The Music of My Life

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Chapter 4: At Least I Still Have My Humour

At least, it was a good sleep until I was woken from a chilly breeze that made me shudder. I opened my eyes. Chase had stolen the blanket and was snoring quietly. I let out a mix of a sigh and a noise of disgust. Seeing as it would be difficult for me to just lay here with that guy, I decided to to outside for a breath of fresh air. Hopefully it would do me good. I flipped my legs over the bed, and put pressure on them to stand. What I didn't expect was to fall to the ground with a clatter.

"What are you doing?" Chase rubbed one of his eyes, looking at me with an air of distaste.

"Going out, what does it look like?" I leaned on the bed, pulling myself to stand. Taking a step, I didn't go very far until I fell again. "Ugh!" I cried out in frustration. Maybe my best bet would be to crawl...

"Here." I looked up to see a hand, extended by Chase himself.

"Thanks." I said uncertainly, taking the offer and collapsing on his shoulder. He grunted under my weight, but held strong.

"Just don't look so weak."

"I'll try to become the supreme overlord of Hawii someday." I rolled my eyes sarcastically. Chase smirked, and assisted me to a bench outside, setting me down gently. He crashed beside me, closing his eyes and rubbing his temples.

"How the hell do you get up so early?" He moaned.

"Didn't have much choice, blanket hog."

"I require beauty sleep too, princess!"

"Then sleep somewhere else and don't be such a creep."
Chase chuckled darkly.

"It's not that easy. Don't you get it?" When I remained silent he continued on.

"You're my host, I can't just leave. It would literally inflict pain on me. Like-" He flicked me on the arm.


"Well multiply that pain by seventy-six thousand, that's what happens." Chase leaned back in his seat, looking out into the horizon.

"That's the second time you've called me your 'host'. What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"Well, mummy, a part of my soul is latched onto yours right now, eating it away slowly. Once all your spirit energy is gone I move on to the next host." He spoke casually, as if mentioning the weather.

"So I'll die from you?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes and no." He cracked his neck, and seemed satisfied with the result.

"Care to elaborate?" I spoke threateningly.

"You'll be a shell. Physically you're fine but the spirit of April Viali will be no more. Poof. Gone. Alakazam." He smirked. "What kind of a name is Viali, anyway?"

"I won't give in that easily! And it's the name I was born with, thank you very much. Your last name can't be any better."

"I don't have a last name, so I automatically win." An evil snicker came from his lips, enraging me fuller.

"You wouldn't even get it!" I yelled. "Your life must have been peachy perfect then, so just- get out of my face!" I staggered towards the doorway, falling again, and cursing loudly.

Arms enveloped around me, carrying me back to the bench.

"Take me inside, Chase." No reply until I was firmly seated.

"You'll miss the best part. Look." He pointed to the sky, which was in the middle of a sunrise. Dull colours blended together, casting a red demeanor across the sky. It was almost hypnotic, gazing at the sun, but I snapped myself out of it.

"It's beautiful." I said, pouting slightly.

"Sure is. We should get you inside." Without any further notice, Chase scooped me in his arms and took long strides towards the glass doors.

"I- I can walk, you know!"

"Faster this way."

Then he started running.

"Slow down you bloody maniac!" I yelled, grasping Chase's neck tightly.

"We're here." He said. I had to peel myself off of him I was holding on so tightly.

"Never. Again." I breathed, clinging to the bed. My heart was beating at a thousand miles a minute from that, and there was no way I was doing that ever again.

"Don't be such a worrywart, that was fun!" I saw Chase smile for the first time. Not one of those half smile smirk things he did, but an actual, true to heart smile. It made his eyes light up with the 'fun' of the ride. He must've noticed me staring, because his expression changed. "What?"

"Nothing. And if that's your idea of fun you can count me out on any future so called fun."

"What? That was tame, haven't you ever tried bungee jumping, or cliff diving?"

I shuddered, feeling green at the thought.

"No. Just no."

"Then what could you possibly do for fun?" He looked bewildered, as if throwing your life on the line was the only way to enjoy yourself.

"I do a little something called reading. And music. You should try it sometime, maybe it could increase your IQ so we all stop becoming stupid every time you open your mouth." I said the insult bitterly, but felt increasingly proud of coming up with something like that on the spot.

"I do NOT lower peoples IQ, bookworm. You need to let go once in a while too, you know." He huffed a sigh and faced the wall.

"You never finished telling me about the entire 'you are my host' thing earlier." I approached the subject with a hint- okay maybe a little bigger than a hint- of curiosity.

"What more do you want to know? You half die and I move on, that's the gist of it." Chase sounded irritated.

"So, what, are you done sort of demon then?"

"Technically, yes."


"Not as weird as your name."

"Know what? I'm not going to talk to you anymore, it makes me look like a psycho anyway." It was my turn to face a wall this time.

If luck would have it, soon after I stopped conversing with Chase, Doctor Rarnes knocked lightly on my door to check on me.

"Everything all right?" He asked pleasantly.

"Better. I can't walk very well."

"You tried walking? Not with those broken ribs you're not. I should've told you the extent of your injuries earlier, sorry." He apologized.

"Don't worry about it. It was an interesting adventure, anyway." We both chuckled, and a flash of my mother and I laughing over a silly joke surfaced. Swallowing down the lump in my throat, I tried to change the subject.

"Did we figure out anything for where I'll be staying?"

"Things seem a little off key right now, but it seems you have the choice of either residing with Aiden or Barry at this point."

"I'd like to stay with Barry and Dustin." I found myself saying. Rather, I expected to immediately blurt in for Aiden but... He definitely had enough siblings to occupy the house. Besides, I wouldn't have to travel for my band practices. The Doctor nodded.

"I have no problems sending you there, from what I've seen you should be in good hands." He smiled kindly, and that's when I saw the wrinkles that outlined his eyes. I never thought of him being old, seeing as he looked fairly young. Perhaps I was wrong. Then, I thought of something else.

"Do you know what happened to my guitar?"

"Yes, actually. It's in one if our back rooms for safe keeping. One of the few things that made it out of the wreckage in one piece. At least Lady Luck shines dimly on you, I suppose." I felt myself grin at his words.

"Really?! C-could I have it? I'd love to play." I said ecstatically.

"I'll ask around once we're finished, and could give it to you once I obtain it. You should play a song for me, at least." He joked playfully.

"Now, down to business. Have you felt any dizziness, or nausea..." Doctor Rarnes went through his procedure of making sure I was still functioning properly, and wrote a few things down on his clipboard. Once he was done, and was about to exit the room, he added one last thing to say.

"Be back in a jiff." I supposed that meant he sought to get me my guitar, which was sweet of him. I was fine with waiting, but also not fine. Deciding I should get a nap in whilst I can, I rested my head on the slightly flat pillow, and shut my eyes.

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