The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Five

“AHH!” Eathelyn jumped up in her bed, cold sweat coming down from her forehead as she felt herself miserably shaking like a leaf!

“That’s weird,” she muttered to herself, pulled strands of her hair that covered her Demon Eye with her shaky hands. “I could have sworn I saw Hugo and Ozur get into some big trouble...” She then shook her head before grabbing a handkerchief on her nightstand to wipe the sweat from her face. “No, that’s just stupid of me...Those guys can handle themselves. But still-”

“You can’t help but feel that something’s up?” A voice asked from the door, making Eathelyn jump off her bed in surprise only to see that it was Rashika who was talking. “I heard you scream...I’m a dragon remember?”

“Oh yeah, sorry I woke you up,” Eathelyn apologized, getting up from her fall and in bed once more. “But this is starting to get crazy. I mean there are these nights when I get weird dreams that seem so real. But at the same time; it just seems like it won’t happen, but they sometimes happen.”

Rashika sat on the edge of bed, her hand under her chin to process what Eathelyn just told her, even if half of it seems to make her look insane. “Maybe you’re just worried about tomorrow. It is the big tournament that decided our possible futures, even with the slightest mistake, everything will backfire. And if that mistake makes your plan backfire, then you’ll lose. If you lose then your life is going to be ruined, without anything in any power to repair it.”

“Gee thanks, Rashika,” Eathelyn sighed with frustration, pushing her pillow in her face. “Now I’m even more worried about the guys.”

“Hey don’t worry, they’re probably still in the library arguing about the name of the machine or who’s the better man in the team,” Rashika shrugged, but she couldn’t help but wonder herself where Hugo and Ozur are. “But in any case, I’m sure they can handle themselves, they’re part of Team Hero.”

“Yeah but...” Eathelyn hesitated, hugging her pillow tightly as if she was afraid of the boogeyman trying to get her. “This dream was more strange, I mean I saw Hugo and Ozur fooling around until heavy footsteps could be heard! Then they turn around and the next thing I know, I’m hearing them scream their heads out!”

“Hmm, that does sound real..” Rashika tapped her chin in interest. “Especially since there can be Sun Gang members who know about that place and lurk around. I don’t like how Headmistress Olema is handling the sudden change in behavior with the students. No interrogations, or demands for the people who started the rumor.” The two remained silent that minute before Rashika continued in a whisper, “We’re going to have to keep our guard up. I’ll see what I can find about this situation; if you’re right then those two will need our help for sure.”

She got up from the bed, still in her midnight tunic and baggy pants she wears to sleep in. “Get dressed, we’re getting into action.”

“Yeah I don’t think so, if we let you got outside to get us for no reason then we’ll be the ones who have to worry about our lives.”

Rashika and Eatheyln both got tensed at the out of nowhere voice, turning around only to see Hugo and Ozur standing by the door but in a mess, as if they were attacked by a pack of wild cats! From the looks of things, it was Ozur who was speaking, as he continued while trying to stand up without Hugo’s support. “Sorry, we took so long, it’s just that the two of us were...Uh, how can I put this...We were ambushed.”

“Ambushed?” Eathelyn gasped, getting out of bed in a panic. “By whom?” She asked cautiously, seeing how fast Ozur managed to recover from this attack since he looked like he could race around the world now. “And how bad was it?”

“Oh it was awful, we were about to be hypnotized by Ulin to get some information from us! And the only reason she found out that we were there was because of Eiloh and Malisha!” Hugo explained drastically. “Those two told Ulin the extra details we left out and out of rage, she ambushed us with those two traitors!”

“But that’s not possible!” Rashika objected, getting ready to pummel the two for telling this fake tale. “Eiloh and Malisha would never bail us out, and if they did then we would see their scars from the Scar Oath glow brighter than the evening stars!”

“They’re not here Rashika, we managed to barely escape without getting beaten up bad...” Ozur countered, wincing in pain as his arm was wrapped around his bruised stomach. “Look, I know what I saw and it was definitely Malisha and Eiloh there in the library, ambushing us when we least expect it!”

“Then why didn’t you request for backup with your mind reading Ozur?” Eathelyn questioned.

“They cast this strange spell to make my powers unaffected to anything,” Ozur explained. “So there was no way I could have communicated.”

“And you expect me to believe that you escaped with only a few injuries, even with Ulin in the attacking team?” Rashika interrogated sharply, beginning to suspect this story she was hearing come out of the boy’s lips. “If Ulin was there then she would have-”

“Given you hours of detention for staying up late,” Eathelyn interrupted in a disturbing cheerful voice. “I mean look how beaten up you two are, you definitely need some rest. After all that hard time fighting off those backstabbers.” She began to push Hugo and Ozur out the door while Rashika gave her a bewildered look on her face. All Eathelyn did be wink at her behind the boys back, as she continued to push them out the room.

“Tomorrow’s the tournament, our plan needs to go out perfectly if we want to succeed in the first part of our mission. So get some sleep, make a strategy to kick Team Same’s butt. Okay?” She kicked Hugo in his room, slamming the door and doing the same to Ozur. “Good? Okay, goodnight!”

Once the second door was locked, she saw Rashika stare at her in shock but with a few bits of understanding. “You seem too happy, are you nervous about tomorrow, with the whole saving the world business?”

“Of course, with that ambush tonight to our teammates, why wouldn’t I be nervous?!” Eathelyn shouted at the door to make sure Ozur and Hugo heard them loud and clear. “Well, I’m off to bed, goodnight and I hope our plan goes well tomorrow.”

