Of Deities and Dimensions: Book 1

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When a giant appeared above the Earth's atmosphere and filled up the sky, everyone thought it was the apocalypse. But instead, the being who called himself a Deity only wanted recruits for his war. The world would be forever changed when Akmadouric came to Earth. At first everyone thought it was the apocalypse when the blue giant filled up the sky, but instead he came with an offer. Join the interdimensional war against beings that threaten reality and those who earn enough favor currency will be able to purchase immortality. Little did the people know that everyone who took up the offer are in way over their heads. Although the humans within Akmadouric's army are considered low-tierman, there is very little a normal human can do against beings that defy imagination and shouldn't be able to exist.

Fantasy / Scifi
Brad King Lida
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Prologue: Arrival

The Deity Akmadouric exerted the force of his willpower towards the interdimensional barrier. It cracked, and he immediately redoubled his efforts to enter the uninitiated realm. Eighteen spiked ethereal appendages from his back pierced the barrier and he pulled it apart, widening the crack until his small planetoid sized body and immense consciousness was able to break through.

Exhausted, he floated at the center of this unexplored version of the universe. Hopefully, the inhabitants of this dimension would be worth the investment of energy and personal risk. After completing such a momentous task, his willpower energy supply had fallen drastically. He was in a slightly vulnerable state and if another deity hostile to him had decided to track him, then Akmadouric would not hesitate to fight for his life, which was more important than a single universe given the task he had taken up.

To prevent that worst case scenario, he erected a barrier dimension over the hole he had created. Then sent out a priority defenders call for his most trusted minions, who instantly teleported in to defend the barrier dimension and him with their lives. Millions came and prepared for battle while Akmadouric floated in space without moving to regain energy and strength. They waited, but the assault never came. Akmadouric was able to rest peacefully until his strength returned to adequate levels. He lowered the threat level indicator, thereby lowering the amount of favor the participating minions earned. With the danger passed, the majority left, they had better ways of earning the currency of his favor.

He summoned his analytical chariot. A metal throne with sensors, spires, dishes and an assortment of instruments jutting out from it’s hull. Using it, he scanned the new universe that now belonged to him, much to his disappointment, there was only a single world that held sentient life, the rest was barren. Although there was such a vast array of unnatural energy signatures that Akmadouric felt that it had not always been the case. In the past there were likely multiple intergalactic civilizations who had experimented with and weaponized high energy physics. Destroying themselves in the process. While the interdimensional deity known as Akmadouric could have sifted through this dimension’s beginningless history in order to find and resurrect the extinct races, it would take far too much energy and time. And those resources were needed for the war.

So he focused his attentions on the only world that had life on it. Before making his appearance, he lightly tapped into the consciousnesses of every living thing on the planet using psychic energies in order to learn what was considered to be common knowledge among the inhabitants. The highest sentients on the world called themselves ‘Human’ and called their planet ‘Earth’. Their twenty five pound brains had two hemispheres, which wasn’t too impressive for a people who didn’t have access to willpower energy. Skin colors ranged from pitch black to pale white. No blues, greens, oranges or purples. The year was 2048AD…after death? Oh, they were marking the date after the death of a righteous religious icon. The nations were coming together, but sadly enough there were still a great areas of rampant starvation and poverty in spite of having the technology available to fix the problems. There were people on both ends of the moral spectrum, some taking the ideas of good and evil to the extreme. But he had greater concerns than fixing a single world’s problems.

The Deity Akmadouric sat back for a moment before making the decision to chose life for the people of the planet Earth and not wiping it from existence. The wrongness of it was well within his tolerance levels and could easily shift to the right side of the moral spectrum by itself.

He took a moment to ponder how best to make himself known to his newest subjects. So he transformed himself into one of his less threatening forms. One very much like that of a human being, with a few slight differences such as thirty long appendages coming out of his back. He also left his skin color his signature deep blue. His single pair of eyes turned silver and he grew hair as white as starlight. Then he teleported himself and his chariot into high orbit above the Earth. After all, what better way was there to get an entire planet’s attention than to suddenly appear and fill up the sky?

The people of Earth stared at the apparition above them, then panicked like it was doomsday. Some of the people attempted suicide, others bowed down and worshiped him. Others began looting. World leaders met and unanimously decided to launch their most devastating weapons at him.

But every time one of the simpletons below did something to cause death, he saved them. People who were about to hang themselves fell through the ropes. Guns jammed. Jumpers began to float in the air.

With a sigh, Akmadouric said “Such a dramatic people.”

Then eight thousand missiles launched from the planet’s surface. He let them approach halfway towards him, then froze the weapons in time for casual observation. They were sleek and ellipsoidal, it was good to see that some things were universal for their efficient design. But what bothered him was that he didn’t immediately recognize the payload. There was some kind of glowing green mineral aboard producing more of those bizarre energy signatures. He used his psychic link with all of the humans to find out what these weapons were supposed to do, then his face grew tighter.

[Nuclear Warhead]
[Owner: Earth Defence Force]
[Damage: 54 Cataclysmic, 18 infernal]
[Speed: 50 kilometers per second]
[Additional effects: 2,000 mile diameter lingering gamma radiation effects, 50 years]

Akmadouric remarked “For a world like this to possess weapons capable of being a minor threat to a deity” had he let all eight thousand nukes hit him without protection then it would have destroyed his chariot and left severe burn marks all over his body, he wasn’t in one of his combat forms anymore but still…for the people of this world to have developed so many weapons of mass destruction was disgusting. It was a miracle that they hadn’t already destroyed themselves, but in time the splintered nations would nuke one another, such things were inevitable simply because they existed. Still, it was an oversight on his part to think of them as simpletons.

Akmadouric wrote in the sky ’You idiots. If these had blown up at my present location then it would have knocked your whole planet slightly out of orbit until it either fell into the sun or flew out of the solar system.’

Then he sent one of his many bodies of smaller size inside the NASA space station that had been observing him. Abruptly appearing in behind of a female Astronaut Commander with the last name Garcia.

She spoke into her microphone “Mission control, the alien has disappeared from visual range. It’s ship still remains. Detonation past due, I repeat detonation past due.”
Akmadouric cleared his throat to get her attention “Ahem”
Garcia’s eyes went wide as she stared at him for a full three seconds before saying anything “M…Mission control, there is a man sized version of the alien standing right in front of me. Please advise.”
The deity spoke to her “I am Akmadouric and I have one demand only. Twenty four hours from now, every human eye on this planet is going to be watching me get interviewed on international television.”
Garcia spoke in a combative tone, thinking that this blue alien was here to conquer her world “And if we refuse.”

“I said that I have one demand only, no more than that. I do not believe in ruling an unwilling populace through brute force. I would much rather have them understand my point of view and then do what I want them to voluntarily. But just to be clear, I am not here as a hostile invader.” which was true, but only because he’d already conquered the whole universe of this dimension. Not just the planet called Earth.

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