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Chapter Thirty Three

Chapter Thirty Three

Has He Got Fleas?

Conall’s face took a look of raw need as he pulled me to him kissing me with more passion than I thought possible. His hands glided over my shoulders and down my back. He brought his hand up to my breast and circled a nipple with his finger. It instantly became hard, oh mercy give me strength I said to myself feeling a fire light inside my body. Lifting me in his arms he laid me gently down on the blanket. Settling beside me, his hands roamed my body while he kissed me into breathlessness.

As his head bent down to capture a nipple in his mouth his hand slowly moving to between my thighs. I moaned to the sensation of his hand.

Suddenly the wolf was next to us, his face an inch from Conall’s teeth bared, a low snarl emanating. Conall froze.

“Silver! Stop” I yelled. The wolf ceased snarling but continued to face off with Conall.

“Wolf I told ye last night ye will no share our bed again.” Conall growled back. “Be off with you now, I am no hurting tha lass. I need ye to stand guard.”

The wolf took a step back, slackening his mouth as he looked at me.

“It’s ok Silver he is not hurting me, go now.”

The wolf backed up a few more paces before turning around to walk back to the cave entrance. He turned once to give Conall a yellow eyed glare, as if to say, I am watching you, human. Well this put a damper on what we were doing. I broke into a laugh.

“You told the wolf last night?” I managed to get out between giggles.

“Aye I did.” Conall broke into laughter himself. He was laid beside me propped on his left elbow. When he stopped laughing he leaned down kissing me softly, until I broke into a new round of giggles.

“Lass are ye going to giggle all the way through our joining?”

I shook my head clamping my lips hard together straining to hold back more giggles.

“God’s blood.” Conall said in frustration, as he shifted to lie on his back an arm under his head.

I could tell though that he was endeavouring to hold back his own mirth at the situation.

I turned on my side towards him kissing his shoulder. He lay still. I ran my hand slowly drawing my fingers down his chest to his stomach, feeling his muscles twitch again. Still he didn’t move. I shimmied closer, he brought his arm up and around me but continued to look at the space above, his face devoid of emotion. I leaned further over and rained soft kisses and nips of his skin down his chest. My kisses and bites grew in intensity as the stronger the need for him rose, the fire had begun again.

Suddenly he swooped over me pushing me to my back his hands holding my wrist down beside my head. He kissed me with intensity, plunging his tongue into my mouth. I groaned. Oh, sweet mercy! I was drowning beneath his kisses, his body, his scent. Without breaking the kiss, he moved my hands above my head and held them with one hand, while the other hand caressed my face, my neck, my breast, my stomach, and down between my thighs. If it was cold in the cave, or the floor beneath me was hard I wouldn’t have known, I was consumed only by the rising fire inside me.

He let go of my wrists moving his body over the top of me as he whispered. “I’m sorry Lass it will hurt but fer a moment, if you want me to stop tell me or I will no be able to stop once we start.”

I sought his lips and murmured. “Don’t you dare stop.”

When I felt the spark of pain it only lasted a moment. Conall held still at my intake of breath, but as soon as I began to move to adjust to him he also moved slowly pulling back and pushing a little more forward with each thrust. As his thrusts increased my body strained at the seams wanting to burst.

I opened my eyes not realising I had shut them to find Conall staring at me through his grunts and groans.

“Conall I want…”

“What do you want love, tell me.” He said in a voice hoarse and low.

I dropped my eyes to his lips. “Your mouth.”

With that Conall took me in a hard-grinding kiss, thrusting his body faster and harder.

Suddenly a lightning rod of electricity surged through our bodies from nowhere and everywhere. It was like I had been plugged into a power socket with the switch on. Conall held still as a simultaneous release, powerful, electrifying exploded from toes to head in unison. It felt as if we had merged into one. Every nerve was tingling and our bodies shook. Holding each other not wanting to let go as surge after surge swooped through our bodies as if we rode the current of pleasure.

When it began to recede Conall collapsed on top of me, our bodies shaking and drenched in sweat. Although I bore his full weight, neither of us could move.

Conall rolled to his side and finally I could take a breath. “Wow, wow, wow.” Was all I could utter. My body was still buzzing every nerve pulsating. “Is it like that every time?” I said between pants, somehow knowing it wasn’t, nothing in the movies or in the written word coming close to what had just happened. Conall gave me a stunned look.

“Nay. God’s blood…that’s ne’er happened before.”

“You have laid with other’s before, have you not?” I asked not wanting to know the details as I propped myself up on my elbow. Our joining in no uncertain terms was beyond expectation, not that I had any but I did not think for one minute it would be like what had just happended.

