The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Four

“I see, so Ulin has been using us to leak that information we found to the Sun Gang,” Hugo sighed that night after another rough day of training only to be greeted by the news of their mentor being a traitor. “That could explain why the tournament was moved to next week.”

“So what do we do now? Lie to her?” Eathelyn suggested, resisting the urge to punch the wall although she should have seen this coming.

“Yes and no...” Hugo responded, smirking a bit at the confused faces of his friends. “We’ll tell Ulin lies of course but we need to make sure to that she’s doesn’t hear what we say and if she does; we’ll need to quickly change the subject we’re talking about by mind reading. If she asks us anything about what she learned then we just say the unimportant information or try to change the subject. ”

“Mind reading?” Rashika looked out the window to see Ulin doing her usual night patrols. “Even though the number one rule is to never lie to your instructor...We have no choice but to bend that rule for the sake of the world. You’re in for it Ozur?”

“Definitely, I see no other way to get this plan working without any fails...Let’s do this!” Ozur cheered until a thought struck him faster than a shooting arrow. “Wait, even if we get everything set.Where exactly are we going to send the slaves so they can be free? We don’t exactly know what location our parents used.”

Rashika eagerly answered that in a whisper, “I know, we’ll send them the Forest of Prophecies.”

“But isn’t that where we’re supposed to go?” Eathelyn bit her nail to try to understand Rashika’s suggestion.

“Until now, I heard legends and myths about the forest having this kind of spell that protects everything within the mythical environment,” Rasika explained, recalling those stories her father told her when she was young. “Only the innocent souls can enter and stay within its protection but enemies who dare intrude with cruel desires cannot get in no matter what.”

“So if we send the slaves in that forest than the Sun Gang won’t be able to get them! That’s brilliant, we’ll have to get started soon... ” Ozur concluded before he yawned out loud and laid on his bed. “Right after...We get some..sleep...”

With that everyone exited the room, after making sure Ozur was tucked in properly under his blanket, and into their own rooms to get some sleep from nights of not very good rest. Rashika, however, didn’t go straight to bed when she entered her room, but instead, she went to sit down on the wooden chair in front of her desk where a window stood beside her with the moon shining it’s light that starry night. She then pulled out a pen and a piece of paper, as she began to write another letter to her father.

Dear dad,

From my last letter, I guess you must be pretty happy to know that I have good friends by my side who’ll never let me down. Things here couldn’t have been better, even if most of the school still believes that I’m some sort of monster. But the thing is, that doesn’t bother me anymore. Something tells me that maybe mom didn’t leave me on purpose and I hope that maybe I’ll find out for myself.

I hope you’re proud of me dad, even if this is the one millionth letter I’m sending you throughout this whole year. My powers and skill are getting stronger each day and now I’m getting ready for the tournament next week. Please know that my friends and I are going to go out there and do what we feel is best. I hope you’ll love for all of my accomplishments and for whatever might happen in the future. Hopefully good will come out of this and that I’ll be able to come home with pride. Don’t worry, you don’t have to barbecue anyone yet, I’m fine. Love you, dad.

Lots of love,


She placed her pen done, rolling up the letter as she went towards the window as she gently plucked a feather from her left wing, having another grow right in its place. Tying the feather around the rolled up letter, she threw off the window! The paper fell, only to rise once again because the feather turned into a set of wings as it flew past the full moon to get the message to her father. “I hope you’ll still be my dad when I’m through with what has to be done...”

“Did you hear?”

“What? That the Sun Gang has some sort of secret?”

“Yeah, I heard that it’s so terrible that no one in the three worlds knows about it, only members of the Sun Gang know.”

“Do you know who heard about this?”

“Nope, I just heard about it.”

“I heard that maybe Headmistress Olema knows about this secret but I don’t know if I can believe that or not.′

“Me too.”

“Me three.”

“Who even started this rumor?”

The school’s training grounds were full of whispers of this ongoing rumor that seems to be spreading faster than a forest fire! Eathelyn was swinging the lightning blade at a dummy opponent as she overheard the other teams talk about the rumor that’s spreading so fast. Ozur was running laps in his wolf form, listening to the student’s questions, hiding his smile as he thought to himself, So Eiloh and Malisha actually managed to start up this commotion...They’re so good.

