The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Forty-Two

“Arluin, what’s happening?!” Eiloh practically screamed in the ship’s radio that he on, about to make a turn to pick the team in the tower until all the ships automatically began to turn back all at once. “Why are we heading back towards the academy!” All he could hear in the background was screaming, battle cries, and something slicing about until he finally heard Arluin’s voice report in with complete horror.

“We’re being attacked Eiloh! Alsha killed at least five of us, and holding us hostage! She’s turning the ships back but she was too late to have to ships number seventeen, ten, three, and twelve turns back! Those ships are already out of control range! But I’m not sure about the rest of us, we’re pretty much-”

Eiloh suddenly felt a lump in his throat as he suddenly heard the background of screaming, as he heard chains getting scattered and the operator soon died out. He wasn’t sure if Arluin was held hostage or got killed but he didn’t want to know. He looked back at the panicked students who thought they would get out of the school, but at least the other four ships Arluin mentioned was far away and safe. I hope Malisha’s in those ships...He thought to himself. I don’t know since I was stuck making sure students got on board this ship while the other captains I picked took care of the other ships...That was when one important detail came flying through his mind faster than a tornado. Wait, she was supposed to escort Alsha and Sundria to the ships! Oh no if Alsha is up in the tower then-

Suddenly he heard the operator turn on again, at first he was expecting to hear Arluin’s voice bring in some good news, however, it was the last person in the world he had hoped to hear.

“Hi Eiloh, it’s Alsha’s speaking...I know you’re shocked that your escape plan failed but don’t worry you’ll be able to see Malisha at least.”

Malisha?! He froze to complete silence of panic until he got his voice back to confront Alsha’s radio voice in a growl. “Where is she!? What have you down with her?!”

“Oh calm down tiger, she’s just at the stadium with Rashika fighting Sundria, but from the looks of things it looks like they’re losing right now.” Alsha didn’t continue anymore since the operator she was talking through cut off, but she could tell that Eiloh didn’t sound a bit pleased with the message. Another clue that clearly showed that Eiloh wasn’t alright with that message was when she looked out the window then saw him jump through the glass windows of the ship he was on and flying as fast as he could back to the stadium. “And like a demon you are, you left everyone else behind for your own needs. But too bad you’ll have to get a little distraction.”

As Eiloh flew through the deafening winds as rapidly as he can, seeing the stadium dead ahead! However, his demon instincts were sensing that this rescue mission was getting too easy, especially for him. A sudden noise of metal creaking with the wind was mysteriously behind him, giving him the feeling that easy just turned to difficult! Turning his head around to see the presence behind him, he immediately started to fly faster with panic! Right behind him, pursuing him for the kill were the controlled ships that all the students were riding in! His thoughts got it clear that Alsha pressed buttons and twisted keys to change the ship’s course so they could chase him...To the death.

Alsha then walked towards the exit, looking back to see the control room now decorated in lilies that replaced the bodies and blood. She hauled out the people who she decided should be caught and held hostage, looking out the window again at the hole in the stadium. “I wonder how Headmistress Olema is handling that wolf prankster and his little friends down there?”

Meanwhile, Ozur wasn’t sure how or why he wasn’t dead yet, especially Thuggort, even though they are still alive while choking to their death by the hands of Olema. He didn’t find anything in his surroundings to hit the headmistress with, just his fists but they already too numb to move at least a finger! He wasn’t sure how long Thuggort could hold on, the boy was smaller than him and could easily be broken to bits by now but it seems like Olema wanted their deaths to be very slowly and painful.

“You two reached the end of your lines now, I was going to make this slower but I think it’s about time I am nice and kill you fast without you feeling a thing.” She then looked down at Thuggort, completely ignoring Ozur. “Let’s start with you, Ozur will die right after you so don’t worry.” Without warning, she threw Ozur to crash land into another self, but with all the air sucked out of him his body was too tired and numb to get up to confront Olema. He also couldn’t either way since he was pinned down on the ground with daggers penetrating through his clothes but nowhere in his body.

