The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Sixteen

Either Headmistress Olema is as blind as a bat or she’s just plain crazy on the inside that she hid very well. Why is she being considered crazy? Well, it could because it’s been at least three months since the whole avalanche incident and once the students returned from the trip, Team Hero didn’t get any sort of punishment for breaking the rules at all! It could be because the moment they arrived at Lunar Academy, the Cobber Building was mysteriously burned, but only half the building was turned to ashes thank heaven. However, Team Hero couldn’t stay in the Cobber Building for the time being so they spent nights at the school copper library that had four beds for the teens but they couldn’t help but feel like this was kinda like a punishment. Since their headquarters is out of service, they couldn’t meet the slave boy, or as they heard his sister called him, Thuggort.

Usually, Ulin would be giving Team Hero another fighting and history lesson, but today all the students were to report to outside the school, where the crazy train driver transported them to the second biggest cloud that held the school’s grand library! As for the other students of the school, Team Hero’s fame easily was extinguished after two days and they went back to judging them since two certain Ethicals from Team Same decided to spread exaggerated rumors around the buildings.

Rumors like ridiculous reasons on to why Team Hero made such a heroic act such as: Gaining their trust until the time’s right to go for the kill or just a way to hypnotize students into a cruel curse. Shockingly they weren’t caught yet but Team Hero didn’t really care about the fame at this point, right now they just wanted to know why everybody was in one of the libraries since there is obviously nothing interesting to learn about.

They were soon proven wrong.

“Now everyone, since we had that....Short weather delay in our trip,we didn’t get to present to you something very special for you, until today.” Walking ahead of the crowd, Headmistress Olema soon stood in front of a granite statue of the academy logo; the White Merostar Lily. Her right hand reached for the fourth petal, then pushed it down gently and slowly as the pedal went completely down out of sight. Once there was no sign of the fourth petal, the vacant bookshelf behind the Headmistress began to shake as dust rained off of shelves! Without warning, it vertically moved down to the floor in less than five seconds, revealing a stairway heading towards the bottom.

Ulin lighted up a candle as she placed it very tall and still on the ground before she used her wing to create an enormous gust of wind to light up the torches hung up on the walls of the stairway. Once that was done, Headmistress Olema gestured everyone to follow her as she began to walk downstairs while everybody was whispering amongst themselves.

“Do you think she’s hiding buried treasure that she’ll give to us when we graduate?!”

“Are you serious? I’m thinking more like the ultimate secret to gain more power than anyone in the world!”

“Maybe a boatload of weapons we’ll use for the rest of our lives when we are off to our next step of life! And conquer people!”

“Nope, it has to be some ways to surpass everyone else and get rid of monsters that roam this planet!!”

Rashika rolled her eyes at the ridiculous conclusions most students are making as they took a step down through the twisting staircase while her ears listened to the conclusion Hugo was making. “Maybe this leads us to a class that’ll teach us the ultimate secrets of the three worlds, who knows what secrets we can uncover?!”

Eathelyn tried her best not to laugh at everyone else’s opinions so it wouldn’t look like she was making fun of Hugo while Ozur yawned in boredom, “Whatever it is, I hope this has nothing to do with the incident.”

“Ozur from what I see, this has absolutely nothing to do with that,” Rashika reassured as her pupils wondered about the paintings that decorated the walls. Some of the sun, moon, stars, and the world everybody shared, divided into three more worlds that they lived in separately.

“Down these stairs students, we are traveling to the heart of Lunar Star Academy,” Olema explained with amazement. “Where you’ll discover a lot of secrets of yourselves that you didn’t even know about!” Students ‘oohed,’ and ‘aahed’ as they suddenly spotted a golden light that was hidden behind a rusty metal door. They all rushed to the door, waiting eagerly for the Headmistress to open it somehow but instead of her opening it, Ulin stepped forward with a silver key in her palm and opened the door.

It slowly opened up, releasing the golden honey light that glimmered out to reveal a whole new library of books with glowing pages and portraits of every student were hanged up horizontally on the wall, all above a pillar that held a book. Then at the front wall stood large portraits if all the current teams of the school. Each book was opened with either a flying pen or a feather dipped in ink writing on the glowing pages while the headmistress continued. “As you can see students, here in the heart of the academy! These writing utensils you see are currently writing the story of your lives until your end, so yours and your previous ancestor’s legacies are never forgotten. And they are all written in a book we call, a Soul Book.”

“But if our ancestor’s legacies are written as well, then how come they’re all here and not somewhere else top secret and protective?” Ozur asked in bewilderment, his eyes wandering around the giant bookshelves of old books.

“Because, Lunar Star Academy is in the center of the Light, Dark, and Myth Worlds, and these legacies are more trusted to be in safe hands here than in any other world,” Headmistress answered in a quick voice, then announced to everyone in her regular pace. “Now today all of you can take a look at your Soul Book and your family’s Soul Books, see how your pasts and presents tell you so far so you can become a better person! Go on now, scatter off!”

The pillars were the same height of each student so they can open their Soul Book without any trouble while the feathers and pens stopped to fly over to the other shelves to grab their family members books. A rain of books was gently placed in front of the rightful eyes of the students, each one, even the demon teenagers were astonished by everything before their very pupils!

