The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Nineteen

No one muttered a single word once the Soul Books closed shut and went back in a neat pile by themselves which probably would be something the teenagers would question if their minds weren’t too full of other thoughts. Questions swam across their brains while their minds tried to register the heart stopping and pounding information they just received .

Eathelyn felt a sudden bucket full of poignant travel through her bones but the crazy thing was, she didn’t do anything but just exist and live with the man who caused the deaths of two her friends’ parents! The same went for Hugo, he wasn’t sure if he could muster the courage to face Rashika and Ozur right now. Nothing can reassure him that they’ll not look back at him and Eathelyn with their faces smeared with anger and betrayal.

Ozur could have felt anger. He could have, however deep in his now aching heart, he knew his friends weren’t like their backstabbing fathers. He could feel his heart ache as if someone’s hand reached in and just tore it right out of him! Even though he didn’t get to know his parents at all, he somehow felt this warmth comfort his heart from the pain, as if his parents were right beside him. He turned around to see if this presence he felt was true, but as he thought, there was no one but his friends behind him.

Rashika didn’t know what to feel now, since a crowd of emotions each swam around her body, each showing up at once! All her life she and father have lived believing that her mother had abandoned her, but in reality, she was murdered! Her mother never spoke a single word of disgust about her, just words of a parent’s faith in their own child. She aggressively wiped the dragon tears that threatened to fall at the thought that the woman who was called the one who didn’t care about her own child, actually did care and love Rashika.

Eathelyn and Hugo could see Rashika’s shoulders shake while Ozur stood as still as stone. They waited for an outburst. For a cry that what happened was their fault. Fingers accusing them of being like their fathers and soon become traitors! The fear of being close to the two demons.

“We don’t blame you, Eathelyn. Hugo.”

Their eyes widened in shock. Eathelyn looked at Ozur and Rashika with guilt written all over her face. Hugo couldn’t stop himself from shaking at the statement his two friends made. All they could process in their minds were that Rashika and Ozur don’t blame them for what happened in the past!

“Are you listening to yourselves right now?” Eathelyn’s voice shook, her hands began to tremble as well. “Hugo and I are each the child of the men who betrayed your mothers, who caused them to die and have you love a life with lies! H-How can you just say you d-don’t blame us?!”

Ozur didn’t say a word more, but Rashika calmly answered, her voice thick with raw emotion. “You two don’t have to apologize. You didn’t betray our mothers, it was your fathers but that doesn’t mean you’re like them. Yeah, so Ozur and I grew up unaware of what really happened to the people who weren’t in our lives but...We would never blame you or Hugo for what happened, the only ones to blame are Headmistress Olema and the Sun Gang.” Ozur nodded in agreement, his voice seemed to be lost at the moment but his eyes shined with the truth until he added with a sad smile. “Besides, your dads didn’t entirely betray our mothers...They didn’t tell the Sun Gang about the scroll, so they must have some good still left in them.”

Hugo’s arm covered his eyes, same with Eathelyn, as she tried to make an excuse to act a little tough. “It’s just the dust in here...Yeah, the dust..” After an emotional moment, the teens looked at the closed Soul Books, as Ozur lifted one of them up until a question sparked in his mind, “Hey do you guys remember seeing that once Rashika’s mother, along with mine both turned to those lilies when they...Well, you know...Doesn’t it mean that the giant meadow of those lilies that Olema was talking about are the lives taken away? But how is that possible?”

“That’s the part that confuses all of us,” Eathelyn sighed until she gasped. “Yeah...Wait a minute...Ozur, you noticed that the lily meadow down at the Earth, they might the lives were taken away, but doesn’t that mean that our Headmistress is a murderer in disguise? Think about it, she managed to get mine and Hugo’s fathers to spit out information about the machine they built, she threatened to kill them. She must have killed others who were just like our parents!”

