The Music of My Life

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Chapter 2: Bandmates

I stepped on a cobblestone walkway, and up a small set of stairs, up to the door. I rang the doorbell, and shifted around anxiously. It felt like forever until the door opened, revealing a blonde haired boy, who seemed to be slightly overweight but still gave me a huge smile that lit up his hazel eyes.

"Hey! You must be April, right?" I nodded, twiddling my thumbs.

"Sweet, I'm Barry, and I play the drums. Come in, don't be shy." I lifted up my guitar case further on my shoulder, and walked inside. The house smelled faintly of chocolate chip cookies, which made my mouth water hungrily. Slipping off my shoes, I turned to face a living room that consisted of worn couches and chairs, a fairly sized TV with video game consoles scattered about, and the kitchen was visible in the corner of my eye. It looked like the kind of place someone with a low income or who just owned far too many hand me downs lived.

"Sorry about the mess, but this is clearly my house. I was thinking of doing practices in here, or in the garage. Want some cookies?" I gave him a questioning look, but chuckled softly. Barry rolled his eyes.

"Yes, I bake. The results are well worth it. Don't forget to say hi to Dusty over there on the couch." He have me an encouraging push to the living room, as Barry himself disappeared into the kitchen to grab sweets. I hadn't even noticed another human being inside the house aside from Barry and I. I sauntered over to the chair that looked the comfiest, and set my guitar down beside me. Gazing onto the couch, a boy was, in fact, on the couch. I wanted to introduce myself, though I felt it may be impolite considering he was sleeping.

Barry swooped in from the kitchen, holding a plate of cookies, stacked up high. When he saw the boy on the couch, he let out a sigh.

"Dusty." He prodded the boys cheek. "Dusty." Barry repeated. The boy groaned, slapping Barry's hand away.

"DUSTY!" He bellowed, causing the boy to jolt out of his slumber in a panic.

"Holy sh-" He looked at Barry with wide eyes. "The hell was that for?!"

"Now, now, don't be cranky when we have visitors, Dusty." Barry made a mock pouty lip at him.

"Don't call me that, man." He looked over to me, and gave a coy smile. "Names Dustin."

"April." I beamed. Dustin noticed the guitar case and pointed it out.

"Is she the new member?"

"Possibly." Barry clapped his hands together. "Which reminds me, we need to see how experienced with that guitar you are. Would you mind playing a bit for us?" I felt elated, and stood in a form that you'd expect from a soldier.


I unzipped my guitar case, and pulled out the dark, shiny instrument. It felt cool around my fingers, and it helped my muscles relax. Then again, I hadn't realized they were tense. I took put my pick, and strummed each string accordingly. All in tune. Now I just needed to play. What song? Any song, but not a bad song, or a song that's too hard. An easy song might make me seem like I'm not committed to doing this, but there were also so many songs to choose from. I took a deep breath. And my soul played for me.

First, a sweet melody to grab their attention. I gradually shifted into chords, and changed the song into a rock feel. The chords came like wildfire, the notes were the wood I burnt. The crisp sound filled the entire room with sound, and something stared me beyond belief. I was completely making this up as I went along. No script, no pre-set anything, just me. The song went on with its various melodies and medleys, switching from heavy metal to a light pace. I figured I should end it soon, as I had most likely been playing for several minutes, and simply strummed my last chord slowly. Silence. I looked up, my face shaken with nervousness. Barry's face was split into a smile, and Dustin was nodding, impressed.

"How long have you been playing?" Dustin asked.

"A couple months now at the max." I replied breathlessly.

"That was amazing!" Barry applauded. "I vote you're in. Once we figure out how we sound together all we need is a singer." I felt a blush creep on my cheeks.

"Are you sure?" Dustin pondered. "She is a newbie, after all. We can't be too easily accepting."

"Dude, she's the only one who ever asked us about the band. Plus, she improvised that entire thing!"

Dustin raised an eyebrow.

"How can you tell?"

"When you improvise, it's easier to see that you actually feel the music. You'll get it one day." Barry waved a hand. "But so far, it looks like you're in the band, April!" I could tell my entire face lit up like a huge stream of fireworks as I almost screamed.

"That makes no sense..." Dustin muttered.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" I said repeatedly, jumping for joy.

"It's not for certain, remember." Dustin eyed me with a look of modest curiosity.

"You can't boss her around, April's probably older than you anyway." Barry teased.

"What?! No way, I'm 16!"

"Just turned 17 a couple months ago." I stuck out my tongue.

"Guess I'm the oldest here at 27." Barry scratched his head, while Dustin muttered 'what the hell' in the background. I let a pause stay in place, but couldn't help breaking the silence.

"So are you two living together or..." I rolled my wrist, inquiring.

"Nah, Dustin was just crashing here for the night." Barry shook his head.

"Maybe tonight, too." Dustin buried his face in a pillow. "We go back a little. I helped him scrape out of a fight on the winning side-"

"Saved my god damn life."

"-And we got into a talking, turns out we both have a love for music. Eventually we decided it was time to put together a band. We've been inseparable ever since that first day."

"I owe him so much." Dustin sighed, recalling the memory.

After a half hour of more talking, mostly about nonsense and getting to know each other, my phone went off with the deep voice of Morgan Freeman.

"Hello." His voice boomed. This sent the three of us into a fit of laughter. Wiping my eyes, I heckled my messages, only to see it was from my mom. 'I'll be driving around soon, do u want a ride?' It said. I figured I should end it off, an responded with 'Sure, I'll be out front.'. I closed my phone, Barry and Dustin still giggling like schoolgirls over my ring tone. I enjoyed Dustin's laugh, it was the kind of laugh one could never get tired of.

"Don't mean to end this off on a short notice, but my ride will be here soon. It was great meeting you two."

"Like wise." Barry held out his fist to bump, and dragged Dustin's with the other hand. I bumped them both, smirking, and grabbed my stuff.

"Bye." I waved.

Mom pulled onto the side of the road, accidentally hitting the curb a little too hard. I opened the door, beaming, an couldn't keep myself from sounding giddy.

"I got in!" I squealed.

"Really?! Fantastic!" And it sounded genuine when she spoke so energetically. She started to drive, an I told her about my new friends.

"Barry is 27? Wonder what the guy is doing here in this end of town, it's a bit of a waste, really. But he sounds kind." I shook my head up and down.

"He makes really good chocolate chip cookies, they even rival yours, mom."

"What?! This means war, call in the troops, there's a cookie emergency!" We laughed, as mom came to a set of lights. She turned on her signal, and waited for an opportunity to turn. When she did, however, a truck spiraled towards us at blinding speed. Once I saw where it was headed, a scream placed itself in my throat.

"MOM LOOK OUT!" The truck turned on its wheels, and hit the drivers side of the car with a thundering thud. I felt the force of the impact launch the car sideways, hit something, perhaps a wall, and my vision blearily faded to black. I could hear sirens in the distance, but they too, we're soon nothing but a hum in the back of my mind.

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