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roses in autum

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Growing up with one parent who was slipping away from reality. Tending to every needs. Not having a moment to grieve. Wanting to be like everyone else Have a whole family. But I am going to be losing my last parent and still in uni but needing to look after my own father as he slowly goes down hill at high speed, ready to end in a car crash. Butterflys, angels and MOM?

Fantasy / Mystery
Chloe Godden
Age Rating:

I see...

I see....

I see a meadow with roses planted from the floors. It looked so peaceful and I kept walking through the grounds until a rose started to drip blood.....

“Grace! Wake up!” My dad screamed.

I lifted my head from under my duvet and looked at my alarm clock. Groaning softly, pulling back the duvet into the taunting cold that came at me.

“Today, is not the day that I want to be awake” I spoke to myself.

Looking at my wardrobe, sitting full but lonely, and having a trench coat laying on the door. I placed my feet on the floor, which sent shivers down my spine, and walking to the coat. I went to touch it before there was a banging downstairs. I groaned and ran out of the room to have my dad struggling picking up a busted mug.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got it” I spoke, rushing over with a dustpan.

“I need help sweetie.” He spoke.

I continued picking up bits of ceramic and placed it in a plastic bag. I didn’t want to think about what was going on with my dad’s health. I’ve already lost one parent, I can’t lose another one. I went back upstairs and pulled the trench coat down to throw it on my bed to have an ow come from it. I turned round and my phone started to buzz. I sighed and looked at who was trying to call me. It was Taylor, Alexis and Thomas from my university.

I was taking the time off to help out with dad for a few days.

I got on face time:

Me: Hey Guys

My Friends: Hey Grace.

Thomas: Are you coming to the party next week?

Oh no...I forgot about the party...It conjoins with the anniversary of my mums...

Me: I should be.....Might be late to it...

They were called back to class and there was movement in the coat. I gr

I screamed and the butterfly shut my mouth up.

abbed my baseball bat and walked towards it. Using my left hand, I lifted the coat and saw a small butterfly shaking its head before turning to me.

“You took your time” It spoke.

“Keep it down. I am Lily, and I’m here to help you” She spoke.

I pushed her away gently and closed my door quick then locked it.

“Who sent you? Is this a prank?” I spoke.

She flew around my room, picking bits of material up before dropping it on the floor which made me pick up after her.

“I was sent here by Sandra, your mum” She spoke.

“But she’s been dead since I was five” I spoke.

“I know. She thinks that you haven’t been coping at all” She spoke.

I looked at the time and rushed around to get ready to do some work at the local hair dressers. Lily was watching and I pulled on a tunic and pulled my hair up. I grabbed the trench coat and pulled it on before being trasported to somewhere else
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