The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Nine

“No way...” Headmistress gasped, hoping that her eyes were playing tricks on her on the sight before her! “That’s impossible! How did they know? When? How can that be?!” The Sun Gang members were in the same state Olema was in as icy shivers ran down their spines at the sight they were witnessing!

“Olema, Olema, Olema,” Ulin shook her head in disappointment, getting up from her seat as she headed towards the exit. “When will you learn that Team Hero is ten times as smarter than you? And that I’m just here to see the look on your face with this happening all at once.” Her eyes glared down at any Sun Gang member who tried to block her way, “I’ll be glad to tell you that you’re going to need a new teacher after this is over.”

Right before every pair of eyes the stadium had to offer, was the glowing light of the Soul Books that was replaying the lives of the people the Sun Gang had harmed and the gang’s scheming plans! Not to mention that at the very end, the prophecy of the Lilies of Death was also shown!

Smoke was scattered at the battlefield, which made it difficult for Sundria and Alsha to find where Team Hero was hiding! They knew this would happen! Those trouble making demons! Sundria thought, her eyes looking around with sharpness to find any sign of the demons. They wanted me to get that book and burn it with that piece of paper all along! That was their game but when? When did that happen?! Suddenly her mind flashed back to the previous night when she ambushed Hugo and Ozur! Of course! When Ozur charged towards that pillar, he didn’t have his wand so he distracted us while Hugo cast some sort of spell to combine the four Soul Books into one! He also folded the paper with the Sun Gang’s true motives and put it in that book! Then pull out four useless ones to make it seem like they were aiming for the actual four!

“You couldn’t have been smarter Sundria! Yeah, I just read your mind and all of that is exactly what happened!” Ozur shouted from afar, full of pride with himself. “I did have Hugo cast a spell on the real book, the only way to open them was to set them and that important paper on fire. So thanks to you, everyone is looking at the truth right now!”

“It’s about time guys!” Rashika’s thoughts entered her friend’s minds, causing some of them some relief that she was still alive. “I enjoyed wrestling the giant sphinx to the ground until I took off the jewel that was planted in her paw to get her off that nasty spell Olema cast on her. But other than the fact that I lost half my breathing air, we’re ready and on our way to Dreamer!”

“You heard the dragon guys! Let’s make sure that the moment this vision ends we’ll show the Sun Gang who they are dealing with!” Hugo ordered, suddenly hearing the footsteps of two- no at least ten enemies approaching them! “Now step one-” He didn’t need to finish his sentence before his right twin sword hit the first end of Alsha’s daggers, and now the real fight was on.

“Well Rashika, is everything up there alright?” Thuggort asked, his sister’s hands were on top of his shoulders, making sure he doesn’t run off.

“You bet,” Rashika smiled, rubbing her hand on top of the paw of the now relaxed and back to its old self-sphinx who purred in gratitude. “Man, I’m going to need a lot of sleep to recover the air I’ve lost but never mind that, let’s go! You all have a ticket to freedom to get to!” With that, she hugged the sphinx’s paw before she ran off to lead the now energized slaves to the hidden library that had Dreamer inside, ready to do some transportation!

As she ran, every slave followed her with cheers echoing through the tunnels, but her senses were keeping a close watch for anything suspicious that lurked in the shadows.

“You fools knew about the Soul Book combination!? And that paper!” Headmistress Olema demanded, steam blowing off like a volcano when she herself was in the battlegrounds! “When?! Only my family, the Sun Gang and I know about that spell!” Her hands that wore those long blades that stick out was dueling with one of Ozur’s axes his had his wand make in less than three seconds! “And a loyal and important spy we hired!”

She grabbed the handle of the axe and tossed it to the wall, cornering Ozur, who simply shrugged in response. “Well looks like your loyal spy was hiding some secrets herself.”

Without warning, Ulin’s poleaxe spun dangerously close to Olema, making her back away, watching how the mentor protected Ozur!

“Ulin? How could you!? I thought you were on our side! Not theirs! Do you want to be punished?!” The headmistress threatened, charging towards the instructor who simply dodged, grabbed the woman’s wrists and flipped her over to the wall! After a moment, Ulin turned to Headmistress Olema while she led Ozur away from the scene, snarling at her in disgust. “I rather get punished than work for the selfish likes of you and the Sun Gang!”

“But when-” Olema shook her head, getting up from the flip with her hands waving her weapon as she tried to strike Ulin multiple times! “Nevermind! Looks like we’ll have other people to kill!”

“Better watch you mouth Olema, you’ll just add more oil to the fire that the students are sparking up,” Ulin grinned, pointing to the students who took their eyes off from the finishing vision only to shout angry remarks at the Sun Gang and their headmistress.

