The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Fourteen

When their headmistress told everyone that they were having a field trip to the snowy mountains last minute during dinnertime, Team Hero did not expect this trip to be two months long! A trip would make them at least a little excited but not since they left that very night when they were going to meet the little boy they encountered a few months ago. At this very moment, they were in their own cabin taking a sip of hot chocolate while they waited for Ulin to come back from facing the blizzard that caused them to stay indoors in the first place!

The blizzard began two days after they arrived so basically the whole school was stuck in their cabins either dying from boredom, sipping some hot chocolate, or cause something to explode. In Team Hero’s case, they were just sitting on their own comfortable arm chairs while sipping off a warm cup of hot chocolate doing nothing, well for Eathelyn she was counting how many cups Rashika had so far.

The last time Rashika drank more than six cups of hot chocolate she ended up yodeling all night long while attacking her teammates just for fun. Thankfully she only kept her teammates up all night and not everyone else, but it was still a mystery on how some sweet beverage can make a dragon go crazy. However, Ozur believed that they should be more grateful that Ulin came back just in time to give Rashika a cup of warm milk mixed with honey, and before they knew it, she was fast asleep! But then she woke up later in the afternoon having absolutely no idea what happened last night until her friends told her the whole story. No one was able to actually come up with a reason why Rashika went crazy after drinking hot chocolate but maybe it’s best not to find out until their nerves are ready. So now, Eathelyn was put in charge to keep count on how many cups Rashika drinks until this trip was over.

“I’m so bored!”

Rashika rolled her eyes as she took another sip from her cup as she flipped another page from a book she was reading, clearly ignoring Ozur’s whining while Eathelyn moaned. “Just shut up Ozur, complaining won’t get Ulin to come back faster from that staff meeting!”

“Well you try finding something to do without having the cabin end up almost in ashes like the last time,” Ozur shivered and began to rub his right arm, recalling the hot chocolate drinking contest they had last week, four days after they discovered what effects that drink had on Rashika. Man, I still got that burn mark from Rashika when I tried to tie her to the bed so she wouldn’t go fight Eathelyn!

“If you’re still mad at me for sacrificing half your paintballs to create a piece of art on the wall then you have my apologies,” Hugo sighed, pressing a damp rag harder against the blade of one of his twin swords, trying to make them shine. “So it was you who stole my paintballs!?” Before Hugo could realize that he never told Ozur about the paintballs the day he used them, he found himself pinned to the ground by an angry wolf!

“H-hey I told you that I was sorry!” Hugo pleaded, but all Ozur did be release one more growl before releasing him from his grip and turn back to his human form. “Well, at least you didn’t touch my wand now that would be the time where I would really beat you up.” On cue, Ozur took out his wand from his satchel of pranks, examining it for a bit. “I haven’t been able to properly use it except for the time when I turned the shampoo in the girls’ showers purple... And then get a good beating from three certain women.”

He winced a bit when Rashika and Eathelyn shot glares at him, well woman three would have done the same but she was in a staff meeting in the middle of the blizzard. An idea suddenly popped into Ozur’s empty brain, “I got it! We’ll try to see what this wand of mine can do and hopefully not turn anyone to smithereens!”

Rashika wasn’t sure if Ozur was actually planning the blow the cabin up with his wand but she closed the book she was reading. “Alright fine, since we don’t have anything else to do but if you blow something up, or have us end up stuck in the cold blinding blizzard then I’ll personally drink sixty cups of hot chocolate for your punishment!” Eathelyn felt a chill go down her spine; since in the drinking contest, Rashika drank fifty cups which made her the winner, but then....Uh...Well, you know the rest. If Rashika drinks sixty cups, oh man we might as well write our wills and plan our funerals!

“Okay, so I know my dad used to possess this before Ms. Pawen gave it to me so-” Ozur didn’t even finish his statement since Hugo interrupted. “Don’t you some instructions to tell you how to use that wand of yours?”

