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What do you do when you wake up on your 16th birthday with nothing but a ring that isn't your's, in a room that isn't your's, with a woman you have never met? What about a power that isn't yours? Terry knows nothing of the phase, a place where time is not quite right, or at least not normal, yet he must learn. He is in a world, in an America eight years in the future and can't figure out how he got there. With a wife he doesn't know and a power he has never wielded he must learn the nature of his predicament and find a way to restore himself. The fight ahead of him is more than a simple struggle of self but of a realm that is hard to believe and of parties that are even harder to believe in. His beliefs in himself will be challenged. His belief in his world will be challenged. Her love will be pushed to the edge.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Terry woke with the sun’s rays across his face. He turned about in the bed and found he had a lot more bed than he remembered. He rubbed his face of the sleep and pulled his hand away, feeling metal running across it. He looked on his finger and found a smooth dark band on his ring finger. Where in the world did I get this? He pushed himself to a sitting position and before he pulled the ring off, he realized he was wearing nothing save for the sheets that he laid under.

Everything wrong came together at once in his mind and Terry was beginning to panic, Where am I? Why am I naked? Where did this ring come from? The thoughts and worries brought him to full awareness. He looked about the room seeing nothing familiar.

Terry slowly began to get out of the bed. His feet went flush against the soft carpet. As soon as he turned, the shower in the adjacent room stopped. He didn’t notice it a first but with its absence he realized someone else was here. He heard a glass door pop open and soon after, wet footsteps on the tile.

Quickly, Terry slid out of the bed and under it. He measured his breathing, though his heart was still racing. He waited and heard a sink turn on. Not knowing where his clothing was and when the other person would walk out of the bathroom, he kept himself still, hoping that they would leave the house soon.

What in the world is happening? He thought. His confusion just would not go away. He kept himself as hidden as possible and waited. After a minute the sink turned off and there were wet footsteps for only a few paces before the other person reached the carpeted floor. “hmm?” Terry heard a soft and high voice behind him, out of his field of vision. Sweat began to bead at his hairline.

“I wonder why he’s up already?” a woman’s voice rang.

Then Terry saw her walk around the bed toward the closet. Her legs were bare, and as she went further from the bed, more of her was revealed. All the way to the middle of her thigh was revealed to him. When she reached the closet he saw the towel drop to the floor, making a circle around her feet. At this point, Terry wouldn’t be surprised if hi heart could be heard from where he lay.

She begaon to hum a soft and quick melody as she moved the clothes in the closet about. “Terbear?” she called, “What plans do you think I have for you today?”

Terry kept himself silent, he needed to wait and sneak out when she left.

“I wonder where he is,” she said under her breath.

She left the room and went through the house calling his name, or rather a fitting pet name. He heard the loud footfalls of her continuing down stairs, further into the house and her voice grew faint. Terry slipped out from under the bed and looked to the closet she was previously at. All that was there was men’s attire and upon closer inspection, they were his size.

Quietly he fit into a collared shirt and jeans from the closet and peaked around through the door leading out of the bedroom. There were a few other rooms but the trouble was that he was on a second floor with no safe way out from here. Terry crouched and listened for her to return while he thought through his options. Not long to think though. Not many options were really available either. Risk a jump, make a break for it downstairs, or try to get out quietly and casually.

If she is crazy then I’ll get another chance if I’m casual about it, he concluded. With his decision made, he took the stairs slowly and quietly down. He could still hear her. Reaching the third to last step he cringed and rushed to the front door, the step had creaked and she went quiet. He got to the door but before he could even fumble with the lock he heard a playful voice.

“Well there you are!” She said from the entryway just to his right, “Why didn’t you answer me?” she asked.

He turned to respond but was stopped by the sight of her. A dark haired woman with hair that looked a mess but couldn’t suite her more. She leaned on the doorframe of the room adjacent to the entryhall wearing a man’s button up shirt and a pout on her face. She giggled at him in his stupefied state.

“You like what you see?” She asked as she straightened, rather as she posed, seeming to be able to make herself even more noticeable than before, with a simple move.

“I – I wa-was umm… Thinking. I was in deep thought.” He responded ending with a crack to his voice. Did he sound different?

“Well that is one question down, two more to go.”


“Yes, and that was the perfect opportunity to answer my second question before I asked my third question: “Where are you going?” She asked, beginning to walk to him slowly with significant sway.

“I am going to work.” He lied, unable to think of a better excuse. As she closed the distance his heart grew faster and his skin was starting to itch.

As nervous and afraid as he was, he couldn’t back away from his goal, even if she got closer.