“Aye lass I have. But ne’er…anything…like this. The power of it was….”

“Mind blowing?” I interrupted.

“Aye, as ye say, mind blowing.” Conall laughed as he pulled me to him so my head was cradled on his chest, his arm about me. “Tha first time I went to yer time Sloane was showing me some o’ ye machines. Well while we were in tha kitchen tha light blew, an so he took the bulb out. While he was gone ta get a new one I didna ken touching it would send me flying across tha room.”

“You got an electric shock?” I laughed.

“Aye it would seem so. Well what just happened sort of felt that same. Except in that kitchen it hurt like the devil, this though was tha opposite. This was…I cannae find tha words to say exactly.”

I had to agree with him. The nerves in my body were still gently pulsating, it was an amazing feeling. “If that happens every time you are definitely a keeper.” I laughed.

“Aye so ye intend ta keep me then do ye.” He said as he slapped me squarely on the bum causing me to squeak and the wolf to come running up to stand over Conall.

I reached up and patted silver telling him all was well and to go and guard the entrance. The wolf did as I asked.

I laughed silently at the soft snores coming from Conall he had fallen to sleep fast, not realising the wolf had stood over him a moment ago. Eventually listening to the soft snores of Conall I slipped into sated slumber.

When I awoke I had a plaid over me and could smell the familiar scent of oats cooking. Conall was leaning over the cook pot. I smiled to see him standing there with just his shirt on.

“Ah ye are awake. Would ye like ye wedding breakfast now my beautiful wife?” he said smiling at me.

“Isn’t it the middle of the day?” blinking by the amount of light coming into the cave I would have judged it to be close to midday.

“It’s the middle of the afternoon lass. Ye slept fer a while.”

“That was your fault.” I laughed to his raised eyebrows and a wicked smile on his face.

We sat on the blanket eating porridge sitting in our shirts. I had not seen the wolf since I awoke. “Conall the words you said to me in Gaelic this morning, what were they?”

He stopped eating and leaned towards me.

I give you my heart and soul in this life and the next

Heart of my heart

Soul of my soul

I give you my life, my blood

Fer only with you, am I whole

I was stunned my husband was a poet. “Oh, Conall that is beautiful.”

“I thought what ye said was also verra pleasing. Did ye write it lass?”

“No, it was a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I think however I might have desecrated her words a bit.”

Conall raised an eyebrow at me. “Regardless I verra much liked it. Lass do ye ken what happened? I mean when we…”

“I don’t really know but it felt like I, we received a massive charge of electricity.”

“Aye, did ye think that we…for a moment shared tha same body?”

“Hmmm, I felt like we melded together so I guess that is the same. Has that never happened to you before?”

“Nay but I think ye ken that, did ye…like it.”

I raised my hand to his face. “Oh, Conall how could I not, it was the most amazing thing I have ever felt.” I said losing myself in the depth of his blue eyes.,

He pulled me in his arms. “I love ye wi my heart and soul and I could nay have a life without ye.” he whispered just before he kissed me thoroughly.

Coming up for air I said, “Was it as…good as riding your dragon. Perhaps one day I will get to ride your red dragon.”

“Riding tha dragon pales to what we did, an tha only dragon ye’ll be ridin’ is the Dragon Blade.” With that he seized me in another hungry kiss. Oh sweet mercy can this man kiss.

As we lay gasping after another round of love making I was staggered at how wonderful it felt to join with Conall. Oh, I could positively get used to this. I was however a little tender after our second, as he put it joining. Stripping my shirt, I sunk into the waterfall bath. It was exceedingly cold, Conall stripped too and joined me. I was right about there being enough room for two, but only just.

By the time we had bathed and dressed, the sun was descending into early evening. The wolf entered the cave with Dougall behind.

“Glad ta see ye both dressed.” he said a wicked grin on his face.

“Dougall did ye get the Druid home well?” Conall asked ignoring his comments.

“Aye. Conall we need ta be leaving soon. I think daybreak would be best. I dare say we will have less trouble from the Brollachans, though I fear what may be waitin’ fer us when we arrive at tha stones.”

“I have ta agree bràthair. We will need to protect Morgan while she sends the box home. We need ta be ready.”

“Will tha wolf be coming with us?” Dougall asked

“I dinnae ken but he’s welcome if’n he chooses to.” Conall regarded me in hopes I knew the answer, but I didn’t so I just shrugged. I was very appreciative that the wolf had stuck around as long as he had done. Whether he would continue the journey with us, we would just have to wait and see.