“Uh no, the case just came with the wand, guess my dad accidentally burnt the instructions when he was doing one of his pranks back in the day.” On cue, Ozur pulled out the case to reach his hand in but only pulled out a handful of ashes. “So I guess without any instructions, we’re stuck learning on the job....Huh, not bad, I’m an expert on learning without instructions.” He then waved his wand around before pointing the stone on top of the stick towards his cup of hot chocolate. “Uh...Hocus pocus, magic come and uh....Turn this small cup...Into a cup the size of...Uh...Oh..the size of Rashika!” At that moment the stone began to release sparks of purple lightning as Ozur began to feel excited that he might master this magic stuff on his second try! All that excitement instantly went down the drain when the magic sparks instantly disappeared, leaving nothing but a small squeak. “Not what I was expecting,” Hugo remarked, looking just as disappointed as Ozur.

Then out of nowhere, Rashika began to chuckle at the comment as she shook her head at the boys. “In case you haven’t noticed guys, I’ve been reading several books on wizard-craft and apparently I found one just right for you Ozur.” She then held up the book she was reading just a few moments ago, entitled:

Wizard-craft for Wolf Hybrids

“So I don’t know about you Ozur, but I think learning on the job can wait until after reading a chapter or two.” She then got up and handed the book to Ozur, only to then head upstairs to her with Eathelyn tagging along, who waved back at the boys. “We’ll be in our room practicing some new attack techniques, you never know when Ulin will give us a pop quiz on fighting another team.”

After waiting a few moments once the room door closed, Hugo grabbed the book from Ozur’s hands and began to flip the pages until he stopped at the fifty-sixth chapter which was entitled in black cursive, ‘Perform Magical Pranks and Attacks’. “Here, reading these instructions at a random part of this book will prove to those girls that we guys don’t need waste time reading an entire book to learn magic! Learning on the job and with the help of a few sentences in chapter fifty-six!” Hugo patted Ozur, who eagerly nodded in the excitement he lost once more that has returned in a flash, “Right, Rashika and Eathelyn can stick to reading, but I’m going to do this my way.” Ozur snatched the book from his friend as his eyes skimmed through the instructions until he shut the book, causing a gust of dust flies out of the pages. “Okay, so I think I’ve got this really good spell...Now give me some space.”

“What?” Hugo pretended to sound a bit offended but he took several steps back. “So what’s this new spell you discovered oh wise wolf wizard?”

“Real mature Hugo, but be amazed as this wolf wizard magically light this empty fireplace that Rashika forgot to light up, with...” He paused to make a dramatic effect. “Fire!” Hugo tried to hold his laughter but he applauded for a short moment and then sat down to wait for the magic to happen. “Now as some of the steps stated, I’ll need to spin the tip of my wand two times.”

Without hesitation, he spun his magic item twice until he pointed the stone towards the fireplace as he chanted out loud, “Flame, flame hear my call! Show yourself and appear before me!” The stone suddenly began to light up, turn neon red as the same purple lightning from before started to spark out! The lightning soon surround the area of the fireplace, as the boys heard the electricity zip and zap! Hugo made a jump for it as he hid behind the chair he was sitting on. The lightning suddenly moved faster, still circulating the fireplace until....ZAP! The room suddenly went pitch black, leaving Hugo and Ozur to begin to wonder around the room only to fall over their chairs. “Ozur....You just caused the whole cabin to black out! How are you going to fix this now?”

“Okay, okay don’t panic. I think I know what I did wrong, just try to find the fireplace and watch me try again.” Out of nowhere, Hugo heard the same electricity zap into the fireplace and a blast of fire began to burn the wood of the fireplace. “Wow, you finally got the fire started, now it’s time for us to show off to the girls but before we do that...” Hugo shivered a bit when his mind visualized what he was about to say. “...We first need to explain to them what happened to the lights.” With a shiver down his spine, Ozur nodded as he placed his wand back in his satchel and then went upstairs with Hugo, unconcerned about the fact that the fire he created was purple!


