The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Twenty

“That was a close one,” Hugo gasped, trying to catch a breath, wiping some sweat from his forehead while his friends were doing the same, except for the fact that Eathelyn punched his arm as she sarcastically remarked, “Of course that was a close one, we could have been toast! Not to mention that you did most of the destroying back there, leaving me with not a lot of traps to turn to splinters.”

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I let you get just as much I did!” Hugo shot back, the two were both glaring at each other until Rashika made a fake cough grab their attention. “If you two are done fighting over how many of those contraptions we vanquished,” She rolled her eyes, turning to Zeliah and Thuggort as she handed them a small wrapped up the container. “Thank you, for helping us get by that tunnel...I don’t know if that’ll be enough but we’ll be sure to repay you much more soon.”

Confused, Thuggort took the container from his sister’s hands, unwrapping the cloth that surrounded the container. He opened the lid and gasped at the sight that was inside, looking up at Rashika as she explained, “It’s called rice dumplings, a little something I found in the recipe books in the school library and later cooked at the school kitchens a few hours before we went on this little adventure. I figured, you guys must probably be hungry since you’re forced to be slaves and to work all day without rest, so eat up.” She winked with reassurance, “I’m not a bad cook, honest.”

“Thanks,” Zeliah whispered, her fingers wrapping around her brother’s hand real tight. “My brother and I have to get going before anyone realize that we’re missing, especially the Headmistress. She makes a count a few hours before this time so we won’t get caught. If you need to return to the Grand Library you know the way. Good luck with your future.” With that, she pressed the center stone of the wall and with her brother, they ran off through the tunnels, disappearing into the darkness.

The wall opened, revealing the school library they came from, looking just the same as the full moon shines through the large windows. The teens walked out of the tunnels, the wall closing in slowly as they walked back to their beds in silence, making sure no one was around.

They found themselves on the edge of their beds, three of them staring at Hugo as he sighed, digging in his cape to get the box they found. At last, he held it out, looking around the sides to see any other message inscribed somewhere. “Well looks like the only way to find out what this message means is to open this box...The only problem is..” He looked down, whispering in a small voice to avoid Eathelyn’s anger. “We don’t have the key.” He heard of the chorus of sighs that had a hint of frustration in them, gladly ignoring it as he opened the blueprints he took along with him. “But hey, we got a head start of what’s going on, all we have to do is go back to the Grand Library soon and fix up that machine, and later, well who knows.”

Eathelyn got up from her bed, only to make a huge thumbs up of agreement. “He’s right, we know what those Sun Gang people are hiding now and if we somehow get the rest of the worlds to find out too, then together we’ll put an end to their plan.”

“Yeah!” Ozur cheered, turning into his wolf form, running around the room like a puppy. “Even if that writer who wrote that there’s nothing to stop that prediction then we’ll just have to destroy this weapon they are planning to unleash! We’re Team Hero after all, and no one will stop us! Right Rashika? Rashika?”

Rashika wasn’t paying attention to her teammates, more like her attention was all at the dark corner several feet across from them. Her necklace quickly glowed as she turned to her dragon form in a threatening mood, her fangs were revealing while she growled at the corner. Ozur’s eyes narrowed to the corner to see what Rashika was growling at, and pretty soon he saw something move, causing him bark and run after the eavesdropper, with Rashika flying right behind him!

Eathelyn looked over at Hugo as he nodded as if he just read her thoughts and without a word they ran after their teammates who were pursuing the enemy.

“That’s pretty stupid of you Ozur to just run like that!” Rashika fly through tight corners of the school once they were out of the library, trying to keep the noise down since the night was still young and she wasn’t in the mood to explain to Ulin for all the noise they caused.

“Speak for yourself Rashika, you’re flying right above me,” Ozur smirked as he picked up the pace while he left an infuriated dragon behind him, just ready to fry him at the moment.

“That’s because someone has to make sure you don’t do anything crazy and to keep you out of trouble! And when we’re over with this, you’ll be getting the beating of a lifetime!”

“We’re going to lose track of them if we don’t keep moving, and not take breaks!” Eathelyn glared back at Hugo, who was leaning against the wall of the building, trying to catch a breath. She didn’t hesitate to take Hugo’s hand and drag him along as she ran as fast as she could. “Stop dozing off and keep running!”

“Hold on!” Hugo tried to pin his feet to the ground, hoping to stop Eathelyn from running until she stopped all of a sudden as her Demon Eye narrowed.

