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Renee felt that she was dying in the heat. She did not understand how anyone could enjoy living in such heat. Yes the beach was nearby and the land was beautiful, but it was hot. Perhaps it was because of the fact that she was still considered a new born vampire, thus the world always felt off to her. Or maybe it was because it was plain hot. Being her cab dropped her off at the corner of the street, she was forced to walk to her final destination. The sun was high, nearing noon. Glancing down to the envelope in her hand she counted the numbers until she reached the right one. Holding a hand out to open the gate, she paused. Her hand hovering. She suddenly wished she had brought her husband with her, he had pushed to come to be moral support. Renee had refused it, determined to go it alone. Opened the black iron gate, Renee started up the path way.

The home was like all the other surrounding ones, large, brick covered and close to each neighbor. It was easily six stories high and each window was perfectly frame. Walking up the steps, Renee rang the doorbell. She could hear it chime on the other side of the purple door; along with feet moving towards it. From a side window she saw skirts. The door opened, and a woman around her late thirties greeted her. The woman saw her face and smile. “You must be Renee.” Renee nodded, wondering how the woman knew her. “Please come in, come in. I’m so grateful you got my letter.”

“Yes, of course. I came as soon as I could. I’m assuming you’re Macaria?” Macaria nodded her head, brushing back a strand of dirty blonde hair. “May I ask how you know who I am?” Macaria motioned for Renee to follow her. “Oh my grandmother always spoke so fondly of you and you look not a day older than your wedding photo.” Renee was taken back. “Scar- I mean, Jasmine spoke of me?” Macaria nodded. “Oh yes, growing up she told us all such wonderful stories. And considering the currently circumstance, I saw no harm in inviting you here.” Renee nodded and then paused in a door way. She had been led into a large living room that was packed with people. There was a large portrait over the fire place. She looked older, but Renee knew Scarlet anywhere. She stood next to a tall, balding man and four children surrounded them. Two boys and two girls.

“Caria?” An older woman with greying hair holding a cross stitching looked up to Renee. She had Scarlet’s eyes. “Mother, this is Renee. Grandmother’s childhood friend. I invited her here, to see grandmother.” The woman disapproved, Renee had seen the same look on Scarlet so many times in their youth. “You should have asked first.” Macaria rolled her eyes. “Oh mother. Come Renee, I’ll take you to her.” Macaria turned and lowered her voice, “Honestly you came just in time.” Renee said nothing, and just followed after her. She was led up three flights of stairs, and as they ascended Renee took in everything she could. From the décor to every last photograph on the wall. Scarlet truly had created her own, new life. Renee was not blind, and she did not miss the many photos of Pals’ and her family or Theo with her own husband and children. They had all done so much. Scarlet had done so much.

“This is it, the lights dim but I’m sure for a vampire it shouldn’t be too hard.” Macaria opened the door and suddenly Renee was hit with jasmine. The smell of jasmine. “Go on, it’s okay.” Renee nodded and entered into the room. The first thing she noticed was all the people surrounding the bed. They turned to the door opening and the flooding of light. The door closed and they slowly backed away. They were humans of all ages, but Renee could easily point out Scarlet’s daughter and two sons. The rest had to be grandchildren. Renee walked up to the bed, taking a seat on the stool resting next to it.

“Oh Scar.” Her voice was thick with emotions at the sight of her old friend. She had just recently turned one hundred, and it was clear. Unlike Renee, whose aging had slowed down thanks to her new vampire genes, Scarlet was a human. She had aged every single year until she was what she was. Wrinkled, frail, perfectly pinned grey hair. What seemed like only a few years for Renee was Scarlet’s whole life time.

Renee ran a hand down the side of her face and Scarlet opened her eyes. Though much about her friend had changed, this much had not. Her eyes were still the most perfect shade of warmed brown sugar. Scarlet reached up a hand, her nails giving Renee chills. Scarlet shook her head, so unsure. “I’m really here Scar, it’s me. Renee. Your granddaughter asked me to come.” Scarlet ran her hand down Renee’s face once more. “I know, I’m still so young looking. Oh Scar.” Renee tried to hold back her sob, but it still escaped. Scarlet frowned and patted Renee’s hand. As if to tell her that it was okay. Renee nodded, but still cried. Scarlet grabbed one of her hands, and brought it up to her neck. She wrapped Renee’s fingers around a loose string; telling her to break it. She did, and Renee pulled the string. Hanging from it was a key. Scarlet moved slowly, and did the most basic of signs.

Book. Key. Box. Old life.

Understanding, Renee took it and grabbed onto her hands once more. How do you tell the woman you love, good bye? Not just a good bye, but a final good bye. “Oh Scar, I love you.” Renee started to sob again. Scarlet weakly held up her hand.

‘I love you too.’

Scarlet’s hand fell, and her breathing begun to get shallower and spread out. The others in the room moved back around the bed. Renee moved the key into her pocket, knowing at some point she would have Macaria take her to the library. That’s where she would find hidden among the book, a hidden box. A locked box of which she held the key to. The key to Scarlet’s former life. When Scarlet finally took her last breath, not too long after, Renee was there. Holding her hands. Her head folded into her arms and she cried.

The End

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