The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

“What? But how did you know?! And more importantly, how did you get out of that dimension I trapped you in?” Ulin shouted, the masquerade she wore vanished into thin air, revealing her true body form. “No one can escape my Demon Eyes power to trap my victims in their worst nightmares!”

Eathelyn’s, Hugo’s, and Ozur’s mouths fell in shock at the sight before them, of course, two of them glared at their leader since he wasn’t the first person to tell the difference between the imposter and the real person!

“RASHIKA?!” Eathelyn the first to shake out of her disbelief trance, only to interrogate the hybrid about her whereabouts! “Okay, I know this is a bad moment but...Girl where were you?! We were about to become an ax’s breakfast just moments ago, and we were getting worried about you!”

Before the real Rashika could respond, she quickly had to make a backflip away from Ulin’s poleaxe that was being thrown at her! She turned into her dragon form, deciding to run around in their mentor super fast while buying some time to come with a plan and for the rest of her team to recuperate. Ulin, on the other hand, had a feeling she knew what Rashika was intending to do, so she pretended to act like she was predicting where she’ll stop at. “Ozur! Try it now, and you know what I mean!” Rashika ordered, getting herself ready to change back, then she turned to Eathelyn. “And I’ll explain everything later when we’re done with this!”

Rashika quickly stopped her running around but instead of running the opposite direction like she did in her training, she turned back to her original form, instantly flying above Ulin! The mentor tensed at the sudden change of plan performed before her, but she changed her plan in an instant. With her one wing, she fell up to Rashika’s level, waving her poleaxe around to hit her, but she was ambushed by smoke bombs thrown at her once more! Without a choice, Ulin flew down so Rashika doesn’t get any plans but that smoke bomb was a distraction to the real ambush! She found herself fighting against three swords that charged towards her by two teens!

“Oh come on!” Eathelyn whined, she pulled her sword away from the contact as she once again hit it against Ulin’s poleaxe. “At least tell us a few details while we’re fighting her Rashika!” She then switched with Hugo, who happily swung his swords at the poleaxe of his opponent.

“Not going to happen!” Rashika swooped down to the action, and in her dragon form once more! Ozur was ready to get lifted off by her as he felt the claws grab his shoulders not very dangerously but tightly as they both soared above Ulin! “Now Ozur, do your spell!” With a nod, Ozur took his wand out, then muttered his enchantment. “Let the four kinds be of the minds!”

Ulin leaped a few feet away from Hugo with fear of what might become of her since Ozur’s spell was chanted! However she didn’t feel any different, but she saw a sudden change in Team Hero, who now weren’t shouting any orders at each other!

“Hey, guys can you hear me?” Ozur asked through his thoughts, and sure enough, he received three extra voices reassuring him.

“Loud and clear wolf boy!”

“Ha, I always knew you’ll get the hang of this magic, your leader never doubts his comrades!”

“I’m holding on to you so you won’t fall from my claws and I can still hear you without breaking out of concentration!”

“Good, Hugo, lead the way!” Ozur smiled at another well worked out spell from his father’s wand as they listened carefully to Hugo’s plan of action through their minds!

“Okay Rashika, Ozur; you two keep Ulin distracted for a bit while Eathelyn and I will begin to power up for the latest power we discovered with our Demon Eyes! And while you’re at it, make sure to trap Ulin if you can! Alright Team Hero, go!”

“Roger that! Get ready Ozur, I’m about to land you!” Rashika got herself lower to release Ozur, who changed into his wolf form, running towards Ulin, waiting for a right moment for a good opening!

“Rashika, I’m going to need you to distract Ulin first so I can get her poleaxe! You think you can do that?”

“Are you kidding, just leave the distraction to me!”

Rashika flew up while she was spinning faster than Ulin’s typhoon, then swooped down towards the instructor! She then unleashed a whirling tornado of her fire, getting herself in the middle of her fire spinning vortex so no powerful eye can spot her. Before Ulin could find a perfect moment to strike her poleaxe on Ozur, she had to jump out of the way since she was a fire tornado come flying right at her!

