Demon Dusted

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Dean is still getting used to keeping his demon under control. He uses sex as a release to keep his demon at bay. But tonight his choice is looking for more than sex from him she is looking for a hero Dean is Demon Dusted. He is part human, part demon and he uses sex as a release to keep his demon at bay. Tonight his eyes land on a blonde and he chooses her for the night. His choice is Myth but she wants a lot more than sex from Dean she wants to know what he is and if he could be the answers to her prayers? She is looking for someone in particular, someone from a prophecy. Someone who could save her from those that are seeking to kill her or worse turn her dark. And should Myth go dark it would be the end of humanity.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: A blonde proposal

On nights like these it is hard to keep the demon down: to stop it from reaching upwards and taking control. I suppose you could say I am dangerous. Most of the time I am harmless but it’s the other part of the time people should worry about.

The lights were making me sweat.

Music poured from my guitar and entwined with the other sounds the band members were making. It was early in the morning, and the crowd wasn’t ready to quit. I scanned the floor for my nightly release; which pretty face would stand out from the crowd and make it to my bed? My eyes locked onto a face across the floor. A tall, busty, brunette met my eye. I knew I had her till something else caught my attention. A tiny blonde entered the club and stared at me from across the room. Her eyes locked with mine and I changed my mind - blonde it would be. I beckoned her closer with my gaze. She moved in a trance towards me.

The blonde had perfect timing. We were on the last set, three more songs and she would be mine. She stopped, but kept holding my gaze. There was a question in her eyes I couldn’t decipher. It felt like she was looking through my soul, searching for something, like someone going through a closet. It wasn’t a feeling I enjoyed, but I was drawn to her even more. She stopped searching me, with the question still on her face. I didn’t think she was asking if I wanted to go to bed with her. Pity, I would need the release. All the same, I was sure whatever she was asking me would be interesting. She was interesting. I’d say she was 5.5, with curly blonde hair that looked like a halo when the lights hit it. Her legs were long for her size, and she was petite all over. Not my normal quarry, but she interested me in ways I didn’t quite understand.

She broke my gaze which surprised me. No one, well no girl had ever broken eye contact with me before. Always were they held in my trance. This one was different, and I wanted her even more. I watched her looking around the room before her gaze settled back on me. The question was there again in her eyes. I wished I could tell what colour they were from this distance, but alas, I could not. Something about her was different. I could feel it in her, but I could not pinpoint it. She was youthful looking, but her eyes were older than the rest of her form. I strummed my way through the second last song, all the while holding her gaze. My fingers knew the way, and I could not help but look at her. She was different, but how? Maybe she was trouble, maybe that was her attraction? I knew no matter what, I wanted to hear her voice the question she was asking with her entire body. Even if she was trouble, she would soon find out trouble was my middle name, and demon may as well be my last.

The last song was finishing as she moved closer, coming right up the front near the stage. I handed my guitar to a roadie and jumped off the stage, landing close to her on silent feet. I enjoyed the surprise in her eyes. They were deep blue, by the way. If anything the question in them had strengthened because of my stealthy display.

“Hi,” I said as way of greeting, curious how she would respond.

She took a deep breath and scented me, before asking softly, “What are you?”

I rocked back on my feet, shocked at her inquiry.

“My name is Dean, what are you?” I said with a laugh, like the whole thing was amusing, rather than alarming.

“I didn’t ask what your name was, I asked what you are?”

“The last time I looked I was human, what about you?”

“Yes, I know part of you is human, but what is the other part? I am a throwback to the Faerie bloodline. My great, great, grandmother had a liaison with a Faerie by the name of Roland, and so my bloodline was born. I am a throwback to that union. Now you know my secrets, how about you tell me yours?”

“How about we get a drink, and you tell me your name?”

“Okay one drink, and my name is Myth.”

I reached out my hand which she took gingerly. We moved towards the bar and ordered before last drinks.

“What will you have?” I asked her.

“A shot of vodka please,” she said, facing the young bartender.

“Make that two, and a beer.” She picked up her shot, knocking it back like a pro. She turned to watch me do the same, but I followed mine with a deep swig of beer.

“Okay one drink has been drunk, but my question remains unanswered,” she said, flat and firm in her words, her hands now crossed over her chest.

“I have a place nearby why don’t we go where we can talk privately?” I suggested to her.

She shrugged her shoulders, and said, “Why not?”

I downed the last half of my beer in a few large gulps, and waved at the other band members still on the stage, before taking Myth’s hand, and leading her from the club. Her hand felt small and cool in mine, but it felt right in an odd way too. I tried to shake the notion from my head. I hardly knew the girl, and she already claimed she was a Faerie. With my free hand I hailed a taxi, and we both got into the back. For the first time I could smell her as well as see her.

She smelt like wild jasmine and honeysuckle.

I gave the cabbie directions, settled back beside her and went back to taking her in. As if feeling my gaze on her, she took her attention from the streets outside and turned to look at me.

“Well?” those eyes asked me again, but I wasn’t ready to answer. I nodded toward the driver, and she went back to the window and her thoughts. I was mesmerized by her profile for minutes before the cab began to slow. I paid the driver, and we both got out of the car.

“This way.” I led her down the path, then upstairs to my second floor apartment. I fished my keys out of my pocket and she stepped in before me, stopping on the threshold to survey my place. Earthy tones of brown and chocolate made up most of my apartment, with dashes of purple, teal and orange thrown in. It was open plan with the kitchen separated from the lounge by a huge breakfast bar. The two bedrooms and oversized bathroom were off a long hall that led from the living space. Two large, leather couches offered an inviting place to sit, while a TV with a stereo system lined one wall. Book cases with rows of trinkets lined the other walls, while an orange and purple rug covered the floor.