“Liars! You cheating, backstabbing liars!”

“You were planning on making the losing teams turn into slaves and serve you while they get beaten up! How cruel!”

“How could you kill innocent people who were trying to deliver those innocent souls to their freedom!?”

“And threaten most of our teachers to kill their families of they don’t work here! This is so unforgivable!”

“You’ve been using us all this whole time! How dare you take advantage of us like this!?”

“I can’t bear to watch poor souls having to suffer like this while they wait under your dirty feet! Doing all your dirty work!”

“Away with the Sun Gang! We will end you right now! Who’s with me?!”

Before anyone could have time to think, a stampede of angry teams can rampage towards the battlefield, help the outnumbered team fight the lying Sun Gang and Team Same, well two of those members. Teams of different worlds even worked together to fight off five Sun Gang members while others made an enormous fire at the center to symbolize that rebellion is happening before their very own eyes! Being the Sun Gang, they would have had no problem fighting the students but when those students parents are witnessing what has happened, this is was going to be difficult!

“Sun Gang!” Hellioh called out suddenly, for his gang members attention. “Fall back! Follow me now unless you want to beat up by the students!” Of course the moment those words echoed in their ears, the students cheered for a job well done but Team Hero were the only ones who panicked when the Sun Gang retreated into the hole that Rashika made. The same hole where Rashika is right now. The same hole where Dreamer was right now. The same hole where-

“THE SLAVES!” Hugo shouted, realizing that one person alone looking to his right and saw that Sundria and Alsha were tied up by two teams, being guarded by Ulin. He then turned to the crowd of born rebels that blossomed that night. “Listen everyone! You all have to get out of here while my team and I go rescue the slaves!”

No one budged, probably because they haven’t been informed about the rest of the details. Of course with their beliefs about society suddenly changing about seven minutes ago so they might be new to this rule breaking thing that’s going on. It’s not like they were given lessons about situations like this one!

Hugo sighed, then went to commander mode,”The school is about to explode and we don’t want anyone hurt! So the strong muscles kids and hybrids, you all go to the infirmary and get the injured people from the tournament out of here as fast as you can! NOW GO!” Now everyone understood, well Hugo didn’t explain in the detail they had hoped for but this wasn’t exactly the time to question his authority! All didn’t question but one student, but not just any random one, the serpent boy Team Hero saved on that train incident! They, later on, found out that his name was Arluin, so there he was, daring to question Hugo’s methods.

“But even if we do get everyone out of this arena, where would we go?! This academy in up in the sky so there’s no way out for us! How can you expect us to escape if we’re trapped up here anyway!?”

Suddenly, everyone else whispered among themselves, realizing that Arluin had a very sharp point. Even if they got out of the arena, there isn’t any transportation to leave by, and they can’t use Dreamer to get every slave and student out of here safely! In fact, Dreamer was only going to be used for the slave’s way to get away from this place. Even with two more Dreamers, there still wouldn’t be enough time to transport every slaves and student out of here on time and without distraction. These questions also stunned Hugo, leaving him to get into another moment of deep but he knew this had to be a fast one. Time’s limited, and one wrong move can cause everything to backfire. Right now Rashika is probably fighting off the Sun Gang so the slaves can get through Dreamer but at their level compared to hers alone, isn’t enough.

“Okay then! Eathelyn, Ozur; I need you two to go give Rashika some assistance down there, I’ll catch to you as soon as I can.” He suddenly began, the two teens nodded without protest as they leap into the hole, leaving their leader to handle the rest. He then gestured towards the whole crowd. “Who here is a genius at technology, building, or any kind of gadgets?” About seven to nine people rose their hands, most of them were Light Worlders.

“Do you think you can hack into anything this school has?”

He received nods and voices of ‘Yes’, and ’I believe so.’ Hugo clapped his hands together before he pointed to one of the main school towers. “See that tower? That tower holds the controls and commands of any sort of transportation this school allows! I need the technology geniuses to get up there with Arluin!” His eyes turned to Arluin, who nodded in agreement, not daring to argue with this solution. “There they’ll bring the ships we saw the Sun Gang ride in and that’ll get you somewhere safe! Everyone will wait at the front entrance for the ships, no one is going to engage a fight with the enemy! The last ship to leave will pick them up from the tower!”

“And you and your teammates?!” Someone interrogated.

“We’ll find another way out, it’s us that the Sun Gang will want so we’ll make sure they run after us while you get out of here!” Hugo assured, but deep inside him, he wanted his friends and himself to get out of here with the other students, but he knew that it’ll be too dangerous. “Eiloh, I’m gonna need you to lead everyone out of here! You’re the only one I know besides Malish, who has the capabilities of leadership! You all heard me, now get going! We only got less than forty minutes!” With that, everyone scattered to either help the injured out, to the entrance or with the small team of hackers making their way to the towers.