“The Sun Gang are coming to Hugo...” Before Hugo could ask, Eathelyn turned around and headed back to the library!

“Eathelyn what’s the matter with you, we have to catch up to Rashika and Ozur! What did you see?!” Eathelyn clearly ignored the protests Hugo was sending as she held his hand tight while she ran with all the speed she could muster to their new destination!

“You’re not getting away whoever you are!” Ozur shouted, his eyes still targeted the shadow that was spying on them as he or she ran faster ahead. “Rashika, I need you to do me a favor!” Didn’t take a wild guess for Rashika to instantly lift Ozur from the ground and spun around to release him to fly down to the prey!

He released his claws as his eyes targeted the closed place he could land on, only he didn’t expect to land right on top of the spy! Rashika caught up to the two, seeing that the spy was wearing a navy blue cloak, the hood covering the face so she removed the hood, only to hear Ozur gasp while she just looked at the person without any shock. The eavesdropper was none other than-

“Eiloh!?” Ozur quickly got off him, turning back to his human form so he can hold the demon roughly against the school walls to prevent him from trying to escape as he sneered back at him.

“Get off me if you know what’s best for you! I’ve overheard you guys talking about what you discovered in places we shouldn’t be going to!” Eiloh threatened while he struggled to break free but with his face against the rigid wall. “Just you wait, pretty soon the rest of my team will find about this rule breaking! You and your other friends will find yourselves out of this school while suffering whatever punishment Headmistress and the Sun Gang council give you!”

Rashika growled at the statement while Ozur tried to come up with a threat himself. “You spill one world about this and I’ll-”

“You’ll do what you two demon hybrids?!” Eiloh chuckled, even at the state he managed to get himself in. “You’ll kill me? Like what any other demon would do in situations like this? Figures, I’m a demon myself only I didn’t have parents who left me without a sign of regret. Right Rashika?” Rashika’s body suddenly got restless, her eyes got tensed from the sudden question Eiloh made when he continued his yammering. “You used to have a mom until rumor has it, she just left you with your daddy after discovering that you’re just a hybrid. What a shame, to be the daughter of a woman who wouldn’t even give you the light of day, well what do you expect from some monster like you?”

Ozur noticed the change in Rashika’s movements, he could see her fangs getting visible as he watched her body begin to shake with anger. Rashika, on the other hand, felt a sudden anger she never felt before, it just somehow lit up when Eiloh spouted out things he didn’t even know about her mother. Her head faced the floor, she soon transformed back into her human form, she finally spoke up in a small and yet threatening voice. “Don’t you dare talk about her that way.”

“Excuse me, what’s that I hear, the monster is defending the person who betrayed her from the beginning?” Without conscious, Rashika used her own fists to punch the boy’s face really hard.


“Rashika, calm down okay, we don’t want to start any trouble,” Ozur tried to reassure her but hers looked like she could kill the demon right on the spot. Suddenly Ozur’s eyes widen as he suddenly realized something he seemed to have forgotten for a moment! “Hold on a sec Eiloh, if you risk telling what my team did, then you’ll have no problem explaining to not only the Headmistress but to the Sun Gang why you’re dating with someone you both know that can never happen!”

“W-What are you talking about?” Eiloh stuttered in his words, as if what Ozur was saying was true.“I have no idea what you’re saying you jerk!” At that point, Rashika’s vexation instantly vanished when she was putting together what Ozur was trying to say.

“Come on, do you think I’m that dumb?” Ozur growled in aggravation on the demon’s resistance. “I saw the way you with that special someone of yours hold hands, the way you both stay together! I have pranks that tell me who are the people getting pranked, not to mention magic.”

“What are you saying? Did you spy!?“Eiloh abruptly yelled with rage.

“No, I just accidently saw you and your date one time when practicing my magic,” Ozur smiled a bit, remembering his horrified reaction to the discovery.

Eiloh suddenly felt a drop of worry enter his soul as Rashika and Ozur released him as they headed towards the school garden statue. On cue, Rashika held out her hand as she commanded in a soft voice, “Hey I know you’re there, come out will ya. You know your secret wouldn’t hide forever.”

The figure behind the statue took slow steps towards Rashika, as she was shaking like a leaf once she took off the hood of her cloak, revealing Malisha!

