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Soul's Little Lie 3: Whispers in the Hall

By Tara Dobbs All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy


Davon Tucker's life has been turned upside down. Local reporter, Leah Jones, finds him in his hotel room covered in his own blood going down the drain. The only way to get himself out of these mental hauntings is to check himself into Strong Waters Rehab Center in upstate New York. However, his older sister Amy seems to have plans of her own. A dark history begins to surface as Davon and Leah dig deeper into the bowels of the old foundation. A haunting voice soon awakens the worst in Davon's mind - 'Don't return to the dreaming', it says. How can Davon keep himself from dreaming while the succubi are very much awake and moving all around the grounds? Meanwhile, Tom Briggins has something he desperately wants to tell Davon, but there is someone else getting in the way trying to break it all apart. Heart confused and mind haunted by the abuse of his past, Davon finds himself heading toward Lowell, Massachusetts where it all started. Time is running out for Detective Jacob Umari on the most current missing person's report, he must follow Davon and the rest of the party to the Geraci mansion. While confessions are expressed, Isle of Speratus opens its doors to all involved.

Chapter 1

The drive back to Washington state, after Dan Warren’s wife’s funeral, in which it started was sullen to say the least. That early summer down I-90 heading south was just the beginning rush. The sun had barely peaked over the summer tree tops along either side of the road. Dan sat in the passenger seat of Andy Stone’s car, his head to the side against the window with a small pillow as he sawed countless logs. The sound of Dan’s relentless snoring did not deter Andy for a moment, however, the car accident up ahead a quarter of a mile might.

The accident had happened just a few minutes prior as Andy slowed around the curve. Noticing there were no police vehicles at the scene yet, Andy pulled over to the furthest left lane behind the accident a few feet away. Dialing his cell phone he called the authorizes as he looked around. Two passengers from one car had gotten out with just a few scraps and a possible broken ankle. Where as the other was hunched over the wheel not moving. Seeing flashing lights heading north toward the scene, he waved them down.

“Were you in the accident,” the patrol officer looked at Andy’s uniform as he got out seeing a silver bird on his collar, “Colonel?”

“No. I just got here. Did someone else call it in?”

“You’re the first. We were already close by. I passed these two cars just five minutes ago,” the officer commented as he checked the blond female hunched over her steering wheel.

“I’d stay, but I have to go,” Andy added, shook the Massachusetts patrol officer’s hand, “I hope she’ll be okay.”

Getting back into the car, Andy looked over to see Dan yawning himself awake.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Called in a two car accident. I hope everyone will be okay,” remembering the blond woman, how lifeless she looked, Andy got a chill up his spine.

“How nasty,” Dan added, as he looked back to see the blond woman in her car still not moving. “Something feels so familiar about all this,” rubbing his arms, Dan shivered, goosebumps appeared seconds later but he knew it was not caused by any chill in the air.

“I know what you mean,” he replied, watching slightly in his review mirror a mist of white formed across the highway as the accident went out of view. “Familiar wouldn’t be the word I would use, Dan.”

The solitude of the hotel room with its endless quiet, forgave the tittle-tattling of Leah Jones’ laptop computer keys. Typing long hours at the computer took its toll as the hours ticked by unnoticed. Leah stretched in the fabric square chair as she clicked Ctrl-S on the keyboard. Sighing a moment of relief, looking at the clock which read: 10:43am. Startled at the time that had flown by, her stomach sounded an angry protest of primal need. The chair wheels squeaked as she pushed away from the desk. Slipping her hotel key card in her back pocket, along with her brown leather wallet she stepped into the hallway. From the corner of her eye she saw the door to the room next to her ajar. Mere seconds later as she peaked in she heard sobbing in the room.

“Hello?” she said softly stepping into the room. The crying stopped for a moment, then continued a little louder.

“Help me!” a male voice cried out from the bathroom, sobs chocking his wavering voice.

Turning the corner to the right, there she saw him - shower head at full blast steaming up the room. From behind the steam her eyes met his. Those stunning blue eyes she could not mistaken as she gasped realizing who the young man was. As her eyes trailed downward to the shower floor there she saw the blood seeping from his right wrist and pouring out of his left arm. Turning around, thrusting the top sheet off the bed tearing long strips. Turning the water off, tending to his razor wounds, she fashioned two tourniquets tying them around his wrist and arm just enough to halt the flow. Rushing to the phone on the nightstand she dialed 911.