“Let him go Olema! I’m the one who started this so you have to kill me first and let him go!!” Ozur pleaded but knowing that it was useless because Olema paid no attention to him at all, her killer eyes were focused on Thuggort and only him.

“I got both hands to do the job now so try not to struggle,” She firmly assured Thuggort, putting both her hands around his neck, to a spot where it would be easy to crack the bone. “It’ll only hurt for a moment and don’t worry...You’ll be free.”

Thuggort didn’t care if he was going to be free but in the afterlife so he tried to fight back but he was in the same position Ozur was in. His body was so numb that it seemed impossible to even move and let alone respond back! Now all his mind could decipher was that he was going to die right here, right now.

“You really shouldn’t have gotten yourself distracted with those screams!” Sundria advised, her hands were in a tug of war with Rashika’s hands, both trying to put down the other first. “Look at the position you got yourself in, those nerds up there probably are dead because of your lousy team leader’s judgment!”

“I’d shut up if I were you!” Rashika growled, pushing herself forward to cause Sundria to struggle to keep up. “You have no idea what your parents are up to!”

“Of course I do, I know their plans and I’m one hundred percent with them on this through and through!” Sundria responded, getting up from her kneeling position of struggle as she tried to put Rashika down. “At least I know my parents unlike you do you little monster.”

Rashika glared down at Sundria as she felt her tail getting close enough to the teen’s legs. She waited for a moment until she slid her tail across the ground, making Sundria fall over it again! “I least I know my moves Sundria!”

“Or do you?” Sundria smirked on the ground, suddenly moving away as fast as she could while Rashika looked down at her confused until she heard a set of blades come at her! She was fast enough to dodge the move, hearing the blades hit the wall instead as she turned around to see that Alsha was back from the towers! She felt the pit of her stomach burn and get into a knot when she noticed that behind Alsha were some of the members of the team Hugo sent, but she didn’t dare try to conclude about what might have happened to rest of the group.

“I’m so happy to see you Rashika, hopefully, we both can kill you and be on our merry way,” Alsha smiled but she instantly leaped back in alert as a familiar spear sliced through the air, seeing that it was Malisha who attacked! “Or I might have to take care of this blind girl before handling anyone else.”

“How about you think about how you’ll end up then think about killing anyone else!” Malisha shouted, her spear was spinning on her hand to divert the flying daggers that were going her way that was thrown by Alsha.

“Yeah I’ll remember that when I plant you to the ground with the rest of the lilies of death!” Alsha remembered that it was the spear that helped Malisha see where her opponent was and what move they were going to do, so that set up a perfect advantage for the blind girl, but not for this teen. All I have to do is go on Malisha’s spear’s blind spot then strike her from that point! Easy, and I doubt Eiloh will have time to save her, after all, I made sure those ships were chasing him.

She dodged another blow Malisha made, jumping on the spear to get enough OOMPH to flip over her as her eyes scanned for the blind spot! Alsha landed on a spot where the spear wasn’t seen by her eyes as it was trying to strike but the weapon seemed to have found her, trying to slice her to bits! No matter what spot Alsha landed too, the spear would always find her and the wielder would make an attempt to kill her.

Alsha ran around Malisha in circles, trapping her while she witnessed Rashika in her dragon form trying to roast Sundria whole! Her eyes then noticed that the necklace around Rashika’s scaly neck was glowing a bit, which she noticed every time the girl was in her dragon form. Rashika relies on that necklace for her dragon form, which is her strongest but the necklace doesn’t have a blind spot.... Her eyes landed on the spear itself as she continued to run in circles but this time faster and faster! She threw daggers in every direction but Malisha still managed to redirect the weapons away from her! Of course, Alsha thought to herself in realization. The spear doesn’t have a blind spot but if Malisha doesn’t have her precious weapon, then she’s defenseless!

