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Chapter Thirty Two

Chapter Thirty Two

Wedding Beneath The Sun And Moon

Conall and Dougall returned a short while later with pieces of meat they had cut from the deer to set on the fire. Conall dropped a fair size piece beside the wolf. Silver picked it up in his already bloodied mouth and disappeared outside.

While we sat waiting for the meat to cook I asked Dougall what the Druid was going to do with the parasite he had taken out of my back. Having seen him pocket it after it had been removed. I nearly spat my water out when he told me the Druid would probably take it home and cook it for dinner. A delicacy he made sure to mention. The three men broke into laughter at the sight of my crumpled face. The thought that the Druid was going to eat it made my stomach roil. I wasn’t sure if Dougall was pulling my leg or if he was serious.

After supper, I washed up in the basin of the waterfall, followed by the Druid, Conall and Dougall. Dougall laid his blanket on the ground for the Druid, his own plaid nearby.

“Lass will ye come outside with me for a wee moment?” Conall asked quietly taking my hand.

Conall led me outside and around to the meadow still holding my hand. The glow of the moon shone enough to light the way. It was a beautiful clean night but there was definitely a cold crisp to the air. I didn’t mind though, the heat I had felt when the beast was removed from my back had been intense.

Conall stopped and took both my hands in his. “Lass I want to ask ye something.” he said nervously.

I wasn’t sure what Conall had to say, but whatever it was he evidently felt it needed to be said away from the others. The intense look on his face with furrowed brows had me a little nervous, thinking there might be something wrong. “What is it Conall?” With such a serious look on his face I wasn’t sure if I should be worried or not. Then he got down on one knee.

“Morgan, I love ye with my heart and soul. I want ta ken if you will be my wife?”

I stood gazing down at his face in surprise. I felt my heart take a resounding thump. I had not thought of marriage, sweet mercy this was not what I was expecting, but looking at Conall now I could see the intensity of love etched into his eyes. I thought about how I had felt when we were wrapped in each other’s arms. We were already soul joined.

I had heard him during the kissing session say, as he put it, he would not take my maidenhead, I doubted that he would marry me simply to resolve that problem. I had also heard him when the octopus thing was being removed from my back, that he loved me. Why I only remembered that now I wasn’t sure. I could feel my hands shaking and sure my brow was beading up with sweat.

The question I have to ask myself is do I love him? That was an effortless answer, even though we hadn’t spent that much time together, I did with every beat of my heart. I think that I had loved him from the first day, it had just taken me this long and Conall on his knees in front of me for it to finally hit home.

“Aye Conall.” I said as a grin spread across my face.

Conall got to his feet and slanted his lips over mine. Once again plunging his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me with passion and desire that left my legs feeling weak. When he finally broke the kiss, we were both panting.

“Morgan the Druid has agreed to marrying us at dawn. When the moon an tha sun shares the sky.”

Surprise number two. “Conall don’t we need a marriage license, a ring, a church?” I gasped still panting from the kiss.

Conall took my face in his hands. “Nay lass we just need the Druid. When we return to the castle or to yer time if’n ye like we can have another service in a kirk. If it makes ye feel better, but if tha Druid marries us it is before God. I have nay ring ta give ye at this time, if ye can wait.”

“I can wait.” I said as I brought my lips back to his. “I love you Conall, I whispered. He whispered the same to me as he pulled me tighter against his body.

I really don’t know if we kissed for a minute or hours before finally coming up for air. We walked back into the cave hand in hand, the Druid looked to be fast asleep. The fire in the hearth lending a soft glow throughout the interior. Dougall was laying on his blanket on his side. A mischievous smile curving his face as he watched us.

“Milady said aye then?”

Conall nodded tamping down his smile, I smiled. It gave Dougall his answer.

“So, the lass no thinks ye are her bràthair after all.” Dougall said as he rolled onto his back.

“Haud ye wheesht” whispered Conall with as much fervor as he could in a whisper. I shot a raised eyebrow in Conall’s direction. Conall had obviously shared some of our previous conversation of whether he would like me as a sister. I hid a grin on my face behind my hand. I could hear Dougall chuckling.

I shook my blanket out and laid it down on the other side of the stone seat. Conall did the same placing his side by side with mine. As I settled myself Conall laid behind me and pulled me to him. I felt safe, but perhaps a little nervous of the coming event at dawn, it all felt so quick. I heard the wolf pad in and expected him to lay in the entranceway. Instead he came to lay beside me.

Conall leaned over me and whispered to the wolf. “This be the only night ye will share our bed wolf.”

