The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

Butterflies swarmed in Hugo’s stomach after hearing a muffled but clear voice of Headmistress Olema announce for his teammates to get up to the battleground.

Not that he didn’t have any faith in the girls for handling themselves because they can take on Team Same any day. It’s just the fact that he and Ozur are locked up in this cage underneath the arena while some impostors of them are above, ready to ruin everything! While he stood there trying to calm down, Ozur was charging towards the metal bars of the cage to break free but that plan wasn’t working. So in case anyone is wondering what really happened, let’s just say they got ambushed by someone and tried to fight them off but failed miserably. The thing wasn’t that they weren’t strong enough to defeat the ambush because they had the strength they needed. However, they didn’t realize that the ambushers were ten steps ahead of them so they ended up getting beaten up and the next thing they knew, they were in a cage in the middle of the academy’s grounds.

To make matters worse, they were disarmed so they didn’t have a single sword or prank on them to free themselves. Even Hugo’s cloak was confiscated to remove anything that was in its black hole dimension, even the Soul Books he took.

“We have to get out of here!” Ozur growled under his breath, after countless times trying to break down the bars but with the power, it’s observing from him, it’s impossible to do any sort of magic. The only good thing about this situation was that they freed themselves from the tight ropes on them, but then again that didn’t give them enough comfort.

“No, we just kick back and relax,” Hugo sarcastically answered, pretending to relax, which was the complete opposite of what he planned to do. “And wait for the girls to realize that they’re with impostors so they can come rescue us...” His eyes were closed for a brief moment until he opened one of them only to see Ozur glare at him.

“WELL, OF COURSE, WE HAVE TO GET OF HERE HUGO! But there’s not a lot of options here, so stop being so sarcastic!” Ozur rolled his eyes at Hugo but then his ears picked up on something as he leaned closer to the edge of the cage. After a brief moment, his eyes widen and he began to yet again try his luck to break down the bars. He didn’t give Hugo time to ask since he responded with panic, “I heard them! The slaves are beginning to make their way towards the first exit of the school tunnels and they don’t know about the trap the Headmistress left! And the girls don’t have the Soul Books, not to mention that the secret library is guarded and-”

“HEY QUIT YOUR YAPPING IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU!” Also forgot to mention that the secret library entrance was just a few feet across from them but was guarded by four Sun Gang members. “We can’t have you ruin things for us you runts, besides you’ll be reunited with your team soon enough.”

“Better do what they say Ozur, banging the cage won’t do us any good,” Hugo sighed, sighting down to try to think. His eyes narrowing down to the table with his cape and swords, even Ozur’s satchel of pranks. “If I could just get to that table then maybe...But I’m going to need a distraction, and heaven knows that those Sun Gang guards aren’t stupid to fall for any tricks.” He whispered, but he just pulled his hair for a moment before he made himself comfortable. “Looks like we’ll just have to wait and hope for the best.”

“That’s your plan oh great leader?” Ozur questioned, not really impressed that his friend just gave up like that. “Just sit here and wait for a miracle? While our whole entire plan is in jeopardy!”

“You really are dense you know that Ozur,” Hugo shook his head in disappointment, but he remained seated in his spot. “Just calm down, I know what I’m doing. We’ll get out of here, but if you don’t mind I need some peace and quiet.”

“Urgh! Why me?” Ozur sat down uncomfortably, having no idea that Hugo’s eyes were closed for quite a while now.

“Just shut up and get ready for any surprise that might show up,” the leader hissed, before resuming to his quiet state. “You’ll know soon enough. We just need to girls to get an idea.” So without a choice, Ozur just sat there waiting for whatever Hugo was waiting for.

“I can hear the slaves beginning to make their way to the first part of the plan, it’ll take fifteen minutes for the first stage is complete,” Rashika whispered to Eathelyn’s ear as they made their way to the battlefield.

“But we can’t let them get passed the first exit,” Eathelyn responded in a silent voice making sure no one heard their conversation, as her mind flashed back to that part of her dream with those beady red glowing with all the hissing that came with it. “There’s something waiting for them, so that’s why we’ll have found a way to get the audience distracted and warn them.”

“One of us will have to go while the other stays here then,” Rashika offered, making Eathelyn nod in agreement. The two continued to whisper, causing Hugo and Ozur to narrow their eye with suspicion until the battlefield greeted them with the sight of broken wood, and the blood of the other students that decorated the ground but not much thank heaven. On the other side of the field, stood Team Same, Sundria, and Alsha looking more confident than they were a few hours ago. The sun that shined over the sky was beginning to lower itself to let the moon take over for the night, as huge stadium lights replaced the shine of the sun.

“I hope you monsters are ready for this!” Sundria yelled in enjoyment from a distant, her eyes overflowing with confidence. “Because I know my team and I are ready for this moment! The day we finally put you losers in your place!”