“Of course!” Hugo exclaimed, landing a fist on his palm. “That’s why the Sun Gang have the Demons in the Dark World do executions for the people who break the rules! The rules keep us from finding out the real truth about them, about what they do and how they are breaking the balance!”

“This could explain why this school has this crazy train ride for the new students! No wonder the parents of the victims never see the dead bodies back at the Myth and Light Worlds! The students who fell off from the train on that ride died and turned to those lilies to prevent anyone from seeing who were they!” Rashika gasped, “Innocent lives taken just for the sake of balance...”

“Before anything else, we need to find that scroll my mom hid!” Ozur demanded, wasting no time running to the spot his mother hid the scroll, leaving the rest behind. No one uttered a word for that moment until they could hear Ozur shout in victory,


To be honest there wasn’t much looking since Ozur came back in record time to hand Hugo the scroll he found. It still looked new after all these years of hiding, just some dust as he opened it, which released some dust as they read the title transcribed on the paper.

Lilies of Death

They continued to read the words of the writer.

Fools those three worlds are, they don’t know what us as the Sun Gang were planning, all they wanted was peace. What they don’t know is that from the food they receive from their lunch hours at Lunar Star Academy has a chemical was penetrated in that food. This chemical can turn any person who has passed on into a poor innocent lily, which holds the soul’s hostage!

The lilies will then be used to keep the white fire borders burning brightly so no one will cross territories! Not only that but that fire that supposedly protects the people, the flames absorb the life out of the lands in the Dark World. Eventually, that world will be a dark gloomy place but all is worth for power and riches to the Sun Gang! White lilies tell us that the person died naturally, the blue lilies are the rarest because those are the souls of the people who have been murdered the cruelest way possible.

“No wonder the Dark World is looks like a disaster zone!” Hugo gasped, punching the floor in frustration. “The first ever members of the Sun Ganga have planned all off this from the start! They weren’t really trying to bring balance, as that writer spoken, they only did it for power, for control, for all access to the riches!”

“If the Sun Gang knew about this the whole time, then what’s the point of us being here?” Eathelyn whispered until she snatched the scroll from Hugo’s hands and continued to read the rest until her eyes widen in disbelief.

As the Sun Gang, those low lives at those worlds mean nothing to us, we use their differences against each other. They are just mere puppets to give us what we really want without realizing it. If they keep believing that our rules are the only ones that’ll keep the balance then our true motives will reach its destination soon. For now, let’s keep it this way, no one will suspect this happening, on the day of the blue moon, our weapon will be revealed. The more distrust they share among each other, the more power they quench for, the more selfish desires will be the cause of their doom.

That blue moon when everything will reveal, that will be three hundred years later, on the day a fellow team member will face the dilemma of a lifetime; one that shall determine one’s life or death. At that moment, a young heir to the Sun Gang bloodline must wield a source of power to command the real sun up and collect the rays of heat!Call this crazy but it will happen, no matter how many times this unlucky team of students from Lunar Star Academy tries to avoid it.

After all, the Sun Gang will stop at nothing to put an end to all those miserable lives and begin a new world, with only people who are the same as us. Basically, only our next Sun Gang generations will live to create their ideal world, and everyone else will die!

The prophecy has already been done.

“I...Don’t believe it.” Ozur commented after reading what Eathelyn had seen. “The Sun Gang, they don’t sound like the heroes we heard from those stories people tell us at all. They’re just using us, no everybody to make this prophecy they made a reality...” He found himself suddenly pacing back and forth while he continued,“And worst part is, there is no way in telling when this blue moon will appear, since it’s our time period, we haven’t got a clue which team is going to have this unlucky fate, let alone know how to stop this madness.”

Hugo and Rashika remained silent, their eyes looked at the ground for a moment until the hybrid saw some sort of box figure underneath the barrel that held the scrolls they were looking through.

Rashika carefully took the small wooden box out, finding some scratched up inscription on the top, stating:

Not enough time, but a small chance of hope. Please open, the fate of this world depends on this information.

