The Alpha's Affection

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'Why do you do this to me?' I mind linked my mate. 'Because, I need you to be mine, I want you to be mine, and in order for that to happen, I will do anything in my power to do what I fit best.' Lake Starks is the Beta's daughter, soon-to-be Beta female. She has some secrets hiding in her past, all the while she deals with the hot, young Alpha that wants her after finding out he's her mate. Will Lake open her dark past to her newfound mate?

Fantasy / Romance
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-Chapter 1-

-Los Angeles, California; 2016-

I looked up from my book, staring in disbelief as to what my brother said, his smirk increasing every second as my jaw dropped.

"You!? You...of all wolves? Have telepathy!?" I said in shock. Werewolves were common nowadays, since we interacted with humans on a regular basis now, and we received very cool stuff as they say.

The Moon Goddess apparently gave us the essentials, enhanced senses, like night vision, hearing, smelling, that sorta thing. But I guess she also gave each wolf their own special power, like all the supernatural Gods did to their specific kind.

"Yeah, I guess so. I Thomas Kramer Starks, son of the Beta, sister of the future Beta, have received telepathy powers from the Moon Goddess." Thomas said, my little brother saluting to me after I rolled my eyes to him. I converted my attention back to my book.

In my book, I was at the part where the protagonist was about to have a bad encounter with the antagonist. In this case, Clara was about to meet the Red Wolf. Spooky, but not a horror story, sadly.

My brother's hand was about to knock my book away from my hand when I grabbed his wrist and turned it until he yelled. Luckily it wasn't long before that happened because Thomas was weak.

I stood up, my brother's 5'11 frame not even matching my 6'3 frame. My dad was the Beta, the Alpha's assistant. So, in this case, because the Alpha chooses the strongest and smartest wolf out of the pack and makes them their Beta, that was my dad. But he was super tall, his 6'8 frame was extreme.

My dad's hair was now graying, but he originally had dirty blonde hair that was really thick. He would run his fingers through his hair and it would get stuck sometimes, making him flinch in pain. My dad's eyes were a bright green. His skin a pale color, he was muscular, I'll admit that, but he wasn't as strong as I was. I was twice as strong, except it didn't show. I didn't have muscles bulging out of my skin at all times.

My mom on the other hand was a short lady with a frame of 5'7, making her the shortest wolf in the family, but she always felt better about herself when she knew that Thomas was short like her. She has really tan skin, the part of her I take after. Her eyes were mixed, one was a brown, and the other, for some reason, was a yellow, which was rare among Weres, they never had mixed unless both parents' genes were dominant and they mixed in together in the gene pool. She had red hair, making her really pretty, it wasn't thick like my dads' hair, it was half of it. She had a curvy body, not chunky like that, but more like thin and curvy.

My brother took after my mom, of course he wasn't curvy, he had a stocky build. He had pale skin, yellow eyes and a crooked nose, which I thought was super funny. He always got mad at me whenever I did, he was self-conscience about himself.

I saw my brother rub his wrist in pain, glaring at me. Then he walked away, while my dad walked in, sending me a smile while his eyes hid anger. I was curious as to why he was angry, so I asked him.

What's wrong? Is there a rogue, am I in trouble? I mind linked him. His eyes softened so that way he could show me that it wasn't any of those.

Well, I think this is something you, mom, and I should talk about, he responded in the mind link.

"Ok, well what is is about?" I asked. His brows furrowed in anger and concern, but he wasn't angry or concerned for me, he wasn't looking at me, he was glancing at everything in our library. He motioned with his hand to follow him, so I quickly put my bookmark in my book and set it down on my table. I stood up and followed him upstairs, the floor above.

We walked in and my dad mind linked my mom to come downstairs to talk about this specific thing. I sat down at the dining table and waited for my mom to come down, she came running down, based on the quickness of her footsteps. I glanced up at her, my mom panting from running so fast.

"Hello honey, how are you?" My mom asked while hiding what she was thinking, she must not have wanted to give what we were going to talk about yet.

"I'm fine mom, so what were we supposed to talk about?" I asked, curious.

"Oh, I think I'm gonna let your dad tell you." My mom jerked her head up towards my dad.

"Well, have you heard the news?" He asked me, tension in his voice.

"No, what was it about, did Donald Trump win more votes than Hilary?" I guessed, wondering if he did.

"No, I mean wolf news, like gossip, letters, stuff like that?"

"No, I don't read that bull." I responded simply.

"Well, a letter actually came about a couple hours ago and it concerned you. I'll let you read it." My dad handed me a letter, sort of beige, but pretty much white. I took it and unfolded the sheet of paper inside.

Dear Lake Jaid Starks,

We are happy to inform you that you have been requested to meet the Alpha of Red Moon, Asher Scott, to see if you are suitable to be in the Mating Ceremony on Friday the 20th, of June. The meeting will last three days, giving you three more days to prepare yourself for the Ceremony if chosen. If you do not show up, you will be revoked of your title, and drop down to an Omega.

