The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Twenty-Three

“So you two did what!?” Eathelyn practical exploded as she laid on the couch of their new headquarters Hellioh told them about. The place wasn’t big like the Cobber Building, in the fact that burnt building was just around the corner from where they’re staying right now. Eathelyn was holding two packs of ice over her legs and one over her aching head, never in her life did she do such a workout! Apparently, after their training session, Ulin let them have a break and that was when Ozur and Hugo confessed to what really happened during that running exercise.

“In my defense Eathelyn, we had no choice and besides look at the bright side..” Ozur tried to reassure her but it was pretty hard when she was glaring knives at him since he was the one who made the clones in the first place. “You at least got to lose some pounds.” Bad move.

“Are you calling me fat!?” Eathelyn screamed, throwing a spare pack of ice right at Ozur’s face but then relaxed a bit since Rashika quickly got them off the subject.

“Okay, okay! Calm down Eathelyn, now Hugo; you and Ozur are telling me that Malisha and Eiloh not only begged you for us to beat their team but you told them about the slaves?”

“Yes,” Hugo answered in an ashamed voice as he was on his knees until he got up to her height. “But it’s better that way, and besides they made a Scar Oath so this secret is safe with us! We can’t just leave them in such a situation, we have to help them!”

Rashika remained silent until her steam finally cooled down. “Alright, it’s probably better either way; they did spy on us last night so there’s no point in hiding that fact but at least you didn’t tell them anything else. Right?”

“Of course we didn’t tell those two anything else but the slave part but thankfully we left the names out,” Ozur assured, removing the spilled ice off himself. “We’re Team Hero, after all, we vowed to help anyone who needs help when it comes to peace and happiness!”

“We never made a vow Ozur.” Eathelyn pointed out. “But anyway, with the Sun Gang here, getting to that secret library is going to be tougher. I doubt they’re here just for the tournament.”

“Are you saying that they know that the Grand Library was intruded? Were we discovered then!?” Hugo asked, trying to make sure he didn’t sound worried.

“I doubt that Hugo if we were discovered then Hellioh and not to mention Headmistress Olema would have revealed us when the whole school was gathered. My dad would tell me that whenever the Sun Gang discover a traitor, they call him or her out in front of the whole world this traitor is,” Rashika recalled, causing a chorus of sighs of relief from her friends. “But I can’t guarantee that Headmistress Olema won’t just give up, she probably has instructors scattered for any person who seemed smart enough to get in the library.”

“But that means we’re toast,” Hugo realized. “We left that place without actually covering up the evidence that we were there. So we’re doomed.”

“Not necessarily,” Ozur smirked with pride. “While we ran out of the library, I used my wand to make the place look the way it was before we came after the fire was taken out. So that should give us at least some time before anyone finds out.”

“That’s a relief,” Eathelyn smiled, finally releasing the small grudge she had on the hybrid. “In the meantime, while we train for the exams, we’ll also use this time to venture in that library again.”

“That’s right, so here’s what we’re going to do.” Hugo nodded, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen to jot down what he was about to announce. “Ozur; you and I will find the machine the last Team Hero built and fix it up. As for your two, Eathelyn and Rashika; you’ll make sure that Ulin or anyone doesn’t get suspicious with our absence, even with the clones. Oh, and you two will also browse through the old texts, see if there’s anything else we need to know.”

“And speaking of stuff we need to know, what about that box we found?” Rashika was pretty sure that Hugo was close to forgetting that very small detail since he gasped in surprise and soon dug in his cape to pull out the ancient artifact.

The teens looked at the box once again, still befuddled about the lock in the side center. “I guess while we’re doing what I assigned, we’ll be on the look out for the key that opens this. Until then I think we should get some rest.” Without argument, everyone got up to head to their separate rooms they got to hopefully get a good night’s sleep.

While her team was sleeping in their rooms peaceful and quiet, Eathelyn was busy tossing and turning on her bed. Cold sweat began to flow her face as a nightmare intruded into her thoughts. At least she hoped this is just a nightmare....

“Where am I?” Eathelyn wandered around an empty place that was dark but full of bright, thick fog. She couldn’t see her friends from a mile away, but then again how can she see with all this fog around her! Suddenly she heard distant sounds of explosives and the cry of people in a panic!

