doors. Along the wall opposite of the door, was a large desk, with two chairs in front and one behind. The one behind was large, leather and very grand. The man sitting in it was even more so.

He had black hair slicked back on his head, the ends curling at his neckline. His pale skin had the smallest red and purple hue around his eyes. His was finely dressed in a simple button down shirt and Scarlet could guess suit pants. And when she saw the shade of his eyes- the unmistakable pale blue- near white color, she knew at once what creature the King was. Vampire.

Pausing beside the two large leather chairs, both girls bowed to the King. Scarlet signed a formal greeting, as Renee did the verbal.

“My King it is an honor to see you once more, and Scarlet says ‘my lord’.”

“You may rise, and have a seat.”

They did as they were told, Scarlet silently struggling to keep her butt from slipping off. Her soft dress did not mix well with the leather chair.

“Scarlet Solomon, you have been sold and bought into my kingdom. As someone who is to take citizenship of Voirol, you are to hereby pledge your alliance to Voirol and its King. Do you agree?”

Scarlet nodded, looking to Renee and then back to the King. He stood, and picked up a large book that sat on the corner of the desk.

“In my hands I hold the key to the people of Voirol- the Rules of the Old. The principles our land was based upon and still rules to this day. Please stand before me and place your hands- hmm, never mind. Repeat after me… I, Scarlet Solomon, here by solemnly swear in the witness of the high King and other witnesses to pledge my full self to the country of Voirol from this day forth. I pledge to place the duty of doing what is best for the country on top of my own deeds. From this day forth, I give up any citizenship of any other country and any other alliances. I shall live by Rules of the Old, and be judge by them accordantly. From this day forth, I am a Voirian.”

As Scarlet signed out what the King said, Renee ‘translated’ for her. When Scarlet finished she placed both of her hands on the book and bowed her forehead to the edge of the cover. It was her way of showing the King that she truly meant the pledge she took.

“Very well, now that, that is done, we can move onto business. Please sit.”

The King placed the book back on his desk, moving back to his seat as Scarlet sat back down.

“Scarlet Solomon and Renee Ragon, from this day forth you are no longer slaves. You are to be servants of my household, and of our country. Renee, you know what your duty is- to translate for Scarlet. Scarlet, your duty from this day forth until I say otherwise- is to be a teacher.”

Scarlet couldn’t hold back the shocked look that shadowed her face.

He wants me to be a teacher… How a mute Blessed girl who is called ‘stupid’ supposed to be a teacher. Surly he is joking; he most likely wants me out in the battle field, serving my power fully.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t understand. A teacher?’

“She is asking why a teacher.”

“Because I want to learn the language of sign, and I know of no one better to teach then a mute. You can both see and hear me, something a deaf or blind person cannot.”

“ ‘Why would you want to do that my lord? Surly there is no one you know who cannot speak as, I.’ ”

“True, but it is never too late or too hard for a King to learn something new; to expand his horizons and knowledge.”

“ ‘Oh, I see.’ ”

“Our lessons shall be every day from noon to two; we shall break for a lunch, and shall start tomorrow.”

“ ‘Yes sire.’ ”

“Do you have any questions for me before you are shown to your room?”

“ ‘Only one sire, I was wondering if I could learn the name of my new king.’ ”

“My official title is King Cainwen Dufur, you may call me ‘sire’ ‘my king’ or ‘my lord’.”

“ ‘Yes sire. Thank you.’ ”

“You are dismissed. The guards outside shall show you to your rooms.”

The two girls rose, curtsied and then left the room.

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