The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Eight

The fact that a sphinx can give you the most difficult riddles ever in history isn’t the start of how this situation was getting even more difficult. Not to mention that dragons have this very long history with the sphinx since they were wise enough to answer the riddles so the sphinx will always want a chance to destroy any dragon who answer their riddle. Rashika’s father had fought off with several sphinxes back when he was in young twenties and she also confronted a few with him on some occasions when they least expect them. Whenever a sphinx spots any intruders then he or she will stop at nothing to destroy them unless their riddle has been answered and chances of answering correctly are impossible unless you’re a dragon.

“Great,” Rashika whispered to herself as she landed on the ground to get safely close to the sphinx, trying to think of a plan to buy the slaves some time to escape. “A sphinx, exactly what the Sun Gang would have a trap for situations like this.” She noticed that the sphinx had laid eyes on her, clearly realizing that she’s a dragon so Rashika rolled her eyes to hear the same sentence every predictable sphinx would say.

“A dragon?! You scaly reptiles think you are so clever, well be warned for my riddle will be the most impossible for you to answer!” The sphinx roared with overconfidence as she knelt down to Rashika’s height. “Answer this wrong and every dragon will know you have brought shame to their kind! Answer correctly and you must face me off!”

“I’m all ears,” Rashika sighed, having no choice since she knew that whenever an unsuspecting sphinx spotted a dragon, he or she would do whatever it takes to put shame on the dragons tribes. However, the sphinx inspected Rashika a bit closer, sniffing her before she gasped and stepped back from her.

“Wait, I know you!” Her glowing red eyes narrowed down at Rashika as if she was a runaway murderer. “Yes of course...You’re that dragon who is half demon because your father married a demon! Not to mention that your mother left you but you are known for solving every riddle thrown at you!”

“I’m a dragon after all,” Rashika growled under her breath, trying to refrain herself from taking her anger out on the sphinx. “So just say the riddle already.”

“Impatient are we?” The sphinx smirked, as she cleared her throat to chant her riddle that is meant to be impossible. “Alright then...What weapon can be used to cut a person’s soul but it doesn’t have a blade, or can’t be held. What is that weapon?”

“The weapon is words,” Rashika answered in a snap, surprising the sphinx as she looked at her in awe. She suddenly had this feeling that this certain sphinx won’t let her off so easily after being given the correct answer.

“Wow, you are good, but are you good in battle!?” The sphinx raised her paw up to crush Rashika but she quickly dodged that move in a flash. Rashika flew back a few feet, turning around to see that there were a few slaves that needed to leave! “You’ll regret making a fool out of me!”

“Okay, this might take awhile...I hope the others are doing better than I am,” She shook her head before her fingers had made contact with one of her fire bombs. “Who am I kidding, of course, everything we’re doing is going to be difficult! Uh oh..TAIL!” She flies up to avoid the giant tail that was about to kill her! “Yep, this is going to be a handful!”

“Is that the best you can do?!” The opponent mocked, as she swung her right back paw around the area causing some pillars to fall as she winced in pain when she placed that paw down. Rashika took note of that moment, believing that maybe there was a way to finish this and get extra help.

“Great, one the best fights I’ve ever been on is against four people!” Eathelyn practically screamed as she spun her leg around to trip the members of Team Same to the ground as she back-flipped to the other side to try to figure out a new plan. If not then she’s going to have a very angry crowd of students and a miserable future. “Sure would nice of help actually came!”

Suddenly everyone heard the howl of a wolf coming out from the hole Rashika created, and before anyone could even have time to guess, the real Hugo and Ozur jumped out from the hole! Everyone began to cheer even louder for the grand entrance, completely forgetting about the fact that they saw the boys turn to dust!

“About time you two,” Eathelyn smiled, her attention quickly went back to defense as she used her sword to counterattack some dagger Alsha shot at her! “Seriously I was beginning to think you guys chickened out!”

Hugo was the first to charge as he pulled out his twin swords only use his cape to cover himself and make himself completely invisible! “You seriously thought that we’d let you and Rashika have all the fun up here?!” Alsha apparently didn’t see or hear him charging her way since she suddenly felt someone holding a blade to close to her neck so she had no choice but to stand still but that didn’t mean she was defenseless.