She turned around to run towards the noise but she didn’t see any fire, or people, just fog, and darkness. Eathelyn heard laughter, but not the kind after hearing a joke, the kind that only villains make after they have completed their evil deed. “Okay whoever you are, show yourself! I’m not afraid of you!”

“Ha ha ha ha! Are you sure? Your power is much stronger than you think Eathelyn.” A bone chilling voice growled in delight. “But I wonder if that power if yours isn’t also a curse, I mean with you getting visions and all.”

“What visions!” Eathelyn questioned but the wind began to violently swirl around her hair, the voice was long gone but the fog cleared and soon her answer was right in front of her! Literally!

At first, she saw blurry images of some sort of familiar place but she couldn’t tell until the vision got clearer, revealing the academy but instead of standing tall and proud, it was in flames! She saw explosives activated from certain buildings and corners as students were running from the fire in a panic! “What’s going on there? Why is the school on fire and when did that happen?!” Eathelyn ran towards the burning school, wondering if anyone could see her, but that question was easily answered when one of the students ran right through her as if she was a ghost! The flames roared in the wind and soon lightning began to strike every untouched area the fire didn’t torch!

For a moment she could have sworn she heard someone shout from a distant, “WE CAN’T JUST LEAVE HER THERE!”

However, she didn’t have time to see who was shouting, since something else caught her attention! The clear rhythm of blades getting smashed together in a battle combat, the opponents were speaking but their voices were muffled. Eathelyn followed the sound of the weapons but she spotted at her trails in petrifying shock.

The moment she was about to turn the corner, she could see a crimson puddle cover the ground that she hoped was just cherry juice, unfortunately, it wasn’t. It was a puddle of blood! Eathelyn’s body began to feel sick, too sick to even move to see who was killed. “Come on move....MOVE!”

Her body didn’t listen, she could hear a male voice cry out something but she couldn’t tell who was yelling! More explosions were set and she suddenly saw that students who were panicking suddenly began to celebrate. “Who would celebrate when the school is getting burned to dust!?” Out of nowhere, members of the Sun Gang appeared, as they began to gather the students with anger in their eyes. The puddle of blood was still facing her, it seemed like no one but she noticed! “Move now! Don’t be a chicken now Eathelyn! MOVE YOUR FEET!!”

Eathelyn’s right foot took the first step but the ground began to shake and before she knew it, she found herself in a different setting. How did she know? Well, the school wasn’t burning and by the time she got around the corner, she didn’t the blood or the fighters anywhere. Instead, she was in the Copper Building, well what’s left of it that is, but she was seeing some sort of light glow from upstairs. Deciding to take the chance, Eathelyn made her way up, only to see the that the floor was glowing and a piece of floorboard was loose. She didn’t know if it was going to be a trap set by the mysterious voice she heard or a sign of insanity!

Eathelyn shook her head, for all she knew this wild dream could be one of the side effects of the massive running workout she had. Then again, this was the Copper Building in the present day, and somehow only the bottom part of it got burned, not the top.

She reached her hand through the loose floorboard, into the glowing where she at first didn’t feel anything but air. “Maybe it’s just me going crazy,” She mumbled to herself until her fingers got into contact with a cool metal object that was the shape of…


Eathelyn gasped for air after waking up from such a dream, she turned towards her window that revealed the burned Copper Building, exactly how it looked like from her dream. “It was so real, I swear it was as if..” She paused and erased the thought as she shook her head. Impossible. She thought to herself. There is no way I can see the future, right?

She shook her head once more, feeling completely tired as she headed for bed but her body wouldn’t budge. Her conscious was kicking in, telling her to go get the key that might be hiding in the Copper Building. Eathelyn argued with herself out loud. “No way, it was just a dream! .....But then again, I wouldn’t dream about if it wasn’t that important..” She sighed in defeat with herself. “Oh boy I can’t believe I’m going to do this.”

“OH MY GOSH! COLD, COLD WATER! EATHELYN WHAT’S THE MEANING OF THIS!” Hugo was drenched in ice cold water that Ozur prepared with his magic while Rashika and Eathelyn couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction.

“Well if you must know oh great leader,” Eathelyn explained, “One, you wouldn’t wake up easily like Rashika and Ozur so cold water was the trick. Two, I think I know where we can find the key to open the box we found!”