The wolf huffed. I held back a giggle but went to sleep with a smile on my face, sleeping between my two loves.

Conall woke me just before day break with a kiss to my cheek.

“Lass tis time ye were up. We are ta be marrit this morn.” Where all men so eager to get married, I had a feeling perhaps not as much as Conall seemed to be.

He helped me to my feet, one thing Conall was not and that was a nervous groom. It was still dark with only the softest glow coming from the embers. Both Dougall and the Druid were gone. I panicked for a moment thinking Dougall must have taken him back to his time.

Conall must have seen the worry on my face. “They are outside lass. Do ye wish to wash before the sun rises?”

I washed my face in the waterfall basin, untied and brushed my fingers through my hair. I was a little sad that I had not brought a dress with me to be married in. I only had on my shirt and pants. I brushed my hands down the front of me in an effort to clean any dirt and grass off me.

I caught Conall with his arms folded staring at me with a smile on his face. “Morgan ye are beautiful.”

I smiled at him nervous as hell. Here I was getting married at dawn to Conall, by a ninth century Druid. It was positively something to be telling our children. Children, I had not thought about that either. I just hoped I was doing the right thing. Looking at Conall I was pretty sure I was. “Conall I want us to wear our pendants.”

He looked at me a little confused before he realized I was talking about the half pendants. He smiled and nodded to me before retrieving the box from my bag. I sat down on the blanket as he placed the box before me. I held out my hand to him.

“Are ye sure lass?” he asked as he reached for his dirk laying close by.

“Yes quite sure.”

He caught the tip of the blade to my index finger causing a drop of blood to whelm. Placing the finger to the box it clicked and the lid formed. I took out the pendant and holding my hand above the box, unsure whether it would lock as it had done for Agnes, I was relieved when it did.

He put the pendant round my neck and clasped it. Retrieving his own half pendant from the saddle bags, I clasped it for him. Conall bent to kiss me then before taking me by the hand to lead me out to the front of the cave.

The Druid and Dougall were standing chatting to each other in the Druid’s strange language, stopping at our approach. The four of us walked further down the track so we had full view of the sky. Conall continued to hold my hand as we watched for the first hint of sunrise. We didn’t have to wait too long. As the sun began its assent we could still see the moon as well.

“This is what tha sky looked like at our birth.” Conall smiled. As the sun rose it was like standing on the dais of heaven so peaceful and majestically beautiful.

Conall turned me to face the Druid holding both my hands. I caught the wolf out of the corner of my eye standing close, I was so happy to see him there, whether he realised what we were doing or not. The Druid stood before us, waved his arms and spoke in his native tongue.

After speaking for only a few moments he nodded to Dougall. Dougall wrapped a long cloth around my arm and Conall’s. Tying it loosely. The Druid began his chanting once again. When he stopped he looked at Conall with a questioning look.

“Speak now.” urged Dougall

Conall looked into my eyes.

Tha mi a toirt dhuibh mo chridhe agus anam anns a bheatha seo agus an ath

Cridhe mo chridhe

Anam mo anam

Bheir mi mo bheatha dhuit, mo fhuil

Is mise a-mhàin leatsa tha mi slàn

Not having any idea what Conall was saying the look in his eyes told me that if I had had a thought that he was marrying me solely to take my virginity was a silly thought. His face and his eyes while he spoke showed the intensity of love he had for me, I felt it to my very soul.

The Druid turned his eyes to me. I hadn’t even thought of what I was going to say. My mouth went dry I couldn’t think. Conall continued to look at me waiting. Then I thought of something. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I knew I was going to devastate her words as I couldn’t remember them all but here goes.

I love thee to the depth, breadth and height my soul can reach

I love thee to the level of every day’s most quiet need by sun and candle light

I love thee purely

I love thee with passion

I love thee with the breath, smiles, and tears of all my life

I shall but love thee forever

I held my breath hoping the words were ok only to receive a wide smile from Conall.

Watching her eyes and her lips move to the words she was saying I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her before we had completed the ceremony. My heart skipped a beat every time she said the word love. I thought she was struggling in the beginning as I had forgotten to tell her that she would need to say something, but I should have not worried. The words she spoke and the love she spoke them with was evident on her beautiful face.

The Druid stepped forward and motioned for us to kneel. He placed his hands on our heads, and once again began to speak. This time Dougall interpreted what he was saying.

