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Chapter 5

Dolra had been filled with a mixture of anger, spite and pure shock when she learned of Cain’s latest slave purchase. Never in their near two thousand years of marriage had he ever gone to such an extent to get two girls- two human girls into their home. In order to give him some sort of credit, the one he paid a million gold for- Scarlet- was a Blessed human and the other, Renee, her voice. Dolra still wasn’t fond of the idea. Cain never did anything without a reason and Dolra was a smart woman. There was much her husband did not tell her, but there was also much he need not to tell her.

“I see you killed off your little human, why?” Dolra sat in her husband’s office, sitting opposite of him, reading the local paper.

“Why wouldn’t I? If Muis discovered that Scarlet had lived and was in my position- hell if any world leader found out, they would all declare war on Voirol just to get her in their own possession.” Dolra lowered the paper, looking at her husband. His hands slide a few papers around on his desk but she could not tell if his eyes actually read them.

“Besides the war, and her powers, what would be so horrible to not having her on our side?”

“She is a Blessed human. The only good thing is to have her on our side. I’ve seen her power- though it was a small show, I’ve seen it. She will amaze to great levels, and when Muis declares war, we’re going to want to have her.”

“Cain she is merely a girl, I think you put too much faith in her.”

“No-no, she just needs some training. In a week or so, I’m going to have Claudia begin training her to fight.”

“So you see her as a weapon, a tool for you to use in your own personal gain?”

“Not for my personal gain, but protection for my people! When she’s not training, I plan to learn her language of sign.”

“I don’t know why you would waste your time. She won’t live long, Blessed humans never do.”

Dolra casted her eyes back down at her paper nonchalantly. It was true. Blessed humans were lucky to live to 30. Beings always fought over them, the Blessed would run or chose a side. War would break out and in their time of need, the Blessed were killed. A Blessed human is most vulnerable in the stage of using their power. They had to focus all their energy, all their being, into their power. And in the age old saying; if someone could not have something, then no one could.

“That is why I’m going to have Claudia teach her! Claudia is the best fighter I have, and if Scarlet is to live to her full human age, then she’ll need to know how to protect herself.”

“Why do you seek to protect her?”

Cain let out a growl, slamming his fist on the desk. Dolra jumped just the slightest, not enough to be noticed.

“Do you not hear me? She’s a Blessed human. If you wish to remain on the throne of this country you will come to accept her. She will learn to fight. She will live in this home. She is mine and there’s no fight there.”

She hadn’t expected to have dinner with them, them of all the beings in the world. She was one to dine with only the finest in the lands, yet thanks to the deeds of her husband and with the threat of war with Drale; she found herself dinning with the two humans; alone. Her dear husband along with his right hands found themselves entangled with new information from the eastern border. Dolra never found herself hating Muis than more during the dinner with the two slaves. None the less, she planned to find out all she could on these two girls and perhaps find out what Cain saw in them- minus the gift of the Blessed human.

So she dressed in one of her less extravagant gowns and found herself staring down at the two humans for nearly two hours. It amazed her; how the non-blessed one, Renee had been willing to give her own freedom- her own life- in order to protect the Blesses human. Scarlet own Renee her life, to which she knew it would never be repaid. She felt it the moment Renee begun to speak about their kidnapping.

Dolra could read beings… feel them. As a vampire she was already an extraordinary being, and with that perk some would consider a Blessing. Dolra didn’t. Blessings were for humans, vampires were Gifted; she was Gifted. Not really, no. Gifts within the vampire species was common, and seen as normal. The powers, the maximum ability the powers held, were nothing close to a Blessed human. No one really knew why, only because the only known Blessed humans were all dead… minus Scarlet. She was hard to read. Without her voice, Dolra could only read her body movements- and even that was task being she used her body in modification speech. What little Dolra could get from the girl, was nothing but innocents. She was nervous, and truly loved her friend as she said. She seemed to have done nothing wrong in which to get the cursed title of Blessed.

Dolra found herself coming to hate the girl.

“So, how was your meeting?” Dolra looked at her husband through her armoire’s mirror, running her gold-handled hairbrush through her thick, fiery locks.

“It was a meeting, boring and stressful. How was dinner?”

“It was a dinner, boring and stressful.” She looked at her husband, as she copied his words. He ran a hand through his black hair, stopping mid stoke when he felt her gaze.

“I’m sure it wasn’t that horrible.”

“It was, I dread those two little pets.”

“They aren’t pets.” Cain strolled over to his wife, resting a slightly tight grip on her shoulder, “They’re people. People- who are going to help us get through the war.” Dolra’s blood went slightly cold- despite her body’s natural cool temperature. She slowly sat her hairbrush down, and turned to look at her husband.

“So, it is confirmed, there is to be a war?”

“Yes, no, we’re preparing for the worst. Klaus has the Generals preparing their men, we’re going to slowly call in the reserves and Claudia is getting her best fighters together to train them all.” Dolra found her gaze turning back to the mirror, where she stared at herself.

“Do not fret, my dear,” Cain leaned down and kissed her hair, “When the war comes, Scarlet shall be prepared and protected. We shan’t lose it.”

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