“Yeah, oh and I see two of the people who ambushed us and locked us both in a cage underneath the stadium!” Ozur growled at Sundria and Alsha as he charged towards the ringleader, taking a bite on her double edge sword as she struggled to get him off.

“Urgh you little nuisance, get off my weapon!” Sundria yelled in anger, rolling over to get Ozur’s fangs off the metal part of her weapon but he was still trying to bite her face! Then without warning, she kicked him off, making him whine in pain for a bit before he growled even more aggressively at her than before.

“Wait did Ozur just say that Alsha and Sundria ambushed them?”

“But why would they do that? They’re part of Team Same!”

“Are they really going that far to win?!”

“If Sundria is bad enough to do that then what about the Sun Gang?”

“Maybe what we heard about the Sun Gang is true!!”

Ozur’s statement caused a whole new line of gossip in the audience as more students started to doubt the Sun Gang while Headmistress Olema was ready to kill anyone in the balcony!

Sundria in the meantime had just had enough of this nonsense she was going through so without thinking she shouted on the top of her lungs in innocence. “But we’re not the bad guys! It’s Team Hero who is the bad guys! They’re planning to bomb this school to dust just to gain power over the world!”

She gathered enough strength to toss Ozur to the side, making him turn to his hybrid form as he got up once again to put up a fight. This caused more students to whisper among themselves in confusion while Sundria continued her lies while she smashed her blades against Eathelyn’s lightning blade! “It’s true I heard their whole entire scheme to ruin us all! They’re just demons who want to use us and take advantage of us to rule us all! Especially Rashika, the mastermind of all this!”

“Oh yeah, so that’s why you’re trying to use other people to kill us?!” Eathelyn questioned, struggling to use her sword to toss Sundria’s blades to the side. “Can you tell for sure that we’re trying to rule the world? Is it because we’re demons that you’ll believe her!?”

Alsha used this as an opportunity to elbow Hugo on the stomach so hard that he released his hold on her as she about to stab him with one of her daggers until Ozur lassoed her tightly around some rope he had in his prank satchel.

“What the?!” She tried her best to break free, sadly the rope was tied up pretty tightly but for some reason, she just smiled. “You boys really are dumb thinking that some rope can stop me.”

On cue, she broke herself free from the ropes, slicing it into bits and pieces of thread with dagger floating in the air by themselves! “Did I forget to mention that some of these daggers have this kind of chip that’ll allow them to do whatever my minds says! So prepare to die!”

“Honestly are you sphinxes always this aggressive!?” Rashika gasped for air as she tried to get herself out from the strong grip the sphinx’s paw had on her!

“Depends really on our hatred towards our foes,” the sphinx answered in an ‘as a matter of fact’ tone. “And you’re in deep trouble because I despise you so much than anything else in the world!”

“So you don’t hate whoever put you in this place?” Rashika questioned, still trying to catch a breath. “I mean shouldn’t you be somewhere in the driest deserts of the Myth World right now?” Her hand was stretching out for the back paw as the paw that held her was lowering a bit as the sphinx thought out loud about what she asked.

“You know come to think of it, I don’t actually remember why I’m all this aggressive towards you. I’m actually a nice sphinx in the desert with my family but I can’t seem to remember.”

“I think whoever brought you here affected your memory,” Rashika suggested, her fingers just inches away from what she was reaching for. “Haven’t you thought about the fact that maybe instead of trying to kill people here, that you should try to find your way home?”

“Only fools have homes,” The sphinx laughed, but coughed a bit before her anger came flooding back in. “But what do you know! You’re a dragon and now I have to kill you, it’s my orders!′

“By whom?”

“By Headmistress Olema! She threatened to kill my family if I don’t kill you, so sorry but I have a family to protect!” The sphinx’s mood switched again as she pinned her against the wall quite harshly as she heard Thuggort gasp in horror to see his friend in trouble! Rashika’s hand slipped away from what she was aiming to grab but now she was in a staring contest with those evil eyes!

“We have to help her!” Thuggort whispered, his hand ready to let go of his sister’s hand as she answered in a panic.“There’s nothing we can do Thuggort, you heard what she told us...We have to go!”

“But she’s in trouble, I can’t just leave!” Before Zeliah could stop him, Thuggort snuck his way behind the sphinx! Zeliah was about to run after him if the oversized lion didn’t cause a boulder to fall and block her way!


