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Chapter 29

Dolra heard the door to the sitting room close, and she begun to gather herself. Using a handkerchief, she wiped her eyes and looked to the cracked bedroom door. “You can come out now. I know you’re in there, I know you didn’t leave.” The door opened just a hair more, and Renee moved into the frame. The Queen studied her for a moment. “Come in.” Renee did, not looking up from the floor. “Tell me, dear human, just how long have you loved the Blessed human.” Renee’s eyes shot up from the ground. “What, h-h-what?” The Queen glanced down to the cup of tea that Scarlet had left behind. Picking it up she took a sip. It was perfect. “I did not stutter. Now please answer my question.” Renee slid into a seat across from the couch. “How, how did you know?”

“It wasn’t too hard. At first I thought the love you two held for each other was the same. A sisterly love that two great friends form in a bond. Yet, as time went on, something changed. The feelings you two held for each other changed and that’s when I felt it. True love. A lover stronger than any bond of just two friends. So tell me, because I’m curious to know and I wish to not think about Cain, when was it that you discovered your love for the Blessed human? Were you a young girl, a teenager perhaps? Or maybe, you denied the feelings. Unable to come to the terms that you might actually care for someone only to be left to face them once you risk losing them. Sometimes, you do.” By this point it was clear to the human that Dolra was no longer speaking about her love for Scarlet. Dolra had a far off glaze to her eyes, her hands rubbing her now protruding stomach.

“I don’t know when it was, maybe after the time I broke the nose of that kid when we were younger. I just remember seeing her and feeling something in me. Deep within me.”

“And so instead of risking your friendship by revealing your true feelings, you hid them. Shut them away in a little closet in your heart and locked the door.” Renee glanced away at the Dolra’s harsh words to her. “Because years of misery of being near to someone you know you can never have, who will never want you, is better than being far. Because they know the truth.” Renee looked up. “You are one to talk considering it was your husband who had an affair. It’s the same woman, the same Blessed human, who sits beside him now. On his death bed. Because he asked for her and not you.” Dolra moved quickly and slapped Renee so hard that she fell from her chair. Dolra leaned over her, grabbing her face like she would a child. “It doesn’t matter what the hell my husband did. It doesn’t matter that, that whore up there with him and not myself. Because I am his wife. I am the one who is pregnant with his child. I am the Queen and it is I who will rule these lands after his death.” She released Renee’s face, making sure to push her back down. “And while she’ll still be a Blessed human, you will be nothing.”

There was a knock at the door and it cracked open. It was Peron, one of Cain’s closest guards, who entered. “Your majesty.” Dolra could see it on his face, she could feel it. He need not say anything, but he did. “I’m so sorry your majesty, but the King is gone.” Dolra’s hands ran down her stomach as she nodded her head. “Of course, thank you. Get out.” It came out soft at first, but then she got louder. She screamed it. “Get out! Both of you! Out! NOW!” Renee crawled and stumbled to the door, Peron closed it behind her. Dolra let out a long moan as she fell to her knees. He was gone. The King was gone. Her husband was gone. The man she loved, was dead.

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