Eiloh looked like he was about to ask something but he just shook his head and made his way to the front. He noticed that Malisha wasn’t moving a step forward, he was about to offer help but she gently assured him that she’ll catch up. “I just got to take care of something Eiloh. So don’t wait for me; I’ll be at one of those ships before you can say Sun Gang.” Without hesitation, Eiloh ran to her, wrapping her in one tight embrace as he whispered, “Fine but please come back alive, alright. Knowing Headmistress Olema, Sundria, Alsha, and the Sun Gang, they’d kill you if you get caught... And don’t forget, you’re blind and they might find some way to use that as an advantage so if anything goes wrong-”

“You don’t have to worry,” Malish calmly reassured, her eyes getting a little glassy but she wiped them. She leaned over to Eiloh’s left cheek, planting a small gentle kiss, “No one is going to die tonight, we’re not in war.” Eiloh, speechless and now with a spark of hesitation, just nodded; then releasing his hold on her as he ran to his position, leaving Malisha to walk up to the main leader of this escape plan.

“Hugo, what about Sundria and Alsha? Are we taking them with us, or are we leaving them here?”

Hugo looked at Malisha dumbfounded before he looked at the two girls who were tied up looking at him with looks that can send him nightmares. “We’re going to hold them hostage, maybe they can be a useful bargain with the Sun Gang. Do you think you can manage escort them to the ships without any problem?” Malisha’s worried expression turned into a small smile of relief, the smile soon turning into a straight line of seriousness that is now written on her face as she bowed a bit to show respect. “I’ll do my best Hugo.”

Hugo then sprinted from his position to make his way towards the hole, not aware of a shadow following from behind him.

“If I would have known this is going to happen, I would’ve brought some reinforcements with me!” Rashika murmured, flying several feet back from another swinging weapon was wielded to taste her own blood! Her eyes turned to the slaves, mostly at Zeliah and Thuggort, who were making sure everyone is getting through Dreamer while she distracted the Sun Gang. Before they attacked, she managed to put a bomb of hers on the machine to power it up, type up the location and had some slaves go through.

“Keep it moving! This portal isn’t going to give you an invitation!” Zeliah urged everyone to move faster while Thuggort was the end of the crowd, pushing slaves forward away from harm’s way. “Please hurry!”

Rashika’s eyes narrowed down to three approaching Sun Gang members who were behind a boulder, ready to kill Thuggort and the slaves who were with him! “GET AWAY FROM THEM!!” More presences were behind her in a flash but she flies forward with two smoke bombs being held on each hand! The two Sun Gang members who were supposed to ambush her only hit each other, their weapons inches away from penetrating themselves to death! She threw her bombs at the other three, the heavy load of gray smoke consuming them as they waved their arms around to clear the fog! Breathing in a giant amount of air, she then released a ton of fire around the area, making sure no one tried to get to her or the slaves for the time being. She landed in front of Thuggort, her eyes scanning the door that led to the enormous library with Dreamer inside. She could hear the sound of the portal make this noise that sounded like the waves of the sea, as it consumed each slave whose chains dissolved in the portal as they were transported to the place of their freedom. “Thuggort, get everyone inside that library all at once without leaving anyone out here! Tell your sister to get twenty more slaves through Dreamer, then stop!”

“But what about the rest of us?” Thuggort demanded, his eyes flaming with betrayal as he feared for the next words she is going to say. “You expect us to stay here?!”

“No! You all will get out of here safe and sound I promise,” Rashika answered, her hands were on top of the boy’s shoulders as she knelt down to his height, trying to explain as fast as she could. “I’m going to need you all to trust me on this okay! You’ll see, my friends and I will get you all out of here, just be patient and trust us!” She looked up after letting go of his shoulders, only to see Zeliah at the door entrance, hearing everything Rashika just spoke as she nodded.

Zeliah approached her brother, ruffling his hair before her eyes met his, saying words that echoed through both Thuggort’s and Rashika’s ears like falling pebbles in a well!

“Thuggort, I know you’re going to object to this but...You lead the twenty out of here, and wait for whatever plan Rashika and her friends have! I’m going to stay out here to help them alright!”