The boy was inches away from the back paw, his eyes widen in surprise to see what Rashika was reaching for as he narrowed them to get to work. He made his way slowly and cautiously to the spot where this mysterious object that was sticking out of the paw. His small hands wrapped around the small jewel-like object as he pulled and pulled with all his might to get it out! However, Zeliah managed to push the boulders out of her way, running towards her brother as she grabbed him and pulled him away from harm’s way!

“Zeliah! I could have helped!”

“You could have gotten yourself killed!”

Rashika meanwhile was trying to gather enough strength to push the paw off herself before she gets choked to death! She gasped knowing that physical strength won’t work so she instead stretched her hand out for her belt, trying to get her hands on to any bomb she could reach. She could feel the air getting sucked out of her every passing second, as her fingertips were just at the surface of the object she was reaching for! Come on, give me just ten more seconds of consciousness to get this... She thought. Just give me more time, please...I don’t know if my friends can distract Team Same much longer..

Her consciousness was draining out but she used her last bit of energy to grab whatever her objective was. Now for the hard, that’s supposed to be the easy part!

“You just don’t know when to give up don’t you!” Alsha laughed, but her fun was about to end the moment her eyes laid on what Hugo was taking out of his cape! “A Soul Book?! Haha! What are you boys expecting that a Soul Book would do?”

Sundria’s eyes widen when she heard the mention of Soul Book, she was frozen in shock that she abandoned her fight with Eathelyn as she screamed at her other two teammates. “EILOH!! MALISHA!! Don’t just stand there, stop him from opening those books or else!” However, both teen both dropped their weapons and ran off to assist the boys instead, making her ready to kill them on sight but-

“Hey never get your eyes off your opponent Sundria!” Eathelyn warned from behind her, swinging the electricity of her sword down but missed by a hair! Sundria ducked and rolled to avoid getting half her hair chopped to dust, using her double-edged sword to try to cut Eathelyn’s legs, or at least try to cause her to trip. However, this time Eathelyn was just a few steps ahead of Sundria this time! She first jumped over the swing of the weapon, landing just a few feet away from Sundria,who was ready to make the next blow. I can’t believe I’m using this eye to many times now. Eathelyn thought before her Demon Eye was once again activated as she used it cause time you run so slow that even a snail could seem like the fastest living creature alive! The moment she heard the blade strike on the floor, she tossed her sword in the air, spinning in a circle until her eyes target on the weapon that was about to make a landing! However, before her hand could reach for the handle she felt hot metal wrap around her hands and waist, as it starting to sting like crazy!

“You forget to mention that you should never underestimate your opponent’s strength and ability,” Sundria shook her head, holding a new set of chains that were turning dirty gold and shining too brightly! “I was going to try these chains for Rashika but you seem like a much better person to test this for me. When I burn and crush you to death! Alsha, how are you doing with the guys!?”

“Where do I begin with?” Alsha snickered, pinning another dagger to the wall that pinned up Hugo and Ozur up with one book on the team leader’s hands. “And I’ll just take this thank you very much.” She snatched the Soul Book right out of Hugo’s hand, throwing it away in a random direction that she didn’t bother to care about where it landed. “So Sundria before we handle those two lazy teammates of ours, why don’t we got to see if that that sphinx finished off those slaves and Rashika?” She suddenly gasped, slapping her hand over her mouth, knowing that she accidentally reported too much information in front of everybody! “Uh not that-”

“A sphinx?!”

“Wait, slaves? What are slaves?”

“What’s a sphinx doing somewhere in the school?”

“How did they even find one?”

“More importantly why do we have slaves? How do we become a slave in the first place!? What’s going on here?”

“Beats me, all I know is that we’re getting tricked here!”

“You just had to have a big mouth to spit out stupid unnecessary information, you just had to,” Sundria growled in fury, making the chains around Eathelyn get even tighter than it already was! “But hey guys, you don’t even know if Alsha’s just joking around!” She tried to reassure the students. “I mean why would my mom have slaves and a sphinx? The possibility of that’s totally impossible!”

“Sundria’s right students!” Headmistress Olema quickly intervened, getting the feeling that if she doesn’t do something soon, this can turn ugly! “Why would any of you doubt you beloved headmistress and your lifetime heroes who stopped a bloody war of your ancestors! The heroes who brought peace, and order in these worlds!”