The tornado began to shoot fireballs towards her from every direction, Ulin sprinted from side to side, corner, to corner to avoid getting turned to crisp! “If you think a little bit of those fireballs can stop me, then you’re so terribly mistaken!” Without hesitation, she screamed, “Flame of the Demon Eye!”

Out of nowhere, Ulin’s Demon Eyes were activated, resulting a ring of white fire circle around her even from above her head, but gave her enough space to be unharmed! The most strangest thing about this, though, those flames were invisible to everyone’s eyes; everyone except Rashika! Since Ozur couldn’t see the fire, he was creeping up from behind Ulin, watching her aim to throw her poleaxe at Rashika as he waited for the right moment to pounce on her!

Rashika, however, saw that through the flames, that Ulin was pretending to try to aim the weapon at her, but she was luring Ozur to his death! The wolf prepared to pounce, causing Rashika to fly back down to earth as fast as she could, her claws ready as she screamed. “OZUR STOP, IT’S THE WHITE FIRE!” Ozur didn’t have time to think about why she didn’t use her thoughts to communicate but he suddenly felt a set of claws get a good grab of his back fur, sending him soaring in the air again!

“The White Fire?! You mean the kind that can kill anyone at one touch except for dragons because of their scales!? The kind that is used as borders to divide our worlds, separating everyone!? That kind!?” He practically screamed in his mind when he got the chance to communicate with Rashika!

“Yes, Ulin somehow managed to create an invisible white fire that surrounds her completely that for some reason, I only see,” Rashika explained to her team mentally. “If we want to beat her, then the rest of you have to keep your distance from her, I’ll go down to snatch her ax and somehow stop this fire she created! You all good with that?”

“We’re good with that plan Rashika, try to get that fire out soon because, with the white flames, I don’t think Hugo and I could do anything with our eyes.” Eathelyn turned to Hugo, who nodded as they held their hands together to make a small circle, their Demon Eyes turning white at that moment.

“Okay Rashika, but would you mind dropping me off, I know just what to do if Ulin tried to run.” Getting a feeling of what Ozur’s intentions were, she once more landed Ozur near the trees, far and yet a perfect range away from Ulin before going back up solo. She circled around her mentor, the flames danced around Ulin, who grinned in delight, knowing that there was no way Team Hero could be able to stay alive with her shield.

Rashika narrowed her eyes for an open spot, waiting for the flames to dance until they left an open space for her to squeeze past! She took a deep breath, she could hear her heartbeat echo in her mind, but the same voice of doubt invited itself over! You think you can do this Rashika, come on face the truth! If you fail you let your whole team down and lose the people who you call friends! You just as pathetic, weak, and horrible as what everyone back at the Myth World told you! She shook that thought of her head, the opening she was waiting for was there, but only for a few moments, she can tell.

Back at the Myth World, her father had taught her everything she needed to know about seeing where in the fire would be a good spot to fly through, especially the white fires. Every fire dances around their victims, but they will have a small opening at one point in their dance, and that is when a dragon can fly through without a scale or feather burned. Without hesitation, she skydived towards the opening, her wings wrapped around her body as she felt the intense heat of the flames begin to engulf her! She could hear Ulin laugh at the fact that she could perish in in the inferno, despite being a dragon. However, the more heat Rashika could feel, the closer she was to her target as she felt the opening on the verge of disappearing due to the fire dancing back to that spot!

No turning back now, she knew that moment she is out of the fire, she will have to make sure she took Ulin’s poleax, and have her make the fire vanish! From what she only saw was only the white inferno, the darkness in Ulin’s dress was seen, and in that moment, everything seemed to be a slow motion. At last, she no longer felt the intense heat around her scales, her wings sprouted out from covering as her front claws stretched out for the pole part of the poleax.

She felt the smooth surface of weapon, as Ulin eyes turned back to normal in surprise, causing the flames to die out as Rashika threw the captured poleaxe over towards where Eathelyn and Hugo stood!

“Why you little brat!” Ulin out of nowhere raised her hand up, causing Rashika to feel some sort of tight force lift her up the same way Hellioh did the night before! She could feel that force try to squeeze her death, but her claws were making their way to her arm, trying to get herself out of this trance! With no regret, she used her very own claws to scratch herself on her upper arm, causing great pain as bits of blood slowly oozed out from the small wound! Even though her wound hurts, Rashika felt moments of control, and with that chance, she blew out some fire to get Ulin to step down!

