The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Forty-Three

The academy exploded into flames, and ashes, every bomb caused an earthquake or two in the academy causing everyone to get shaken up by everything! Eiloh was still flying as fast as he could away from the ships that were programmed to chase him, his eyes taking a glimpse on the burning inferno the academy was engulfed in.

Sundria fell on her knees in shock, her eyes scanned the disaster that was right in front of her eyes! She felt her chest burn with anger since all her parents’ hard work to keep this academy running is turning to ash! Her attention then came back to Rashika, now she began to wait for the right moment, her eyes pinned to the necklace around the dragon’s neck that powered her transformation! Get closer.. A little more dragon demon... Rashika could see the smug look on Sundria’s face, the girl’s eyes looking at her necklace. At that point, she could see Sundria’s attention so she made sure she attacked but not that close in fear of losing her necklace.

However Sundria wasn’t going allow that to happen, so she instead ran off while Rashika hot on her tails, setting fire to roast her! Sundria began to climb up the wall as if it was child’s play with one of the daggers on the floor even if some of the rock were in flames. Rashika hovered cautiously over her, making sure she kept a safe but effective distance away from Sundria. Then without warning, Sundria jumped the height she climbed too, which was from the destroyed teachers’ balcony and she managed to land right on top of Rashika!

Even from a long distance between the wall and dragon, Rashika was shocked beyond comparison that Sundria managed to jump that far a distance to land on top of her. But now wasn’t the time to question, since she could feel Sundria’s hands make a reach for her necklace! She started to fly up, down, spinning, and twirling, trying to get Sundria off her back but the girl had a good grip! After a minuted of this crazy flying, Sundria used her own weight to push Rashika’s left wings down, causing them both to crash land to the wall! Before hitting the wall, Sundria went for Rashika’s neck, ripping the necklace right off and then jumping off to the safety of the ground.

Rashika’s right wing was slammed against the wall as she heard a loud crack coming out of it; it didn’t take a genius to realize that she broke her right wing. She swallowed her urge to cry out in pain, and only hissed with her teeth clenching from the agony. That was when she no longer felt the necklace around her neck and within seconds she was back in her hybrid form! She tried to move her wings but a stinging feeling creeps up from the broken wing so she won’t be doing any flying. The crash did so much damage as she shook from the agony from her broken wing but she began to struggle to get right back up. Right in front of her stood Sundria, holding on to her necklace, spinning it as if it was some toy.

“You missing something Rashika?” She waved the jewel part of the necklace fondly in front of her face. Then with uttermost glee, she threw the necklace on the ground and before Rashika could make a move to grab it, Sundria smashed the jewel into tiny bits scattering across the floor! “Looks like you won’t be turning into a dragon for a while.”

Rashika stared at the scatter pieces of her necklace, the one thing every dragon hybrid needs in order to get into their full dragon form! Losing such a possession like that means that she’ll never turn into her dragon form ever again, she’ll just stay in her hybrid form until the day she dies! There is only one jewel necklace for each individual dragon, and if anything happens to it; it can’t be replaced and that individual is to consider an outcast to all dragons and other living creature in this world!

She had to get out of her thoughts about the consequences, pulling out her fire bombs to throw at Sundria since the girl was charging towards her for the kill! Sundria saw the bomb getting ready to explode, so she had to change direction as she remained balance as the explosion caused a small earthquake!

At that time as the ground shook, Malisha loosened her grip on her spear which gave Alsha her chance to make a grab for it! Nevertheless, Malisha was smart enough to hold her spear up then swinging it down to hit Alsha but she was fast enough to respond by taking one her daggers out, clicking a button on the handle and it instantly turned into a short sword! Both their weapons CLASH! CLING! CLANG!

Rashika was dodging each swing Sundria threw at her with the double-edged sword, trying to throw some punches but it wasn’t easy with a broken wing stinging every five seconds!

“You honestly think a blind person like you can defeat me?” Alsha mocked, charging her sword to hit Malisha but she responded with a block with her spear.

“I know I will and seriously what happened to the waterworks you were doing moments ago huh?! Guess you need more help on your lies and acting!” Malisha retorted, her spear swinging on the ground to make Alsha fall again but this time the teen was intelligent enough to jump over it. During that jump, Alsha’s sword made a long cut across Malisha’s arm, causing the teen to cry out in pain as she dropped her spear in the process! Alsha kicked the spear across the field, making sure Malisha was having a difficult time looking for it while she got to strike!

Malisha was on the floor with her hands patting every inch of the floor to find her spear, knowing that it was useless to even do so until she felt Alsha kick her on the head to fall further across the ground.

“Without your spear you are nothing Malisha,” Alsha sneered, watching how vulnerable Malisha was as she wildly looked for the direction Alsha was talking from. Alsha walked towards Malisha, with her short sword rising up to stab the teen from behind. “It’s over Malisha.”

