Sam Hain - Occult Detective: All Hallows' Eve

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About Sam Hain

Sam Hain is a collection of magical realism novellas written by Bron James. The stories follow the adventures of the eponymous Sam Hain (an occult detective, expert in the paranormal, and self-proclaimed Magickal Master), accompanied by Alice Carroll (his psychic friend and companion learning to use her second-sight) as they investigate strange supernatural cases across the city of London.

All Hallows' Eve is the first episode in the series, and was originally written for All Hallows' Read. All Hallows' Read is a tradition started by acclaimed author Neil Gaiman, giving the gift of supernatural and scary books around the time of Hallowe'en.

If you've enjoyed reading All Hallows' Eve and would like to know more about the Sam Hain series and read more stories, please visit the website:

Book II (A Night in Knightsbridge) and III (The Grimditch Butcher) are also available, with Book IV (The Regents) currently in the works as a jumble of scribbled notes and half-finished drafts.

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