Ulin instantly back away, releasing her power, but was about to activate her Demon Eye again, but Rashika changed back into her human form to quickly swing her right leg at the mentor in defense! Ulin dodged by going under, swing her leg in hopes of causing Rashika to fall by kicking one of the legs down! But the hybrid jumped over her leg just in time, resulting in her a perfect shot to use her fists to punch Ulin’s face! Catching Ulin a little off guard, Rashika used that opportunity to make a run for cover for what was about to occur.

“Ozur are you done with your prank trap?”

“Have I ever let my team leader down? It’s ready to go, now get Ulin to the trees!”

Hugo and Eathelyn both exchanged nods, feeling a spark of electricity run through their arms as their power got even stronger than their first attempt! " Demon oculus electric storm of wrath!”

Just as the words they spoke, flashes of lightning came striking down at Ulin, even if there wasn’t any dark cloud in sight! Ulin dodged everyone as each bolt led her closer and closer to the trees where Ozur hid at the top!

A bolt of lightning managed to cause a small scratch on her right arm, but she didn’t bother to make a cry of pain, her teeth clenched in anger taking several steps back from the lightning storm. The further she was, the less lightning were striking down!

“Eathelyn, Hugo what’s going on?” Rashika looked over at her friends in concern from the same tree Ozur hid in.

“This trick is so new and we didn’t have enough time to perfect this so it has limitations! I don’t think we can hold up any longer!” Eathelyn tried to contain herself from collapsing with exhaustion, but with only one Demon Eye, that was nearly impossible to accomplish. Dispute the small conflict she has, she remained in her place, her eyes reassuring Hugo to continue to make one more lightning bolt. With all their might, the largest, strongest, and more terrifying lighting struck down to Earth, and with much ease, Ulin dodged the complete bolt, resulting it to vanish into thin air!

Believing that she was able to make an escape, Ulin turned around to make a run for it through the trees but her left leg got tied around a rope that led her straight to sky! Before she could even make an attack, she found herself surrounded by an amber colored net, her leg still tied to the rope.

“You seriously think that another net can trap me?” Ulin shook her head, her Demon Eyes ready to be activated but for some reason, they didn’t! The huge amount of power she placed on them seemed to have been sucked out of her! “What’s going on!? Why can’t my Demon Eyes get into power!?”

“If you haven’t noticed Ulin,” Ozur explained as he climbed down the tree in his original form, along with Rashika. “This net wasn’t like the last one I used. Thanks to my dad’s wand, I was able to create a new kind of net that absorbs the powers of the Demon Eye. I read about that from one of the books you made me read.”

“The how did you four managed to fight without telling each other what to do?!” Ulin demanded, seeing Eathelyn and Hugo approach her to stand next to their two hybrid friends.

“Easy, another spell Ozur perfected, mind communication,” Hugo explained, waving his swords for a bit before putting them back in his cape. “Yeah, we seemed to have studied a lot of topics on the magic and weapons sections of the library.” On cue, Ozur holds up his wand to release the spell he had. “Release the four kinds from the minds.”

“So you used mind reading, impressive but that how did you two manage to learn that double spell with the lightning, it’s a spell hidden from everybody!?” Ulin demanded.“And how come no one in the academy heard this battle!?”

“Some extra help and great strategy we discovered from you and some books we stumbled upon one night. Not to mention that Ozur put a quick spell for everybody to sleep through this,” Eathelyn smirked, her sword was in its scabbard that was tied over her back. “And I assume you were the one who was disguised as Hellioh last night, right? By the way, you held Rashika by raising your hand just a few moments ago.”

“So what if I disguised myself as Hellioh last night, I had you and your little dragon friend trapped! You teens are doing something really reckless!” Ulin struggled to find a way out of the trap she was in but found no luck as she pointed towards Rashika. “I want to know how you two got out my nightmares spell! That power of mine was the strongest I ever possess! Especially you Rashika!”

Rashika stepped forward, her hand concealing the scar she caused herself. “That’s very easy to answer.” Then she added with pride in her tone, “I had some help from my mother.”

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