The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Eleven

“The new students have arrived madam.” Someone from the shadows reported in a motionless voice to a tall woman dressed professionally whose blonde hair was tied into a bun, as she was seated in her leather chair, taping her crimson fingernails on top of her office desk but her face facing the large window.

“Is that so? Hmmm... How many didn’t survive the train incident?”

“Exactly twenty-eight were casualties of the incident madam; none were Light Worlders, thirteen were Myth Worlders, and fifteen were Dark Worlders,” the stranger in the shadows replied, still with no emotion, just stone cold. Apparently, this pleased the woman in the armchair as she chuckled, “Well, well then...Looks like those children are much more talented than we’ve expected, and shockingly they’re fewer casualties than the last time new students came. Get the results ready so I can get them into their teams.”

“Yes, madam.” The shadow turned to leave until the woman snapped all of a sudden, signaling her to not leave yet, and to wait to hear more instructions. “Tell the others to get the rooms ready too, and make sure no trouble happens for this year. You’re dismissed.”

The shadow bowed and then walked slowly out, as the woman heard the sound of chains echoing out the door until it was gone the second the shadow closed the door.

“This will be very interesting,” She told herself, looking out a window as she saw the train approach the entrance. “I wonder who will survive or fail...”

“Are you telling me that you two got punched in the face several times while you tried to get her down to get me?” Rashika questioned, pointing at the purple eyes she finally noticed on Ozur and Hugo after everyone explained what has happened to each other during this trip. Receiving nothing but silence, she already knew the answer. “Must have been a nasty fight with those Ethicals and demons.”

They were all silent as they were seated across from each other, Rashika next to Eathelyn and facing Ozur who was sitting next to Hugo, who finally broke the silence. “Yeah but don’t worry, we’re strong guys so you don’t have to worry about getting kidnapped or anything,” Hugo bragged, trying to show a muscle from his arm. “We’ll be here to back you, ladies, up.”

“Sure, we girls will definitely need guys who’ll get beaten up by Light World girls and demon boys who got pranked,” Eathelyn sarcastically remarked, lightly punching Hugo’s left arm. “We girls know what we’re doing, we’re not damsels in distress, I mean come on Rashika here managed to save someone’s life!” Rashika looked at Eathelyn in confusion since with all the talking they did, they still haven’t introduced each other!

Apparently, Rashika’s dumbfounded expression caught Eathelyn’s attention since she explained herself. “Rumors about you spreads around really fast, but most of those rumors aren’t even true, at least not to me...Oh, where are my manners, well if I had any but that’s not the point; the name’s Eathelyn, I’m a full demon through and through...Well not the crazy for blood kind of demon, I’m mostly considered the oddball in my family.”

She then pointed to the other demon and wolf. “And you two? What’s your names?”

“I’m Hugo, a demon just like Eathelyn but really rich but don’t worry I’m not that spoiled kind of rich person,” Hugo introduced himself, rubbing his arm a bit since that punch was apparently hard for him. Ozur got up and made thumps up as he gladly introduced himself. “I’m Ozur, I’m part demon and wolf, hence these furry ears and fangs! I’m an orphan from Fangs Orphanage, and the best prankster in history.”

“Is that why that demon was chasing you this morning?” Rashika grinned, trying to hold in her laughter since Ozur’s face starting to turn cherry red, despite his skin color. He sat back down and pretended to feel offended, “T-that was nothing, most of the times I escape my victims!”

“We’ve landed!” A random student shouted as everyone felt a little shaking while the train gently landed itself on the metal tracks, blowing the whistle for the last time. What was left of the doors opened, allowing the students to jump off to see their new environment while the driver smirked.“So most of you maggots survived huh? Headmistress will be pleased.” With a small chuckle, he started the train on and set off while he laughed like crazy once again, disappearing into the clouds. “At least we know he’s not a teacher,” Hugo sighed after stretching a bit, ignoring some of the students were kissing the smooth ground in relief.

“Can you imagine how many of us will die if he had a class?” Eathelyn took a moment to imagine it before she shuddered and gasped. “It’ll just be awful and too dreadful even just thinking about it.”

Rashika and Ozur, however, were looking around every inch of their surroundings, astonished by every single detail and beauty. “Can you believe that Lunar Star Academy is this amazing, just imagine training and studying here,” Rashika whispered, only to hear Ozur apologize sadly to a random building, “I am so sorry Lunar Star Academy.”

“Now why are you apologizing?” Rashika asked in bewilderment, staring at Ozur as if he was growing a pair of wings! “You didn’t even do anything.”

