The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Four

“Get up you lazy dogs!! You have a whole yard to clear before you can have breakfast! That includes you too, Ozur!”

Ozur was snuggled up in his wooly blanket until he felt someone pull it off from him, which invited unwanted cool air through his skin. He rubbed his hazel eyes a bit before getting a clearer view of Mrs. Pawen, who was wearing a gray apron over her long black dress, her hazel hair was curly but held up in a bun. She looked down at him with storming silver eyes. “Time to dust the yard Ozur.”

With a yawn, Ozur hopped off of bed, pulling out his nightgown and replacing it with his black tunic with gray pants, which was the uniform that everyone was required to wear. After brushing his dirty dark brown hair, he brushed his fangs, then he washed his tan face that was like the rest of his skin, darkish tanned and he never spent too much time in the sun! That was just the way he was born. The same thing he does every day at Fang Orphanage, and yes as the name was stated, Ozur is an orphan. He never actually met his parents but he knew who were they, and how they died. His mom is a wolf who can change into a human so she lived in the Myth World until she married his father, who was a demon from the Dark World. With his mom a wolf and his father a demon, he’s half of each, but he lived in near the borders of the Dark and Myth Worlds so no one but the orphans and the members Sun Gang knew about that.

His mother was killed by a hunter, who he had no idea which world was the killer from, and the same killer murdered his father by setting his old home on fire. Ozur was only a few months old before he was found and taken to the Fangs Orphanage. It’s a home for all the wolves, demons, and myths but there’s mostly wolves who were part normal people, he was the only teen who had demon blood in him. Since he was different, all the orphans just leave him alone, basically, pretend that he was invisible.

However that doesn’t mean he didn’t help the younger kids, sure they cry when he approached them but he would help them. For example, if a bully took a little wolf cub’s chew toy, he would have no problem getting the toy back to its owner... Even if it resulted getting several punches in the face from the bully and a slap from the wolf cub. Ozur didn’t mind the loneliness, he has his own ways to get noticed by the adults, to this very day. He was planning to make his ultimate prank in the orphanage before he sets off to Lunar Star Academy the next day! But first, he had to dust the backyard before he pulls anything, and get a bite to eat.

“Hey did you hear the rumors!?” A random orphan shouted from behind Ozur’s back at the breakfast chamber after three long hours of sneezing and dusting.

“No, I haven’t!” Shouted the girl next to the bully who was beginning to giggle. “What is this rumor you know?!”

“Ozur’s mom was a regular old wolf hybrid until she married a smelly old demon! That’s why you don’t see him with them right now! They did something so wrong that they perished but their mistake is still roaming this land haunting them to no end!” Soon the whole chamber was beginning to snicker, laugh so hard that they fell off their chairs as they all pointed to Ozur at his lonely corner. Yep, that was his everyday life, getting picked on the other orphans just because of his past.

“Falin?” Mrs. Pawen approached the bully in a serious tone, making him freeze and stop his snickering, along with everyone else. “Now I say that was kinda harsh mister, now you know I don’t tolerate such rude behavior.” She then bent down at Falin giving her cold glare. “Now as punishment, you can clean up my office until it sparkles, there better be no dust left.” With that, Mrs.Pawen turned around and exited the chamber, but before she did, she looked over at Ozur and winked at him. Ozur nodded and mouthed, “Thank you,” before he went back to finish up his breakfast so he can make his master plan. Now don’t get me wrong, Ozur was a good kid but it’s just that he wants to be noticed so badly that he’ll even pull off the most idiotic pranks to grab anyone’s attention.

“Manager’s pet,” A girl from across from him snickered while everyone began to whisper some more gossip about him. Ozur lowered his head, it wasn’t his fault that he was more mature than those other jerks that some teachers appreciate who he was. Even if he was the manager’s pet, even the orphanage co-workers would never go near him.

“Breakfast is over, all you orphans go outside and do whatever you want!!” Yelled Mr. Heller in a very sharp tone, while avoiding any eye contact with Ozur.

Soon everyone ran outside to either gossip about the new orphans, torture the younger kids or the new orphans, and whatever other stuff kids did these days. Ozur however, went behind Mr.Heller and managed to get in his room, looking through every drawer for something that is worth the ultimate prank. Everyone in the orphanage is afraid of Mr. Heller for three reasons:

One, he is a full demon so he can use his demon eye on anyone.

Two, his low gruff voice sounds just as cranky as his attitude which can make someone so petrified that it is impossible to move a step forward .

