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Chapter 30

Scarlet looked from the car window, to the ticket in her hand. She could still hear the Queen’s voice in her ears as she handed it to her. “You have been left with a large trust fund in the wake of my husband’s death. It is to take care of you, and should for many years. I promised my husband that much before his death. What I did not promise was allowing you to stay here. This is my home, this is my country. I want you out. Go anywhere you please, the money will follow you I assure. You can keep everything in your two rooms, I’ll ship them where ever you want. But you are no longer welcomed in my home, or my country. You are a hazard to my people. From this day forward you are banished from these lands. Never return. You have a week to decide, now if you excuse me. I have a funeral to attend to.”

Scarlet ran her fingers over the destination. Whiteland, Seustad; a coastal city that the King had loved going to as a young child. He had spoken of taking Scarlet there one day, to show it off to her. The Kings memories were not the only reasons she was heading off for the South. Just hours after the King’s death, once word got around, Theo rushed to Scarlet. The werewolf had an offer for her, a business offer. Scarlet accepted it, and now with a letter in hand she was heading off to her new life.

The car stopped, and the door was opened for her. Scarlet climbed out. Her hair was tucked under large hat, one that shaded her face. Until she got out of the country, her chances at a new life were very slim. The driver handed her off her two carryon bags and she took them. Giving a nod, the driver returned to her car. He had taken right up to her proper port, and after checking in she joined the line of boarding first-class passengers. “Scar! Scar!” A voice, a familiar voice, called her old name. She turned to see Vern and Renee pushing past people to get to her. Scarlet learned shortly after she got her deportation notice that Renee was to stay in Voirol. The Queen hadn’t banished her, in fact Vern purposed marriage to her. Renee said yes.

Scarlet got out of line to meet them. Renee stopped out of breath. “Scar. I, I, I um, I came to say good bye. I um, I wasn’t planning to originally, that’s why I wasn’t there earlier when everyone else said theirs. But I, I.” Renee hugged Scarlet, leaving her slightly stunned at the act. “I had to.” Renee released her. “Good bye, Jasmine.” Scarlet nodded once to her new name and turned back to the air ship. She rushed up the ramp as final calls were being given. Handing her ticket to the ticket master, she headed inside and found her cabin. Putting her bags away, Scarlet then took her seat. The call for lift off was given and everyone was instructed to buckle down. Glancing out the window, she was on the ramp side. Renee and Vern still waited with the thinning crowd. Renee waved. Scarlet waved back. Shaking, the ship begun to rise. Scarlet watched the two figures get smaller, because she knew this would be the last time she would ever see her best friend again. But she also looked out to the horizon, because she intended to keep her promise to the King. She intended to keep living, and in order to do so she had to look forward. Her life had not ended, it had just begun.

Scarlet, Jasmine, enclosed is the address to my family’s warehouse in Whiteland. I have also given the information of a dear friend of my mothers who will meet you at the air field. I think you might like him, he’s deaf! He will take you to our summer home. You are free to stay there until you find your own place. I shall join you after the King’s funeral. We can examine the water tanks together then and start work with my new formula!

On a side note I talked to Pals and she and Rony might come down with the pups this summer. I can’t wait for you to meet them, especially Lottie!

I wish you safe travels, please contact me with any concerns.


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