Dragon and the Fire: Lost Words

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“We would become friends? Unlikely,” he was sounding mad hoping to get rid of this guy even more. “Then. . . I'll try my best to be your friend! Even if I have to force you to,” Ryoko promised. Seto is a family name given to each of the children under Shigehiro's roof. It is unknown to the children as to why Tashiaki was adopted first, or why he was trained to be a ninja, to begin with, Tashiaki wasn't all that special. His brother, on the other hand, was something of a prodigy. But he doesn't remember his previous family all too well and went on to believe that they are dead because of the previous Lord's rule. And now, unknown to Tashiaki, his brother is the new Lord of the land, and Tashiaki is trying to kill him. But someone is in the way of that. Seishisai Ryoko, is the object that is in his way of killing his own brother.

Fantasy / Romance
Rowan Legend
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The night was dark, no moon to shine it’s silver light glow, for it was being covered by dark grey clouds threatening to unleash its army of water. A figure stood in the trees, it knew of the weather and waited for this night to attack.

The rain was coming soon.

It knew that the rain wouldn’t last long, so it had to move quickly to get its target. “Come on, descend down upon the sun-baked ground, quench its dry surface and give life to the dying trees once more,” it was the voice of a female, as she crouched in the tree, waiting for the rain to come. It was the only time she could move, she needed the rain to help disguise her presence.

Even though she was good at what she does, she still could use a bit of help. “Just a bit longer and soon Lord Tsukai would be at my mercy. It’s been way too long for him to rule in such a wicked way.”

Lord Tsukai, a young samurai that took over from the previous war raging lord. Of course, Lord Tsukai is much kinder to his people then the last one was, but he still enforces the previous lords' beliefs. And a new one, Lord Tsukai doesn’t like ninja’s, and if even one ninja is around it is to be taken care of immediately.

The lord is going to war against the ninjas because of a belief that the ninjas have stolen his brother, and possibly killed him and his parents. The figure in the tree was of the ninja family, and she was sent to kill Lord Tsukai.

She took a sniff of the air and decided now that it was time to move. Stealth was her highest quality as a ninja, and going into a palace full of samurai guards was going to be difficult. That is why she choose the rain as a cover because they would be more relaxed than normal.

Rain can do that, put others into a relaxed state, make them sluggish in their actions. Her ninja outfit was once a dark grey, with light grey, now it looks black and dark grey because of the relentless onslaught of the clouds mighty army. She moved effortlessly through the streets to the house of Lord Tsukai, she slipped in easily enough having watched the guards make their rounds as she waited for the rain.

Staying clear of the edges, following the wet footsteps of previous guards. Having taken care of a few and hid them away, not yet killing them. Blood was not a favorite thing to see right now and it would raise suspicion of an unwelcome guest.

Hearing someone else she took cover in the shadows, not wanting to dispatch another guard out in the open. A thud was sounded and the smell of metallic tang of rust rose from the hall. Then another sound was heard, an all to familiar sound that the coast was clear and it was safe to come out, it was only known to her family.

Keeping her guard up she stepped out from the shadows and faced the other figure that was also storming the house of Tsukai.

“This hall’s all clear,” the male voice was familiar, it was her younger brother Shunko. She took a sniff to make sure, it was his scent, the height was slightly off. She shrugged it off, figuring that he was just using his ninja abilities to fool others.

“Arigato, I guess. . .” she said as she looked at the bloody massacre he left behind.

“Shina? But I thought this was Tashiaki’s mission, oh well looks like you got the easy path what did you do hide their bodies and clean up the mess?” he asked. When he didn’t get an answer he went on to speak more, “. . .well, I see you’re playing one of Tashiaki’s quiet cards. Have you finished your job? Or did you just get here?”

Still no answer.

“Well you better hurry, wouldn’t do Tashiaki any good if you are dawdling. You know how he is, always on time and finishes his missions.” With that, Shunko went down the hall in front. As soon as he was far enough away and out of sight ‘she’ started talking.

“Odd, how did he know this was my mission? I never said anything about this, hm.” The voice was now the voice of a male, ‘I never did like using my own voice on missions, I guess I sounded like Shina when I spoke in a woman’s voice. Guess I should fix that,’ he thought and move through the blood-soaked hall where 'Shunko' left his trail.

He quietly slid the door to the master bedroom open and stepped in, quietly sliding it closed behind him. He took his sword and walked over to the futon where Lord Tsukai and his missus was laying. He didn’t intend to kill the woman beside the man, but if he had to he’ll do it. He checked to make sure that this was the right man and seen him sleeping soundly, peacefully. His features were still young looking, possibly in his mid-twenties, much too young to be taking over as Lord. Seems like medium black hair, his height was about 6 foot 4 inches. Much taller than him he only stood at 5 foot 10 inches. ‘He’s the right one, I don’t think anyone can mistake him for another even if they tried,’ he thought and moved his blanket to expose his heart.