Ulin’s face was red with fury as she stomped on the snow through the blinding blizzard in the afternoon, freezing her wing off! “I walked through this storm more dead than alive to get to that staff meeting only to see that it was only discussing how great hot chocolate tastes! I don’t know if Headmistress Olema is trying to drive my nerves to my limit or that she has a death wish! I’m one of the top teachers she can hire and that woman believes that just because she’s my boss does not mean I’m one to go along with her ridiculous unimportant meetings!”

Another gust of the wind that held freezing snowflakes smacked her face but Ulin was already full of steam to bother about a little snow. Besides, her anger seemed to melt those snowflakes just well. Suddenly she felt the tips of the mountains rumble as the wind howled along, the falling blocks of ice ready to slide down anytime, at any day. Before Ulin could decide to quickly continue walking so she write a message to the headmistress, she then caught the sight that the cabin her students were in had the lights completely blacked out. If the winds quiet down a bit, Ulin could hear the loud crashes inside the structure. Shaking her head, she began to trudge the opposite path, back to where she was in the meeting. “Maybe I’ll tell Headmistress about the weather warnings in person.”

“So you were the one who caused this blackout! LET ME AT HIM!” Eathelyn was being restrained from jumping on Ozur by Rashika, who lit up several candles around the room while she waited for an explanation. “You skimmed through the book didn’t you?”

“Yes...” Ozur confessed, his head facing the ground until he lifted it up in delight. “But I did make fire.” Eathelyn stopped thrashing around Rashika’s arms, staring at Ozur in bewilderment. “You made fire? Uh Ozur, in case you got hit on the head pretty hard, we have Rashika on fire duty for a reason.”

“No, no, no, this fire is much better because I made it!” Ozur boasted, but then shrink a bit since he noticed a glare from the dragon hybrid. “Uh, no offense Rashika.” Rashika just shook her head only to glare at Hugo since he tried to not laugh but was failing miserably. “None was taken, but how much did you read Ozur?”

“Just a few sentences, but don’t you see I do magic better by learning on the job!” Rashika shook her head at the comment, holding her hand out towards the wolf boy. “Give me the book and show me exactly how much you read?” Ozur obediently handed Rashika the book, turning to the chapter he read a little portion of but that resulted in her eyes to grow wider than dinner plates as she slammed the book tightly and loud. The room was quiet, Rashika faced the two boys, her face plastered with horror until it was soon replaced with anger. “YOU IDIOTS!” Now it was Eathelyn’s turn to restrain Rashika from barbecuing both teens. “This chapter can only be read if you mastered the previous ones!!!!! Do you have any idea what you just created!?”

“Ummm...Talking fire?” Hugo squeaked, hiding behind Ozur, who was beginning to shiver at Rashika’s wrath. “No, did you see what color the fire you made was?”

Ozur looked at Rashika in befuddlement, since when did the color of fire matter? “I’m...Not entirely sure... I think it was red, orange; like any other fire. Why?” Letting out a heavy sigh as she runs her fingers through her hair, Rashika motioned everyone to follow her out of the room and cautiously downstairs, each teen holding a lit up the lantern. “Look at the fireplace Ozur and tell me if that’s any other fire you made!” Once again with confusion, Ozur looked over at the fireplace, hoping that the flames he made were still in their spot...But they weren’t!

Scattered around the living room were purple flames in the shape of tiny six-inch people, or from Rashika’s experience, elves. There were at least twenty of those elf figured flames dancing around the room while making high-pitched giggling sounds, and destroying the room at once! They only have a cupcake sized neon blue eyes which made them incredibly adorable and spiky flames sticking up, indicating that it was their hair.

“Marsh Gobbles...” Rashika growled, earning everyone’s confused faces as she sighed and briefly explained the topic. “Marsh Gobbles are purple flames that look like elves and always look adorable to a naked eye but they can destroy a whole cabin in less than ten minutes. They only giggle like the way they are now, and can be found in any marsh in the world, mainly in the Myth World... Where they are more open to society.” Her eyes landed straight at Ozur. “And you just summoned a herd of them! They don’t go away easily and don’t get killed at all, they’re immortal, at least in warm weather! You can’t touch them unless you have scales like me, one touch and you’ll get burned. However, to the get rid of them, they have to be exposed to really cold temperatures like how it is outside, or if they hear anything disturbing to their ears.”