Finding a large clean towel, wrapping it around him, Leah held him in her arms as the dispatcher answered the call.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“There’s been a suicide attempt,” Leah breathed trying to calm her heart rate as she spoke.

“Were you the one doing the attempt?”

“No, someone else. I’ve tied off his bleeding, but...” he went limp. “No, no no!!” she cried. From the sudden realization that the man was now unconscious, she tested for his pulse. “Damn it! No!” Leah screamed, dropping the phone. Making a tight, hard fist she hit his chest. A gasp from the man came right after. “Don’t you die on me, Davon!”

Picking up the phone, “I’m still here and he’s barely alive. Get someone down here quick!” After giving more information of the location, she hung up the phone. Holding him in her arms, “Stay with me, okay?”

A mild groan came from the man as he continued to cry, tears streaming down his face. Five minutes later a loud knock at the door broke the silence.

“In here!” Leah called out, her voice echoing against the bathroom walls.

At the hospital, Leah sat in the waiting room. She had not slept for nearly twenty hours since she started working on her writing project. Three hours more and it was just now she began dozing off. Sleep would not come as she heard talking behind the waiting room door. Forcing her eyes open, two young women walked into the room. With a groan she smiled at them for a second, slumping her head down nearly falling back to sleep.

“Miss?” a male nurse assistant walked in after. “Miss? Are you all right?”

Startled awake snorting a grunt as she shook herself in the chair, “Oh, yeah, I’m fine. I just need to get some sleep and some food,” her stomach gave another growling protest.

“Come on, let’s get you to the cafeteria. You’ll have lunch with us,” smiled a wavy blond haired, blue eyed young woman.

“Oh, Amy Tucker! Fancy seeing you here,” Leah slurred as she was carried to the cafeteria, her arm around Amy’s shoulders. Looking to her right, a second young woman was helping her to stay on her feet. “Jessica! How you been?”

The two sisters smirked a chuckle between themselves as they turned a corner. “Amy, sit her down at the far table in the back. I’ll get us lunch.”

“I’ll eat anything!” Leah exclaimed, thrusting her finger into the air, her arm wobbling around.

“Maybe you should get to bed. Davon will...” Amy was cut off.

“Nope. I’m not leaving this hospital until I know for a fact Davon will be safe again. Period!” Leah’s brown eyes flared a moment of rage. The second the sandwich, chips and soda were placed in front of her, she scarfed it down in minutes. From the last bite of her sandwich, Leah muffled her words as she swallowed. “What are you going to do about Davon?”

“What do you mean?” Amy asked as she took a sip of her hot tea.

“You know exactly what I mean!” Leah looked around quickly, her head turning side to side in a flash of movement scanning for any peculiar people. “I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him, ya know?”

Over the intercom a female voice spoke, “Could the Tucker family please come to the information desk.” Not waiting a second longer, all three young women dashed off.

“You’re not family, but I think it would be best if you went home, Leah,” Jessica kindly suggested. Slowing down her pace, she saw Leah stop in her tracks. Laying her hand on her shoulder, “You’ve saved his life. If it wasn’t for you, he would have died. We’ll call you if anything comes up. Please, head home and get some rest.”

With a heavy sigh, Leah nodded in response obeying like a well trained puppy, turned around slowly and walked through the main hospital doors. Looking around at the full parking lot she searched in her pockets only to find she did not arrive at the hospital by her own car. Chuckling sadly to herself, a paramedic in a blue shirt and jeans tapped her on the shoulder.

“You need a ride?” he asked kindly with a smile. Leah nodded slowly. All that happened in the last four hours began to overwhelm her. She felt as though she were on autopilot but with low battery power. Her mind began to fade in and out as the young man guided her to his car. “Hey, you going to be okay?”

Laying her head on the passenger side window, “Yeah,” she breathed, “just take me back to the hotel.”