“Fighters ready!” Headmistress Olema announced, in the same joy as her daughter with a flag waving in her hand. The two teams had their eyes narrow down at each other, strategies flooding in their minds while the audience were howling with excitement. She then released the flag as she shouted with pleasure.


Her words didn’t seem to reach the fighter’s ears, since the moment that flag fell, they charged towards each other with their weapons out and ready to kill!

Alsha was the first to leap ahead of her teammates, pulling out a ribbon that had daggers tied to it as she swings the weapon dangerously close to Hugo! He managed to step back but not without a cut across his cheek that begin to spill bits of blood! In a rage, he pulled out his swords, one on both his hands as he swung them at Alsha like a wild animal! She had no problem dodging each blow, the right hand motioned her teammates to come forward to go up against the other members of Team Hero while she distracted the leader.

Eiloh and Malisha exchanged glances before they split up to take on which opponent they felt best to fight with. Eiloh pushed Alsha aside to fight Hugo, making her stare back at him with anger but her anger was shortened because Eathelyn slashed her lightning sword through her ribbon of daggers, slicing the cloth in half! A huge CLANG could be heard from the fallen daggers as Alsha pulled out more from her small knapsack that was strapped around her waist. She shot five at Eathelyn’s direction, who countered that attack by backflipping her way out of the range of those blades, being careful not to strike herself with her sword’s lightning as well.

Before Sundria could get up to Ozur, Malisha was already a step ahead of her, pulling out her spear and spin it around at the hybrid to make him back away! Sundria clenched her teeth together in frustration until she quickly jumped away from a bomb that Rashika shot at her! The bomb exploded in the process but no one was caught in the explosion but Sundria was faced to faced with Rashika, their eyes glaring at each other with hatred.

Sundria then pulled out a metal short pole that was the size of her hand but with on CLICK, the pole got longer with two blades at each end emerging from the metal. Pretty soon her double-edged sword was the size of Sundria herself, as she charged towards Rashika with full force! She dodged the two blades, reaching for her belt as her tail spun, causing Sundria to trip and fall over it!

Rashika quickly fly up, away from the blades as she threw several bombs around Team Same’s leader, activating them, only to have smoke black out Sundria’s view for a brief moment! While she was distracted, Rashika flew higher to the point where no one can spot her in the dark night sky, her eyes looking down at her target as she quickly turned into her dragon form! She began to spin down, releasing a storm of fire from her mouth that covered her to make her look like a giant spinning ball of fire heading back to Earth!

Meanwhile, Eiloh and Malisha were making sure they got Hugo and Ozur fighting but moving closer and closer to each other! However, the fake Hugo and Ozur saw their plan so the moment they were inches away from each other, they leaped over their opponents, catching them both by surprise!

Eathelyn was making sure Alsha was dodging the swings of her sword, as she searched for an open spot to throw a punch unexpectedly! Alsha’s face was then greeted by the strong fist of her opponent, sending her flying into the wall but the girl with glasses wasn’t ready to throw the towel just yet. Instead, she removed her glasses from her eyes that were now closed, tapping twice on the lens which caused blades to pop out from the sides of glasses! At that moment, her glasses now looked like a bladed boomerang, which apparently was since Alsha threw it at Eathelyn’s direction, hitting the sword so hard that it flew off her hands! Eathelyn didn’t have time to look for where her weapon has landed since she had to duck from the bladed boomerang that was returning to its owner!

“Still think you can beat me Eathelyn?” Alsha chuckled, tapping her boomerang to hide the blades out of sight to make it appear like her glasses, placing them back over her eyes that reopened. “You guys will fail so badly, and I bet your family is watching you right now, probably thinking how pathetic you are right now.” She pulled the sliced ribbon she had before, only to have the threads grow and fix itself right up, with fresh new daggers taking the old one’s places! “I’d like to see you fight me without your sword!”

Sundria spun her double-edged sword to clear the smoke, only to spot Rashika diving towards her direction surrounded by fire! She stood her ground, ready to penetrate either end of her weapon through the flames, but the spinning inferno ignored her completely, turning away from her in a flash! She stared at Rashika dumbfound before running after the flaming ball, pulling out strong metal chains from inside her pole! Rashika saw that Sundria was ready to tie her up in those chains so she flies close to where Eiloh and Malisha were having trouble fighting off Hugo and Ozur! It may have seemed that she was planning to have Sundria accidentally tie her teammates but that wasn’t the case. Rashika flew to where Hugo and Ozur would be several feet close to each other’s backs, making them look at her in confinement until they felt the strong grip of metal wrap around them really tight! The crowd gasped in shock to see how Rashika just got her teammates into a tight spot, not knowing if she was going insane or just coming up with a scheme! Sundria, on the other hand, was shocked to see that she caught two people she didn’t intend to tie up, as she tried to untie them but Eiloh and Malisha went by her side to help her pull them in!