During that, Thuggort could feel everything in him start to shut down, death was cornering him. With Ozur weaponless and defenseless, there was no way in the world that he would escape this kind of death. He could feel Headmistress Olema’s cold finger getting ready to crack his neck as he shut his eyes to get ready for the worst. Oh my gosh, this is it. Goodbye, Ozur, Rashika, Eathelyn, Hugo and especially you Zeliah...Thuggort didn’t bother to beg or struggle, having full knowledge that neither would do him any good. I guess I was nothing but dead weight to you all...

Suddenly out of nowhere he no longer felt Olema’s hands around him, hearing a strong force punch the woman away from him. All he felt was nothing but air as he fell to the ground. He could hear Olema groaning in pain until he opened his eyes to see who was this person who saved him just in time, instantly hearing a familiar voice screaming at Olema at the top of her lungs. “YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS DO YOU? YOU NO GOOD PIECE OF-”

“Zeliah!?” Thuggort interrupted in shock, his eyes were wide open in disbelief to see his older sister has yet again saved him from the hands of death!

Zeliah then turned her attention away from Olema, who was once again buried in a pile of heavy books and wood. Her eyes were filled with relief and anger mixed together when she looked down at her little brother. “And you, what were you thinking?! I told you to go through Dreamer without me!”

“I don’t want to leave to safety while everyone else is fighting and either live or die!” Thuggort protested, seeing that Zeliah got surprised with his answer. “But I didn’t want you to leave you behind Zeliah! I want you and everyone else to get off here alive!” He could feel a bit of tear surround his eyes but he quickly wiped them off before his sister would notice.

Zeliah’s face softened a bit realizing that maybe her previous actions were a bit too much for him handle, she then embraced her brother gently. “I know...But we’ll live and get out of here. You just have to trust and believe in us.” She then turned to Ozur, who was still recovering the rough choking Olema gave him by looking like he was going to get unconscious anytime. “As for you..” She departed from the embrace, walking up to Ozur as she lifted him up from his collar, beginning to shake him like crazy to bring him back to his senses. “Wake up you! This isn’t the time to be sleeping! We still have a school to escape from!” Ozur could feel himself getting dizzy until he felt Zeliah slap him across the face, now that woke him right up.

“OW! Geez, what is it with you girls and violence these days!?” Ozur winced, realizing that it was Zeliah who was still holding him up until she dropped him as she crossed her arms.

“Now that you’re awake, let’s get out of here before the whole school explodes,” She walked back to held her brother up until-

“But you all have a headmistress to get past by!”

Zeliah’s eyes widen, recalling that Olema could recover quickly as she silently cursed under her breath for not remembering soon. Without hesitation, Zeliah charged towards Olema, the two were now arm wrestling their way to make the other fall! With her strength, she was pushing Olema down, as the woman dropped one hand in upcoming defeat. Zeliah was starting to believe that she won, but her eyes then spotted a set of knives coming out of the woman’s hands...All aiming directly at Thuggort!

“I do hope your brother can send some messages for me to the dead,” Olema grinned grimly, using her hand to send all the knives flying within seconds! Ozur pushed Thuggort out of the way, as he dodged each thrown knife but one of them ripped to a certain spot on his pants, making a bigger cut across his left leg! He winced in pain as he felt the blood on his wound flow, not realizing that Thuggort was running over to help him but that that a big mistake.

Olema took out one more knife this time it was sharper than any of the others she threw, then throwing that one blade at the direction leading right towards Thuggort, not noticeable to the boys but very noticeable to Zeliah! She didn’t put much thought into her next actions but her top priority was protecting Thuggort. She promised her parents, she promised herself to keep her brother away from any harm no matter what it takes! She would take a thousand whips, not eat for a month, or even die if it means her brother was safe from the cruelty of the world! She released her hold on Olema, running at top speed and without question, she stood in front of Thuggort just before the sharp pointed knife could hit him!

A loud THAWK could be heard from miles away from where they stood, Ozur looked up in shock but not so much as Thuggort when they both saw Zeliah’s eyes widen in obvious pain behind her back but she still smiled. She could taste the iron in her blood that was starting to run down from her mouth, feeling the cold blade on her back cause every inch of her body pain.