The days of the week began to pass by so quickly, as more questions and rumors were going around the school grounds while the adults knew nothing about it. During those days, Team Hero not only trained, but was finding enough time in the secret library to finish rebuilding the machine just in time for the day their final test will be held. Everyone was getting more tense, more excited, more prepared for the tournament to arrive, for the day they have so longed to be a part of, the chance they needed to prove their worth.

Sun Gang members who pass by students would be greeted by a questioning glares and act distrustful towards them. Some students even had to nerve to shout insults towards them like,” Lying dictators!” Or “You should change your name to the Backstabbing Gang!” Soon it came to the point where some teams joined forces with each other to pull pranks on academy grounds and on the Sun Gang! By the fourth day, there were teams spray painting the walls, toilet papering the training ground, and ransacking the instructor’s rooms!

Hellioh wanted to interrogate those students to find out why they’re acting like this but Olema did otherwise. Instead, she didn’t bother to ask, as if she was waiting for the right moment to arrive at her doorstep. Those students who reported to Headmistress for some hours of detention or academy service picking up trash. The students change in behavior cause bewilderment to all the teachers but they decided that it was best to remain quiet like what the Headmistress suggested. Pretty soon, on the day of the tournament, the instructors began to question the authority of Olema.

“Why isn’t she going to interrogate those students?”

“You don’t suppose she’s not worried about this do you?”

“No way, Headmistress Olema is always concerned, even for the slightest change in order we have in this academy.”

“This is too much to handle, if the students keep up with this, they’re fates will be sealed before the tournaments!”

“Think about what their parents will say if they saw these behaviors!”

“Why isn’t she doing anything.”

“The tournament’s tomorrow! What if the students don’t shape up and end up failing!?”

“Calm down, I’m sure Headmistress Olema wouldn’t let that happen...Right?”

Of course, with all this going on, the Headmistress was way beyond suspicious in her whole entire life! Headmistress Olema was in her office signing files for the tournaments’ preparations until her attention went up to the banging of the door getting slammed open by her Sundria and Alsha!

“Mother! Why aren’t you doing anything aside from giving detention and academy service!?” Sundria practically exploded, stomping towards the desk! “It’s starting to seem chaotic out there! And the tournament’s tomorrow!”

“I know it is, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a bit,” Olema calmly answered, her hands folded lightly. “Just how much do these kids know about the Sun Gang?”

“Not much, we all basically grew up hearing heroic stories about the Sun Gang,” Sundria shrugged, then her eyebrows narrowed. “Where are you getting at?”

“Think about it, the students wouldn’t dare to completely turn on the Sun Gang unless they saw the truth but that’s nothing to worry about...Yet.” Olema looked out her window, watching Ozur and Hugo depart from their training, racing off to the school library, like they did for the past six days! “Interesting,” she whispered to herself, “Those boys have been going to that library every day now...Looks like Ulin wasn’t telling me the whole entire truth...”

“Or maybe Team Hero isn’t telling Ulin everything they know,” Alsha suggested, hearing what the Headmistress whispered. “They could have somehow discovered that Ulin was betraying them.”

“That might be what’s going on,” Sundria agreed. “What do you think we should do now mother? Your first plan isn’t going so well..”

“No, it’s going just as planned, those four brats don’t even know that their whole entire plan with those low living slaves has been unintentionally revealed,” Olema show they shocked look on her daughter’s face at the comment.

“You mean you were spying on them?! I can’t believe you weren’t caught! Then why didn’t you stop them when you have the chance!? What’s the purpose of this?”

“The purpose of this Sundria is to catch those scattering rats at the right moment, while at the same time,we don’t get our hands dirty in the process,” She handed Sundria and Alsha a map, giving them very direct instructions. “I want you two to pay those boys a little visit in the heart of the school, and delay them on their little project.”

“And you’re sure that it’s totally alright to leave the girls to train while we sneak to the secret library and add this bomb Rashika gave us to see the machine works?” Ozur asked as he followed Hugo through the tunnels.

“Sure I’m sure, besides tomorrow’s the tournament so we’re going to make sure that everything is going as planned,” Hugo explained, his footsteps echoing through space they are walking through. “But we’re going to have to give that machine a name..”

“How about, ‘The Traveler!’” Ozur suggested, stretching his hand out to space to show the speed that the unnamed machine might have. “Or maybe ‘The Portable Place Destination Seeker!’”

“That seems too long,” Hugo commented, “Maybe ‘Dreamer,’ how about that? I think it sounds appropriate.”