“No you can’t-” Thuggort began, but he was interrupted to silence when he felt Zeliah’s strong arms wrap around him tightly as she whispered, “Just stay alive Thuggort, no matter what happens I want you to survive and live on. Continue being the little brother I know and love, and never stray from the right path.” With that, she kissed his forehead before motioning one of the older slaves to grab him while he began to struggle and cry in protest. “No, let me go!! Don’t leave me! Rashika make Zeliah change her mind please!” Rashika looked at the poor boy who was pleading for his sister to come with him, but she looked at Zeliah’s eyes, pleading for her to not interfere. “I’m sorry Thuggort...” Rashika responded in sadness, knowing that there was nothing that would change Zeliah’s mind.

“Zeliah!!!! Don’t do die on me, I want you to be free too...” Thuggort suddenly demanded to know that there was no way to change his sister’s mind, his eyes were getting watery but he held those tears even though he knew deep inside that he might lose a sister. “Please just come back to me alive ok!”

“I promise Thuggort! You hear me!” Zeliah shouted as her brother was getting pulled further and further away from her sight. “I promise I’ll be with you soon!” Once he was inside the library with everyone else, she slammed the door shut, using her bare hands to lift one of the bars of the cage to block the front of the door, making sure no one gets out. She made her way to Rashika, her eyes focused on the dying flames and emerging members of the Sun Gang, their leaders Olema and Hellioh not far behind from them. “You have a plan Rashika?”

“Not right this second, but for now, we’re going to hold them off until-” Before Rashika could finish her answer, Ozur, in his wolf form who was ridden by Eathelyn dropped in from the hole as he leaps over the flames to stand by the two girls side. “About time you showed up,” Rashika commented before she turned Ozur’s attention to the door in a voice of urgency. “Ozur, I’m going to need you to get in there and use your wand to create two more Dreamers working exactly like the first one! Can you that?”

“That’ll take some time, but I think I can do this, just hold the Sun Gang off until every slave is out of here,” Ozur answered, before turning in his human form as he muttered a spell under his breath soon transforming himself into smoke that went through the door in an instant since he knew that opening it by hand is impossible because of the bars that kept it shut.

“Eathelyn, you, Zeliah and I will fight these guys off until we’re sure that every last slave is out of here!” Rashika in an instant was in her dragon self, flying over the flames that have now perished because of the lack of victims to burn. Her tail slapped the three members who were behind the boulder, her teeth growling aggressively at them as six more members joined in to aid them, as she let them know that they were engaging in a fight.

Eathelyn and Zeliah didn’t waste a second charging towards the Sun Gang, the two engaged in a fight of two against twenty including Olema and Hellioh! Eathelyn started to spin in a rapid circle with her lightning blade out spinning with her, warning the enemy to stay back unless they wanted to get electrified or stabbed!

“Hey save some of the fun for me, ladies!” Hugo shouted from out of the blue, making his entrance through the hole with his swords on his hands! He landed himself right on top of Hellioh, riding on his shoulder like he was some horse. “Yeah you don’t like this much weight on you! Should have thought of that before you decided to burden everyone with your lies!”

“Eight of you fools come back me up here!” Hellioh commanded his gang, using his own hands to flip Hugo off of him as the boy was slammed against the wall but recovered enough to charge.

“I didn’t come alone you know!” He smiled at the confusion drawn on the faces of the eight Sun Gang members who joined in to help Hellioh. However, that smile went upside down when Hugo realized that this reinforcement wasn’t going to show these people mercy! “Wait no! You can’t-”

Then out of nowhere, four members felt cold metal slice deeply through their backs in a flash, each of them making a gagging sound of agony! They felt their own hot sticky blood flow down, seeping through their clothes and armor as they fell on their knees and then faced down on the ground, making more crimson liquid spill on the floor, indicating that they were stone dead. From the shadows where the blade claimed its victims, walked in Ulin, holding her poleaxe that was decorated in the various blood of the four Sun Gang members she just killed.

“U-Ulin? Why would you do something like this!?” Hellioh demanded in fury, without a single sound of horror or grief of his fallen comrades! Ulin remained silent, as she watched the bleeding dead corpses glow and fade into four lilies that stood on the floor that is now clean from the blood that was splattered.

“I’ve seen the truth, I’ve been part of the truth Hellioh,” Ulin explained in a calm tone, pointing her weapon at remaining members who were still standing. “And I’m sick of working for the likes of you and the Sun Gang...I’m going to bet my life on Team Hero, they are the ones who will find the real peace we are searching for.”

“You fool...” Hellioh growled, charging towards her as she stood her ground ready to fight him while his comrades fought Hugo. “You’ll be sorry for making such a decision.”

Meanwhile, in the library, Ozur was inside gathering all the power his mind could muster, his mind chanting the duplicate spell while Thuggort was leading the last five slaves out of through Dreamer. He could see the boy’s eyes turning red, but his concentration went back at the spell as his hands felt his wand get intensely hot as sparks of magic were popped out the gem, growing more and more by the second.