Eathelyn caught sight of this, leaping back from the flying daggers tied to the ribbon until her eyes spotted the golden handle of Lightning Blade right on the wall, on the other side of the field! She could see that Sundria wasn’t far behind her so without time to actually have second thoughts, she waited for the string of daggers come at her before her Demon Eye was activated, looking for a spot of ribbon that wasn’t attached to a dagger! The moment she found one, her eye made time run slowly as it could so her hand can reach for that spot, making a good strong grip on it! Alsha was caught by surprise by the sudden tug she felt until she felt herself flying over Eathelyn, who smirked at her for a brief moment before sending her flying towards Sundria! At that moment, one of the daggers slashed through her arm, making a thin cut which resulted in the leader to shriek in pain and glared at Alsha while she shouted, “Alsha are you blind!? You could have killed me!! You could have ruined the plan!”

“Sorry, but why are you pulling those two in with your chains?!” Alsha argued, looking at how close Hugo and Ozur are to losing their breath. “Who’s ruining the plan now Sundria!” The leader then yelled in frustration as she released her hold on her chains and pushed Eiloh and Malisha away from the chains, then her eyes narrowed angrily at Alsha, making her shut up. “What’s that about me ruining the plan Alsha? Now get back out there and fight that demon before we fail this!” The moment Eiloh and Malisha were pushed to the side, their hold on the chains were released, which caused Hugo and Ozur to be free to resume to their battle.

“Hey if you’re so desperate to win, then come and get me!” Eathelyn shouted, releasing her hold on the ribbon as she raced across the arena to grab Team Same’s, the audience’s attention towards her. She winked at Rashika’s spinning ball who saw the signal, and without hesitation she flew her spinning flames up in the sky once more, only to dive down as fast she could towards the center while more heat was getting to her fire!

Eathelyn grabbed her sword, at last, using the powers of her eye to run as fast as the wind to push Hugo and Ozur towards the center, catching everyone off guard. Her eyes caught sight of the ripped part of Alsha’s ribbon on the floor, her hands grabbing the soft cloth in process of her pushing her teammates to the center. Hugo and Ozur were also caught off guard when Eathelyn used the ribbon she caught to tie the two up together, making them struggle to get out of her hands! Everyone was chattering in confusion and yet they seemed to like how this was going so far.

“What’s Eathelyn doing?!”

“Aren’t Hugo and Ozur her teammates so why is she tying them up instead of Team Same? This is crazy but amazing!”

“We want more!”

“Are Eathelyn and Rashika going crazy?!”

Rashika waited until her eyes caught the sight that Eathelyn left the boys laying in the center all tied up as her spinning ball of inferno dove into the center of the field! Hugo and Ozur both struggled to break free but it wasn’t easy with a huge ball of fire falling towards you. Before anyone could blink, the whole center crashed into pieces, making an enormous hole to replace the floor with no sign of Rashika, or the boys with all the dust smoke forming around the area!

“What did she do?!”

“Did Rashika kill her teammates?!”

“Oh my gosh I knew she was a part demon but I never thought that she would be that evil enough to kill her own comrades!”

“She really is a monster!”

While more students began to panic about this situation, the Sun Gang, instructors, Ulin, and the Headmistress couldn’t help but get a little off guard to this plan.

“Uh Olema, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t part of the plan Team Hero discussed with the slaves a few nights ago,” Hellioh came up to confront his wife who was looking down at the sign.

“You’re right...Something’s up,“Olema hissed in disgust until she smiled a bit.“But thankfully those clones are strong enough to go up against anything thrown at them.” She heard more panic of students arise until the smoke cleared only to see Hugo and Ozur on the edge of the hole, getting up after the ribbon was burned to crisp from this dive bomb! They had burn marks all over their body, they could barely get up but somehow they had the energy to get up continue to fight Team Same as if nothing happened! Unfortunately, the clones didn’t make more than five steps before falling to the ground and exploding into dust, causing the crowds to gasp in shock!

The panic soon was beginning to get fueled up but that didn’t mean that the students couldn’t help but wonder why Rashika wasn’t showing up from the hole she created that had her teammates exploded into dust!

“And how long do you expect to wait for Hugo?!” Ozur exclaimed without a single ounce of patience to keep him sane! “This is taking forever, I say we try to get off here ourselves and-” He stopped his complaining, suddenly sniffing the air above him while Hugo smirked, finally opening his eyes. “Do you smell what I smell?” Ozur asked, sniffing the air only to realize that the ceiling was beginning to smell like smoke from a fire! Not to mention that his ears heard a clear sound of fire and rocks breaking apart!