Lucky for her the hotel she stayed at was just five blocks away from the hospital. Whatever the paramedic said to her in trying to cheer her up, praising that she saved Davon’s life, slipped through her ears in muted sounds. Her mind was not even wondering as it usually would for creative witty remarks. She couldn’t think at all. Her mind felt numb. Curling her body inward and holding her arms, the car came to a stop at the curb.

“Hey,” the man shook her slightly. “Do you need me to help you to your room? You don’t look so good.” The young woman’s medium ebony complexion looked pale.

“I’ll be fine. Thanks for the ride,” the sadness that fell from her voice gave an air of heavy clouds hoovering over her head.

“No, I’m helping you up there,” putting the car in park, he slammed the car door in protest.

“Sir, you can’t park here!” a valet cried out from the curb.

“I’ll pay the ticket. I’ll just be a few minutes, could you?” looking up he saw her stumbling through the lobby. Walking through the carousal door, it seeming to take forever to let him through, he chased after her. Taking her gently by the arm, “I’m helping you to your room. You can thank me later.”

“I’ll be fine. Leave me alone!” Leah fussed, her voice echoing in the nearly empty lobby.

Feeling embarrassed, “What room are you in?” finding the closest elevator, he slipped through the open doors just in time as they began to close, pulling the young woman with him. “What floor?”

“Fourth floor,” she murmured. As the elevator jerked upward, she slightly fell into the man’s chest. His strong arms cradled her just enough so she would not fall.

“You sure you’re going to be okay?” gently lifting her chin to see her face, “Christ! When was the last you slept? You’re eyes are so dark and blood shot.”

“I don’t know at this point,” at that moment, Leah stumbled into the man’s chest again. Her face lay on his collar bone. The elevator door bell rang as the doors smoothly spread open. Scooping her into his arms, he carried her out the elevator.

“Which room?” he asked. With a weakened motion of her left arm, she pointed to the right. Her arm flopping tiredly on her stomach. “Oh, yeah. That’s right. I was here just a few hours ago,” the man whispered. “Room 422. Now, don’t take this wrong, darlin,” setting her on her feet, still holding onto her, he fished in her back jean pockets for a hotel key card. Swiping the card, the door unlocked. Lifting her into his arms again, he pushed the door open with his foot. Laying her on the bed, he sat next to her watching her breathing slowly.

A few hours had passed. Leah found herself awake in her hotel bed with the curtains drawn closed. A hint of early evening sunlight crept its way into the room. Turning to see the clock on the night stand, it reading 5:32pm, she turned swiftly to hear the room door open and close.

“Who’s there?” she asked as she turned on the night stand light.

“It’s the guy you got a quick ride to your hotel earlier,” setting some take out bags on the round table, “Glad you’re awake. Your phone keeps buzzing,” he pointed to the black IPhone that was buzzing over and over again. Meeting her gaze, she gave a puzzled look as to who was standing before her. “Oh, the name’s Travis Olson.” Leah turned her head to the side curiously. “The paramedic that was helping Davon survive that bloody mess he made back there,” Travis pointed to the wall, indicating the hotel room right next door.

“Oh, sorry. Thanks for the ride. But, what are you still doing here?” the phone continued to buzz, becoming more annoying to Travis’s ears.

“You better get that, before I throw it out the window.”

“Oh. Thanks,” pushing a few screen buttons, she began to read the text messages.

“How are you feeling?” he asked as he ate his dinner of yasabi noodles and steamed vegetables. From the corner of his eye he could see she was completely engrossed in the other conversation that was taking place on her phone screen.

“Uh, oh, I’m doing better.”

Slurping his noodles as obnoxiously as he could, Leah flinched at the sound. “You know, it’s very rude to be chatting with someone on a screen while you have a real live person in your presence.”

“Hang on a second!” she fussed.

That very second, Travis briskly rose from his chair, grabbing the IPhone from her fingers. “HA! That’ll teach you! Now, let’s see what’s going on here.” Scanning the lines of text he caught one name in the chat. “Davon? How’s he doing anyway?”

Jumping up to grab the phone from him, “I’m trying to find out. His sister Jessica has been trying to contact me for hours. She’s coming over here to talk to me in just a little bit. I don’t think it would be good for you to be hanging around here. This is a slightly delicate situations I’m in.”