Go forth today under the power of the heavens,
Light of sun, radiance of moon,
Splendour of fire, speed of lightning,
Swiftness of wind, depth of sea,
Stability of earth, firmness of rock.
From the heights, to the depths,

Two hearts are now but one

Conall your heart and soul lives now within Morgan

Morgan your heart and soul lives now within Conall

May you both be encircled in love and safety always

The look on Conall’s face was as identically stupefied as mine at the Druid’s words. In one passage, he had put an answer to the questions of our two half pendants, and the words of the Cailleach.

“Ye can kiss ye bride now bràthair.” Dougall said grinning from ear to ear.

With that Conall leaned forward and slanted his lips over mine holding the kiss for as long as he thought respectable in the presence of the Druid. As he helped me to my feet Dougall removed the binding from our arms and then took me in a massive bear hug. “Welcome sister to our family. Conall, Morgan is my sister now so ye will be takin good care of her.” He said winking at me. “I be takin the Druid home now. I..er..may be gone for a day at least.”

“Aye Dougall, be sure ta knock next time ye pay a visit.” Conall said with a smirk.

I took the Druid’s hand and kissed it thanking him for his blessing. Conall did the same. After we made our farewells to Dougall and the Druid we walked back into the cave. I could hear Dougall saying the words to transport he and the Druid, but I didn’t turn to see them enveloped in grey mist and disappear.

The wolf moved to the cave entrance and lay down.

“Stay wolf.” Conall directed at the wolf as we sidestepped him into the cave.

Conall led me to where my blanket was. Putting his arm around my waist he pulled me to him. “Wife” he breathed into my neck.

“Husband” I reciprocated.

He pressed his body harder against me. There was no doubt by the feel of him he was ready for what would come next. I had to admit that I was ready as well, at least I thought I was. The only knowledge of sex I had was what I had read in books or seen in movies. To say I was nervous was an understatement, I was shaking with both fear and anticipation for what was to come.

I slid my hand under his shirt to rest on his stomach, sweet mercy I had wanted to do this for so long. His muscles twitched at my touch, groaning in my ear. Taking my face in both hands he kissed me passionately as he done in the meadow last night.

“I need to feel yer skin against mine lass.” he whispered. Not waiting for my reply, he removed my shirt with expert competence followed by my pants with the same swiftness. I stood still while he did so a little taken back by how fast my clothes came off.

“I want to see all of ye.” he growled in a low husky voice as he moved back to look at me totally naked. I was embarrassed and went to cover my breasts but he caught my hands, holding them away from my sides.

His breath hitched. “Ye are the most beautiful creature in the world.”

I smiled nervously looking up to the ceiling, at the fire, the wolf anything but his eyes.

“Lass look at me.” he said as he moved a step forward.

I tried to think of one scene from a movie or something I had read in a book for direction. My mind was blank, I couldn’t remember a single thing. I was stood in front of him shaking like a nervous virgin. Damn I was a virgin.

I moved my eyes to look at him. He had sweat beads on his face. He didn’t look as one should who was in control, he looked terrified and as nervous as I felt. An inkling of courage took hold of me.

“And you.” I said nodding to his shirt. “I want to see all of you too.” He removed his shirt and kilt with the same speed as he had removed my clothing, to stand in front of me. I took a step back to look at him as he had done to me. His legs, arms and torso strong, toned and powerful, my gaze lingered on his manhood before raising my eyes to his.

“I see you my Beautiful Hercules.” I gasped myself. He had many scars covering his body but they only added to the magnificence of him. I touched a scar across his midriff, running my finger the length of it, again he twitched.

“Sloane.” he said as he followed my finger with his eyes.

“Sloane did this to you?”

“Aye, and this one to.” pointing to one that ran from his right shoulder across to the midline of his chest.

“Oh, wait until I see him, I’ll give him a scar or two to remember.” Conall laughed.

“And this one?” A wide scar ran down his left arm, again following with my finger and taking a step closer.

“Aye well the Queen did that.” by my questioning look he said, “When I was riding the dragon she threw a vase at me, well at the dragon, but it hit me.”

“When you rode through her bedroom riding the red dragon, screaming your war cry and swinging your sword?”

Conall shuffled his feet, a flush creeping up his face. “Aye.”

“I wish I could have seen you. I expect it was a sight to behold.” I was happy we were talking even though we were both standing bare naked. The talking though was helping to relax me a little, which I think it was doing the same for Conall.

“I wish ye could have as well. I would have swept yer beautiful body up in my arms.”

“So, I could shield you from the vase?” Conall looked at me stunned then we both broke out into a fit of laughter.

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