The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Twelve


That was color building Team Hero were assigned to; The Copper Building. So much for showing more courage than anyone in the school, or perhaps it was the fact that everyone was afraid of Rashika since nobody else was in the Copper Building. Absolutely no one. The whole building belonged to Team Hero, shocking and sad at the same time. And I thought this school was supposed to treat others as family. Rashika sighed, knowing very well that no matter what she did, no one will never accept her. Well, no one besides her father, Eathelyn, Hugo, and Ozur.

The first floor had a flat screen TV glued to the wall with a remote control on top of the metal desk in front of it. The paper they received explained what the TV does so thankfully none of them burned, or crushed the piece of technology. Then there were two coffee brown couches across from each other, with four separate computer chairs a few feet away from the furniture, each one a different color. Over to their right was the kitchen but without a stove, or microwave; just a refrigerator and cabinets, both full of snacks such as potato chips, candy, fruit, water bottles, cans of soda, cheese balls, and other mixed healthy and junk food that only the Light World seemed to have consumed since the teens had no idea what most if these were. Eathelyn grabbed a green Gummy Bear from a bowl on the counter as she began to examine it until she looked over at Rashika.

“Is this thing safe to eat?” Receiving a reassuring nod from the dragon hybrid, Eathelyn slowly ate the candy with extreme caution as if it was poisonous enough to kill her with just a lick! After a few seconds of chewing, she held out a thumbs up before she continued to eat a couple more until moving on to the fruits. Rashika looked down at the paper, reading out loud to everyone while Hugo and Ozur examined the TV in the living room.

“The things you see in the cabinets and the freezer or as we Light Worlders call a refrigerator, are considered food or in other words, tasty snacks and drinks you can have if breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the cafeteria isn’t enough for your digestion. The TV will allow students to have some relaxation from stressful times but to Dark and Myth Worlders, do not become too attached to it.” She could have been a little concern about the little warning printed on the sheet but her mind was still rewinding the previous events she and Ozur heard from outside the doors.

“You clumsy piece of trash! Get up, on your feet to face your consequence!” That was the first thing Rashika and Ozur heard as they leaned over so their ears can sense out anything else. They heard some whimpering that could be from the person who dropped the suitcase, then they heard whispers about the others who seemed to be continuing to what they were doing.

“He’s in trouble now.”

“Hush, or you’ll get punished after him.”

“I’m so lucky I’m not in his position.”

“Oh, heaven help the lad.”

Rashika could hear the echoes of chains rattling against each other, guessing that the person got up since the two teens soon heard someone getting shoved to the ground as the other voice who was screaming before growled, “Once I’m done with you, you’ll pick up what you dropped and remember to never so irresponsible again. Do you understand?” They couldn’t even hear the victim’s answer since their ears soon consumed the cracks of a whip hitting against the fragile body of the victim! Shrieks of agony could be heard, as Rashika felt the urge to scream but she restrained it. More strikes of the whip could be heard, as it cracked to the rhythm with the cries of impossible unbearable pain, making Ozur feel like running back to give assistance, but his instincts tell him that it wouldn’t be worth it at the moment.

They continued to follow Hugo and Eathelyn as the echoes of the whip drummed down through their ears like a soldier barging into someone’s home for no reason but to kill the enemy. Before they were out of hearing range, Rashika leaned forward a little closer, only to hear the whip wielder snarl in disgust. “Exactly what you deserve, you good for nothing slave!”

“Rashika? RASHIKA?!”

Rashika blinked twice before realizing that everyone in the room was looking at her with concern after trying to call her for the past thirty seconds. “I-I’m sorry, what was the question?”

Hugo sighed as he shook his head with a grin. “Not a question, but a comment. I was talking about how cool it would be if I could transport this TV out of here and in training... I would be entertained the whole time, but then there’s the fact that I would be a failure in the future if I don’t study and that a device that huge would never be held by my hands outside.”

“Not to mention that you wouldn’t be able to carry it in the first place,” Ozur added only to cause Hugo to chuckle a bit. “Oh contrary my furry friend, I can carry this everywhere as I please. Observe.” He walked over to Eathelyn while he held his cape over her. “Watch how my cape takes in Eathelyn, leaving no trace of her.” After five seconds, Eathelyn found herself sucked into darkness! Rashika nearly fell on one of the computer chairs the second Eathelyn was gone, until Hugo continued his presentation while he walked over to the kitchen with his cape just flowing through the small winds. “I walk over here and stretch my hand into grab-OWW!”

Apparently, he did grab out Eathelyn but he received a punch in the face since he used her as an example out of nowhere and without her permission. Once she was out of the cape, Rashika and Ozur applauded a bit in astonishment until they all heard a loud BANG upstairs! If it was raining today then the sound would surely be understandable but there is no rain and they’re the only teens here so it’s not understandable!

“Well we haven’t checked what’s upstairs, so I’m guessing you girls will investigate while I’ll stay here with Hugo and- HEY WATCH THE EARS!” Ozur never got to finish his statement since he and Hugo were both getting pulled by Eathelyn and Rashika as they climbed up the stairs to see four separate room doors that had each of their names printed in cursive copper letters which meant that they were going to sleep separately at nights.

Soon they heard another loud bang coming from the door that had Eathelyn’s name printed on it so they all gathered around the door, making sure they didn’t make any noise of any sort. Eathelyn reached for the round granite doorknob, her fingers wrapped around it as she made a deep breath. Looking over at her teammates who each gave her a nod of reassurance, each one gripping on to a weapon they had on them. The tension rose for a second before she slowly turned the knob, surprised that the door didn’t creak or crack while it opened to reveal the room.