“ZELIAH?!” Thuggort was about to run to his injured sister’s aid but stopped when he saw her run back to Olema, lifting her up with her bare hands and tossed her aside! Then before anyone could respond she lifted Thuggort up, holding him to the side as she grabbed Ozur’s hand as they ran away from Olema.

“Ozur...huff me a...huff puff... favor and get…huff puff... Thuggort out of here!” Zeliah begged, her eyes ignoring the petrified look on her little brother’s face as for her breathing, it was draining away every moment she talked.. “Take him with...huff puff...huff puff.. you guys when you escape alright...huff puff...I doubt there’s time...huff puff... to get him through Dreamer!”

“You’re right about the fact that there’s no time to get you two through Dreamer but... ” Ozur then looked at his watch while letting go of Zeliah’s hand do his own running. “There’s no way we’ll just take Thuggort out of here without you! You’re coming with us too! Look you’re back is bleeding like crazy, you need help!” They were almost near the machine as he continued to try to persuade Zeliah to change her mind from doing anything rash. “Zeliah, you and your brother should get out of here, I’ll stay to handle Olema myself and I’ll make sure Rashika sets the bombs on Dreamer to go on.”

Zeliah at first ignored him, using her spare hand to get pull the blade out of her back, even though it was agonizing as she ran. She ignored the affliction that crawled it’s way from her wound to her heart, feeling the steady beating slowing down. I don’t have much time left….She finally stopped running, they were now in front of the three Dreamers, she watched how Ozur hurried to the original one, shutting down the portal in top speed. Just before he could give out orders for her and Thuggort, he felt Zeliah’s hand put something on his, making sure he wrapped it.

The object is his right palm was his wand, the one Olema kicked out of his hand a few minutes ago! He really didn’t have the time to actually think about retrieving it, no matter how special it was; because friends lives were at risk, but that deep inside himself, he knew that his father, the previous owner of the wand, would have wanted him to save his loved ones, rather than save the wand. He looked up at Zeliah, who then released her hold on Thuggort, pushing him towards Ozur. His pupils widen, his brain was processing what were Zeliah’s intentions knowing the obvious consequences but at the same time, he understood her decision; he didn’t like it, but he respected it. He placed his wand in his satchel, waiting and watching for the scene to unfold before him.

Out of nowhere, they heard BUMPS,and CRASHES, Ozur couldn’t help but smirk a little as he patted his satchel full of pranks. Looks like Olema stepped into a few prank traps...But... He looked at Zeliah’s coal like eye, and the scarred eyes, they were narrowed down with seriousness in this decision.

“Just go...huff puff... and make sure you stop the Sun Gang from...huff puff... their plans!” Before Zeliah could make another action, Thuggort wrapped his hands around her waist, not even loosening his grip. “Thuggort let go.” She ordered in a combined tone of commanding and gentleness.

“NO WAY! YOU’RE COMING WITH US WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT!” Thuggort cried out, holding on to her tighter as his eyes widen to see the blood spill from her wound and spread onto his hands. “WE ALL CAN MAKE IT TOGETHER ALRIGHT! I’LL CARRY YOU OUT MYSELF IF I HAVE TO!”

“Thuggort...huff puff huff...Even if we did get out...huff puff…My wounds are fatal, not even getting me to...huff puff... a medic as fast as….huff puff... you can, could save me…huff puff...I’m as good as dead anyway…”

“NO YOUR NOT!” Thuggort protested, not even caring how much time is slipping or how close Olema is to catching to them after freeing herself from the pranks! “You’re going to stay alive alright! You’ll be right next to me when we get out of here!”

“I wish...huff puff...Oh, I wish that was possible…” Zeliah used her strength to pry Thuggort off of her, then with her bare hands, ripped the metal chains off his legs actually surprised that he managed to run with those chains holding him down. “I’m sorry...huff puff...huff...puff...But sometimes...Dreams don’t come true...huff puff...the way you want them to.”

