The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Forty-One

Team Hero had no idea had to respond to that shocking piece of information they heard Malisha cry out but they soon got out of that state and were quick to split up again. However, this wasn’t an easy walk away to help a friend situation, especially when you’re talking about the strongest group of adults who can literally kill them if they’re not careful. Luckily the teens, out of pure luck, managed to get out of the reaches of the hand of death but just barely without having a scar or two in them.

Ozur was helping the last seventy-five slaves go through the portals, looking up at the old clock that was ticking second by second. Dang it, we only got twenty-five minutes before Rashika’s hidden bombs make the whole academy blow up into ashes! And now Sundria and Alsha are stopping those ships from getting the students safely out of here! He saw the next five slaves go through each Dreamer, making a total of fifteen already freed but then at the clock. Now fifteen slaves are out of here, making it now forty-five more to go and at this time they’ll be able to get out of here before the explosions but I still need time to get out of here to help Malisha. Eathelyn, Hugo, Rashika or Zeliah can do it but they’re fighting the Sun Gang... He snapped out of thoughts when he heard Hugo’s thoughts enter his mind as fast as wildfire.

“Ozur, as you can tell we all have our hands full, but Eathelyn and I can handle the Sun Gang on our own for the only some brief moments. Rashika and Zeliah will go up to give Malisha backup. You’ll decide whether you’ll stay to help the slaves escape safely or join Rashika and Zeliah.”

Ozur could feel his body tense up a bit, he wasn’t sure about deciding what to do! Abandoning the slaves in hopes of all of them getting out of here alive was out of the question. But abandoning a friend, in need is also one that he can’t do. As if he knew what was Ozur’s reaction, Hugo added in an understanding tone, “I know both are difficult to decide on but I won’t disapprove any decision you make, but let us know as quick as possible.”

Another fifteen slaves went through, Ozur’s ears perked up to hear Rashika’s dragon cries echo through the tunnel, telling him that she was already heading up. He looked at his wand, knowing that his next plan is as crazy and risky than any plan in the universe but what choice does he have. If three Dreamers could work, then maybe-

“Don’t even think about it Ozur!” Zeliah’s voice popped in just before he could perform his plan. “Sure three of your machines works but those are lives of families and friends you’re gambling with. You have no idea what consequences might happen if you make more than what you have! Don’t give me that ‘maybe it’ll work’ junk because this isn’t fantasy, this is reality and sometimes those chances you play with will burn and end in a tragedy!”

“Then what do you propose you do then!? What other choice do we have, we might as well risk this chance!” Ozur argued, leading another fifteen slaves out through the portals.

“You’re already doing something!” Rashika suddenly interrupted, sounding somewhat satisfied even though she’s not seeing Ozur that moment. “You’re going to stay where you are Ozur and get the rest of those slaves out of here! The moment you are done then you can help us. Don’t worry we can handle this!”

“Alright fine, you win! But the moment you guys have trouble, I’ll come racing up there to help.” Ozur requested, his insides were getting in a knot for some reason when he nodded, until his eyes took a glimpse around the library, it was practically empty except for the last thirty plus Thuggort. With all the tension going on, he didn’t realize how fast this was actually taking! With those three Dreamers, he didn’t realize how that enormous number of slaves decreased in a matter of minutes! Maybe he was doubting his skills too much, or maybe it was because of all the objectives he has in his mind at the moment. This seems too easy, he thought, motioning his hand to indicate for the second to last slaves to make a move on to get through the portal. Something is out of place… There’s no way the Sun Gang would focus their entire attention on the others...

He bent down, going into his wolf form after the last fifteen slaves went through Dreamer and it’s other two copies but he didn’t turn around to see if Thuggort went through. His eye narrowed to the blocked entrance but his ears were focused on him on the far right corner of the original Dreamer. He shows the door shake as rock dust rained down from above as if someone was trying to kick the door down in a matter of seconds which probably was the case anyway. But his ears twitched when he heard a small footstep step on an open book, causing the pages to crackle.

In an instant, he turned around, racing to the source of that sound, then pounced at the stranger but only to see that this person was fast enough to dodge by ducking and rolling away from him! Ozur got a good look of this intruder only to have icy chills shiver down his spine and his head to go blank for a second…

Eathelyn and Hugo were trying their best to find at least thirty seconds of concentration on their Demon Eyes to pause the time the Sun Gang has for at least five minutes but their enemy was making their task a bit challenging! Ulin did her best to distract them but they were too smart to fall for any more tricks! She just shook her head before charging behind five Sun Gang members with her poleaxe rising up to slice through their back in one swing! Hellioh saw this so before Ulin could go for the kill, he jumped right in front of her as he made a grab for the poleaxe, pulling it off her hand as he kicked her back!

Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that her poleaxe doesn’t like being held by anyone from the Sun Gang since his hands suddenly felt a burning stinging creep on his hands as he yelped, letting it go in the process. The two circled around each other, their glares made it clear that they were going to fight hand to hand.

However, Headmistress Olema had other plans when she ordered two members to help her up as she jumped from their hands and spin towards the teens.

Hugo and Eathelyn were quick enough to respond by using the handles of their swords to hit her head and stomach, making her cringe in agony as she fell to the ground.

But her face was what made them freeze, they show smoke coming out of her face! Soon it was dissolving into more smoke, causing the teens to stand back in caution but their eyes widened in disbelief when they saw the face when all the smoke cleared.

“No way...” They both gasped..

“HEADMISTRESS OLEMA?!” He practically shrieked in fear, watching the headmistress get up from her roll, dusting herself. “But how did you get in? Weren’t you out there fighting Eathelyn and Hugo!?”

“Don’t tell me you all actually thought that I was a fool?” Olema pretended to pout in amusement at the sight of Ozur’s surprised face. “Come on, how do you expect Sundria and Alsha got down here to ambush you and Hugo?” She didn’t give him time to answer since she continued on anyway while her glove blades were out as she swung them to hit Ozur at any part of his body.

“I had a feeling that you’d go back down here and cause chaos so I led Sundria and Alsha down here last night making sure that they captured you while I hid in the dark part of the library that no can see, even I couldn’t see what was going on. I heard you fight, I heard your plan so I sent a Sun Gang member who has the ability to transform herself to look, sound and even have the same abilities as me. She hosted the tournament while I waited here, waiting for the right moment to actually pop out to surprise you.”

“But if you were here, then why didn’t you attack when the slaves came here with Rashika earlier? Why didn’t you stop us from revealing the truth to everyone?!” Ozur demanded, ducking, moving right and left away from the blades swinging at him.

“Good question Ozur,” Olema smirked, charging towards him as he used his fangs to get a grip on one of her claws and ripping the glove off her right hand, leaving one weapon less. “To answer that, well let’s just say slaves can easily be replaced and the Sun Gang can easily just sugar coat this whole event but…You and your friends will have to die so this won’t ever happen again!” She then used her remaining weapon to scratch Ozur’s back left leg as he yelped in pain, backing away cautiously to find a spot to heal up with distraction!

Before he let Olema kill him with another swing, he leaps towards the empty shelves of the library using that time to get his alerting thoughts connected to his team and allies.“Everyone, Headmistress Olema is here with me, but thankfully all the slaves escaped but the portals aren’t off yet! If you hear me howl at any given time then that’ll mean that I’m in deep trouble but you all will have to leave me!”

“Are you crazy Ozur, we’re not leaving you behind with the Sun Gang and when the school explodes! When you howl we’ll send some assistance!” Eathelyn protested, her eyes then focused back on her opponent who seems to be herself but in reality, it’s the woman who was disguised as Olema earlier! While the two lightning blades hit each other, struggling to put the other down, Eathelyn heard Ozur try to reassure her even though it wasn’t really reassuring at all.

“Look we don’t have any other choice, do we! We have now less than fifteen minutes to get out of here but with the new problems popping out of nowhere like the Marsh Gobbles! We won’t have any time at all to escape! So unless you have another plan-”

His thoughts were immediately interrupted when he heard a familiar voice shouted out just a few feet away from where Olema was using her blades to crawl her way up to his level, grabbing her attention at that moment.


Ozur’s body stiffened when he looked down to see Thuggort holding a large stick as he stood defiantly in front of Headmistress Olema! Two of the three portals were off, leaving the original Dreamer to have its portal still running but they all had to be destroyed before the enemy figured out where the slaves were hiding!

Olema’s looked back and forth, having a hard time to decided who she should kill first but she then shrugged in front of Ozur before turning her full attention at Thuggort. “If you insist so much on defending this monster then I might as well kill you quickly and save the rest of my energy later. You’ll be easy to kill anyway.” With that, she left Ozur where he was, sprinting towards Thuggort while she grabbed her right glove at the process, preparing for the kill!