Hugo’s eyes lit up as he waited for two books to appear before him,but oddly, only his mother’s Soul Book came, not his father’s. Why isn’t dad’s book here, was there a mistake or something? Did he do anything that was wrong? No way, he’s a really good man, he would never do anything...Even though he’s a demon but he’s still my father! Without any further thought, he opened the first pages of both his mother book but instead of reading the words, the glowing flashed right in front of his eyes, revealing a motion memory version of his parent’s lives! He could see his mother look younger and dressed like a fighter but more comfortable since other teens her age wore armor. Her Soul Books ended with the wedding day with his father, then closed the moment the glowing stopped, causing his Soul Book to glow and open up! He could see himself as a newborn baby getting pampered by his parents though he couldn’t really tell if he was getting pampered the second he was born or a few months after. Judging by looks of the baby wrapped in towels, it must have been the hour he was born but thankfully he didn’t see the child labor part thank goodness for that. Then the rest of his Soul Book revealed the continuation of his life after birth up to the present day, soon closing itself to show that all has been written.

Eathelyn couldn’t help but clap a bit when her parent’s books flew in, especially her older brother’s, Asger’s book. The peculiar thing was that only her mother’s and Asger’s book appeared, no sign of her father’s. She opened the two books around her, including hers as well since she didn’t have the patience for the books to open themselves. Her eyes scanned the detailed motion memories of her family as they flashed through her mind while some of her mother’s memories shocked her and some didn’t surprise her at all. That was until after her mother’s books closed, she could see hers and her brother’s continuing, as she smiled sadly at her brother’s face. However, Asger’s book didn’t end when he died, it just ended with him saluting his master before heading off to do his job as the guard. Didn’t Headmistress say that the books ended on the person’s death? But how come Asger’s death wasn’t shown? And why isn’t dad’s book here, wasn’t his story written? Her thoughts were interrupted when her eyes glanced over to her Soul Book that continued to reveal her life page by page until the very present.

Rashika smiled as she gained new hope that she’ll at least know what kind of person her mother was, but that hope was extinguished when only hers and her father’s life books showed up. Why can’t I ever see the woman who left me!? She sighed, knowing that even the Soul Books have no idea where her mother was, or were just too ashamed to write about her. Her father’s memories swam around her, but surprisingly she didn’t see one that had her mother’s face, just a blur, even on the day if her parents wedding! Judging by the comments from the other students who reacted to their baby selves, she opened her Soul Book to see her baby self in her mother’s arms, even though she’ll just see her mother as a blur. Inexplicably, though, her Soul Book just went to her first birthday; never revealing herself as a newborn getting abandoned by her mother! Wait why isn’t my beginning as a newborn baby in this book!? Is there something they forgot to write, or some memory error?! But it wasn’t an error, she can see that clearly as each page of her book continued on without showing a sign that there was a mistake. She paid not a gram of her attention to the whispers of students who were looking at her from afar to see what story her Soul Book had told. So many remarks could be heard that now she couldn’t even decide for herself on whether or not to believe them.

“Psst, did you see Rashika’s family’s Soul Books?”

“Not everyone, just her father. Maybe abandoning one’s offspring is such a crime that not even the Soul Book will show that guilty soul’s life.”

“Or it could be that it’s too afraid of what chaotic reaction Rashika will have if her mother’s past was revealed to every last detail.”

“Well, the demon in her blood can probably also explain why she can’t see her mother’s memory.What if her mother put a curse in her Soul Book so her daughter won’t see it?!”

“Could be a possibility.”

Ozur’s eyes were about to release waterfalls as he looked at his father’s memories, at least seeing one of his parent’s past life while looking at his own at the same time. His mother’s Soul Book was nowhere found, so he was left with only his and his father’s memories of life. Apparently, Mrs. Pawen was right when she told him that his father was a prankster at Lunar Star Academy. Ozur couldn’t help but chuckle as he saw his father’s younger self-doing pranks but then get caught by his instructor. His face turned red as a tomato when he saw his five-year self-get in trouble by Mr. Heller because of the first prank he made in the orphanage; the whoopee cushion. At the last page of his father’s book only revealed him holding Ozur as a baby before hearing a knock on the door, and then the book closed. Wait that’s it, who was at the door? Was that before the fire that dad died in!? But what about mom, why isn’t her Soul Book here for me to see!? I just want to see both my parents, especially my mom! He could hear students whisper among each other, clearly gossiping about his misfortune when they should really be minding their own business! It can’t be helped, though, no matter how much you try to sugar coat this. He winced for a moment when he heard the gossip about Rashika’s misfortune scatter around like leaves, and right now he can’t do anything.

The four teens looked over at each other, each face with the same expression written while no one else noticed. Confusion. They all exchanged a message that only Team Hero alone knows.

We’re going back in here tonight, rules or no rules. We are going to find the secrets this school is hiding.

At that moment, Rashika’s eyes narrowed over at a dark corner where she heard a familiar rhythm of chains walk away as she spotted a small, unnoticeable paper plane fly to Ozur. He unfolded the plane, reading the message quickly before hiding it in his pocket, having full knowledge that Rashika, Eathelyn, and Hugo knew what this was about.

Not only will they sneak around the school at night; they’ll be going to a different library.... And they’ll be having some company.

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