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The Artificial Mermaid

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When someone wishes for their wish to come true, you obviously try hard to achieve it. If a person wishes for mermaids to be true, then maybe it can be possible for them to exist, right? I sighed, getting bored at always having hide from the scientist, over and over again. It's during the day and during the night. I hide either in the water or outside of the water (though it’s very tricky to do it outside of the water). If you haven’t guessed it, yes, I can breathe under the water (there's no problem with me if you start getting scared with this revelation) for a long time, and yes, I am a mermaid. Notice how I say mermaid not merman, since there aren’t any males in here, only girls for some reason. I am what you call an artificial mermaid, which still counts as a mermaid, nonetheless, but just a fake one.

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Alisha’s POV

I sighed, getting bored at always having hide from the scientist, over and over again. It's during the day and during the night. I hide either in the water or outside of the water (though it’s very tricky to do it outside of the water). If you haven’t guessed it, yes, I can breathe under the water (there's no problem with me if you start getting scared with this revelation) for a long time, and yes, I am a mermaid. Notice how I say mermaid not merman, since there aren’t any males in here, only girls for some reason. I am what you call an artificial mermaid, which still counts as a mermaid, nonetheless, but just a fake one.

We were made like these by (obviously) the scientist. These scientists are sexist and horny idiots, who made us to serve and entertain them, and also to fight against other people like us, but are with another group of scientists and are trained differently.

We have huge breasts that are sometimes covered; curves that are very noticeable; a small waist; tall; our hair color and type, and eye color and size are different for each of us; very nice skin that attracts both sexes; and are smart. Supposedly, that is what society finds ideal in a women’s body. It’s too much work to actually get and keep, so this is not what I recommend for anyone to get, but it’s their body so I can’t say anything. If only this idea wasn’t brought up in one of the scientists minds, the world would of had been almost better.

“Ha! Found you. Not so lucky are you now, are you now?” Dr. Fred said, laughing evilly, with pure hatred in his eyes as he carried M’kayla in his arms. I gave M’kayla, who was screaming and hitting and punching Dr. Fred, a look of sympathy, as did the other girls.

Poor her so unlucky to get caught by them, and there’s nothing we could do, we’re all powerless. I mean we can, but it has to be at the right time and with a plan and everything. Hopefully when that day comes, we can escape, once and for all, and never have to come here and no one else getting hurt. It’s too much hope, since this isn’t the only place where this is happening. Humans have it easy, even though they think they have it worse (which is heaven for us, if we were to leave here and go into the human world).

We may not know, especifically where the girls are brought to or going in, but what we do know is that often times it’s horrible and not something anyone should get. We don’t always know because the scientists always take girls that they took into different places, every time. It’s not always the same room, but can be on certain times, which is rare. They always take the takens, into a very different room, which can be terrifying to the, since they don’t know if it’s safe for them, as in no pain, or not safe, almost as if they’re trying to kill you (which may or may not be true). What we can do afterwards is help the girls captured and try to distract them from what they went through.

I tune in to the world, to still find the screams of the girls getting captured by the scientists. I also heard splashing which either meant the assistants of the scientists are looking for more girls to experiment on or it’s probably just another mermaid getting into the water to hide. Good thing, I am out of the water and in a place where they won’t find me, I hope.

Hearing footsteps behind me on the ceiling (they probably figured out that some of us are on top of the ceilings hiding, since not everyone would think that), which is where I am currently, I quickly and quietly started to move somewhere safe and also using my powers to hide me. It’s a challenge to just use my powers from them since they have special weapons that are used to find out where we are, but it’s worth trying to. As I maneuver my way around where I am, I look through the air vents that have lights, looking for a specific room where I can go and hide in.

Minutes after not hearing any noises and looking through many air vents, I finally find the kitchen refrigerator which a room that is cold, but holds food inside. Quietly opening the air vent, I jump but hold on to one of the sides and hang on as I quickly close it, being careful to not harm myself. As I succeed, I quickly jump and hide quickly, always watching the door and air vent, while looking for a place to hide and making it seem as if no one came inside, before they checked in.

