The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-One

“A what?!” Ozur nearly choked on his glass of apple juice after hearing the next plan Eathelyn and Hugo cooked up that very minute!

“A meeting with Zeliah, Thuggort, and their other slave buddies,” Eathelyn hissed in a hushed voice so no one could hear her but her team. “We’ll find some way to tell them that this meeting will be in-”


Everyone’s attention was soon on Headmistress Olema and the Sun Gang, who were standing proudly in the center as the headmistress continued her announcement. “I know a few nights ago, you’ve been told that the tournament you all will battle in a month from now but there’s been a little change in plans.” She waited for all the whispers of concern from the whole room before she continued.

“As I was saying, something has occurred that requires the Sun Gangs’ attention so we’ve decided that since you all have shown exceptional strength over the past half of this year, the tournament will move to next week!”


Pretty much everybody shouted in shock while some spit out the drink or food they had in their mouths, or in Eathelyn’s case, choke on her food.


The tournament that determines their futures is next week! Nothing can explain the horrified looks on Team Hero the moment that announcement was made!

They quickly got out of horrified land when Headmistress Olema whistled, snapping her fingers as well. “BE QUIET YOU! Besides I bet that deep inside all of you, you feel more than ready for this chance to prove yourselves! The tournament will be last the whole day with morning, afternoon, and evening battles.” She explained in detail she must have easily memorized. “In the morning there will be twenty-nine battles, then the afternoon will have twenty, and finally on the evening the last two teams who’ll battle are the top students who have surpassed everyone else. So, in other words, top two powerfully teams will end the tournament with a promising battle.” Everyone’s eye instantly got wider when the headmistress added with pleasure,”Oh and did I forget to mention that we’ll be making sure your families see your fights from their homes so you’ll have all the more reason to become stronger....” She then turned with the Sun Gang following her walk away.

Before she went through the exit, her head turned to face the students with her eyes and voice as cold as ice. “And remember, we have no room for weaklings in this world so you need to think very wisely about your battle strategies.” With that, all the students could hear was the echoing sounds of her high heels exit the building leaving the whole place in silence until everyone was bursting with excitement with a combination of pressure and fear.

“Can you believe Headmistress Olema moved the tournament to next week! I didn’t even master the staying silent in the night tactic!”

“Then we’ll have to train even harder and longer than we normally do after all our folks will be watching.”

“Do you think we’ll be able to defeat whoever we’re going against with?”

“I want our team to fight either Team Same or Team Hero, from what I hear those two have the strongest members...Even Rashika seems stronger than before.”

“I hope my team gets to battle Team Hero!”

“I rather have Team Same to battle us, I want to see how much power they have as one, but then again Team Hero is just as strong as them.”

“You think that Team Hero and Team Same are going to end up battling each other? They both are the strongest teams I’ve ever seen.”

“Now that would be a fight to see!”

Eathelyn recovered from her choking episode to mutter to herself in a little disappointment. “Great just great....I was about to tell you that this meeting we were going to have was going to be next week but since Headmistress just had this pressuring tournament next week.” Her eyes met her teammates, shining with new a set determination that passed on to everyone else. “We’ll have to do this tonight.”

“What?!” The boys gasped, Hugo pouted a bit as he yawned. “When will I ever get a real good nights sleep?”

“Forget good night’s sleep Hugo, this is a crisis we’re dealing with,” Rashika hissed, making sure no one heard her next words but her friends. “I bet even our parents didn’t bother about getting sleep when they were situations like ours.”

“Except our situation is the tournament being moved to a different time, bet our parents didn’t have to deal with something like that,” Ozur moaned, his head flat against the table. “Besides we don’t even know where we can find Zeliah or Thuggort.”

“We’ll find a way Ozur,” Eathelyn reassured, she soon made a tight fist. “We’ll rest when we know that our work here is done.”

“So in other words when we’re dead right?”

“Stop acting so depressed Hugo! As our leader, it’s your duty to stay strong, even for a little longer.” Eathelyn gave Hugo a wake-up pinch to show how serious she was. “You’ll get your beauty sleep soon don’t worry.”

“I hope so...Fine, we’ll find some way to communicate with Thuggort and meet up with him tonight, and then after that a good night’s sleep to rest our poor eyes.”

“Right and before you four do whatever you’re planning to do tonight,” Ulin’s voice popped in out of nowhere, startling the group with such a fright that they nearly jumped to the roof! “We have some extra training methods to cover and repeat just so you are extra prepared but if you don’t mind me asking...What are you doing tonight?”

“Uh..Well, let’s just say we’re planning to make a whole new plan for what’s about to come for this academy while cooking up an idea to win the tournament,” Hugo quickly reassured their mentor. “Trust us, we’ll be in the headquarters the whole night.”

“Okay,” Ulin looked ahead at the doors before her eyes tensed, not even realizing Team Hero looking at her with concern. “You four practice for a bit without me, I’ll be back from doing some errands.”