“How so?” he asked, going back to his yasobi noodles.

“I’m going to help Davon any way I can. I feel obligated to help him,” closing the chat, she placed the phone back on the night stand.

“What could you do to help him? You’re not part of his family. Isn’t that getting into the obsessive part of the issue? You could get into a lot of trouble.”

“I don’t care. I just want to at least present the idea to his sisters,” then it dawned on her of one little missing piece of her plan. “Oh crap! What will the guys think?”

“Didn’t think this through, did ya?” Travis snickered. Just then, there was a knock at the door. “Guess I’ll see myself out,” gathering his take out dinner, he opened the door smiling slightly at the two blond females. “Excuse me, ladies. Have a nice evening.”

“Who was that?” Jessica asked as she and her sister Amy walked through the door.

“That was one of the paramedics that helped Davon. He drove me to my hotel,” Leah replied. “So, how’s Davon doing?”

“He’s doing well. He’ll be awake soon,” Amy could see a slight surprised smile cross Leah’s face. “The doctor said no visitors until tomorrow and they have to be family. I’m sorry, Leah. Considering what’s happened.”

“We hope you understand. We know how much he means to you,” Jessica added, reassuring Leah with a gentle pat on the back.

“Great! This isn’t going to work after all,” Leah fussed under her breath.

“What was that?” Amy asked curling her nose a bit.

“Amy, cool it. She’s just trying to help,” Jessica fussed calming her sister down. “If you must know, Davon will be administered into a rehab center tomorrow first thing. I know you understand why.”

A rehab center? Leah knew far too well that that meant trouble for the young man. There was nothing worse than getting the wrong kind of treatment for what mentally afflicted him. The thought of him going to this center sickened her to the core. Scenarios began to play in her mind, but she knew how this all would play out.

“I have a better idea. Why not have Davon stay at my apartment for a month or so. He’ll get the easiest treatment available in complete privacy. I’ll contact my psychiatrist personally to help him out. I’ll do it for free. It will save you tons of money and no bills attached,” Leah kept a cool head and a stone centered face. There was more than just fees and the wrong treatment that was at stack for Davon.

“Why would you want him at your apartment for treatment? That’s just wrong on so many levels. He doesn’t even know you!” Amy fussed, her face gradually getting red. Amy was the oldest sister and looked after Davon with a passion since he was the youngest of the family.

“Amy, calm down!” Jessica commanded. The older sister stepped back and hung her head muttering to herself. “We’ll give him your suggestion and see what he says. I know for a fact he’ll say no. Don’t hold your breath on this, honey,” guiding Amy with her, the two women walked out the door. “When he wakes up, I’ll send him your love. He’ll appreciate that very much.”

“Uh, thanks?” Leah added as she stood there shocked. Once the women were out of sight, “Stupid, fucking idiots!” She knew exactly what rehab center they were taking him to. The worst one in the state of New York – Strong Waters Rehab Center. “Of all the stupid...” mumbling to herself, she closed the door, rushed to her laptop closing it as she grabbed her empty suit case and began packing.

With her emotions on edge, the smell of burnt eggs swirled in her nostrils. The sound of clambering iron skillets thundering to the floor. Her emotions of the past erupted inside her mind. Screams from her mother being splashed by hot cooking oil to prepare the ham for breakfast. Eighteen year old Leah ran to her room, covering her ears as her father cussed at the top of his lungs blaming the burnt eggs on his wife. Slamming her bedroom door shut and locking it, Leah sat huddled in the corner rocking back and forth. Muffled were the yells, but not the slap across her mother’s face, a sound she could recognize anywhere in the world. She knew it was the drugs talking, taking control of her father. Tears fell from her eyes as she realized there would be no hope for him.

A little hope rose in Leah. Barely a feeling she remembered so long ago as her thoughts continued. It was the summer of 2005, two months after that terrible drug induced abusive behavior her father placed on her mother. Family had come forward. Money donations even from neighbors came from all over and poured out from their local church. Leah’s father was finally going to get the help he so desperately needed. Strong Waters Rehab Center took him in with open arms. Hope seemed, at first, to flood the facility. The moment the unease of the following memory seeped its way into focus, she growled the thought away as though it were a physical danger.

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