The Alpha expects you today, at 4:00p.m. sharp. Don't be late.

I finished reading it, anger filling my eyes, making me twitch, wanting to punch, strangle, anything, to something. I looked at my dad who gave me a knowing look before saying what I knew already.

"We both know you have to go, every female and male has to do this. But if you do get picked, it makes you more open to get a mate." He said before looking at my mom and then back at me.

"Alfred, maybe we should let her decide whether or not she wants to go." My mom suggested. My dad waved her off with the flick of his hand, making my mom furrow her brows in anger.

"Lina, you know that she has to go, we can't let our family drop down to the Omega title. We worked our way up the ladder and now we are at where we agreed to stay at, you cannot let Lake decide this for herself, she has to go." My dad said with determination in his voice.

"Well then what do you think we should do Lake?" My mom said, gritting her teeth. I didn't know what to do. On one hand, my mom is right, saying that I should have a say in this, but all of us know that if I don't go, our family will be the second lowest rank, apart from rogues, and we'll be either beaten, or banished from the Pack. But on the other hand, my dad was right, I might as well go, and get it over with so that way I could see if I'm eligible for a mate. As much as it angered me to go, I thought about my options.

I could go, get a mate, keep my title, and continue my life as a high ranked female Beta, or I could not go, be an outcast to all of my Pack, drop my title and become an Omega, and be beaten by my Pack and family. I think I would prefer going. That seemed like the obvious choice.

"Well, what are you going to do?" My mom prodded. I had to finalize my choice now because I will only have four hours til I will have to get ready.

"I'm gonna go with dads' suggestion because I don't want to drop my title, be an outcast, get beaten by my family and my Pack, and plus I want to have a mate by my side." I said, confirming my decision. My mom pouted like she always does when she loses an argument. While my dad smirked and high-fived me. I looked at the ground, not wanting to start a battle between my parents based on my choice.

I went back to my library and picked my book back up, I can always get ready in the next hour. It's not like it took long to get to the Alpha's office. I continued reading my book, finally hitting the climax.

"Well Clara? It's time to give'll never win. I'm unstoppable!" Red Wolf shouted. His skin turned a blood red color, making my stomach churn. He shifted into his wolf, the red still tainting his skin, showing why people called him the Red Wolf. I backed away from him, hearing his hungry growls for blood and flesh from my body.

"I will overpower you, you can't hurt me, my Pack will help me defeat you. When they come, you won't be alive to see yourself die, you'll be ripped to shreds." I spat at him I felt myself growing tired, darkness covering my vision, forcing me asleep. He cast a spell on me, what a fool! I howled one last howl before I found myself giving into death.

But that all changed when I heard multiple howls in the distance. Giving me hope that maybe I would live. I struggled to stay awake, the last moments I saw was when the Red Wolf pounced on me, but was tackled away, my Pack came for me, I would live again.

I was breathless, I didn't know I was holding my breath until I let it out. Who knew that her pack was going to come to her rescue after all? I certainly didn't.

I laughed quietly at my shocked self. It was funny that I had no idea that was coming. I continued reading, hearing my internal clock buzz, letting me know that it was time to get to my bathroom and get ready.

I stood up, once again setting my book on the table beside me. As I walked out, I realized how stupid it was to just go through this whole process, meet the Alpha, see if you're able to go to the Mating Ball, then find your mate and live happily ever after, or not find your mate and be lonely and heartbroken forever.

I decided I wouldn't go, I would just continue reading like normal and go on with my life.

I sat back down in my chair and continued reading, eventually after an hour or so, the door creaked, I glanced up, scared it was my brother again that I would have to deal with him.

But it wasn't, it was my dad.

"LAKE! Get your ass in your bathroom and get ready, you have to meet with the Alpha in an hour." My dad shouted.

"Alfred stop yelling at our daughter!" I heard my mom shout from a distance.

I looked my dad straight in the eyes and gasped. I saw that they were flickering between their normal green to a shade of black that terrified me. While my dad didn't get as angry and aggressive as the Alpha, he got really angry, so if someone didn't obey him, and he was about to let his wolf take over, you wouldn't make it out alive without a scratch.

I immediately stood up, looking up at my dad and mumbling an ok. I walked out of the room with him following me, saying how lazy I was, how I was so irresponsible. How I shouldn't be the future Beta. That made me more furious than I previously was, making my wolf, Katrina, howl in anger, begging to let her out.

I need to get out, I need to show him who's boss!

No! You will not, that man is our father, his wolf is your dad. You need to respect him, whether what he says is hurtful or not.

My wolf backed down, sending a growl through my head. Sending my hands to cover my ears.

I continued to walk through my room, at a quicker pace now, trying my best to get away from my furious father. All the while, his wolf was about to lunge at me. As I reached the bathroom door, I turned to take a quick glare towards my father, making him shocked, before I slammed it in his face and locked it.
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