“Then we just round up those Marsh Gobbles and led them outside!” Declared Eathelyn, who charged to the center of the living room, ignoring the protests from Rashika. “How hard could it be?!” Unfortunately, she spoke so soon; the moment she looked straight at one of the Marsh Gobble’s eyes, she dropped Lighting Blade to the ground and just stared at the little Gobble in awe.

“Awwwww, Rashika why didn’t you tell me that they are so cute!” Rashika slapped her hand on her forehead in frustration, using her tail to block the remaining team members away from following Eathelyn.

“You didn’t let me finish, you can’t just charge to Marsh Gobbles like an idiot without anything to shield your eyes! One looks straight in their eyes and you’ll completely forget about fighting them, resulting yourself getting destroyed by them while you’re distracted by how cute they are!”

“Okay then,” Ozur began, looking over at Eathelyn who just sat down on the rug and mumble more stuff about how cute those little flames are. “How do we fight them!?”

“Like what Rashika told us, shield our eyes!” Hugo explained. “We know this cabin inside out, and don’t forget that you and Rashika have your senses to help out! Rip a piece of any cloth you can find and cover your eyes, then wait for my signal! Rashika, grab an extra piece for Eathelyn!” With that, Hugo ripped a good amount of cloth from a nearby curtain, tying it around his eyes. Ozur and Rashika did the same, both tying the cloth around their eyes good and tight. “..NOW!” On cue, the three scattered around, causing the Marsh Gobbles to follow each one, hoping to hypnotize them into their cuteness but failed to do so. Rashika used her tail to slap five of those Marsh Gobbles that were behind her, making her way towards Eathelyn!

“Follow the Marsh Gobbles constant giggling, they aren’t as strategic as they look!” She could feel a close presence of heat in front of her, as Rashika used one of her wings to slap the intruder out of her way! She suddenly heard Eathelyn’s constant giggling feet away from her, and from the sound of other giggles, some Marsh Gobbles were ready to finish her off! Before any of the Gobbles could attack, Rashika stood in front of Eathelyn, spinning around to turn into a small tornado that threw them across the room towards where Ozur and Hugo were fighting some off! Giving directions for the other to take since they were blinded for the moment,

“Hey, that was mean!” Eathelyn whined in a baby voice. “They were so cute, why do have to do that you big meanie!?” Rashika kneeled herself to Eathelyn’s level, whispering in regret. “Please forgive me Eathelyn.” Then she slapped Eathelyn harshly to the ground, and before she could react, the extra cloth was quickly tied around the demon’s eyes! “OUCH, HEY WHAT WAS THAT FOR RASHIKA?!” Eathelyn practically screamed, ready to punch her until some of the memory of what had happened just a few moments ago came back to her. “Oh...Uh... Sorry about that...Um...Thanks?”

“Never mind that, keep that blindfold around your eyes and try to herd these trouble makers near the door!” Rashika ordered, and with that, the two girls scattered, only to hear more giggling than usual. After careful listening and sniffing, Rashika tensed, then screamed towards the boys well if she knew she was yelling at the right direction. “Did you guys happen to chop the Marsh Gobbles up?!”

“Yeah, they should be out for a while, why?”

Rashika felt like strangling Hugo right now, but she took a deep breath before explaining in panic. “You’re not supposed to chop them up, because if you do then they just multiply to three times as many of them than before!”

Soon Team Hero found themselves surrounded by an army of Marsh Gobbles, each flame giggling in delight, ready to burn the teens into smithereens! “Ozur, is there anything you would like to say before we get burned alive!?” Eatheyln growled, feeling very useless at the situation they were in!

“Sorry!” Ozur whined. “Sorry for being an idiot and not read the book like I was supposed to do instead of doing stuff by myself!”