“Oyasumi nasai, Nii-chan,” he whispered under his breath before swiftly lowering the blade. Before the sword made contact with its target he was suddenly pulled back and away from the man on the bed. ‘Shit!’ he could tell the one that grabbed him was much taller and stronger than him.

“Well, well, well, seems like my informant was correct.” Lord Tsukai said as he rose from the bed. ‘Shit, he knew!’ Tashiaki kept calm and showed no emotion that would betray him to his target.

“Indeed, now what do you want to do with it? Not really putting up much of a fight,” the man behind him said, he could feel the vibrations from the man's chest.

“No? Well, we should get rid of any pests we see, now shouldn’t we?” Lord Tsukai said he can hear the happy tone of the man's voice. ‘Alright, quickly look for a way out, wait he’s holding me with one arm, if I can slip out-’ he watched Tsukai carefully, waiting for his chance to move out of the way.

“Yes, sir.” The man holding him held up his own sword.

“Hold,” Tsukai said looking at him carefully. “Why do you hold no fear?” he asked. ‘Big mistake.’ he thought as he continued to plan his escape.

“Sir?” the guard asked.

“Do you not fear for your own life?” Tsukai’s own sword was held against the captured ninjas throat, no emotion was shown from his eyes.

“Sir, it should be killed immediately. You didn’t see what happened in the halls, it’s a massacre out there!”

“Then why is there no blood on his blade?”

“Sir, he probably cleaned it,” he felt the guard raise his arm and was about to swing down. ‘Now!’ Tashiaki thought and quickly moved to the side that was weak. He quickly ran out of the room and down the hall that wasn’t covered in blood. He ran swiftly down the hall, but he slowed down, his instincts telling him of trouble. He stopped just in time to avoid a sword that would slash through him, he narrowed his eyes at his assailant as he jumped back. He steadied himself as he raised his own blade to the attacker.

“What are you doing, Shunko!” he said in the same woman’s voice, his tone disapproving of the choice his little brother had made.

“Oh, I think you know my lovely Lotus Shina. I’m slowing you down so you can get killed. Of course, it was supposed to be Tashiaki in your place, but can’t make excuses for me because love got in the way, now can I? After all, we’re both ninja’s dying is our job. Well your job, you get a first-hand look at what your ‘Nii-chan’ has to go through each time he goes out on a mission. Sayonara, Shina my sweet.” Shunko swung his sword at him again. ‘Damn! At this rate, I’ll be caught for sure!’ Tashiaki thought as he blocked the others attack. The two went on like this for a few moments before the rest of the guards and the lord arrived. As soon as they did, Shunko left leaving Tashiaki to be killed. He was soon on the run again, but the enemy was closing in on him and if he judged right they would soon block his exit. He thought quickly and threw a smoke bomb to the guards ahead of him to slow them down enough for him to escape. He ran out of the building and was relieved to be out of that stuffy house and in his own element. His relief was short lived as he heard the barking of dogs, and the sound of horse hooves banging against the hard earth.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” He ran faster to try and avoid the dog’s catching his scent, but he knew it was already too late. One look back and he saw the dog’s wild eyes and bared fangs, they were catching up to him and would soon be on him.

In the far back, he could see men in samurai armor on horseback gaining on him as they followed the dogs' wild barks and howls. “Great! Just great!” he growled he put his sword away not wanting any more blood to be spilled. He threw a smoke bomb behind him and changed his direction to lead them away from his home.

The dogs weren’t easily fooled and followed him. He was soon tackled to the ground by the dogs and pinned down. He kicked the two from his legs and punched one hard enough to make it dizzy and put the other to sleep.

He was soon attacked by the two dogs that he kicked away he punched them with the same force as the other one. He got up and started running again, the dogs' distraction caused the army on horseback to catch up. It went on like this until all the dogs were taken care of, but not without a few bites and scratches from the dogs and a few wounds from the men on the horses.

He threw one last smoke bomb as he prepared his ultimate and his last trick. He concentrated on his chi as it molded itself within him, he took a deep breath and held it until he could feel a burning sensation and let it all out soon the smoke cleared and it was replaced with a large wall of fire.

He then took this chance to take cover in the trees, he ran often checking behind him to make sure he wasn’t followed. Soon he found refuge under a lovely sakura tree near a waterfall. He was close to home, but now he can fully feel the sting in his wounds and seen that he was bleeding more then he should.

He gave a soft laugh and looked at the waterfall. ‘So this is how it ends,’ he looked up seeing the soft glow of the slowly rising sun, the stars soon fading. ‘I die just near my house, no one knows where I am, and I don’t have enough chakra to heal these wounds. Well, mother, father, brother I’ll be with you soon, wait for me.’ Darkness soon washed over him despite the blinding light of the sun now in the sky.

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