The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

“So you’re telling me that you two went to the Copper Building anyway!?” Hugo practically shouted that morning, well the very early morning before the sun even came up. “And not only that but I wake up after getting knocked out by you two only to see Ozur come helping you sneak back in here while you have absolutely no clue where Rashika is! To top that, she has to be here now or Ulin will get suspicious, not to mention Headmistress Olema!”

He could see Eathelyn flinch at that statement while Ozur kept watch to see if Ulin came back to wake them up for another lesson. He also made a clone of Rashika who was pretending to be asleep to fool Ulin just in case.

“Yeah I can see that but what do you expect us to do? We can’t wait around and hope for the key to magically appear!” Eathelyn finally argued. “Rashika and I were more than prepared to get that key, and we found it! But if wasn’t for Hellioh, we would come here in one piece!”

“Hellioh?” Ozur’s ears perched up at the mention of that name. “You two confronted Hellioh? Oh, my gosh this really bad! Did he discover you as in revealing your identities!?”

“Nope, he took the key and locked us up in that place hoping to kill us with one of his powers to torture people.” Eathelyn sat down, shaking her head in shame. “If it wasn’t for Rashika, we could have been stuck there and have you two get into more trouble than us. How does that sound?”

“Okay bad I get it but even if you found the key, you lost it anyway!” Hugo calmed down at long last, he was still steaming but he was starting to see the bright side. “At least Hellioh didn’t recognize you and that sound wave he created didn’t affect Rashika. Not to mention that now we have a lead to the key.”

“You know it’s nice that you see the bright side in this situation but what about Rashika? She’s still missing and I’m pretty sure this clone will be discovered to be a fraud sooner or later.” Ozur once more looked through the window spotting Ulin walking to this building while someone was sneaking around the bushes. He tried to get a better look at the second person but the moment he did, he was out faster than the speed of light!

“Ozur?” Hugo looked down at the unconscious teen, earning a shrug from Eathelyn as she began to revive him by waving some air to him. “Can anyone give at least one bit of good news today!”

“Okay how about me giving you extra hours of sleep! Try that for good news oh wise leader!” Eathelyn threatened while she continues to fan Ozur but her left hand was making a fist! “Geez calm down, just a moment ag4o you were talking about the bright side of this whole situation and now you’re back to being Mr. Gloomy.”

“You’re right, you’re right,” Hugo sighed, grabbing a glass of water from the counter that he was drinking from but was too frustrated to even take a sip. “Maybe I over exaggerated a bit, but we’re still going to be doomed if Rashika doesn’t show up or if we don’t find her.”

“This is Rashika and Hellioh’s power we’re talking about Hugo!” Eathelyn fanned a little more until she saw Ozur coming back from his sleep. “Finding her will take forever perhaps! I don’t even know where she could be now! It’s not like Rashika is just going to show up out of nowhere before Ulin comes in one piece like nothing happened.” The moment the sentence slipped off her lips, Ozur was back on the ground unconscious as if he has seen a ghost!

“Oh for the love of Pete!” Hugo approached Ozur with his cup of water and without hesitation or pity, he dumped the liquid on the hybrid’s face, and sure enough, Ozur came jumping back up! “Now if you can stop fainting on us for once, why did you faint in the first place Ozur!? We’re in a middle of a crisis!”

Ozur took a moment or two to breathe before he stuttered in panic, “U-Ulin is c-c-coming but then disappeared and R-R-Rashika sneaking back here!” Eathelyn and Hugo both exchanged confused but shocked faces.

“You’re not doing a prank are you Ozur because I’m in no mood for a joke right now.” He gulped when Eathelyn cracked her knuckles when she asked her question, but Ozur shook his head in reassurance.

“No way I swear I saw Rashika trying to sneak pass, Ulin!”

“Right, well if that’s true then I’ll kiss Hugo on the lips,” Eathelyn sarcastically shrugged, knowing very well that she’ll never ever in her whole life kiss Hugo so Ozur must be lying about the whole Rashika coming in without Ulin noticing story. She herself couldn’t find a single trace of Rashika, and from experience, none of them can sneak pass Ulin without one being the distraction!

“Then you better get over it Eathelyn, seriously girl you sometimes can be so reckless when it comes conflicts like this.”

Eathelyn paled at the voice that came behind her, she slowly turned around, hearing her heart beat echo down her ear drums and once she fully turned, she truly wished she could take back what she had betted! “Rashika?! How? When?”

