The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Two

“Dad, it’s raining again, can I go outside now? I won’t cause trouble with the rats with my eye again!”

“Eathelyn what did I say about going out in the rain?”

“Uh...You told me....To...Um....Kill something? ”

“Did you finish your report?”

“It’s in my suitcase in my room!”

A tall man wearing a simple gray tunic with black leggings with dark feathered wings on his back came out from their small cabin house as he smiled at his daughter. “You really are one of a kind you know that.”

“Such a special girl that you’ll let me go out in the rain?” The teen looked up at her father with pleading eyes as the man nod, earning a victory cheer from her. “Yes! I’ll be back before supper!”

“Just don’t get out of our home area Eathelyn!”

Eatheyln was already far down the dried grass field while she spread her arms out making sure her hair with dark purple highlights didn’t reveal her right eye, which held her Demon Eye. She might have told her father that she’ll kill something but that was a thought that never was on her agenda. She let the calm rain wash down through her spiky long coal hair as she breathed in the nice coolness of the wind. Although she never saw the sun, she dreamed about the day that she’ll be outside in a beautiful meadow just breathing in the warm air of her new world. Of course, she knew her dream would never come true, she was the demon but she couldn’t help but just dream about it as she felt the cool drops of rain hit her face. Then there was the dream to meet other children like her, also, some who came to the Light and Myth Worlds. Eathelyn knew that that dream would come true, she was going to Lunar Star Academy, there she’ll meet the children who were in the same world as she was, and others who were across the borders.

“What’s sunlight like?” She wondered to herself as she stepped on top of a rotting log, grabbing a stick in the process. “Why can’t I meet the other kids who are my neighbors?” Eathelyn sat down, began to draw on the mud beneath her. The black mud was soon replaced with stick figures of boys and girls smiling and holding hands together, some had wings, others had the demon eyes, and others were just plain normal. “Perhaps I’ll make friends with some Light World children, we could share everything with each other. She can maybe help me get in the Light World someday.” She sat still for a moment, letting the raindrops demolish her muddy sketch away, those smiles turning upside down. Eathelyn was still in dreamland anyway. “I wonder what those Light and Myth Worlders do for fun...They’re probably not living in a sink like this.”

She looked down at her disappearing drawing until she gasped, taking a step back. There on the ground revealed that only four stick people survived from the rain. There were four figures, two of them was a demon, along with a stick figure of herself. Each one of them was smiling, although two of them were myth hybrids. “Weird....I wonder-”

“Eathelyn! Did your father let you out of the rain again! Get back inside this instant!”

Eathelyn sighed, getting up and raced back up the hill ready to greet the wrath of her mother. If anyone was pure evil, it was her mother and she still wondered why her father would marry such a witch! Her father, in fact, was the exact opposite of what demons are supposed to be, which was evil and soulless. While her mother was out giving judgment to enemies from afar to see what punishment they deserve, her father stayed home with Eathelyn making sure the house stays in place and that she was home schooled. At last, she got to the entrance of her home, getting inside while ignoring her mother’s infuriating glare. Her mother had both demon eyes and was dressed in a long black dress while her straight gray hair goes up to her shoulders.

“Still think you could have born with two demon eyes instead of one,” She growled, slamming the door behind her while Eathelyn took a seat on the dinner table. “But no, you have to be born with one and you hide it behind that pathetic hair of yours just because you can’t control its powers yet. Ha! You’ll be the laughing stock of your school for sure.” Eathelyn remained silent as she picked up her fork and devoured her meal which was dried dead leaves salad with a piece of roast crow. The family remained silent until Eathelyn questioned with her face facing her food. “Who decides who’s a demon and whose normal?”

“We don’t ask such questions, why even your older brother Asger didn’t ask such nonsense,” her mother answered in her everyday rude tune and it seemed like she was about to add something else but she looked down at her plate in complete silence once again, Eathelyn didn’t blame her.

About three years ago, Eathelyn had an older brother named Asger who was only eighteen, and he was the pride of the family. He had gray hair that would always seem like he combed it very well and it was straight like their mother and he could control both of his demon eyes perfectly so he’s like an exact copy of their mother! Asger was also someone Eathelyn can talk about anything with him without any question or outburst. Unfortunately, three years ago after Asger graduated from Lunar Star Academy, he was off to work as the guard for the Light World leader which was a very high honor but dangerous job. He wrote back letters about how great his job was but one day they received a tragic message. Asger got into an accident; he was killed in action by someone who was going to attack his master but he ended up taking the killing blow for that matter. Ever since that day, her mother just buried her grief in work, at least, that was what she believed.

“But don’t we have a choice in life?” Eathelyn continued, noticing that her mother was making a fist. “I mean is there, at least, one person from the Dark World who’s part the Council?”

“Eathelyn...” Her father warned silently but the young teen still asked what was in her mind.

“Who decides what’s good and what’s bad? Maybe not all demons are bad, I never killed anything in my life! I mean why can’t everyone be treated as equals and not have to live low lives with borders caging us in?! You know as well as I do that I’m not the kind of person to just act and live the rest of my life a mindless killing machine!”