Ozur pretended to act guilty as he falsely sniffled. “I know, but I’m apologizing because pretty soon I’m going to do pranks everywhere which might end up in a mess.” Nodding in agreement while imagining what the results will be, she placed her hand on his shoulder and sarcastically commented. “Then you might need a good hiding spot when the staff members are after you, and our prayers.”

Pretty soon they were all standing in front of the grand doors to the entrance that had carvings of angels, demons, humans, and mythical creatures; all of them surrounding their world. Hugo whistled in amazement as he and Eathelyn approached the door. “Must have taken a ton of people to make such large doors, even the world’s tallest man will like an ant if he stood by that door!” Rashika couldn’t help but agree, all her life she hasn’t seen a door so enormous, makes her wonder how their ancestors were able to make it.

“Well, you have to admit, if it wasn’t for the Sun Gang, we might still be in a war!” Someone shouted towards them, resulting each teen to roll their eyes. Of course, they knew that the Sun Gang helped end the early wars, but something in their instincts was telling them otherwise.

Suddenly, everyone heard a loud creak as the grand doors opened, causing everyone to be silent as tall women walked towards them with her black heels making a clicking sound every step. She was dressed professionally in a gray skirt and black and white suite, her golden hair was tied into a bun. Everyone remained in eerie silence, the women walked to the front and center, making a warm smile as she announced in a cheery voice. “Welcome to Lunar Star Academy new students! I am Headmistress Olema and we all look forward to teaching you all about everything we know with the hope that one day you too will pass this knowledge to the future generation. Remember, we are all family so we do not discriminate anyone, no matter how different or what world you are from; we are here to help you go down the right path!”

Her ocean colored eyes then looked over to a dark corner, snapping her fingers which oddly had a ring on every one of them. The second she snapped, a person with a dark cape covering her face, and body emerged from the shadows, holding out a silver platter that held papers. No one but Ozur, Eathelyn, Rashika, and Hugo, seemed to notice the rhythm of chains ring as the person walked to Headmistress Olema, as she was handed the papers and told this mysterious person to leave. Once the stranger was gone, Headmistress Olema’s smile was still plastered on her face as she continued her announcements while looking through the papers.

“At your departure at the train station, there was four hundred twenty-eight of you, but that train incident you all experienced...Wasn’t an act of craziness, or an incident.”

Everyone gasped, as they began to whisper to each other in confusion until Olema raised her hand to silence everyone. “That was a test for you all, to see who was strong enough, intelligent enough, stealthy enough, and brave enough to survive such a horrendous ride you experienced. Unfortunately, twenty-eight of your fellow classmates didn’t survive and suffered a terrible fate but it is what it is. There are some who have potential and some who are just failures. You all have proven yourselves worthy of being here, and now I will announce the teams you all will be divided into, and remember no matter who are your comrades, we are what we are, it’s the way of life.”

Ozur looked at the Headmistress in suspicion, as if just the way she smiled and the way she did that speech was off. She’s still wearing that smile even though there are people’s children who just...Died! And she doesn’t even care! Something is way up. I mean, will what’s left of them be taken to their families? Is she just smiling to cover her sadness? Maybe but still...Still...He was so lost in his thoughts as Headmistress Olema called every four names for every team, giving them pins and announcing or letting them announce their team name until he heard the names for the final two teams.

“Now for team number ninety-nine: Sundria of the Light World, Alsha of the Light World, Malisha of the Light World, and Eiloh of the Dark World! Please step forward.” The ones called stepped forward, but once Rashika, Eathelyn, Hugo, and Ozur got a good look on their faces, they gasped.

Rashika saw the Light World girl from the train who caused everyone to stay clear of her, the one who called her monster. Sundria is her name huh? Well, today must be her lucky day, and mine... We won’t be on each other’s neck in the same team.

Hugo shivered a bit when he saw the girl with the glasses whose hair got covered in oatmeal because of his clumsiness. Thank every god who exists that I didn’t get teamed up with her....Wait, I’m still dead either way! That Alsha girl will still kill me, oh man I’m toast.

Eathelyn glared at the blind teen, knowing very well that she’ll have some competition. Malisha, better gets that spear of yours ready, because you’re going to have the battle that you always wanted.

Ozur tried to not look visible to the demon boy who he pranked on the train and who gave him a good punch in the eye. Eiloh!? That’s his name, man I hope he’s not one to hold a grudge but we’re not on the same team, oh thank god for that...But then again, that gives him more reason to maybe kill me!!