Leaning against the room door with a smirk, Rashika came forward to the bewildered group. “You guys seem to forget that I’m a dragon, and dragons can be very fast when it comes to sneaking back to their home before anyone notices that they’re gone, thankfully Ulin didn’t notice me.” She turned to Eathelyn who looked like she was ready to kill! “So what’s this I hear about you kissing Hugo?”

Eathelyn’s head lowered in shame, she walked towards Hugo, who was starting to feel a bit scared and well awkward. Then out of nowhere, he felt a very hard fist made contact with his stomach and next thing he knows, he’s on the wall with stars spinning around him! “There I punched him.” Eathelyn turned away from Hugo with satisfaction, then faced Rashika. “Now for you, where were you?”

“Uh ignoring the fact that a punch isn’t a kiss in regular, mythical, and demon culture....Before we get to that detail,” Ozur approached Rashika, inspecting her suspiciously, especially her eyes. “Can you answer a few questions before we get back to Eathelyn’s questions? Like for instance, what’s your favorite color?”

“Ozur! This is Rashika you’re talking to, the real one since the only person who can make clones is you!” Hugo scolded, but Rashika didn’t seem to mind, responding to the question without any irritation, “Well, my personal favorite so happens to be red with a hint of black every know and then.”

Pretty soon Eathelyn was gaining a little suspicion of Rashika herself. “Okay, that is your real favorite color, but can you tell me a little bit about your family...I seemed to have forgotten most of it...If you don’t mind, can you refresh my memory?”

Rashika nodded in confirmation. “My father is a dragon, his name is Ormr, he took care of me my entire life.” She added with disgust in her voice. “As for my mother, she abandoned me when I was a baby, just because I wasn’t a complete demon like her.”

“Really? Very interesting...Can you tell me this then,” Ozur paced back and forth with his hands folded to his back for a moment, then his request was asked. “Tell me about Ulin’s daughter.”

He could see Rashika suddenly tense at the mention of the word ‘daughter’ before she smiled while her hand was behind her back. “D-Daughter? Are you serious, Ulin never told us such a thing this year? We don’t even know anything about her family life.” Her eyes narrowed, Eathelyn heard a silent but noticeable sound of a blade getting pulled out from behind Rashika, continuing her explanation. “Besides didn’t Headmistress Olema warn you about saying that word to Ulin; she would be very cross if she heard you right now. She’s been a very good instructor to us, I loved every lesson.” She stayed silent for a moment before her eyes glared at her friends as she addressed them in a calm chilling tone. “Do you think that since I was missing and I suddenly show up, that I could be a possible impostor?”

“Yeah you could say that Rashika,” Hugo, at last, figured out why Eathelyn and Ozur were getting suspicious in the first place. “After all, we are Team Hero, practically a rival team to everyone else in the school, and there’s a tournament coming up that determines our future. Not to mention that we made a little discovery that no one else knows about.”

“Discovery?” Rashika whispered, but quickly shook her head to try to convince her team that she was really herself. “I-I mean yeah that discovery that was so important that we can’t even talk about it.”

“Exactly, it was so fascinating at we made sure no one knew about, not even our very own wonderful, kind-hearted instructor,” Eathelyn winked at the boys as they made several steps back while she continued on. “Man, that information was so interesting, we literally had to run away with it so no one will discover and catch us.”

“Really?” Rashika’s eyes looked over her back, her pupils getting thin as her hand held a tight grip on her weapon. “I suppose Headmistress Olema will soon hear about our little discovery right?”

“Oh absolutely...” Eathelyn smiled, “NOT!” That smile instantly turned upside down when she pulled out her lightning sword, threatening to use it on Rashika! “Okay, you, who are you really and why are you impersonating our friend!?”

Rashika took a few steps away from the lightning that was dancing around the blade as she pleaded in fear and betrayal. “W-What are you talking about? I am Rashika, your friend! How could you turn on me like this? I thought you guys were better than this! Please believe me I beg you!”

“Then perhaps you can remind me where we went last night before we encountered Hellioh?” Eathelyn interrogated, eyes glaring straight through Rashika’s eyes like sunlight piercing through a window.

“That information is for us to keep between ourselves, who know what eavesdroppers could be spying on us right now,” Rashika pretended to cautiously look around, hoping to throw them off, but she was sadly mistaken.

“Only a fool could have fallen for a trick like that,” Ozur held out his wand, waving it four times. “The Rashika we know never talks about her mother with disgust, she would never mention any of our team secrets to the Headmistress unless we agree to tell her together.”

