The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Thirty

“So you four were the ones in the real heart of the school that night? I’m quite impressed that you managed to hide your trails.” Ulin leaned against the wall of Ozur’s room since his room was the only room that had this force field that doesn’t let any intruders listen or see what they’re doing. They just finished explaining of the whole library incident, well leaving Zeliah and Thuggort out of it just to be safe. The sun already rose up, but there were only two hours before the breakfast bells rang. “I had a feeling that I saw those tactics from somewhere.”

For someone like Ulin, she does manage to recover fast, Eathelyn thought, seeing her mentor almost like herself. But who could blame her? She probably forced that habit to recover from such emotions fast so no one will see her as a weakling...Well, I don’t see her as a weakling.

“Then you four are telling me that the Sun Gang are actually planning to obliterate our worlds to create their own ideal world,” Ulin added, “And that there might be no other way to stop them, but this box you took might have the answers you’re looking for?”

“Yeah, that technically sums everything up...” Hugo scratched his head a bit since basically they almost told the entire truth, and he was feeling a bit guilty about that but he continued the explanation anyway. “Not to mention the fact that we needed that key Rashika has there to open it and we’re not positively sure if the box we found has all the answers we need.”

Ulin nodded, her hands cupped her chin as her mind processed the information she just received from her students. “If you want to see those answers, then see them now. But that knowledge won’t come without consequences. Are you sure you want to take the risk?”

Hugo was silent at that moment, his eyes turned to his friends, mostly at Rashika since she’s the one who possesses the key at the moment. They all nodded at their leader, so he turned back to Ulin, the box he put away was once again out in the open. “We’re up to those risks...If there’s any way to stop the Sun Gang from destroying our worlds, even the smallest the most difficult chance; we’ll take it.”

With that, he stepped forward to Rashika, who didn’t have any problem digging in her pocket to hand him the key. Once the cool metal meets his warm palms, Hugo sat the box on Ozur’s desk, sitting down on the wooden chair that went with the desk. He felt drops of hesitation flow through his nerves, he didn’t even realize that his hands were shaking when the key got closer to the lock. Eathelyn motioned Rashika and Ozur to follow her as they stood behind Hugo, watching his every move, but making sure they didn’t pressure him. Ulin glanced up from her spot, curious to see the results of what might be contained in the mysterious object.

They all heard a small click the second the metal went in the small hole, making an even louder click when Hugo turned the key to the right. Everyone held their breaths as the lock opened a small silver glow, swallowing the whole key then disappeared!

Nothing happened after that, Team Hero waited patiently for the past thirty seconds for some reaction but none came. “Any moment now,” Ozur whispered under his breath, but the box just sat there. “Okay, I’m about to pound that thing if something doesn’t happen in the next ten seconds.” The ten seconds passed, and Ozur raised his fist as if he was actually going to do what he stated until some sort of scanner that shined a bright light came out of the keyhole and scanned over the four teens! They stood absolutely still, even their breaths were held again while Ulin stood straight a bit in surprise!

Once the scanning was done, the lid automatically creaked open, revealing some golden dust flying out of the chest! The moment it was fully opened, a whole light show was revealed, showing off the dark prophecy Team Hero discovered a few nights ago! Of course, the light show didn’t reveal who was the unlucky team of students who are part of the Sun Gang’s plan but once it finished, a scroll covered in gold dust floated up in the light, waiting for a pair of hands to grab a hold of it. Of course, since Hugo was their team leader, he had to grab it but as his right hand reached in the light, the gold dust instantly made a form of a hand and slapped his hand away!

“OUCH!” Hugo had to take a few seconds to rub his hand from the bruise from the surprisingly strong hand made out of dust. “Okay, so apparently this scroll has favorites…” He turned to face his friends, well glaring at Ozur who was chuckling at his reaction. “So anyone of you guys wants to try?”