“Ozur, once Thuggort is done evacuating the twenty slaves and when you’re finished with that spell, you can continue to evacuate the slaves but this time with more getting out here faster!” Rashika’s thoughts entered his mind, as his own thoughts questioned her with concern.“But are your sure this will work and without any side effects?”

“Yes, I’m positive, look I did my own research through some notes that I found that were hidden in this library that was written by our parents. They actually made two other Dreamers and tested it out, they worked. However, they had to quickly destroy it because of they didn’t want anyone getting suspicious,” Rashika explained. “This will work, I know it will.”

“Alright then....” With that, Ozur finally felt all the power he harnessed was in his magic wand, as the spell replayed itself in his mind as he pointed the tip of the wand at an empty space next to Dreamer. A blinding orange glow was created, the slaves looked away from the glow so they wouldn’t be blinded and after a brief moment, two more Dreamers were lines up horizontally next to the original one. The only difference is that both has one keyboard to type the location for both of them. Ozur ran to that keyboard, typing the location, then activating both portals to open as he called out to the overwhelmed crowd of bewildered slaves. “Listen, I just created two more Dreamers, now everyone gets into three groups in front each Dreamer so you can all get off here on time before this school blows up! This time five people will go through at each one, don’t worry it’ll be safe I promise, now jump to it!”

Without having to be told twice, the slaves were forming three groups, as transportation was going so fast that the room was half as empty than it was moments ago! As that continued, Ozur turned to Thuggort, whose eyes wasn’t leaving the closed door. “Look Thuggort, I know you’re thinking about your sister but she’ll want you to get off here.”

“Not until everyone else is out of here first,” Thuggort demanded, his hand making a fist that wanted to punch anything at that moment. “I’m going to be the last one out of this place....With Zeliah right beside me.” His eyes then met Ozur’s eyes, “Do you really think that we’ll all be free and alive, every last one of us?”

Ozur thought for a moment, knowing that he couldn’t let any hope perish so he gave him a small smile as he reassured, “I know we will; I promise that all of you will get out of here alive.”

Rashika fell on her feet as she felt every ounce of her energy slowly fading with exhaustion while the enemies kept coming at her. However, from the devilish grins on their faces, she knew that they were being too confident and that was their big mistake.

“Look at you, so tired that you can’t even fight us anymore,” one of them sneered with pleasure. “You’re so weak and pathetic.” She didn’t say a word as she felt herself go from a dragon and back to human.

“Just give up and we’ll give you a less agonizing death,” Another chuckled at how tired she was. If only they can see that I’m not really tired at all, she thought to herself, forcing out more deep breaths of fake exhaustion. Just wait for the right moment....NOW!

She felt the strong muscular hand of the female member of the Sun Gang grabs her neck, trying to choke her to death as she snickered. “I hope I can turn you into a trophy, it’s not every day you can kill a dragon. You can die now you monster!”

Suddenly the gang member heard a BEEP and looked down below her only to see another bomb on the ground already counted down to three seconds! Rashika sadly smiled before using her legs to kick the woman’s stomach to release her hold, escaping from her hands as she kicked down the other members she was attacking. In record time, she flew away from the bomb while the fallen members tried to crawl away from the explosion but unfortunately they were too late. The bomb exploded causing some more rocks and boulders to tumble and fall on top of the nine people, trapping them under the rubble. She could hear their moaning of unbearable agony from the sudden rock fall, causing a bomb of guilt to explode in her chest and have a wildfire of that emotion consume the rest of her insides. Just feeling this was when she tried to get the one thing that everyone says that makes every single demon in the Dark World alike. The one thing everyone reminds her of when they lay eyes on her…

“A demon kills and harms for fun, without any regret or reason to do so in the first place. That is what sets a demon and a normal person apart. Demons don’t have any reason to kill their victims but for sport. You are one of them, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually killed someone.”

Rashika then flew away from them to help Eathelyn and Zeliah, and to try to shake her mind off those statements; that was until she and everyone else heard an enormous echo of ropes being torn apart with a blade as sharp as the claws of a hungry wolf, bouncing from the top of the hole, into the bottom, and around the tunnels! The ripping of the ropes was then followed by the petrified cry of Malisha’s voice echoing through the underground! With such fright, you couldn’t even imagine how frozen and terrified the group of teens was when she used all the yelling power in her voice to notify the upcoming event that just arose....

“SUNDRIA AND ALSHA ESCAPED! I repeat, Sundria and Alsha escaped and are trying to stop the ships from flying off!

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