“About time she showed up,” Hugo got up from his spot, his eyes all white which meant his eyes were in Demon Eyes mode as he looked over at the table where his cape laid as he made it begin to float in the air along with everything else! The guards quickly caught sight of this, as they marched their way towards the boys, not even realizing the ceiling shaking as rocks fell on the floor! One of them made a grab for the cape, pulling it down so it wouldn’t float to its owner as Hugo warned with a smile. “I wouldn’t be doing that if I were you.”

“Says who you worthless runts?!” Shouted one of the guards, only to have a huge chunk of rock hit his head and that was when they realized that the rock above them was beginning to glow and crack faster than they expected! “Well thanks for the company guys but our teammate is here to pick us up so if you don’t mind, we’ll just move this way thank you very much,” Hugo stepped a few steps back in the cage, pulling Ozur to the safe spot as the whole room shook and rattled until-


Fire burst through the roof sending rocks and dust flying everywhere in sight, making the guards unconscious from the sudden surprise and rocks that hit their heads! The spinning inferno finally died out, revealing Rashika turning into her human hybrid form, as she reached down for keys the guards had on his belt. “Why to thank you, I’ll just take that.” She turned to the boys, running to the door of the cave as she unlocked the lock while explaining, “Eathelyn and I got your message this morning after breakfast, we already handled those clones so now it’s your turn to get up there and help her!”

“But what about you?” Ozur asked, still surprised that Hugo actually saw this coming this whole time!

“I’m going to the first exit to stop the slaves from going through there, it’s a trap! Now you two go and get this new plan rolling! I can get those slaves to the machine-”


“What?” Rashika looked at Ozur for a moment as if he lost his mind until he clarified the word to her.

“That’s the name of the machine..”

With that, Rashika left the cage door open as she used her own two wings to fly out of the area and through the tunnels! “Then you both better hurry!” Without a second to lose, Hugo and Ozur stepped out of their prison, grabbing their weapons and books until the hybrid turned into a wolf for the leader to ride on top of as they leaped from ledge to ledge up to the surface!

“One question Hugo!” Ozur began as they continued their way up, “What message is Rashika talking about and why wasn’t I informed of this!?”

“You know that cage sucks all the magic we possess but thankfully just a few weeks ago, Eathelyn and I managed to create a new technique of the Demon Eye,” Hugo explained with a grin. “I had to activate my Demon Eyes and send some sort of sound-wave to Eathelyn, that way when she sensed it, she would have to close her eyes to see the message I’m sending her. This morning I did that exact thing, and it’s a good thing that it works. However those guards with us...I noticed that one of them can hear us talk even at the quietest whisper, so if I told you about this then the whole plan would have failed in one swoop.”

“Then if the guard could hear that then how come he didn’t hear Rashika tunneling her way down here?”

“That was why I tried to make an attempt to get our stuff, in hopes to distract them both from hearing with all their shouting.”

Ozur just shook his head in shock as his eyes concentrated at the opening, “Well that was a brilliant idea I gotta admit that.”

Rashika meanwhile was flapping her wings harder, even when she had herself turn into a dragon, she still flapped her wings faster through the tunnels to catch up to the slaves! Her heart was beating faster than her wings while the sudden sparks of flames of torches that the slaves held were at her view! There she spotted the moving crowd of slaves marching their way to the exit until she heard the hissing sound of a creature she didn’t think she would hear!

She saw Zeliah and Thuggort leading the crowd, so with all the speed she could muster, she flew faster than the speed of light as she finally found herself in front of confused slaves when their eyes caught sight of her. She didn’t have time to hear any questions as she notified them in great panic. “YOU ALL HAVE TO TURN BACK NOW! THERE’S A CHANGE IN PLANS! HERE, THERE’S A TRAP THAT THE SUN GANG SET THAT MY TEAM JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT!”

“A trap!?”

“What are you talking about Rashika?”

“What’s going on?”

“How did the Sun Gang find out about this plan?”

Soon every slave was asking her questions about why she suddenly showed up saying that a trap has been set!

Before Rashika could answer, she was interrupted by the strong roar of the creature that hid in the shadows of the exit, two enormous red glowing eyes appeared, causing everyone to cry in fear as she screamed with command. “GET OUT OF HERE ALL OF YOU NOW!”

The slaves didn’t need to be told twice before they started to run away as fast as they could, even with their chains! Rashika stayed behind, blocking the creature view of the slaves. “I’ll take care of this fellow!” She stood her ground as the ground shook as an enormous figure the size of the school emerged from the shadow of enormous feather wings attached to a lion’s body with its face covered by a mask! It’s shining red eyes stared down at Rashika in fury as it roared at her. She knew that in dragon form wasn’t going to cut it, so she was back in her hybrid form, looking at the creature as she growled back at it with aggression.

Rashika needed to buy time for the slaves to escape, so her hands had a tight grip around her bombs as she made the bravest face she could make at her opponent. The creature she was about to confront.... Is none other than a dragon’s greatest enemy.

The giant sphinx.

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