“Of course it will it’s foolproof,” Rashika reassured loud enough to for the male members to hear after she understood what Eathelyn was up to,“We wouldn’t want the Sun Gang ruining stuff for us, especially since the plan has beaten up Team Same in it along with everything else that we can’t say! Well, goodnight.”

“Oww, my head!”

“Well who told you to charge towards that pillar in the first place?”

“Hey I just thought that maybe it’ll cause something to fall on those two, it did work didn’t it? We got them unconscious for a few moments.”

“More like five seconds, they were still able to get us before we could even make a run for it. You think that they’ll fool the girls?”

“No way, they’re way too smart to let someone fool them...I hope.”

“So much for having a little faith.”

“Hey, you can never be too cautious, but we should try to get out of here.”

“How? We’re trapped in a cage in the middle of nowhere in the school tunnels and tied together real tight...You try getting us out.”

“No problem...If those ropes weren’t tied up so good and tight then we’d be out in no time at all.”

“Great....Just great.”

“Don’t give me that look! If you can reach for one of your weapons, we can maybe cut our way out. Maybe you should use your claws.”

“Yeah in a million years when it comes to those metal bars. Not to mention that our weapons are out of reach and guarded!”

In the middle of nowhere underneath where the tournament will be hosted stood a cage that held two prisoners tied up after a failed battle but who are they remains a mystery. For all they know, they could stay trapped for the rest of their lives after they suffered a complete failure.

Meanwhile, Eathelyn was once again tossing and turning in her sleep, as she felt cold sweat begin to flow down from her forehead again. Her breaths were short, then long, as if she was having a panic attack in her own dreams.

“Hello? Look whoever you, you can stop making me get these weird dreams I keep getting!” She found herself walking through the same fog her dreams always began with, not a single life to be seen. “Can you at least tell me who are you and why are you driving me nuts?!” She was answered with nothing but the silence that lurked around the air.

“If only I was the one who is doing all this to you,” the same bone-chilling voice finally answered in mirth. “But sadly I don’t possess the powers you have in that Demon Eye of yours.”

“What’s so special about it?” Eathelyn huffed, her arms folded in disbelief . “All it shows is that I’m just a messed up person.”

“Are you positive about that Eathelyn?”

“What are you talking about? I’m sure that my Demon Eye is weak! I mean come on, I only have one eye that has the powers of the Demon Eye!” She yelled in fury. “What do you know!? You don’t even know who I really am!”

“Sure I do, you’re Eathelyn from the Dark World...Daughter of one of the previous members of Team Hero who back-stabbed his teammates real bad. The one whose older sister died in her job. The one who is getting all these weird dreams that seem to not be true but it really does happen. Not to mention the one whose mother can never be proud of no matter how much you try. ”

Eathelyn’s eyes widen, but she shook her head, running away from wherever she thought the voice was coming from. “SHUT UP! You don’t know anything!”

“Keep telling yourself that, but I warn you. One of your so called ‘friends’ will turn out to be your worst nightmare.”

“Yeah I’ll add that to my list of things to ignore!” She continued to run until she found herself on the first exit of the underground tunnels of the school only to hear monstrous hissing echoing from the shadow!

“That’s where the slaves are supposed to go tomorrow on the fight,” She muttered to herself until the darkness perished! Eathelyn backed away from the shadow, feeling that now wasn’t the time to see what creature was there until the cool surface of the floor turned to air and she found herself falling into an oblivious dark fall. Eathelyn’s eye was shut tight so she wouldn’t see any further darkness until her knees were gently greeted by the hard dirty floor of the school’s training grounds.

Her eyes opened to see that she was outside of the school, in front of the same stadium where the tournament was going to be held. However she looked up, only to see some sort of light show dance across the sky, but she could have sworn she saw her father’s face in that light show! Soon the lights disappeared, and she could hear the students begin to riot! Screaming, crying, and shrieking went through her eardrums as her feet felt the ground shake from a sudden shaking! Then out of the blue....

The school was exploding piece by piece!

She saw the same events from her other dream about the location of the key! Students running and cheering but were getting rounded up by the Sun Gang! The same mysterious person yelling,“WE CAN’T JUST LEAVE HER THERE!”


The same metal weapons in combat until she saw the same puddle of blood spill across the ground the moment the sound stopped. This time, she wasn’t going to just stand there. This time, she was going to look over that corner and see who was killed. Her legs began to shake, as for her hands but she slapped her senses back in place. This wasn’t the time to be afraid, she has no-no, she must see who had died.

With all the courage she could muster, Eathelyn ran right around the corner to see whose blood was spilling on the ground. Everything seems to run slowly as each second seem to have represented her heartbeat but the moment her eyes took a glimpse on the dead corpse, she stopped...She couldn’t breathe, let alone move, her heart stopped beating and the only thing she could do was…



Eathelyn bolted up from her bed to see that sun was nearly about to rise and that Rashika was right there all dressed, ready to go but she was looking worriedly at her friend.

“It seemed so real..” She mutter to herself, trying to catch a breath from this nightmare like vision. “But it isn’t...At least I hope it’s not going to happen...”

“What might not happen?” Rashika asked, afraid that this nightmare might have gotten Eathelyn a little shaken up. “What did you dream about?”

“I’m not sure if I could tell you without being scared of it happening in real life,” Eathelyn sighed, feeling even weak then she had when she was listening to that high frequency back at the ruins. “But I’m not sure if it will..”

“Eathelyn, I’m sure that whatever you saw will never happen. Okay,” Rashika held her friend’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze of comfort. “Come on, we gotta get ready for the big fight we’re about to embark.” All Eathelyn could do was nod slowly as she tried to see the bright side but it was hard to say that what she witnessed will never come to be; for now she is lost between the realms of dreams and truth.

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