She put her hand on his shoulder and turned him to open his torso where she placed her other on his chest. Where she put them began to burn.

As she did so, she closed in even slower. “Are you. Sure. About. That?” She asked breathing to punctuate. With each breathy word she closed herself around him more and more, pressing herself closer and closer into him. Terry’s heart raced and his breath was harder to control. He began to tremble and continue trembling. He felt both fondness and anxiety, both kinship and fear, both lust and terror.

He pushed her away slowly and as smoothly as he could manage. If he didn’t get away soon he might break down.

“Are you not in the mood?” she asked was a hint of hurt in her voice.

“That’s not it,” he lied, voice trembling, “I just really needed to leave now.”

He went and unlocked the door and saw his hand shaking as he did so. Trying to calm himself he put on a big smile and turned to her keeping in his peripheral vision. “I’ll be back in a few hours,” he said with less shake to his voice. He put his hand on the door knob.

She grabbed his wrist and held tight. Her face intent and eyes searching. Then he felt a slight chill on his temples and her eyes were focused on some distant point yet still on him. Her gaze disarmed him for a moment, nearly helpless in her grasp.

“How…” She began, then her mouth kept moving trying to form words until she continued, “How old are you?” As she asked the question her eyes were again fixed into his and her grip loosened; but he still could not seem to break free.

Such a benign question in such a tense situation made him nervous. “Wh – why – why is that relevant?” His wrist was beginning to itch and his heart race. How much longer before he broke down he wondered.

“Please just answer the question. It is important,” she said.

She waited, her hand still locked on his wrist. His arm was starting to burn. “If I tell you, will you let go?” he asked.

“Only if you don’t run. I need you here to figure this out.”

“I’m sixteen.” He said, “Now let go,” he hastily added.

Her hand released his wrist. As he sighed his relief, her hand went up to his ear and rubbed it gently. Her eyes lost their intensity and a strong look of endearment filled her expression. The gesture made his eyes go wide and his knees weaken.

“That would explain it,” she said, adding a sigh after. She let go of his ear and stepped back. “You don’t know who I am do you?”

His body relaxed on impules as she backed away. “No. May I leave now please? Explains it? Explains what? He thought.

“Leave? And go where?” she asked.

I have an idea. Just let me – DON’T GET ANY CLOSER!” He yelled as she approached him. She jolted and tears began to well in her eyes. She exhaled and squeezed her eyes shut for a moment.

Under her breath she said as she pulled at her hair. “Back to square one.” She walked away from the door then turned about.

‘Back to square one?’ What is that supposed to mean? In a husted voice he repeated, “Just don’t. Please.” His heart was racing and his skin was crawling. “Now if you let me go we don’t have to cross paths ever again. You can put this behind you and forget about it.”

“Now you are just being an idiot,” she said with each word becoming progressively more aggressive, “Just when you were finally learning to think a bit with a calm head and see the benefits of help.

“Idiot? What right do you have –“

“To call you that?” she interrupted, “I have every right. You are mine and you will be quiet and you will listen before you utter one single sound.”

He choked a bit, “Yours? I’m not –“

“I said listen!” She interrupted, raising her voice.

He closed his mouth, biding his time for when she would lose enough focus for him to make a break for it. There was no convincing this lunatic.

“Now, you are Terry Garrick. You think you are sixteen when in fact you are twenty four. DON’T even think about it!” she admonished fixing a glare on him as she continued, “You are my husband, hence the ring, and I know you better than you yourself at the moment and your mind being in the state it is right now means you found it or we are in very deep trouble.”

She fixed her gaze on his eyes, now without the glare to it.

“Ma’am, you really are insane. You can’t possibly expect me to believe you.”

“I would like to apologize beforehand but now I will prove it.” She held a hand up and slowly approached him. His heart began to race again and he sputtered, “Wha-What do you mean? STOP, no no no; GET BACK!”

She kept getting closer, unfazed by his pleas this time. He moved back, unable to take his eyes off of her and backed himself into a corner. With nowhere to go, his eyes widened even further and he began to hyperventilate, his veins began to burn, his skin began to itch, terror gripped his heart. She knows, and she’s not going to stop.

She placed her hand on his chest and stood on her toes to put her mouth to his ear, “You are terrified of me, aren’t you? You are afraid of all women because of Melody. Because of what she did to you.” She pressed her body against his and wrapped him in a warm and horrific embrace. His breathing increased even further and his vision began to darken. Right before it turned pitch black she whispered one more in his ear, almost a purr, “Sleep. We will get through…” panic took him and he fell into the void.

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