Once Upon a World

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Amaravi's human mother was murdered eight years ago. Hiding from her pain, she takes up hunting to focus herself. When she finds another connection to the human world, does she shy away, or face it.

Fantasy / Romance
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How do you say goodbye? How do you live without love itself?

They told me she was gone. All they ever said was "it’s okay" as if it's just supposed to be normal that she was ripped out of my life like an arrow buried in the flesh. That this was common for humans to die so easily even though I was partially human myself. That I needed to accept it. Move on. They never told me how though. How I move on. They told me to rebuild a broken house without giving me the plans, without any instructions. All they ever said was it was normal for them. For them, it was normal to die by simple wounds which would heal in minutes for normal elva. What in the hounds am I then? I am neither elva nor human. But at least I had both worlds. Now I have one, and I'm not even sure if that one wants me.

She was my rock. I was her spitting image. My thick curls cascaded across my face like a deep, dark fire. And yet she was gone. I would never see her, not even in the stars. She was dead, and there was nothing to do about it. I had no reason to laugh or smile or dance or sing, for my happiness had been taken away, and as I lay there screaming in pain and anguish, I vowed to myself; they would pay, and they would burn in fire.

“Love is love, whether you want it or not. And I love you more than you know, my little Ami.”

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