“W-What!?” Hugo choked, his drowsiness suddenly vanished on the sudden news his received! “But how? Did someone tell you? Or did you hear one of the Sun Gang Members accidentally spill out the information?!”

“Not exactly,” She began, grabbing everybody’s attention as she explained her dream, every last bit well except for the dark voice part and the school burning down part. Why didn’t she include this mysterious voice? Could be that deep inside, Eathelyn couldn’t bring herself to tell her friends more than they need to know. The last thing she needed was for them to get into trouble she felt that might be coming soon.

The moment she finished her tale, Ozur placed his palm on top of her forehead with concern. “Eathelyn....Are you sure you’re not a little sick from all that running and training, it was pretty tense?”

“Yeah, that must be it, I think you need to rest a little to get your head back down on Earth,” Hugo added with a nod, but the boys both received a punch in the gut from Eathelyn at the same time, causing them to fall on their bottoms on the floor!

“Never mind,” Ozur groaned, trying to make sure he doesn’t pass out in pain while his arms were wrapped around his stomach. “You’re definitely not sick or going mentally insane....My pain proves it.”

“You two wouldn’t be in pain if you just trust me on this,” Eathelyn huffed, cracking her knuckles. “Look I know this sounds crazy but I swear, I wouldn’t be waking you guys in the middle of the night, or in Hugo’s case dump cold water if this wasn’t serious. My conscious tells me that the Copper Building is where the key is hiding, and that it’ll open the box that holds what we need to know. Are you in this or not?”

“Eathelyn, I know you want to go in the Copper Building to get the imaginary key you dreamt about but have you thought this through?” Hugo questioned, trusting his friend, but he was going to need more proof than just a dream. “And I’m not sure if you realized but the school now has night patrol! So not only staff members will be scouting the Copper Building but Sun Gang Members! Imagine a group of four teens snooping around at night, if they catch us then we’re done for.”

“Are you saying that we shouldn’t take that chance?” She snapped, anger beginning to boil up in her mind. “Hugo, the leader of Team Hero who takes risks and chances...Backs down on a new mission?”

“Incase you haven’t noticed Eathelyn, we are pretty exhausted from yesterday’s mission and who knows maybe that dream was set by someone who wants to lure us into a trap,” Ozur argued, standing next to Hugo but it was pretty hard to look serious if you’re very tired! “And even if your imaginary key is in that building, there is no way it’s still there, remember there was a fire.”

“But if Eathelyn’s dream could just be just a sign of insanity,” Rashika butted in defense. “There’s no harm in checking out the place to see if what she claims is true.”

“Rashika, the thing is we can’t all just barge in like nothing’s going to happen, we need to just let that little coincidence go and search for actual possible places where we can find the key.” Ozur folded his arms to show his tough guy act. “We had enough adventures for one night and day.”

“You mean, you and Hugo had enough adventures,” Eathelyn glared, giving a hint about the clones and switching that morning, which had Hugo to quickly end the subject.

“That was this morning okay, Ozur and I didn’t really have a choice,” he sighed and added so he wouldn’t get punched in the gut again. “But if it’ll make you feel better, we’ll go look for the key in the Grand Library the night after tomorrow. Alright?”

Eathelyn and Rashika pretended to pout for a moment before responding without enthusiasm. “Yeah.”

With that, Hugo turned to his trail back to bed followed by Ozur, as their leader yawned. “Good, we’ll search for the night after tomorrow then. Goodnight girls.”


The moment the doors to the boy’s bedrooms were shut and they could hear distant snores, Rashika and Eathelyn made mischievous grins, as if they both were holding on to the same idea. Which they pretty much were at the moment.

“Tomorrow night?” Eathelyn asked.

“At midnight,” Rashika responded.

“Without the guys?”

“Nope, in secret will be best Eathelyn.”

“All preparations will be completed?

“Just in time for tomorrow I assure you.”

“Weapons will be ready?”

“Has my fire ever let you down? Of course, the weapons will be ready.”

“Are you ready?” The demon added, looking over at Rashika as the girls headed towards their room. By the time they opened the door to their rooms, Rashika smiled towards Eathelyn.

“You bet.”

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