Three, he is known as the cruelest demon ever since everyone knew about the incident of him actually killing an orphan for spreading a wild rumor about him eating rotten onions for breakfast which resulted in his anger. Unfortunately, from the multiple times, Ozur has confronted the horrible stench of the man when he got in trouble, the rumor must be true.

To pull a prank involving Mr. Heller was considered suicide, even the biggest, toughest, and meanest bully wouldn’t do something like what Ozur was about to do. He looked from the top drawer to the bottom drawer, so far he found nothing but pieces of onions, more evidence to back up the rumor. Mr. Heller was thankfully busy scolding an orphan for running in the hall so Ozur continued to look until at last he has found what he needed. With his strong sense of smell, Ozur managed to track down this object that was apparently under the co-worker’s desk. Successfully putting this mystery item in his knapsack while trying to fight the urge to laugh but was failing, he quickly left through the window. At that very moment, Mr. Heller got in, not even noticing the mess his room.

“That was close,” Ozur gasped, releasing the breath he was holding for a second, then scampered off to the backyard where the rest of the orphans were, but, this time, he was going up on the roof. He carefully went up the fire escape as he used his wolf speed to get up faster than lightning, and he found himself in front of the flag pole of the orphanage. He smirked, kneeling down as he quickly went digging in his bag to find the stolen item he has.

“This is going to be an epic prank, and everyone will know that I’m Ozur the Demon Wolf!” He removed the black and white flag that was gracefully flying with the wind and then replaced it quickly with something that will make Mr. Heller turn red as a tomato. Ozur smiled at his work, then ran at top speed to the bottom, stood in the dark corner until every orphan was outside with the co-managers.

Then with his best fake low but squeaky voice, he shouted, “HEY WHAT’S THAT ON THE FLAG POLE!?” Before anyone could see him, Ozur ran back up the roof, standing right next to the pole, waving his hands in victory, waiting until he, at last, heard the one and only Falin exclaimed while pointing to the roof.


Soon everybody looked up, some began to whisper among one other while others were beginning to laugh like crazy. Ozur then began to dance around the pole as he clapped his hands and stomp his feet to a steady beat. Clap, clap, clap stomp! Clap, clap, stomp! Clap, clap stomp! He then began to chant in the highest voice for the whole place to hear.

Mr. Heller, Mr. Heller sucks

While Ozur the Demon Wolf rules

I will, I will rock you

I will kick Heller’s butt and be cool

You will, you will know me, and my name

I am, I am, Ozur, Demon Wolf

Mr. Heller has a problem

And here are his boxers as proof

Everyone was soon laughing so hard that some orphans were rolling on the ground with laughter! Co-managers were shouting everyone to show some respect and for Ozur to come down, but they couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement when the boxers waved in the air. “I RULE THIS ORPHANAGE!” Ozur finally yelled, but this time, everybody was stone quiet. Half the orphans went from red cheery faces to pale snow faces as if they have just seen a ghost. To be honest, they have. Ozur froze on the spot, but he slowly turned his head around while his heart began to beat very slowly, so slow that he can hear it. Ba- Bump...Ba-Bump... Ba-Bump.

He felt a cold presence behind him, and boy did he wish he didn’t turn around. Right behind him with his arms folded real tight and glaring death eyes, stood Mr. Heller, looking angrier than the day Ozur painted the hallways with drawings of the teen on top of the world but slowly dying. His bald head was shining more than usual, which was a very bad sign while Ozur gulped and answered with the first thing that popped in his mind. “Oh Mr. Heller, my, my sir you look so dashing today! Did you do something different with your head sir, cause believe me it is so shiny, why so shiny that I can even see my own reflection on it.” Mr. Heller growled, still remaining silent but sending the teen death glares while Ozur still continued to try to lighten up the mood. “And your uniform, why it’s so clean now, what kind of soap did you use this time? Raspberry? No. Oh, I know! Peppermint? It has such a sweet scent you know.” Now Mr. Heller was out of patience so he did the one thing he always had to do every time Ozur got into trouble like this. “MRS. PAWEN!”

“Yes sir, I’m here sir!”

Mrs. Pawen came in such a rush that you can tell that she was eating her lunch since her hair had some grapes on it. She didn’t need to listen to the situation since she quickly bowed down to the man while forcing Ozur to do the same as she replied, “I am so sorry for this sir, I’m sure Ozur was doing some last moments of fun before he goes off to his first step in his new life...” She then nudged the boy as she gave him a quick threatening glare, “Right Ozur?”