“And get my hand smacked by some dust?” Eathelyn shrugged, but she stepped forward anyways. “I’ll in for it, besides I don’t feel pain...Sometimes.” She flinched a little remembering that high-frequency sound waves she was listening to the night before while she and Rashika were trapped. Hugo moved his seat aside to make room for Eathelyn to step in front of the floating scroll and floating dust that appears to be hissing at the approaching shadow.

“Okay floating dust that seems to not like me,” She began sarcastically at the dust, “I’m just going to stretch my arm out, grab the scroll that will save the whole world from the evil Sun Gang,” Her hand stretched out, reaching for the chance while the hissing specks calmed down a bit. “And thanks to you letting me get this scroll, the whole world might be saved if this is the answer we’re looking for. So if you guys don’t slap me like what you did to our friend Hugo here, then I would be eternally grateful and you’ll have the glory of protecting anything we feel we need protecting which I’m sure will happen pretty soon so what do you say?”

The dust soon made a small circle, making high pitched squeaking sounds that seem like they are having a council meeting about what Eathelyn promised. After like fifteen seconds, they surrounded the scroll, moving it closer to her range to grab it. Her hand was hesitant, but she made a grab for it anyway, believing that they won’t do any harm. She felt the old smooth antique get in contact with her firm fingers, as well as the pairs of eyes behind her, waiting for the results.

Eathelyn rolled up the scroll, and at that very moment, the golden dust disappeared in the box, closing the lid right after, leaving only the candles they lit up to shine over the words. The candles confused the group, but once they looked upon the unrolled paper, it was as blank as a painting canvas. Ozur didn’t have to think twice before he remembered a part of his magic textbooks talking about this kind of ink used that’ll only reveal the words when the paper gets in contact with candlelight. He lifted the handle that held the candle, shining it over the empty paper, revealing the top headline in the darkest coal ink they could ever see!

The Prophecy of the Saviors

They read the rest of this prophecy in their minds, just to be on the safe side since this enchantment Ozur placed in his room still needed some perfection. Of course, the only question Team Hero had in their minds was, Saviors? What does this mean? Their eyes glimpse down, knowing that there’s no time to ask questions. Besides, the answer is in this prophecy; and the note of the person who made this apparently.

I haven’t much time, but this is our only hopes for our worlds to be saved from the hands of the Sun Gang and their monstrous weapon. Our worlds rely on the chosen generation who I have seen and chosen in my night visions, they are the only ones. Forgive me for putting this heavy burden on the generation who will have to rise above this madness to stop what we couldn’t stop ourselves. My time has come, the Sun Gang will be looking for me. Good luck for the lucky ones who are seeing this right now, for this prophecy is about all of you who must endure a horrible destiny. What irony, the lucky ones carrying the horrendous burden, what is so lucky about this?

~The First Sister

Three hundred years, the deeds of evil shall rise once more. Using their weapon to eliminate our worlds on the night the sun and moon unite. No hope is among the frightened ones who contain this knowledge, none. But alas, hope will arise for our savior will deliver us from this fate

The savior is not one but a generation of young souls pure of light than any Sun Gang.They shall rise from the darkness and misguidance, for they too have victims.Victims of cruel judgment from their own kind.

From just a title to the real thing, heroes. For they are the ones who’ll unite the army of souls as one to engage in battle.

The Leader, with eyes wielding such power but his mind in the right place. Master of the blades that will never seem different. With a family of riches but lies of the past that were lost and forgotten. He shall rise from those lies and lead his comrades to battle.

The Warrior, the one whose strength is not in her eye, but within her spirit. Fighter for the innocent who has been a victim of life’s fates. Wields the blade that calls upon the rains greatest weapon. She shall see beyond what many can see in battle and use that knowledge for a better victory.

The Navigator, whose flames will burn more than what she’ll aim for. With a ring of fire she’ll ignite, she sees the truth in every person’s heart. A childhood with agony for she is a creature of demon and myth with lies and truths tainting her innocence. Her guidance will never lead her comrades to a loss in battle, for her mighty roar shall guide everyone.

