Eyes and Eagles (editing)

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The eagle descends, the eye is watching, After witches kidnap his sister, Gideon, a king's messenger, sets out to rescue her with a novice named Ayer. The more time they spend together, the more they despise the other. As Gideon's suspicions grow, the pair must resolve their conflicting personalities and learn to trust eachother if they wish to evade the witches. And with a prophecy looming over their shoulders, they might not be able to agree on anything at all. A/N 100% first draft so if you choose to read this rn expect a lot of spelling errors and some contradictions. If you come back and read after editing expect a vastly different (and better) story.

Fantasy / Adventure
Alex Pen
Age Rating:


I remember the day my sister was born.

I remember the midwife rushing out to hand her to me because my father was still in the west.

I remember how impossibly fragile she was as I held her in my arms.

I remember holding her to my chest because I was afraid to drop her.

I remember my joy when she opened her gorgeous blue eyes to look at me for the first time.

I remember my anxiety about not being able to see my mother.

I remember my despair when the midwife came out and told me that she was dead. And I remember holding my sister even tighter.

I remember waiting for my father to come back.

I remember the day I found out that he never would.

I took care of my sister. Even though there were adults there to help, I was her guardian. I watched her grow into a wonderful, smart woman.

I remember taking my oath of service to the king. I watched her as I rode away from Emily for the first time.

She always saw me off to my duties, and I always found her when I got back.

I remember telling her of the parents that she never knew.

I remember how eventually she stopped asking.

I remember how my family had meant everything to me.

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