At daybreak, we left the sanctuary of the cave and headed back down to where we had parted from our horses. It took less time to get down than it did days ago getting up. When we reached the place, we had left the saddles Conall whistled for the horses. They came running happy to see us as we were to see them. Once we were on the road it was a hard ride to what Conall called the Summer Isles. It was mostly hills all the way many of which were rock-strewn causing the ride to slow at times. We stopped very briefly to water the horses before arriving at a small inn at Ardmair on the shores of Loch Kanaird.

As we dismounted Dougall pointed to an island not far from land. “That be the Isle of Martin. Tha monastery was built a thousand years ago. There’s no much of it left though. No one lives there anymore, well not that I am aware of.” Dougall said to the shake of Conall’s head.

Once again, I gripped my cloak closed, Abbey in one hand and my tapestry bag in the other, as I had done at the last inn we had stopped at. Two young stable boys no older than seven or eight came to collect the horses.

When we entered the inn the same ale, unwashed bodies and candle tapers assaulted our senses. The only customer was an old man sitting to the side crying over a tankard of ale. Whether he was drunk from ale or he had just lost the love of his life there was no telling. The keeper strode forward. A tall skinny man with a thin lock of white hair, his beard reminded me of a goat.

“Would ye be Conall Sutherland then?” he asked to our surprise.

“Aye that be me.” Conall replied a little weary as to how the man would know who is was.

“Word came a sennight ago tha ye be headin this way. A ship awaits ye ta take ye to the Lewis.” The keeper stated whilst scratching different areas of his body.

“Oh Aye, an who sent tha message?” Conall asked as he narrowed his eyes at the man’s profuse scratching.

“What ales ye man. Do ye have fleas?” Dougall interrupted taking a step back, a look of disdain on his face.

The inn keeper ignored Dougall, continuing to address Conall. I took a small step back myself.

“A messenger stopped ere. He said he came from Laird Sutherland, an I was ta see to ye an tha lady’s comfort until ye sailed. One o’ ta crew a McKenzie stops in each nigh ta see if ye ha arrived. I be expecting him soon.” The inn keeper continued to scratch.

Dougall leaned forward to whisper in Conall’s ear.

“Are ye sure ye want ta stay ere. Ta beds are no doubt flea infested.”

“We will need two rooms. One for me and my wife and one for me bràthair.” Conall stated to the keeper.

“I think I might sleep with tha horses. I dinnae want ta wake bitten ta pieces o’er fleas.” Dougall huffed.

A small very stout woman came to stand next to the inn keeper.

“He no ha fleas, he ha an allergy. We run a clean hoose here, an I’ll thank ye ta mind ye manners.” she barked at Dougall.

“Now lass I take no heed. No need to be gettin’ yer ire up tha noo.” The keeper uttered to the woman.

The woman raised an eyebrow and gave Dougall a derisive sneer as she snorted and strode back to the bar.

“I’m sorry milord, Maggie can be a wee bit protective, she no means any harm.” the keeper apologised.

Dougall went to say something but before he could Conall slapped him across the back of the head.

“If ye would take a seat I’ll bring ye somethin’ ta eat.” the keeper interjected.

The three of us sat a table towards the back so I could lean Abbey, my bag and the saddlebags up against the wall, as we had done at the last inn.

I was curious as to how Haig had known where we were going to be and who the McKenzie was. When I set these questions to Conall it was Dougall who answered.

“When I left ye at the cave ta seek the Druid. I went to where I thought he may be but he was no there. So, I went to da to let him ken tha situation before I went back in time agin to another place. That’s where I found tha Druid, that’s why it took me so long ta find him. Da must ha sent a messenger to tha McKenzie.”

“The McKenzie is the Laird of tha Western Isles” Conall added. “We have an alliance with the McKenzie’s, I’m glad that they are offering a boat, I was wondering how we were going to get one.”

Dougall said, “We could ha just used tha pendant.”

“And what about Silver” I said, I would rather have the wolf with us if he was willing to come than just leaving him here.

“Sorry sis, forgot about your hairy beast.” Dougall smiled.

Maggie brought three bowls and a plate of bannocks to the table. As she put them down she gave Dougall another contemptuous sneer. Dougall was about to say something but Conall gave him a look causing Dougall to keep quiet and move his chair further away from his brother. No doubt worried Conall was going to slap him in the head again.

The keeper was right behind her and dropped two tankards of ale down and a smaller one of wine, which he set in front of me.

“Er..can I ask what this is?” I asked Maggie. Her face changed from the sneer she was giving Dougall to a relaxed smile when she looked at me.

“Milady that be Cullen Skink. It’s verra tasty, I made it meself.”

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