At last, the Tracker, whose mind is as tricky as the enemy. A bundle of tricks and magic that much more than what they seem. His wolf howls lead the way to what was once lost in battle. With the mind and tracking his paws has, he will find the victory that is hidden through wit and intelligent planning.

But be warned, for dogs for the Sun Gangs will fight against you. Two of those dogs will perish for doing what’s right. The other two will stop at nothing to end your lives

The team must work together as one, release the truth that has been hidden. To band together with their comrades hidden in these worlds.

Destroy the academy of secrets to delivering the chained, lost souls. Free the souls from the misguidance of their ancestors

The saviors must gather, and find the Forest of Prophecies. There they will discover who are the heirs to lead. Begin the search for the rightful leaders of our worlds as well as discovering battle comrades. And to guide, and protect them so all wrongs will be once again rights. The world is depending on the savior’s, so act quickly young heroes.

The Four Siblings will be your aid if you ever begin to fall

Find them, find the chosen Tranquility Defenders who will restore our peace. Find the souls who’ll aid in this vast war. Our fates, the defeat of the Sun Gang rest in your shoulders:Team Hero

If Team Hero could, they would faint but since Ulin was there they couldn’t, and also because they felt that faint was totally unnecessary. Eathelyn rolled up the scroll, tapping the box to open so she can return the paper to where it can be protected once more, she could hear nothing but silence in the room.

Or course who wouldn’t be silent if you just read some old prophecy that’s about you and your friends being one of the people who have to save the world? Kinda sounds cliche-ish but this time they have to do more than just fight. After all, who else is a part myth and demon, is a wolf hybrid here, has one Demon Eye, and is rich? The prophecy was bluntly clear.They had to destroy Lunar Star Academy, and they had to find this Forest of Prophecies!

The silence soon became too much, so without even thinking, Hugo slammed his fist on the desk, grabbing everyone’s attention!

“You’ve just read that prophecy, just because we might be chosen doesn’t mean our lives have been written to the end. We are the authors of our lives, we’ll just fill in the blanks this First Sister person left behind but prevent any tragedy. Now we have to focus on a plan to get the those chained souls free, and to somehow let the whole school know about the Sun Gang’s plans!”

“THE TOURNAMENT!” Soon everyone’s attention was on Rashika. “We have to win that tournament, use that chance to get the truth out!”

“We can use the Soul Books of our parents!” Ozur added, nodding at the plan that was forming. “And finish that machine, if our parents used it to free those slaves, then we can find the Forest of Prophecies!”

“Good plan so far...” Before Hugo could continue, the breakfast bells soon rang louder than the roars of a dragon! “But we’ll talk later, after breakfast and training.”

With that, Ozur released his spell, following behind Hugo and Eathelyn who were heading downstairs to avoid being late. However, when Rashika and Ulin were the last people to leave, the hybrid felt the mentor place her hand on her shoulder.

Her teammates were already downstairs, far from the next words Ulin asked Rashika that made her heart skip a beat. “You’re not going to tell your friends about Ashika?”

“How do you know?” Rashika turned to Ulin, getting the idea on how she knew this information. “Unless you lied about the whole not knowing what your nightmares you give your victims are about. Am I right? Did you know about this?”

The two faced each other without any emotion in their faces at that moment, Ulin nodded. “Yes. Figured you would have seen that...Now I’m not saying that what you’ve seen won’t happen because predicting the future is beyond my power. However, you must be careful with Team Same and the Sun Gang, they might use that against you. So about your friends?”

Rashika quickly shook her head, soon exiting through the door as she whispered out loud for the instructor to hear. “They can’t know! Not now anyways, until I find out if what you’ve shown me in that dimension is true. You swear you tell a soul?”

“I swear,” Ulin promised, seeing that Rashika went downstairs, she looked behind her to see her fingers crossed. “I swear that your friends won’t find out but I’m sorry Rashika. I’m sworn to inform this to some people who would love this information I’ve been given.”

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