Even without her sight, she can tell that she and Eiloh will be in serious trouble if they don’t do something fast, however, she closed her eyes and went down on her knees all of a sudden. Her head faced the ground, showing a sign of surrender. “Look it’s my fault alright! I made Eiloh come with me to eavesdrop on you and your team members! I just thought that if we could somehow find something about you worth making Sundria pleased then maybe she wouldn’t be very angry and take her anger out on us. So please, I beg you,” Malisha suddenly felt tears run down from her pale eyes. “Don’t get Eiloh in trouble, just tell them that I was the ringleader of all this so they can punish me instead of him!”

“Are you crazy Malisha!” Eiloh shouted, running towards her as he embraced her tightly as if he forgotten about the two hybrids until he looked up at Rashika and Ozur with mixed emotions. “Look I know you’re probably angry at us for spying and threatening to tell but what choice did we have! If everyone was busy thinking about your actions, then Malisha and I wouldn’t have to worry about the jeopardy of our relationship until several years from now! I know the law is that the citizens from all three worlds could choose whomever they wish to fall in love with but demons and the Ethical are not permitted to fall in love at all! They can be friends, or comrades but never together!”

A long silence stretched in the atmosphere that it could have felt like it was talking eternity until Rashika broke the glass of quiet. “Hey, you actually thought we were going to do something like?” She gently brought the young couple up as she reassured them with a sudden warm smile. “We’re not the kind to bail lovers like you out, even if you did eavesdrop on us and threatened to use our discovery against us. Look from what I’ve seen so far in the past five minutes, you both share a wonderful bond so strong that you would do anything to keep that bond alive, and that’s okay but you just need to find a different method.”

“We’re sorry, it’s just that, when we were looking at the library for some books on battle positions, we saw you come out through the wall and well we panicked thinking you discovered our secret when you talked about learning the truths.” Malisha apologized as she elbowed Eiloh to do the same.

“Yeah we’re sorry, I guess I overreacted and misjudged you guys...It’s just with all the stuff our instructor, Sundria and Alsha say about you and your other teammates, it’s pretty hard to well...It’s hard to see if you’re not like what they say you are.” Eiloh the muttered to himself with annoyance. “Especially when one of you is a ridiculous jerk who plays pranks on people.”

“RIDICULOUS JERK?!” Ozur shouted in fury, both boys were soon glaring at each other with a spark of the rivalry was getting larger, forgetting about the tension displayed a few moments ago. “I’ll have you know that those pranks are a work of art of a true prank master!”

“Oh, you have a lot of words for someone who hasn’t eaten oatmeal before! And get beaten up once you got captured by me from your last prank!”

“That was only because that stupid four-eyed teammate of yours pushed me down since she got oatmeal on her hair! You can’t tell me that I can’t escape from my pranked victims just for that one time! At least I know what I’m doing with my life!”


Malisha and Rashika both stared at the two arguing boys until they began to laugh at the sight before Eiloh shouted with a lot of red on his face, “At least I picked a decent person as my girlfriend! Not one who’ll punch me every five seconds!”

The small group grew quiet including Ozur who had no idea what to shout back at him but unfortunately for both boys, he didn’t have time to think.

Without warning, Eiloh felt Malisha make a tight grip on his shoulders as he whimpered. “Ow, ow, ow! Hey stop please Malisha, I didn’t mean that in the way you’re thinking now! OUCH! My shoulder! You’re breaking it..” He could have sworn that he heard said shoulder crack loud enough to be drumming down his eardrums.

As for Ozur, Rashika was shaking him back and forth like crazy as she shouted with irritation while it seemed like fire burning in her eyes. “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ABOUT OZUR, WHAT DIRTY THOUGHTS ARE YOU PUTTING IN THAT POOR BOY’S MIND?! ARE YOU LITERALLY REQUESTING FOR A DEATH WISH!” She then stopped, dropping the tired out Ozur to the ground as she apologized to the couple. “Uh...Sorry, you had to see that, it’s not what you think. There’s no way in this entire universe that I’ll go out with him.”

“Right, and there’s no way I’ll go out with her, never in a million years,” Ozur commented, only to receive a punch to the stomach from Rashika, sending to the ground again.

“So sorry you had to see that too,” Rashika smiled until they suddenly heard the bells on top of the school building ringing while horns are being blown as well! Then out of nowhere, they could see an enormous ship approach the school door as they could hear Headmistress Olema’s voice announce from the speakers.

“Students, sorry for the sudden wake-up call but this is the urgent business we have right now so please all students regroup with your instructors and stand in front of the school entrance! Now!”

Without question, Malisha and Rashika both nodded at each other before running off in different directions with their partners running right behind them...After recovering from such violence they experienced. If there’s one thing all the girls they met had in common, was their violence.

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