“Not to mention that the real Rashika would never ever keep secrets from us, even if there might be possibly spies lurking about!” Eathelyn waved her sword around to make sure the imposter stays back. “So who are you?!”

Rashika’s fear suddenly turned to giggles, then from giggle to nonstop laughter of a lunatic. That laughter did not match Rashika at all, not in the slightest, in fact, the way it sounded would most likely belong to a lunatic. Her exaggerated mirth then turned into dead serious ‘get ready to die’ face, pulling out a miniature sized poleaxe until it suddenly grew to its full size! Her eyes glared evilly at them with a spark in them.“You three are a lot smarter than I expected, but not smart enough!” She swung her ax at Eathelyn, but she was fast enough to use her sword to hold the blow!


The two were struggling to try to strike each other, but apparently, they were using equal strength with their weapons! Knowing that it was no use trying to use her own weight against her opponent, Rashika felt back but her poleaxe was ready to slice anyone who came near her! “You three will regret mentioning that word! Everyone who dares mention that word will suffer very severely, and trust me it won’t be pretty!”

“SCATTER!” The incomplete team did what Hugo has commanded, looking for an open spot to unmask this fake! However, Rashika’s eyes spotted their approaches too fast that she managed to make sure her poleaxe blocks their way!

Ozur quickly transformed into his wolf form so he can better chances of running around Rashika so he can confuse her while his mind was scavenging through possible ideas to get to his target! Think carefully, this Rashika uses a poleaxe, can narrow down our moves so if I can just use my wand to work up a spell, there might be a way to beat her!

By now Rashika should have turned to her dragon form but of course, this person wasn’t Rashika so Team Hero kept their ground up for any surprises. Instead of turning into a dragon, Rashika spun her weapon again, chanting the words that Ozur would use to perform his spells! “Typhoon wind tornado!”

On point, her ax blade created an enormous whirling tunnel of the wind that flew straight at the three fighters, causing them to break through the walls and fall on the grass of the fighting grounds!

Rashika flew out from the huge hole she created with those winds, landing in front of the downed team with a devilish smile on her face.

Eathelyn got up from such a fall but it wasn’t easy as pie since they flew through strong brick walls and fell on the ground. She was surprised that she and the boys were still alive and conscious! “Nice spell you got there, but a little wind won’t help you now since you’re and Ozur aren’t the only ones who learned a thing or two about magic!” She helped Hugo up, who seemed to know what she talking about. “Hugo, you know what to do!” He nodded, they both concentrated at Rashika, their eyes turning white as they both began the incantation.“Demon electrical oculus-”

“WAIT!” Ozur run in front of the duo in panic. “We don’t even know who this impostor is!”

“He’s right you don’t know who I am!” Rashika sneered, but she held her poleaxe up ready to kill her first prey! “But you’ll die right with your other friend before you do anything about the Sun Gang!”

Does this person who is pretending to be Rashika know about what we learned, even if we acted like we didn’t know anything! Hugo thought in confinement. But then again, we were stupid enough to let out some information slip out. This person can’t be Malisha, or Eiloh that’s for sure. Malisha can’t see or even give herself sight, and Eiloh doesn’t study magic! “Okay, but before we die, at least tell us who are you!”

Eathelyn didn’t bother to wait for Hugo’s question to be answered, she charged right towards Rashika, who easily dodged her move but that wasn’t what she was aiming for. The moment Rashika dodged, her right foot got caught on some sort of rope that lifted her up in the air and into a net! Ozur popped out the bushes he landed on but was able to make a trap while Rashika was too busy with Eathelyn and Hugo. However, Rashika ripped the rope of the net, then grabbed Ozur by the collar of his shirt and then tossed him aside to the wall! The same went for Eathelyn, but she tried to fight back but Rashika was too fast!

Rashika finally faced Hugo, her eyes were as black as coal, staring down at him with her blade ready to taste his blood. “If I told you then it wouldn’t be the kind of murder I want, besides Headmistress Olema, wants to make sure no one finds you!” Her blade fall to meet his face, but out of nowhere a huge blast of dragon’s flame caused her to jump back in alarm, turning to the direction where the fire came from!

“So the whole impersonating me, and attempt to kill my friends in secret was Headmistress Olema’s idea?”

A voice suddenly asked from where the fraud looked, causing her freeze in shock! “I should have known, after all, she is part of the Sun Gang, and she is willing to do anything to keep this balance. Isn’t that right...Ulin!”

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