“THUGGORT GET OUT THERE, IT’S TOO DANGEROUS!” Ozur tried to persuade but the boy didn’t listen, instead, he held that stick high as he charged towards the enemy without hesitation!

Olema didn’t swing the blades on her gloves instead she just ran past him before turning back around in less than a second, and use her leg to kick him to the other side! He crashed into the farther selves, causing some books to fall on him along with some wood.There was no telling if he was still alive because of the frail body he has! Ozur wasted no time to jump from where he was healing at as he took in a deep breath until he released a deafening howl that echoed everywhere as the headmistress stopped to cover her ears!


“SHUT UP YOU!” She screamed in anger, pulling out a dagger from her hair bun as she threw five at Ozur but he dodged them all at once, trying to keep her attention focused on him and away from Thuggort until anyone source of assistance comes down but so far all he can do now was a fight!

“Stop trying to block that slave, he asked to die so I’m just going to help him with what he wants!” She turned away from Ozur to get to where Thuggort landed but the wolf was going to allow anyone to harm a hair from the boy! He pounced on her, threatening to bite her if she made the wrong move while her glove blades were used to keep his fangs away from her face! Just before he can use his own claws to hit her somewhere so he can buy some time, Olema used both her legs to hit his stomach, tossing him harshly toward another book shelf but that’s farther away from Thuggort, giving him the same results as the young boy!

His back body was trapped beneath heavy wood and not only books but metal parts that were placed on those shelves for display reasoning! He looked up to see Olema approached him with another dagger on his right hand as she looked down at him in disgust. “Well if all four of you can’t die then I’ll just kill their tracker and then that little slave that you’re trying so hard to protect.”

Out of nowhere, a book hit her back which wasn’t that effective but it did cause her to turn around only to see Thuggort breathing heavily with only some scratches on his face as if that crash was nothing to him! She shook her head but smiled down at Ozur with a smile that’ll haunt him for decades, ”Looks like your little friend there want’s to be dead first but don’t worry.You’ll reunite with him sooner than you expected” She then ran towards Thuggort, having the feeling to not use much force because of his small size while Ozur struggled to get out of his little predicament but even if he got out of wolf form, he was still stuck, not to mention that his wand was out of reach!

“Ozur, I know you might be in a middle of a fight but we heard your howl so I’m coming down here to help!” Rashika’s thought came in his head, “How fast should I get here, Zeliah’s agreed to keep fighting Sundria alone with Malisha.”

“Malisha’s okay then?” Ozur asked, knowing that this was a very inappropriate time to ask such a question when he’s stuck and Thuggort is a life or death situation!

“Yeah, she got time to recover when Zeliah and I kept Sundria’s attention away from her but answer my question Ozur!”

“Fine, you should get here like in less than five seconds,” He answered, knowing that he shouldn’t drive her patience.

“Why? How bad is your situation?”

Ozur didn’t hesitate to respond while he gathered all the strength he could muster to crawl his way out. “Thuggort is the only one who didn’t go through Dreamer and he’s fighting Olema alone because the headmistress got me stuck!” He suddenly heard a giant boom as the ceiling shook wildly for a few seconds like an earthquake!

Looks like Rashika wasn’t the only one who heard Ozur’s statement.

“You go fight Sundria, I’m going back in!”

“Wait Zeliah you don’t have anything to-” Rashika didn’t even finish her warning since Zeliah zoomed passed her in less than a second, leaving behind a small earthquake to shake everyone up! Whoa, just how strong is she?!

“I DON’T CARE!” She heard Zeliah echo from below, followed by loud punches to some people who seemed to be in her way! “MY BROTHER IS DOWN THERE AND I’M LETTING THAT WITCH HURT HIM!” Rashika could tell that Zeliah was trying not to curse but now wasn’t the time to figure out why since Sundria was about to ambush her with a blow with one of the blades edges of her sword. Keywords: ‘About to.’

Her tail slammed the weapon right out of Sundria’s hand, as Rashika turned around to use her fist to hit her face. “Never try to ambush a dragon,” Rashika advised, getting into a battle stand with both fists up. “Don’t you know that?”

As Zeliah used just her own two hands to break down the blocked library entrance, she didn’t notice that she pushed Eathelyn and Hugo aside while she knocked out their opponents at the same time!

“Zeliah?!” Eathelyn was about to get up to get some answers as to why she pushed them but Hugo blocked her way.