“This is nice place for a musician,” she said with that question in her voice again.

“Myth, take a seat do you want a beer, or a drink of some kind?”

She dropped onto one of the chocolate leather couches, slipped off her shoes, and sat cross-legged in her faded, stretch jeans.

“Beer will do fine,” she said, after she made herself comfortable. I reached into the fridge, pulled out two icy cold beers and took the caps off both. I was about to hand her a bottle, but I hesitated.

“Bottle or glass?”

“Bottle is fine.”

I decided to sit facing her, so I could see how she reacted when I answered her the unspoken questions she had been asking. Funnily enough, I was bordering on telling her the truth. Which begged the question, had I lost my mind? My eyes ate her up, my nose wanted to be close enough to smell her again. I was already wondering what she would be like in bed? Not that I was sure I would ever get her into bed. She wasn’t responding to me the way normal girls do. They usually threw themselves at me and I, as always, took the lucky one home. I was a good lover, and made sure they were always more than satisfied. Over the years, I perfected my techniques on an endless parade of females, and honed my bedroom skills. Yet I felt like school boy around this particular female, and I had never wanted anyone the way I wanted her.

“Well?” she said, catching my gaze. “Are you going to tell me? You know, what you are?” she licked her lips while she waited for my reply.

I took a deep swig of my beer. “What makes you so sure I am anything but human, and how do I know you’re a real Faerie?”

“Look buddy I don’t really have time for 20 questions. I am looking for someone. I think it might be you, but I won’t go any further with this conversation until you tell me what you are?” She reached out and touched the air near my face. “And how do I know there is something else in you? You smell different, and your aura is not like anything I have ever seen. So come , explain yourself or I am leaving.”

She started to unfold her legs, and I held up a hand. “Whoa, whoa, don’t go. Why are you looking for this person? Answer me that and then I will decide if I will tell you?”

She stopped, and looked me in the eye.

“I am looking for a person who can help me, and I am willing to pay good dollars for their service. Now that is it, I have answered your questions – time to return the favour.”

“Okay, do you want another beer? It might help my story go down.”

“Fine one more, but no more stalling. Tell me, and tell me now!”

I got the two beers, handed her one and took a deep swig before I began.

“I am Demon dusted.” I said. I watched her face while I waited for her reply.

“What does that mean, Demon dusted? I don’t understand?”

“A demon exploded within my vicinity. It rained down on me, and I inhaled its particles. Since then, I have the abilities of a demon.” I tracked the changes in her response, waiting for the horror to settle there.

“I still don’t understand! How did this happen, and how did you blow up the demon in the first place?”

“Wasn’t me. I was an apprentice just doing my cleaning duties while my master experimented with calling demons. He had been doing demon calling for a few weeks, and was slowly calling stronger and stronger demons. He was trying to bargain for powers or knowledge, before releasing them back to the hell dimensions. On the day I was dusted, he was calling a High Demon for the first time, and he didn’t make the circle large enough to hold it. Hence it was released from his will, and he could only do one thing to save himself. He exploded the demon and remained free from harm in his protective circle, but the rest of the demon rained down on me. It burned me, invaded my lungs and blood stream, and went to my heart. My last human minutes were ones of internal, tearing pain, so bad I thought I died. When I woke next, I was healed, and I had the powers of a demon, but I also have an ongoing struggle to remain human.”

“What happened to your master?”

“We were fine for a few more months. He kept trying to reach the limits of my power before he tried to black mail me into murder. I have only lost my temper once since I was dusted. He didn’t survive my lack of control. His death was swift and merciful – he never knew what hit him. I now use sex as a release. It helps keep my demon side at bay.”

I looked at her, hopeful she would offer to be my bed buddy for tonight.

“So you have killed using these powers?” she replied, as she skipped over my release hint.

“Only the once.” I said quietly. It wasn’t something I was proud of, but I was so young in my new form and had no idea of my powers.

“And when did this happen, the dusting I mean?”

“Approximately forty years ago.” Again I watched her face and body language as I revealed my age.

“So how come you look twenty five?”

“I was twenty five when the dusting happened. I haven’t aged a day since.”

“Oh ok. Well I am still older than you, so you remember to respect your elders.”

Somehow that reply didn’t help my hopes of bedding her, and getting my nightly release. She seemed to read my mind, because she laughed and said, “You thought I would be your release for the night. Wow, that’s funny and so far from the truth it is laughable.”

Her words crushed the ego I had developed from night after night of ladies filling my bed for nearly forty years. My face fell as embarrassment rushed in, and my sex drive withered in the light of her laughter.

“Hey Demon boy, don’t be embarrassed. Is it really true that’s how you keep your demon at bay?”

“Yes,” I said, not meeting her gaze.

“Well I can give you a release I suppose, if it will help you feel at ease, and ready to listen to my proposal.”

My sex drive rose with the beginning of her words, only to wither by the end. She made it sound like a business interaction, rather than a sexual interlude.

“Are you ready demon boy? Look into my eyes!” It wasn’t a request rather than a demand. I found myself powerless to resist her words, she filled my view. A deep connection was made as her eyes began to change colours, going from blue to a vivid violet. I felt a jolt of energy, and my manhood rose to its full girth, and strained against my pants. Then not a moment later she shifted her gaze from my eyes to my groin. I exploded in my pants with an orgasm that rocked me to the core. I shuddered before she broke the spell.

“There, that’s all taken care of. You should go shower and get your head straight. We have things to discuss.” She said.

I rose to my feet, ignoring my school boy self with as much dignity as I could find.

I said in a deathly voice, “Don’t you ever do that to me again!”

I held my head high, ignoring the wet patch on my jeans as I stalked to the bathroom. I needed a shower, and I needed to get my head round what had just happened.

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