Ozur looked over Rashika’s shoulder to get a better look at the box, discovering that it had a small keyhole at the center, indicating that this box is locked up good and tight.

Before anyone could comment, let alone try to open this mysterious box; their guard suddenly increased when they heard Zeliah warn them from a distance, “YOU GUYS HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE, I SENSE SOMEONE COMING!”

Didn’t take some genius to figure out that they had to grab the stuff they have, throw it in Hugo’s cape and make a run for it. Except for one teeny, tiny problem.

“Which way is out if we can’t use the other way?”

No one could answer Eathelyn’s question, let alone speak as their eyes wandered through every corner in the room to find some sort of lever or way out! Suddenly out of nowhere, Zeliah came running in with Thuggort being carried on her back as she motioned Team Hero to follow her. They reached a bookcase that was attached to the wall, her hands throwing books out of the shelves, looking for any book disguised as a lever.

The rest of the teens soon joined in the search until Ozur’s hands removed the final book on the shelf, the wall moved to the side, revealing another tunnel! Without hesitation, they all ran in, the wall closing as the lights in the room extinguishing in a flash!

Once the wall was completely shut, they made a run for it and it would have been easier if these tunnels haven’t been filled with more traps!

“Looks like we have our work cut out for us,” Hugo remarked, releasing both his twin swords while Eathelyn, Rashika, and Ozur released their weapons! “Ozur, you take the traps on the right, Rashika you take the ones on the left, and Eathelyn, you’ll take the ones in the front with me. Zeliah, you’ll be leading us through these tunnels!”

Earning nods, everyone dispersed to their directions as they destroyed the traps that intended to take their lives!

Ozur turned every one of those traps at the right into dust, or splinters, not even receiving a single scratch! Rashika burned the killing machines at the right to dust with her dragon flames, making sure the flames were a safe distance away from her friends as she scattered her bombs at the traps her fire could reach! Hugo and Eathelyn each used their swords to slice through each contraption, one in front before stepping back for the other to step forward to do the slicing!

Zeliah made sure Thuggort held on tightly, as she searched for the tunnel door that led to the school library until her eyes met her needs! “Right there, just passed the next corner and you’ll be back from where you started!”

“Then lets these last attacks count!” Hugo smirked, as one of his twin swords pierced through one of the miniature catapults that can trap anyone with its nets!

Soon enough the next corner was near as the death traps decreased its numbers until each member destroyed the last of them all at the same moment! Finally, they reached the wall from where they started, seeing the opposite path they took at the beginning, they all leaned against it, trying to catch their breaths. At least that part was over.

“Are you sure about this Ulin!?” Headmistress Olema screamed, her fist slamming the desk from the news she received from the teacher.

“I’m sure Headmistress,” Ulin reassured as she made a slight bow of respect. “As I went down to do my period of patrolling the restriction area, I sensed several presences near the real heart if the school. Then I came as fast as I could to report here, and with huge regret, I have failed to identify who were the snooping wanderers.”

“Impossible,” Olema muttered to herself, sitting down on her fancy chair as she turned to face the window.

“If those people who were snooping around there, then they must have been inside the real library, and if they do then all the secrets are spilled to them. We must find out who are they and find a way to make sure none of the information they discovered is not leaked out of their little mouths! If that knowledge finds its way to all the worlds, then the balance and trust the Sun Gang created will be destroyed! And I wouldn’t want to put the blame on you, Ulin, after all, it’s been years since that incident.”

Ulin stood still with no emotion written on her face as Olema growled her next words. “We’ll have to kill them if that’s necessary, no one must find out the Sun Gang’s plans...No one.”

She turned back to Ulin, with venom shining from her eyes. “Find them Ulin, and if they know too much, kill them. No matter who they are, I want them dead otherwise, I’ll have no problem teaching you another lesson that needs to be learned. Do you understand Ulin?”

“Yes Headmistress,” Ulin bowed once more, her face remained the same while in the inside, she was bleeding with pain.

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