“And what will be your team name, team ninety-nine?” Olema asked the group members after putting their pins on, Sundria whispered the name through her ears, and soon the Headmistress gladly exclaimed. “Team ninety-nine, TEAM SAME!!” They used the letters of their first name, very smart, for a team like Same. Although to be honest, that’s how we’re supposed to name our team; using the first letter of the four students names to create a team name that they’ll be recognized as. Ozur smirked, and apparently, the other three were thinking the same thing. They were all lost in their thoughts once again until Headmistress Olema finally presented the names for the final team. “And finally, now for team number one hundred... Hugo of the Dark World, Eathelyn of the Dark World, Rashika of the Myth World, and Ozur of the Myth World! Please come forward!”

The teens gasped. Their hearts almost burst out of their chests in excitement, joy, and shock. Their names have been called, each teen couldn’t hold their smile as they stepped forward. Nothing made them stop smiling, not even the whispers of relief from rude students. However to be fairly honest, they were the only teens left without being in a team so of course, they would be together, but they kept smiling anyway.

“Thank goodness they got chosen together.”

“I know, I would have killed myself if that Rashika monster was in my team.”

“Don’t forget about Ozur.”

“And those freaks, Eathelyn and Hugo.”

The new team assembled in front of Headmistress Olema, as she snapped her fingers for the same caped stranger to appearing with another silver platter that held pins that were the shapes of a flame. “Not only did you four score second highest next to Team Same over there, but you each showed as much courage than anyone here,” Olema remarked as she placed each pin on each team member. “Now you four may take a few brief seconds to decide on a team name.”

Ozur looked over at Rashika, who looked over at Eathelyn, who then looked over at Hugo, each one of nodding as if they decided on a name through minds reading. The headmistress saw the nodding and questioned out loud for everyone to hear. “Now team one hundred, what will be your team name?” Instead of telling Olema, Hugo turned around yelling, “WE WILL!” Eathelyn soon followed his lead, shooting to continue his sentence. “BE KNOWN!” Followed by Rashika who exclaimed, “AND GLADLY REMEMBERED!” Ozur then filled her sentence with a shout. “AND LOOKED UP TO AS!!” On cue, the four fourteen-year-olds held out their hands and proclaimed all at the same time.


They didn’t see the flabbergasted face of Headmistress Olema or hear the snickering of the rest of the teams. Team Hero saw nothing but pride, confidence, and courage. However, Olema smiled once more and announced, “And that’s our final team! Team Hero! Now every team report to your assigned buildings that will be given to you at the doorway, don’t worry about your suitcases, I’ll take of that, and again...WELCOME TO LUNAR STAR ACADEMY!” Hugo and Ozur could hear the whispering mockery from the other teams as they began to walk through the entrance.

“Team Hero? Are they really that desperate?”

“No demon will ever think about being named that pathetic name!”

“They’ll be the first to fail, I just know they will.”

“I bet Team Same will beat Team Hero anytime.”

Headmistress Olema clapped her hands before going inside through a door her size that was on the left side of the building, making sure no one noticed....Well, no one but Rashika and Eathelyn, as they eyed their headmistress since the second she pinned their pins on their clothing, they felt a dark chill creep down their spines. They met up with Hugo and Ozur, but before they got to the entrance, Rashika looked back, only to gasp and tap her teammates to look as well. They too gasped at the sight.

Other people with long dark capes hiding appeared after the headmistress had clapped, but this time Team Hero saw that the sound of chains was indeed the actual metal rope. Those people were in chains, but why do they hide? Why are they in chains in the first place? Is Lunar Star Academy hiding something? If so, what is this academy hiding?

“Team Hero!”

The four teens couldn’t stand and look for answers right now, other staff members were calling them to get inside to get their room number and which building they were going to. They received a sheet of paper with everything they needed to know, they should be excited about this....However, they looked back once again, only to see one of the caped strangers drop a suitcase by accident, only to have a guard like a person who was well-uniformed approach the clumsy on while holding....A whip?!

Rashika couldn’t help but be confused, but before she or her other friends could ask, the door closed instantly in front of them as the staff member pointed to the path they were supposed to go to, telling them in an unconcerned tone. “They do not concern you. Act as if you never saw them!”

But they were concerned. They couldn’t act as if they didn’t see anything. Ozur and Rashika leaned over a bit while they walked to try to hear. Their eyes widened with heart-stopping fright as their bodies froze for a brief second! Rashika was nearly about to scream, but she swallowed that urge. Ozur looked like he was about to run back, but he didn’t. They remained in that stage until they shook their heads and continued their way down the path. Whatever they heard must have been absolutely petrifying to speak of, well not in public that is. Eathelyn and Hugo didn’t dare to ask at the moment, they continued to walk forward.

What seemed to be, and what was supposed to be the best day of their lives, turned into a day they wished they could have turned back.

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