Nothing but a big room with a twin sized bed with three pillows, a copper colored blanket covering the mattress neatly along with wooden dressing drawers. Over at the right corner was a working desk holding a red pencil holder, lantern, and small bottles of ink with a feather on the side, and with computer chair that went with the desk. The room walls are in purple, with two round windows wide enough to see the landscape of the school, covered by white curtains and as for the ceiling, just two light bulbs attached together but they’re off since the sun helped light the room up. Two doors standing next to each other just next to the desk but one was silver and the other was black, so in other words one door led to the bathroom and the other is just a closet. The other three rooms must look the same as this one but maybe with different coloring to avoid confusion.

They suddenly heard silence until the song of chains could be heard from behind the twin sized bed, instantly turning up the heat of their curiosity! They slowly approached the bed, looking over it only to see an opened suitcase with spilled necessities and something else that caused each teen to gasp in surprise.

A young boy who looked about nine years old dressed in ripped ragged shirt and shorts was on the floor trying to pick up the mess of scattered objects that belonged in Eathelyn’s suitcase! His brown hair was messy, probably dusty from the looks of some white specks but he wore no shoes and they could see his bare feet filled with dust, dirt, and possibly cuts! However, the thing that stood out the most was the chains that were strapped around the boys’ wrists and ankles, making it difficult for him to move freely. Suddenly feeling their presence, the little boy stopped what he was doing, slowly turning his head to face them. His crimson eyes instantly filled with panic and fear the second he took a glimpse of the team so he tossed what he had in his hands to the edge of the bed as he quickly made a run for it, silently gasping, “I’m sorry for spilling your stuff!” He jumped over the bed and ran out through the door, and at that moment, Team Hero quickly ran after him!

“Hey wait up, we’re not going to hurt you!” Rashika reassured, as they all ran down the stairs but only to see the young boy in chains near the exit until he tripped over the rug on the floor and fall faced down. Eathelyn was about to grab him but the boy instinctively kicked her stomach, causing her to groan in agony as she fell to the floor while holding her stomach. “Why you little...Don’t let him get away!”

Wow, she’s down and yet Eathelyn could still scream out orders, Ozur remarked, as he saw the boy quickly move to the back upstairs in less than two seconds. “Hey kid holds on, we’re friends!” The boy ignored Ozur’s words as he opened one of the doors to the other rooms and went inside, with Ozur not far behind. Ozur went inside, not even caring whose room it is, as he cornered the child, who was taking two steps back while he made a step forward.

“Look, kid, its okay,” Ozur began in a soft voice, holding out his hands to show that he was weaponless. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m a friend.” He could sense the fear and doubt in the child, who was now backed up against the wall. “We can help you if you’re in trouble, maybe the Headmistress can-”

“NO!” “N-not h-her, p-please don’t tell the H-H-Headmistress, please!” The boy began to plead on his knees, on the verge of tears. “J-just p-p-pretend you n-n-never saw me....I-I-I-I don’t wanna get in trouble by m-master!”

Ozur could see those red eyes begin to shed several drops of distress as he quickly tried to calm him down while Rashika and Hugo were busy trying to calm Eathelyn down. “Okay, okay. I won’t tell Headmistress, it’s okay...You won’t get in trouble little guy but who’s your master?” He couldn’t believe he just asked a scared out of his wits boy a question like that, obviously the kid’s master must be just as frightening as Mr. Heller. The child didn’t answer the question however, he just shook his head violently as he cried. “I’m not allowed to tell, but please don’t tell anyone that you’ve met me, or better yet, forget you’ve met me. Pretend I’m nothing but dust!”

He got up to make a run for it, but Ozur gently placed his hands on the boy’s tensed shoulders as he whispered comfortably in reassurance. “Hey, hey! You’re not dust, you’re a someone! You are just as human as I am, so don’t tell me that we should forget you, because we can’t, and we won’t until we know what is going on!” The boy stopped struggling, looking at Ozur in bewilderment while his tears cleaned his face, but he slowly shook his head. “I can’t tell you now...I just can’t.” He shoved Ozur forward, away from him, then made a run for it to the...Wall? He tapped some sort of rhythm against it, the moment Rashika, Hugo, and a half angry Eathelyn came in, he has vanished through the wall.

“Where did he go?!” Eathelyn demanded, her fists banging the solid wall expecting to disappear through it just like the boy but nothing happened. “Who as he and why was he here?”

“Eathelyn shouting and banging the wall won’t help explain what just happened.” Rashika calmly rubbed her hand against the wall, feeling the smooth texture, as if trying to sense what was behind it until she looked down at the floor only to see a small piece of cloth folded up. “But this message might.” She reached down to retrieve the cloth, slowly unfolding it while Eathelyn sighed. “Just because we found a piece of clothing folded, does not mean it’ll hold a message.”

On cue, the cloth was unfolded revealing a sentence that Hugo read aloud while Eathelyn banged her head against the wall in embarrassment. “If you want to know more about me, stay up late past Lights Out, but only after four months staying here. Until then, watch out for fallen messages like this.” As soon as he finished, the whole group was uncomfortably silent, unsure of what to say until they heard distant bells ring from the main school building as staff members shouted from outside.


Although what Team Hero had just experienced was way more important than food on a tray, they had no choice but to exit their home quarters and follow the rest of the students. However, Ozur held on to the cloth message, knowing just as much as his other teammates that this year will unfold something much bigger than some job in the future. Rashika exchanged a glance with Ozur, they both feared to have one theory about the boy in their room. From the looks of his ragged clothes and the chains he was bound to; that child might possibly be those who they heard to be called…

A slave.

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