As I expected, I saw the two assistants whispering very quietly, but not as quiet as they hoped, since with my super hearing, I heard them. I saw them from the hiding spot (that it is very hard for them to see me, but easy for me to see them), that they flashed a special small flashlight around the room (that detects mermaids), around the room, especially around mostly the darkest parts of the room, that the light didn’t hit.

I don’t know how I got these especially powers, since most of the mermaids I have seen have less than I have, but I’m able to mask my scent and myself from the cameras and other technology things that the humans have made, from being able to detect and find me.

I waited the whole 30 minutes, which is required for them to do to each room (just in case we get agitated and blow our cover), for them to leave and be able to leave and go to my cell safely and not get in trouble. I waited an extra 20 minutes to make sure they left and no one else was coming, to get out of my hiding spot and very quickly and undetectably, used my teleportation to get into a huge group of my people and pretend I was there the whole time.

I quickly looked around and noticed that this wasn’t my group, so I turned left quickly before anyone can notice (believe it or not, some mermaids like to snitch others, to get special rewards and offers), and runned straight until I got to a cross section. I turned right and kept running with another group of mermaids, which were my group. Some of them smiled at me for making it, while others quickly patted my shoulder and continued running at a faster speed.

This is how it always is after the scientist capture some of us, which is once every two months (sometimes four if they don’t feel like testing us, which is good for us), we have to run quickly and go to our “dorms” or cell rooms (if you want to be technical), before the timer ticks off. Whoever they capture, they decided what to do, and this depends on how old we are. They either kill us, make us do certain jobs or work for them, or be taken by one of the scientists as slaves for them, but they can’t harm us, since we’re experiments after all.

Running as fast as the girls around me and helping others along the way, we all try to stay together and not separate as the consequences can be bad or worse, than what it is suppose to be. I see someone slow down (even if it’s not considered slow, this can still slow them down), and I nudge the others if they can help by motivate her to keep on running as fast as she can.

It’s important for everyone to run, not only because of the scientists, but because the more people we have, the more chances we have to defeat the scientist and their groups, that are also involved in experimenting on us. Not only that, but they may also have a family out there that are looking for them, and when they finally do find them, they’re dead, which is sad. It’s the truth though and everyone knows this, they turn in our corpses to our family, with no guilt or emotion, while doing it (which they do it anonymously.

Three minutes later, we get to our section part of dorms and got into our dorms, just in time before they would lock our section part of dorms, which is in a minute, and capturing any one who wasn’t inside yet. We still got to witness screams and sobbing from girls who weren’t there in time, though, and getting marked by some tiny laser, that marks a dot that can only be seen with a certain flashlight, that spy people use.

We had an extra five minutes to find our dorms, which were made into a maze, to find our cells and change our clothes, and get in bed in time. Some of us talk to others during this time, if they have time to make it just in time, or do it after they got dressed, if they’re next to each other.

After finding my room, I go in and put on my night clothes and comb my hair. Don’t want for my hair to get knots or be all over the place, which can happen after I comb my hair. As I move to my bed (which is surprisingly comfortable) and move the spread blanket to make space to get in bed, before climbing in my bed.

As I lay in bed, resting and thinking, trying to relax my brain, I hear the door in my room being opened by a key. I know what is happening, they always do this, but it’s every night, though there are a few exceptions, which are rare. It’s some form of chemicals that supposedly keeps us alive, but it’s also sometimes, where they put new substances that scientists are trying to test on us, which can be both bad and good.

I feel the person’s hand move my hair out, around my left neck and gets the syringe ready to be put on neck. In two seconds, the syringe is in my neck and the substance is in my system. As soon as I feel it in my blood, I soon start feeling dizzy and sleepy, which makes me give in to the darkness, and sleep.

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