Teens still whispered among themselves in doubt as Olema continued her speech nervously while Sundria as busy finishing off Eathelyn by squeezing her to death! “I can see that some of you still have some doubts but do you see any harm happen in this school? Any bad record of history about the Sun Gang? Can you all be honest with yourselves and think about the chances of making the biggest mistakes of your life!”

“She could be right...”

“I never heard any story that had the Sun Gang as the bad guys.”

“Team Hero have been considered troublemakers.”

Eathelyn rolled her eyes at the student’s opinions changing every time a statement has been made which was starting to get on her nerves. She would have yelled something out just out of plain anger if her air wasn’t running out and that her skin is beginning to burn like crazy at the moment! Her eyes then landed on the tossed Soul Book that was just about two feet away from her. If I can just get out of this mess, or at least move, I can open the last book and then we’ll be home free! She saw that Sundria’s attention was finally at her mother, so using this chance she used her remaining strength to make herself move around until she managed to make herself fall faced down on the ground! Not a good way to show that you’re undefeated but there wasn’t really any time to stop and worry about strong you are. Now she was just inches away from her target, as she struggled through the binds to move forward like a snake but the metal was so hot, that it’s melting to the ground, making her even more stuck! Stop being a stick in the mud and move Eathelyn!! She scolded herself, finally deciding to try her luck and stretch her upper body up for her teeth to at least grab the first pages and turn them!

Unfortunately, Sundria took note that Eathelyn has fallen so just before the warrior could sink her teeth to the cover to make a turn, the chains have been pulled back with full force! Before she knew it, Eathelyn found herself flying in the air while her visible eye witnessed Sundria having a torch light up, holding the book in her hand! “Oh I’m sorry, were you trying to open this?” She laughed as if she just made the funniest joke in history, dropping the Soul Book just an inch from her, as she bent down holding the fired up torch dangerously close to the cover.

She first opened the first page only to find a piece of paper folded up neatly. Not caring about the information the paper contained, she put it back in its place and closed the book. “Will you look at that Eathelyn?” She pretends to gasp with embarrassment. “I think I might have wet it with my sweat of exhaustion from fighting you guys.” Her voice suddenly switched to an icy mode, “Maybe I should dry it off a bit.”

“NO!! You don’t know what you’re doing!!” Eathelyn shrieked, now using every ounce of will she had in her to break the metal from her. The boys who were pinned to the wall saw this as well while they tried to get out of their situation if Alsha would stop throwing more dagger to keep them stuck!

“How about a little fire to dry this book all up?” Sundria smiled the most innocent smile she could plaster on her face, purposely dropping the torch on top of the book, continuing her act. “Oops, I guess I was too clumsy and dropped the whole entire torch, all well, let it burn with that piece of paper I guess.” The torch was only centimeters away from the cover, as Sundria released the chains hold on Eathelyn, who quickly made a run stop the fire from falling!

Tragically, Eathelyn didn’t have enough energy to run an inch from all the squeezing since she collapsed, just a feet away from the book! The tips of the dancing flames greeted the smooth dark surface of the Soul Book on that second, and in an instant, everyone’s eyes paid attention to fire dancing around the book as it devoured each word that laid on the pages! The written ink of the folded paper must have been burning as well but it was really hard to tell. Those words will never be seen again, not even the past that it was about to reveal for the puppets whose strings will never be cut off now!

While Sundria’s laugh could be heard over the crackles of the flames as Alsha walked over to join the small victory, Eathelyn runs off to free the boys, for some reason not looking a bit traumatized by their plan burning to ash! Students eyes were laid on how the moment Eathelyn freed Hugo and Ozur, the three quickly ran with Eiloh and Malisha for some place to hide from something.

Ulin peeked down over the burning book before she gasped in panic, tapping Headmistress Olema’s shoulder for attention as she tried to speak. “Olema! You might not want to celebrate right now! Do you have any idea what your daughter just burned?!”

Olema was too busy looking pleased with her daughter that she didn’t notice that the fire was turning into a neon bluish color. She didn’t notice an image that was appearing in the light. She didn’t even notice her own daughter’s and her friend’s faces when they realize was going on and made a run for it until-


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