“Sorry won’t get us out of this mess,” Rashika sighed. “At least you’ll learn your lesson the hard way!” Ozur lowered his head while Hugo tried to sense for any place to escape, but so far he sensed nothing, and all he can do now is remember what Rashika explain to them. However, to the get rid of them, they have to be exposed to really cold temperatures like how it is outside, or if they hear anything disturbing to their ears. “If they hear anything disturbing to their ears...That’s it!” Hugo turned to Ozur and commanded in a quick voice. “Ozur, use your magic now and make ten cups of hot chocolate!”

“But I don’t know how?” Ozur whined. “And this isn’t time to stand here and drink a warm drink now!”

“Yes you can, you’re the top prankster and if you can accidentally make March Gobbles, then you can make ten cups of hot chocolate! Do it now! I know what I’m doing!” Without a choice, Ozur pulled out his wand and began to concentrate really hard while Hugo, Eathelyn, and Rashika struggled to push the Marsh Gobbles back to give the wolf more time! “Okay Hugo, it’s good to know you want us to drink hot chocolate but how will that help us?!” Eathelyn questioned, only to have the leader shake his head and smirk while looking at Rashika, at least he hoped that it wasn’t just empty space.

“It’s not for us, but for a certain dragon.”

Ozur could feel drops of sweat begin to flow down from his forehead, his concentration at its sharpest point while his wand began to release sparks of magic once more! Ten mugs of hot chocolate, come on! Wand, please! I know I was being a rookie before but this time I really need you to work! Suddenly the same lighting began to sprout out of the jewel, making a form of a mug until out of nowhere…

Ten mugs of hot steaming chocolate were made, no mistake in sight!

“See you did it Ozur!” Hugo cheered, not exactly seeing the whole process but could hear it as he patted the teen’s back. “Now Rashika! Drink all of them!” Ignoring the panicked looks from Eathelyn and Ozur, Rashika gladly sniffed her way towards the waiting mugs and began to drink each mug as fast as she could, while her tail slapped any Marsh Gobble who wanted to stop her!

“Are you crazy Hugo!?” Eathelyn panicked, punching him on the arm. “Have you totally forgotten what happened to Rashika if she drinks more than six cups of hot chocolate!?”

“Of course I didn’t,” Hugo smiled back, clearly not seeing the angered and worried look from Eathelyn while Rashika continued to drink!

Rashika started to feel her consciousness fade as her crazy side began to claim her mind, sip by sip. By the time she finished the last drop on her tenth mug, she dropped it and fell to the ground. Rashika didn’t move for a bit while the Marsh Gobbles, for the first time in history, stopped giggling, each one looking at the unconscious body in complete confusion.

After another five seconds of silence, Rashika suddenly began to get up, but her legs moved like jelly as she removed her blindfold, facing the army of Marsh Gobbles. “H-Hey. HIC! Aren’t you little guys cute? HIC! So cute, that I would love to...HIC! Give you a nice performance.” She didn’t even sound like herself, she sound sounded like a complete idiot as she waved around the room while she cleared her throat, the paused for a moment. The rest of the members removed their blindfolds and covered their ears, ready to hear the most disturbing thing in their lives.

Rashika’s drunk yodeling!

Her yodeling was so horrendous that Eathelyn actually felt sorry for the Marsh Gobbles who didn’t have time to cover their ears! Rashika began to fly around the room as she yodeled to her heart’s content but as for the Marsh Gobbles, they shrieked! Soon the army began to run as fast as they could towards the exit, letting Eathelyn, Ozur, and Hugo get out of the way. Since they were small to reach the door knob, three of them climbed on top of one another to open the door and off they went in the blizzard!

Before half the army could realize what they got themselves into, the Marsh Gobbles soon turned to dust the moment they began to shiver! Each one disappeared to dust as they ran outside, rather freeze than hear Rashika’s yodeling! At last the very last Marsh Gobble ran outside feeling dizzy before disappearing, leaving Team Hero to high five each other for a job well done. Well almost all the members of the

Before they could celebrate, they heard a crash, as they turned around only to see Rashika lifting a chair up to smash it against the wall! The three teens winced as the chair broke into splinters, two of them turned to Ozur with pleading eyes. “Argh fine! You two tie Rashika down while I make a cup of warm milk mixed with honey appear.”

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