“There’s no time to stop and ask for questions, come on we have to use our eyes to us some time.”

Not even bothering to argue, she sighed before he concentration went to her hidden eye, holding her hands out while Hugo did the same next to her.

“On the count of one we’re going to stop the Sun Gang’s movements and if we must, we’ll stop the bombs countdown at all costs...You’re ready Eathelyn?”


“Okay...One...Two..THREE, NOW!”

A sudden yellow electrical force started to surround the approaching members who recovered from Zeliah’s punches, but it wasn’t harming them, just stopping their movements while their eyes looked around their surrounding to see what just happened. Ulin was the only one who wasn’t caught in this trance as she looked at how defenseless Hellioh was, seeing this as her chance to kill...But before she could get her poleaxe to kill when they weren’t moving, she instantly felt the force get her into the same situation everyone else was!

“Sorry, Ulin but we can’t let you just kill them! They are still human.” Hugo apologized, but he knew that deep down inside, he was still having trouble trusting Ulin in her change in view.“That’s it, keep this on hold unless we have expanded it just don’t let go, no matter what happens!” He commanded, resulting Eathelyn to roll her eyes at the command while muttering to herself. “Sure, no pressure then.”

Their eyes did widen when they heard a giant crash at the library entrance but they didn’t need to turn around to see that it was Zeliah who literally used her own two fists to crush the blocked door to rock dust and smoke! The entrance to the library was now wide open, a bit trampled and with boulders scattered inside but it was open.

Zeliah’s eyes had flames that were just growing more and more as they narrowed towards the possible place her brother might be at. However she was too strong for her own good, just as the rocks came falling when she slammed them, one was caught on her leg! “No! NO! Don’t get stuck with me now!” She pulled and pulled, as she could hear chaos echo through the library. She had to get out of this small conflict of hers; for her brother’s sake!

Bet you all are wondering that if Zeliah had this much strength then why didn’t she use it to escape from slavery or at least save her brother that day of an avalanche? The answer is simple, well actually it’s pretty complicated because growing up as a slave made her fear the results. If she used her strength to fight her way out of this life, she didn’t know what might become of that action. Her masters controlled her with her fears and sometimes with threats, making her lose all sense of hope. However today was different, she now sees that she must stand up and fight back for those dear to her. Zeliah decided that it’s now time to have real courage and not let anyone control her now! It was time to stop being a coward.

During that, Ozur was just several inches out of being restrained as he witnessed Thuggort limping on his left foot which could mean he must have sprained it on that crash awhile ago but that mysteriously lasted for a few seconds before he was running like any other person would. However, Thuggort was ignoring Ozur’s worried glances as he continued to run with Olema right on his heels but they were getting further away from the wolf. He had to make a few tight turns to avoid getting his neck sliced whenever the headmistress got too close but that didn’t mean he could avoid everything. All he could do now was run for his life but he knew that sooner or later, that method was going to backfire so his eyes panicky scanned the areas he was going to run past by to see if there was anything to he could use for defense!

Ozur managed to get farther out of the rubble he was under, just enough for his hand to dig in his satchel and pull out his wand as he chanted with one wave. “Disappear to never again crush a victim!”

Then the rubble that was crushing him was surrounded by green electricity of magic, causing them to instantly turn to dust that dirtied his clothes. He quickly got up from his position, racing towards the corner where he last saw Thuggort turn with Olema right behind him!

Have to get to him before Olema does...I have to save him before he dies and then I die by his sister’s wrath and my own grief! Gotta save him! I have to! He thought to himself, repeating himself over and over as he continued to run as he used his magic to make a blue trail of dust so he’ll know where Thuggort went. He suddenly heard a loud rumble of rocks getting destroyed at the entrance but he didn’t pay attention to that as he continued to use his two legs to move faster and faster. He could feel his heart beating at the same speed as his legs, his stomach was getting into a knot of worry at the situation Thuggort could be in!

Out of nowhere at the last corner, he was about to turn to, a sudden red blinding glow appeared followed by a faint sound of wind and ringing! The glowing continued until it stopped just when he heard something hit against another book self that was followed by more wood and heavy books to tumble and fall! He finally reached the final corner, his own two eyes witnessing a sight that he would have never imagined he would see!