She then took off by flying with her one wing, to the exit only to see Headmistress Olema nod at her as they left in silence. A moment they spotted Sundria excusing herself from her team before running off to follow the two women. They wanted to follow, but the four decided that it was best to stay out of this one, for now. One thing for sure, they are so glad they didn’t tell Ulin everything they knew.

“Mother are you and father nuts!” Sundria practically shouted when she met up with Headmistress Olema, otherwise known as her very own mother, in her office with Ulin leaning against the wall, as calm as the cloud in the skies. “Why would you move the tournament to next week, this wasn’t our plan!”

“Yes I know, this was very difficult for your father and me but something came up that just happened last night.” Olema got up from her chair, looking out her office window to see Team Hero practicing their strategies. “You know the key I told you about that was hidden in the Copper Building?”

“Yeah, that’s the reason why we went to that trip, and just when the weather over there got bad,” Sundria recalled, calming down a bit. “While we were stuck there, you had father burn that building in hopes of the key perishing. Right?”

“Correct but yesterday Ulin caught Rashika and Eathelyn snooping about the burned up the place, eventually finding the key until it was taken away,” Olema looked over at Ulin, gesturing her to move forward. “I think it’s time to give us a report about what you’ve learned about your students.”

Ulin stepped up to the desk, bowing before she reported what she learned from Team Hero. “From the looks of things, Team Hero discovered the actual heart of the academy, discovering both the truths about their parents, the previous Team Hero and the Sun Gang’s real intentions. However, they didn’t tell me who told them about that place but pretty soon they found that box that was kept hidden from everyone.”

“You have the key don’t you?” Sundria interrogated, resulting Ulin to shake her head in defeat.

“No, when I caught Eathelyn and Rashika getting their hands on the key I did take it from them and left them there to suffer through my nightmare illusions but....Somehow Rashika managed to get her friend out but she was still stuck in that dimension I sent her to, and ended up getting the key back somehow.”

Now this earned both mother and daughter’s interests as Olema’s eyes didn’t change any expression but her voice was in great curiosity. “I see...Ulin, you know what illusions your victims get sucked into, so what exactly did she witness in that dimension you trapped her in?”

“From the looks of it, the little experiment of Ashika you placed in Rashika seemed to become a reality. She met her dark side, as Ashika showed her some pretty nasty slices of hell. But the most interesting part is that that little monster managed to get the key.”

“Interesting, so my experiment spell worked on that little brat after all,” Olema amused with herself, facing Sundria. “Just you wait for Sundria, pretty soon you’ll meet another valuable weapon in your possession that not even the sharpest blade can handle...Ulin, anything else I need to know?”

“Three things Headmistress,” Ulin responded, her eyes away from Sundria’s eyes for some reason. “One, Rashika managed to escape that dimension with the help of Olivia, her mother as a spirit coming to save her. Olivia told her the rest of the truth about her past and took the evil out of the key.”

“So Olivia still believes in her daughter, even in the grave,” The headmistress growled under her breath, “How pathetic of her to have such false hope. So, what about the other pieces of news?”

“Two, Team Hero has opened the box, revealing a prophecy that the First Sister made that had Team Hero and this generation a part of it. It was said that they are the saviors to put an end to your plans with the rightful leaders of this world. However, I wasn’t given much detail to see if they are really the ones to unite the young generation of the three worlds.”

“So that was what that First Sister was hiding, even if there’s a small chance they’re aren’t the ones, they must be stopped..continue Ulin..”

“Three, it appears that Team Hero are planning on using the tournament as an opportunity to reveal to everyone the real truths you are hiding.”

“But that plan is a failure for sure, they need a month to plan, which they don’t have,” Olema was bit cautious on her last few words before she turned to her daughter in commander mode. “Sundria, I need you and your team be a strong as you can to beat Team Hero in the tournament, both of your teams are the ones who are battling on the evening fight!” She ignored the shocked face her daughter gave her, “No matter what, their plans must not succeed. Ulin, is the experiment ready to be unleashed or even come to life?”

“Afraid not Olema, you have to wait a while longer.”

“How long are we talking about?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m not certain that it will be unleashed into the real world, remember it is just a test we’re using.”

“You’re right, Ulin goes spy on your students some more...Oh, and one more question,” She could see Ulin stop midway from exiting. “Do you know where we can discover who those rightful leaders are?”

Ulin was silent for a moment until her head shook. “No, the prophecy just spoke a lot about the young generation, not the leader’s identities.” She then left, knowing that what she claimed was a lie, because she knew where to find that answer, but for some reason, she didn’t say a word about that. Not to mention the fact if Ashika will make an appearance since she knew the chances are high but not enough to panic about but she didn’t say anything for now. Why didn’t I tell her everything? She wondered to herself as she left the halls of the Headmistress’s building.

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