“....Eathelyn...” Her father coughed, then turned to his wife to quickly change the subject. “Dear why don’t you tell Eathelyn about your day at work? I’m sure she’s just a bit stressed and nervous about her big day.” He was trying to make the tension on the dinner table ease off a bit but he was a few seconds too late. Eathelyn then saw her mother smash her fist on the table with such great force that the wooden table broke into large pieces having the dinner plates fly up then down on the ground! She could hear the crashing sound of the plates, breaking into small glass pieces on the floor. Crash, cling, cling!

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that Eathelyn!” She screamed her face was boiling with fury, but Eathelyn didn’t saw any sign of fear. “Makes me glad that you’re going to Lunar Star Academy tomorrow, they can probably teach you things that your father failed to teach!” Her mother then sent death glares at said man, who was got up quickly to get the broom from the front door of the house to avoid getting into this argument.

“Hey I was just asking, can’t you answer at least one of my questions!?” Eathelyn exclaimed, standing up in defiance in front of her angry mother, her crimson eye glaring deep down at both the women’s dark cold pupils.

“It’s strictly forbidden to ask such things like that!” Her mother shouted. “The Sun Gang society helped stop a five-century war between our worlds, keeping the balance.” She then grabbed Eathelyn, dragging her harshly to her room then shoved her inside, not caring if the teen fell. “And I would not have you and your foolhardy curiosity ruin three hundred years of balance!” With that, the door was slammed shut, locked while dust from the roof fell on top of Eathelyn’s head.

She should hate her mother for this harsh treatment, but Eathelyn wasn’t one to hold a grudge. She loved her mother and father but sometimes she couldn’t help but have those days when she absolutely disappointed in them. This was one of these days. She was mad at her father for just sitting there, making the situation worse and just walking away when the tension got worse. Irritated with her mother for never understanding that she was different, she wasn’t like any demon in this world. Eathelyn didn’t let her tears fall, it would be a waste anyway so she went to survey her now empty room. All it had was her empty lump of crow feathers in a bed sized pile, which what everyone in the Dark World had to sleep on, unless if you’re rich enough to afford a real bed made out of skulls. Her parents had a skull bed but her mother believed that she had to earn coal money to get herself a real bed. Then there was the large purple mirror in front of her bed, a small drawer of her clothes but that was empty. Eathelyn clearly packed up her whole room since it looked just new, she was ready for a few years in the Lunar Star Academy.

Before she heard the midnight howls to tell her to go to sleep, Eathelyn took out two small rocks she found in the field one day which was one of her most treasured findings. Why did she treasure those two simple rocks? Well, it was because when she rubbed them hard enough, she could see small specks of light come out. She managed to make one large spark, but she almost caused the whole field to burn one time until the rain washed it away before any damage could be done. This time, she grabbed a feather from her bed and with one good rub against the rocks, the sparks came and some of them were caught on the feather. The feather began to get swallowed up by the orange flower like warmth while Eathelyn spun it slowly around. “Is this what it feels to be heated up by those flames? I wonder if it feels soft as it looked.”

Eathelyn then placed her first finger on top of the glowing feather, but suddenly a rush of burning pain stabbed her finger, as she made a small yelp and quickly blew the flower away. What was left of the feather was only ashes that fell to the floor while Eathelyn inspected her burnt finger. It wasn’t that bad, her finger just had a small white bubble which she decided to pop so it wouldn’t bother her.

Bad choice.

The pain was so unbearable that she was on the urge to scream but she swallowed her shouts and endured her pain until her finger began to bleed. She ripped a piece of her shirt so she can wrap her finger so it wouldn’t bleed all over her. Eathelyn then picked her two rocks once again since she dropped them after she burned herself. Her fingers turned the stone slowly around, inspecting it’s feature, trying to figure out how in the world did something so pretty come out of something ugly and dull. Then a sudden gust of wind entered her room, causing her hair to blow in front of her eye, and revealing her right covered crimson eye while the left was gray as a rock. There it was red with her pupil thin as a twig, looking very dangerous with every inch and corner of it full of treachery . Eathelyn got up from the floor, looked up the gray clouds, feeling the cool wind dance around her while she then let her fingers run through the suitcase next to her. She looked closely at the clouds, trying to find any sign of light that was hiding somewhere in the darkness. Was it a mistake that she was in this world? Did someone out there have plans for her for the near future? Are there other people her age who thought the way she did? Eathelyn’s young mind wondered every question she could think of, even some that questioned the law, the council and the way of life.

The next day will be a fresh start for her, Eathelyn couldn’t sleep that night even if she hummed the melody her older brother used to sing to her in secret. It was forbidden for the citizens from The Dark World to make anything for comfort and happiness so the only way for them to get happiness was to kill without mercy or remorse. Lunar Star Academy, it was supposed to be the place of every child’s dream, she read letters from her brother talking about how great the academy was. Eathelyn couldn’t sleep since she too excited, even if she had another bad argument with her mother.She then was laying on her bed, her hands wrapped around the cool rough smooth stones while she was stuck in thought about the stones that made Orange flower. Why would is something that looks so nice can actually be something that causes your pain? Can there be things that seem nice but are actually bad things in very god disguises? Can the ones that look different be good? The young girl looked out of her window from her bed once again, her left maroon eye lit up with a spark sorta like the one she made a few moment ago.

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow the sun will finally come out and I’ll be a new person. I’m not a heartless demon. I’m like those rocks who make the light. But who are the rocks that makes the beauty and who are deadly flowers?”

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