“Zeliah...Please…” Thuggort silently begged, he could feel the insides of his chest sting as if he was being stabbed by a sword every second. Zeliah smiled sadly, still avoiding the urge to wince from the throbbing in her chest and back. She could hear Olema making her way here in less than thirty seconds. Before she could control herself, she embraced her brother into a tight hug while keeping her own tears at bay. She ruffled his messy hair as she whispered softly without trouble breathing for some reason. “I love you Thuggort, always has and always will, no matter what okay. Look at me Thuggort,” She lifted her brother’s chin, making him look start into her eyes, well the one that could actually see. “I’m not just doing this because I promised mom and dad, that promise was never a burden...I chose this way, and I want you to know that promise or not, I will always protect you. I’m proud of you, I have, and always will be proud no matter what you do and whatever happens you have to stay alive. Never stray from the path that’s right; be strong...Promise me that okay.”

Thuggort didn’t have time to even respond when he felt Zeliah separate from their embrace when she felt the close presence of Olema just a few feet away from them. Before the headmistress could shoot a knife at either of them, Zeliah charged as she used her strength to wrestle Olema to the ground, away from Dreamer and her brother. Olema was cover in a rainbow colored set of streamers, some nets, and some sort sticky amber liquid. They both rolled around the ground. trying to be on top of one another but Zeliah was releasing her leftover strength to hold the woman down, even with her injury burning her back more agonizing than when her wings were ripped right out of her.

The pain was so unbearable that a strong agonizing bloodcurdling scream could be heard from miles away managed to escape from her bloodied lips! “AHHHHHHHH!!!!”

“Zeliah!?” Thuggort panicked, he was ready to run to his sister and help her but he felt another strong hand lift him up and get carried to the side! “Ozur? Wha-What are you doing!? PUT ME DOWN! NO! SHE NEEDS ME! Don’t do this Ozur, please let me help her!”

His pleas appeared to be deaf to Ozur’s ears as the hybrid was ready to turn but look back in doubt, but before he could utter a word Zeliah exclaimed in dominance despite her screams of pains. “GET OUT OF HERE BOTH OF YOU! TELL RASHIKA TO SET THE BOMBS ON THESE DREAMERS NOW!” All Ozur could do was nod, turning back feeling useless and a huge coward but his legs continued to run while his dark thoughts criticized how much of a coward he was. Wow Ozur, you just let a life get wasted because you were too weak and pathetic to fight Olema on your own...Nicely done boy. Ozur shook his head, he was almost out but he had to do what Zeliah requested him to do. So his thoughts entered Rashika’s, Eathelyn, and Hugo’s minds, his voice heavy with never ending guilt.“Rashika...ACTIVATE THE BOMBS IN THE DREAMERS NOW!”

Sure enough, he heard Rashika answer back to him as he climbed up the rocks while trying not to let go of Thuggort since he was thrashing around to be released, crying out for his sister.“Is everyone out of the library? And you better tell me the truth Ozur because I’m getting the feeling that you’re trying to sugar coat the position you’re in!”

Ozur sighed, he could hear the sound of beatings, battle cries, even cries of torture but he answered Rashika a best he could. “Everyone is out of here but Thuggort and Zeliah….Rashika, Zeliah’s severely hurt but she insisted me to take off with Thuggort while she fought Olema. I’m sorry but she wants you to-”

“WHAT!?” Eathelyn’s thoughts interrupted in pure anger. “So you decided to listen, Ozur she could die!”

“I know but she-”

“Ozur what about Thuggort, his sister is going to die if you leave her and you want the bombs to go on now! You must be out of your mind!”

“I’M VERY AWARE OF THE CONSEQUENCES YOU FOUR!” It was Zeliah’s thoughts interrupting the argument as she threw another punch on Olema’s face, as the headmistress used her glove blades to slice through her arm, making her wince and hold in her cries. “Look Rashika, activate the bombs NOW! Don’t waste your time on me, just get yourselves and Thuggort out of this crazy academy before the Sun Gang get you!”