“Doesn’t sound as exciting as the other too,” Ozur judged, “I got it! We could call it, ‘The Dreamer’s Path!’ Nope sounds like a place, or how about....” He got quite quiet, getting the feeling of defeat of the naming. “Or we can just go with your idea and call it ‘Dreamer,’ but I bet the girls won’t like it.”

“Since when did you, the king of pranks, ever cared about what the girls think about what we decide? Are you trying to be manly to them?” Hugo smirked, until Ozur pounced him in his wolf form, growling like a wild animal.

“NO!” Then he whined very softly and cowardly. “I just don’t want to end up dying before my next birthday when it comes to annoying them....They can be scary when they’re angry.”

“You are, for once in your life, saying words of wisdom,” Hugo laughed, “I can’t even begin to describe how scary but awesome those two are.”

“Awesome eh?” Now it was Ozur’s turn to smirk at Hugo, still in his wolf form while he tried to contain his laughter.

“Quit it!” Hugo shouted, digging in his cape to pull out a rope, threateningly holding it tightly and close to Ozur’s neck. “Or I’ll end up having a wolf as a pet!”

“Oh no the leash, anything but that!” Ozur pretend to act distressed, resulting both of them mirth at the silliness they were doing! “Imagine, people putting wolf hybrids in leashes as pets! Next thing you know, those wild cats will be in leashes too?”

“Wildcat hybrids? Like that group of girls with the whiskers and ears in Team Star, they are known for working together so well, they can slice anything.” Hugo remarked, only to hear Ozur have his moment to boast. “Please, wolves are more intelligent than cats, I bet I can beat them any day.”

“Okay mister ‘I can beat wild cats any day’, we’re here,” Hugo pointed at the door, shining the lit up torch near the metal, tossing the bomb in the air as he caught it on his palm. “We just need to grab those Soul Books, the little letter the old Sun Gang written their plans, and put this baby right where it belongs to activate Dreamer.”

Nodding with concurring, Ozur got out of his wolf form so he could push the door open to reveal the hidden area. However the boys noticed that the lights in the room mysteriously were turned on, but nothing could be heard around the area...At least not heard by Hugo’s ears. Ozur’s ears perked up, his nose began to sniff the area and they stepped a few feet inside, the door suddenly closing behind them with a loud BANG!

“Something seems off,” Ozur reported in a whisper, his eyes scanning the area for any possible movement. “Those lights were off yesterday when we finished remaking Dreamer.”

“Then we better keep our guards up,” Hugo commanded in a quiet voice, pulling out his twin swords, ready to attack anything that seemed to have infiltrated the library. “It seemed like we’re not alone...” His body tensed when they both heard a sudden echo of a footstep that was coming closer to them. “No sudden movement until I give the word Ozur..” The footsteps began to get louder, and closer to them, as the boys held a tight grip on their weapons! Every step made their heart skip a beat or two with agonizing fear as the sound came closer. Ta-Thump...Ta-Thump...Ta-Thump....Ta-Thump…

“It’s ready to pounce...” Ozur squeaked, before clearing his throat to show that he had no fear. At that moment, everything seemed quiet in the dark until the flames on the torch that was placed on a table perished within the darkness. Nothing seemed to be around, but now this intruder was right there!

Hugo and Ozur were ready to attack with their battle until a skinny black cat came leaping out of the shadow, making an eerie shriek of fright. The boys lowered their weapons in relief, forgetting about the mystery of the lighten up lights. “It was just a cat...Thank goodness, it’s just a cat...” Ozur breathed out in relief, nudging Hugo with reassurance. “And we were about to attack such an innocent cat...Hehe, to think that someone had the nerve to sneak here to do something completely unexpected to us.” He forced a laugh out of his chest to lighten up the mood until they went right to work to look for the Soul Books before testing out Dreamer. Apparently, Soul Books enjoy flying around to different places so it took all day and during the night to find them.

“FOUND THEM!” Hugo announced, lifting the four texts and piece of parchment in the air, Ozur cheered as he was ready to head towards Dreamer until they heard something fall from the shelves! “Maybe it’s just that cat again,” Ozur whispered in reassurance.

“If only it was just a cat,” a sharp voice dripped with venom answered, sending cold as ice shivers down their spines!

“But too bad for you, the cat isn’t the only one lurking around this place..” Another dark voice snickered in delight, smiling grimly in the shadows. The shadows were approaching the boys, who this time was getting ready to battle, as the figures chuckled in dark delight,

“Looks like you boys aren’t going to be at the tournament tomorrow..”

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