“Yeah sure.” A sarcastic version of an apology was all Ozur could get out of his mouth at the moment.

Mr. Heller looked down at Ozur, who got up from bowing, they both sent each other glares while the co-manager growled, “You young man will fix and dust the beds in all the rooms in the orphanage! And I don’t want to see a speck of dust, Mrs. Pawen will supervise.” With that, he handed him a feather duster and left while snarling under his breath. “Good thing this nuisance is leaving tomorrow, at least, this orphanage will get rid of its top problem.” Ozur followed Mrs. Pawen down, not even bothering to take down the boxers since Mr. Heller took care of it by burning it to smoke! While the teen walked passed the crowd of orphans, they all began to laugh and tease him once more.

“What an idiot that guy is!”

“I know right, man I was hoping that Mr. Heller would kill him!”

“Nah man, he can’t kill Ozur, he’s half demon and wolf!”

“Half demons and animals are worse than a demon itself, he’s a monster that’s a mistake!”

“Mr. Heller isn’t the only one who’s glad that this runt is going away tomorrow!”

Ozur wanted to lower his head in shame but instead, his knuckles got tighter, his teeth clenched until finally, he lost it. He turned to the crowd and yelled as loud as he can, surprising Mrs. Pawen. “JUST SHUT UP! I’m not a monster, my name is Ozur, and I’m just as human as the rest of you jerks! Just you guys wait, the world will remember my name, and you can count on that!” Ozur then turned into his wolf form and ran inside while growling at everyone but Mrs. Pawen, who saw him run inside and slamming the door while everyone else went back to their business.

“Oh, Ozur.”

“Stupid people!” Ozur mumbled as he folded the sheets of the bed neatly while he blew off some dust off, in his human form of course. “Geez, if they were in my paws then they’ll see how much I feel.” Ozur then finished dusting the last bed as he then sat down on his own bed in exhaustion. “Who says some people are monsters anyway?”

“Well if I had the answer to that then I would have told you a while ago.” Ozur turned around in surprise seeing Mrs. Pawen learning against the door as she then slowly approached him, sitting next to him. “But I don’t have the answer, so I’m no help. And all of those who pick on you are orphans like you, so don’t take it out on them a lot.” Ozur remained silent, he knew everyone in this orphanage has a tragic backstory of what happened to their family and how they managed to get here. Like Falin; he might be a big jerk but his parents died when they got lost in a cold blizzard in the middle of nowhere when he was only a defenseless five-year-old, he was lucky that someone found him and brought him to the orphanage before he froze. However, that didn’t get him to look up at her while she gently stroked his hair. “You know I used to be good friends with your mother back at Lunar Star Academy.” That quickly earned the teen’s attention. “Yes, since she was a wolf and I was only a nymph, both from the Myth World. Oh, we did everything together, I even helped your mother and father hook up. After that, we swore an oath that whatever happened to either of us, we’ll watch over each other’s offspring as if they were our own, even if they are not adopted.”

“You told me that story a hundred times already Mrs. Pawen,” Ozur interrupted, but he couldn’t help but smile, he, at least, got some knowledge about his parents. Mrs. Pawen would have adopted him long ago but since she was a worker at the orphanage, she couldn’t do so since it was a rule. Not to mention that she was a cloud nymph and they can’t adopt any other children unless they are their own kind.

“Yeah I guess I did, but even if I can’t adopt you, I’m always watching over you Ozur. It was my last oath to your mother before she died, and to your father as well.” Mrs. Pawen was about to say more about Ozur’s parents until he interrupted her with a question. “Mrs. Pawen, was there ever a time when everybody lived together in peace? Without fighting, they just got along with each other, no one is a demon or Ethical. Everyone is just human.”

She remained silent before gently embracing Ozur. “I don’t know child, I think it was because of their differences that make this world the way it is. The day that actual peace comes will be the day-”

“I’ll do it.” Ozur interrupted, causing Mrs. Pawen to look at him confused as he stood up and made a huge thumbs up. “I’ll be the one who’ll bring these worlds together and soon there’ll be a day when demons are hanging out with humans when myths are with everyone! Just you wait, you’ll be living in an era of peace some day! Or I’m not Ozur the Demon Wolf!” Easier said than done he thought to himself then his question was still wondering in his mind as he looked out of the window of the orphan’s room while Mrs. Pawen just smiled at his enthusiasm.

Will there be a day of real peace in this world? Can I do it?

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