roses in autum

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Trees in blue air

I started to open my eyes to having a fully grown person with black wings, who looks so familer but so distant from my mind. I sat up from a gathering of roses and they were tie-dyed, like my clothing or my mood which turns like the weather without warning.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Trancy, Lucas Trancy” He spoke, wings fluttering behind him.

He helped me stand up before getting a vision.

Be careful Lucas.

That was the last words I spoke to him but I don’t know he still knows me...At all.

He made me follow him down to a forest before stopping. He looked through and gave out a high,low,low, high whistle which brought out more strange beings but they were human, just lost between reality and the other world. They stood down the lane and Lucas showed me down the lane with a oil lantern to get me to a different place. I looked at trees that were turning blue with hints of laughter running through the leaves like children was hiding, waiting to join us out in the world. The tench coat was twitching and someone pulling at it. looked around before going back to the real world.
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