Thuggort was on the ground on his knees, breathing heavily in exhaustion while holding a short piece wood that had half of it dangling at the edge. Ozur’s eyes widen at surrounding; every book on the shelves was scattered into different directions, some had pages that were torn and others were torn to bits! Thuggort’s eyes were wider than the moon as he was shaking like an earthquake as if he went through some horrifying trauma! Just about twelve feet away from him, Olema moaned in pain and surprise by whatever she must have seen but she was buried in the fallen debris for now, but not for long. All Ozur could hear the headmistress mutter under her shaken breath was, “He’s one of them....He’s one of them...That boy is one of them..”

Ignoring her, Ozur went to Thuggort, trying to get him to snap out of whatever trance he was in! “Thuggort? Thuggort snap out of it! We gotta get you out of here before this whole school explodes, we only got ten minutes!” The young boy didn’t respond, he was still shaking but he made no movement leaving Ozur without any other choice.

“Think about Zeliah! Do you want to endanger her and yourself!? You told me yourself, you want to escape with your sister by your side! I’m not saying you’re weak because I know you’re strong but you have to snap out of it...For Zeliah’s sake, remember she’s fighting for you! We all are, I promise that you all will get out of here but you have to snap out it!”

Thuggort’s eyes closed before they opened in less than a second, bringing him right back to reality! “Sorry, I sorta blanked out...” He whispered, trying to get up but with heavy exhaustion that he seemed to have no idea from where he fell right back on the ground.

“Don’t worry about that, we’ll talk more later..Right now, we have to get out of here.” Ozur saw a small nod, as he lifted Thuggort up, holding the surprisingly lightweight boy on his back, once that was done, he headed back towards Dreamer until he quickly had to duck!


Because Headmistress Olema recovered from the experience she witnessed so fast that she was already behind Ozur with her glove blades swinging about to kill both boys at once! Ozur ducked but he didn’t consider the fact that a piece of paper that laid coincidentally where his shoes ran against on the floor as he ducked, resulting him slipping and falling on his face against the wooden floor. Ozur couldn’t just toss Thuggort aside just to avoid death! His hand was still holding his wand tight, so before Ulin could get him, he whispered, “Ice appear to trap the enemy!” In less than five seconds, ice appeared under Olema, stopping her on her trail while she struggled to break free from the frozen trap!

With the time now bought, Ozur made a run for it listening to the clock ticking second by second as time slowly goes by. It didn’t surprise him when he heard the scattering of broken ice by the time he was just a few feet away from Dreamer. However, what did surprise him was how fast Olema caught up to them! An average person would take more than the time she took just to be at least a feet away from them!

“And just where do you think you are going?” She sneered, making a grab for Thuggort’s arm, pulling him off Ozur’s back as the boy gasped in horror! “We’re not done yet! I still have to kill you and your friends!” She then looked down at Thuggort with a cold stare as if he was one of her worst enemies. “Especially you slave, you’re now my top priority to kill!”

“Leave him alone Olema!” Ozur warned, waving his wand around as he was about to cast another spell on her but this time, she was fast to respond by kicking the wand out of his hands. Resulting the magical item to soar across the room, far from his reach! He tried turning into his wolf form for better defense but Olema was quick enough to hold him against the wall with her right hand wrapped around his neck, squeezing it more and more. Ozur could feel the air that flowed in his lungs vanish while his body was getting weaker as his eyes took a glimpse at Thuggort, who was still held against his will by Olema’s other hand! Before he knew it, her hand was around his small neck, getting him into the same position as Ozur!

“You honestly think that you and your pathetic team of friends will defeat the Sun Gang?” She mocked, making her grip even more painfully as the boys began to cough for some air while. “A slave, a demon, and two hybrids, what a pathetic team, and you even got an Ethical to join the team. Don’t worry about your other friends, you’ll see them again...In your afterlife!”

Ozur could think straight, not even use his thoughts to call for help but he knew that everyone else was busy with their own problems and battles. He looks up at the clock, seeing that time has ticked by. His hands stop struggling, he could his body getting limp as he then looked down at Thuggort, who was putting up a fight to not choke to death. I wonder if Rashika, Eathelyn, and Hugo are doing a better job in their battles than I am...


Rashika paused midway with Malisha, the both of them almost being able to defeat Sundria and tie her down again but the blood-curdling cries coming from the towers was unavoidable. She looked down at Sundria who was pinned to the wall with several bruises on her face but a smile to make it pretty.

“Well, well..” She amused with herself in a chuckle, “Looks like Alsha found those geniuses working the ships and managed to find a way to turn those ships around to come right back here.”

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