No one responded Rashika pushed Sundria away with the strong wind currents of her wings, breaking the silence as she nodded. “Alright Zeliah….I’m sorry to do this to you, I really am…” She raised her left hand, then her right, both in a fist then she fist pumped them both while taking a breath. “You all have ten seconds before Dreamer’s bomb explodes...I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay Rashika, now do it! Eathelyn, Hugo, you two get out of the way of the explosions! And yes I know there are ten seconds left for the bombs you hid in this school earlier to explode...I’ll take Olema down to my grave! ”’


Zeliah looked pleased for the last time, as Olema pinned her to ground so hard that the floor stone broke in an instant. She could hear Thuggort struggling in Ozur’s arms, begging the teen to let him go.


Rashika let one tear fall down as she had no choice but to refocus on her fight with Sundria, who wasn’t going to let some wind stop her from being defeated.


Olema punched Zeliah in the face so many times that she didn’t notice the bombs counting down. Zeliah meanwhile was still showing a small piece of happiness in her face.


Ozur was running as fast as he could, spotting Eathelyn and Hugo who were still concentrating on their Demon Eye powers to keep the Sun Gang motionless. Thuggort was looking back to see his sister pinned down getting punched, his eyes widen as his breath shortened.


After the fifteenth punch, Zeliah rose on her feet again, throwing Olema to slam her against the wall as she threw punches herself while the woman dodged. Her final thoughts to herself took over this last stand. I always dreamed of being free with my brother someday...We could have had a better future, maybe raise families of our own with our chosen partners... I guess that dream won’t ever come true... Now my brother will have the fend for himself but he’s free...Team Hero, I admit that at first I never believed a single piece of crap you told me...But after proving me otherwise so many time, I know that you’re the ones who’ll help us all...


Ozur used his free hand to push Hugo and Eathelyn forward, breaking the trance they placed on the Sun Gang, who were too shocked to even try to go after them. Some believed that they were retreating and maybe never come back so some began to celebrate while Hellioh listened to Thuggort’s cries. “Something’s not right,” he whispered.


Olema finally looked up at the bombs, seeing the numbers being counted down resulting her eyes to grow in a panic! She used her hands to grab Zeliah’s arm, then she flipped her over to slam on the ground once more. Without a choice, she just turned and run, not even caring about Zeliah or the location to the other slaves. However, Zeliah grabbed the adult’s arm, holding a tight grip on it but Olema used her remaining strength to push the slave off of her arm.

She was out through the exit, shouting to everyone in the room. “GET OUT OF HERE YOU FOOLS! THERE ARE BOMBS HERE!”


Hugo, Ozur, Eathelyn, and Thuggort were on their way out, climbing midway while the little boy refused to quit shrieking for his sister. “ZELIAH!! NO PLEASE, WE HAVE TO GO BACK FOR HER!”

The three teens looked down, seeing a Sun Gang member who was surrounded by every other member including Olema, pull out an amber jewel of some sort whispering something until they were gone in an instant. They didn’t see where Ulin went off to.


Zeliah was on the ground, her strength drained right out of her as she could feel the hands of death have a tight grip on her soul, slowly pulling it away. ..Well I didn’t defeat Olema, that sucks…I’m sorry...Thuggort, but don’t worry I’ll always be with you, just get out there and be free with the wind...As for you Team Hero, I entrust you with the slaves future...Thank you...And sorry for this too but...You four have to have to...Handle Master Olema…

...But I know you’ll win…


In an instant, an enormous, deafening explosions of three bombs, followed by the multiple others erupted around the school!


The flames from the bombs fired throughout the library, burning everything in its path as they traveled through the tunnels like a herd of sheep running from a coyote! The four who were escaping looked back to see the fire about to claim them until Ozur felt a mighty force make him quickly pull his wand out from his satchel, waving it and without warning or control of himself, he shouted as if someone was controlling him from a distance! “Transport to the valley of death and souls!”

Before they could feel the forces of the magic in the jewel of his wand, Thuggort screamed one more time, knowing that it was useless…


At that moment, Eathelyn felt her world spin around slowly as those words tumbled their way down her eardrums because those were the exact words she heard in her dream.

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