“NO, IT’S OVER FOR YOU!” A voice screamed with confidence from the sky, causing Maisha to look up in shock but at the same time relief! Out of the arising gray clouds of smoke of the fires, Eiloh was still flying as fast as he could with the ships not far behind him. Alsha’s eyes narrowed closer to the wings of the ships, noticing a lot of figures holding their grounds in this tough flight. No way! She thought with a gasp, her eyes getting a better look at the wings seeing that it was student passengers who were holding on to the metal so they wouldn’t fall off! Those idiots are actually planning to come crash here!! This is not good! She did have enough time to actually have her mind work out a new idea, her instincts told her to jump out of the way as she watched the flying crafts aiming to crash land to the audience’s seats of the stadium! Alsha left Malisha who was looking at which direction Eiloh was coming from as she heard another set of explosions erupt into another deafening music of fire emerging as the passengers on board were lucky enough to jump off just before the aircraft’s exploded!

Sundria also fell back in battle, leaving Rashika alone to fend for herself in the hands of the explosions and fire! Rashika looked up to see the flames devour everything in its path, her eyes panicking looking around for any sign of Malisha but her vision was immediately blocked by a dark flash passing by her like a predator catching its defenseless unsuspecting prey! She felt a set of strengthened arms wrap around her waist before pulling her away in a flash, away from the arena before she had any time to protest.

Students were fueled up with battle blood running through their veins while half of them were holding on to the injured. One of them stood in front of the rest, making a battle chant of questions and the same answer.

“We’ve been brought back here by force, we must now fight! Are we ready!?”


“Will this day be the day humanity, myths and darkness will know that everything we have learned was nothing but loads of scum!?”


“Today we witnessed the true answers and now we’ll strive to fight, to find more knowledge to the truth! We’ll forever rid of the Sun Gang before they obliterate us all so will we fight!?”


With that, students began to run in whatever direction but away from the stadium, not even bothering to wonder where Malisha was. All they wanted to do was fight to turn wrong to right, to take on whatever was in their path. Like wildfire, they will destroy anything in their path until their knowledge is tamed and they find the real strength to learn how to fight back. Now they are doing nothing but riot all over the burning academy, destroying more than what has been destroyed.

The flames danced everywhere in every direction, nearly hitting Malisha until she felt warm strong arms pick her up in bridal style, then flying her up to the safety of the air! She didn’t need vision or her spear to know that Eiloh has once again pulled off an act of heroism to his special girl. The irritating smell of burnt metal, wood, and rock that flowed through air hit her nose but she held her coughing. Now wasn’t the time to cough and appear even weaker than she felt before. However, Malisha was calm as strands of her honey golden hair flew along with the wind, on to Eiloh’s chest as she felt his warm hands hold her like a parent holding on to their child in an enormous crowd. Eiloh could feel her soft hair flow on the air, he could smell the aroma of lavender and rose petals that ease his worries, knowing that the pleasant smell came from Malisha. Even with the strong scent of smoke crawling around, he could still smell those flower petals like there was no other scent in the world.

“You saved me once again Eiloh,” Malisha finally commented in their short silence of flying away from the stadium, over the school walls. “I guess I can’t entirely count on myself to fight.”

“I’d save every time you are in trouble,” Eiloh answered back with a reassuring smile, “You can fight, but this time you just needed a little help in your battle.” Malisha returned a small smile until her ears suddenly heard a sudden SNAP and a rapid spinning of nets coming their way!

“EILOH LOOK OUT!” She tried to move to get him out of harm’s way but without knowing which way she was going, she confused the boy until they both were trapped under the custody of ropes pulling them down back to the arena! She could feel the speed of their crash landing, the grip Eiloh had on her grew stronger, letting her know that even though they were falling into the hands of the enemy, he would still protect her.

Their skins meet the harsh gravel of the ground, scratching the surface of the skin making them surprised that they even survived such a fall with heavy nets around them. They looked towards the person who supposedly threw the trap, who was none other than Alsha as she stood tall and proud to catch two lovebirds in her trap, looks like she didn’t entirely run away after all.

“Well, well, well....” She started, pulling the nets out of them, her hands holding new sets of daggers while Malisha’s spear was behind her. “Isn’t this a nice couple; a demon and an Ethical. Not the most popular choices of love I think but hey if you want some rules to break be our guests, but you’ll end up having to pay.”

“Pay to have a girlfriend?” Eiloh snorted sarcastically to lighten up the situation he was in now. He removed the netting off of himself and Malisha, his hands in his pockets while they were a cautious distance away from Alsha. “Sorry but I only have ten coal pieces in my pocket, will it enough for the bill?”

“Don’t play dumb with me!” Alsha warned, her hand grabbing his t-shirt tightly as she tried to lift in the air to show how much of a threat she was but Eiloh simply just stared at her with no worry in his face. “Are you asking me to kill you?!”

“Depends on really,” he shrugged, trying to hold in his laughter at Alsha’s reaction to his response. “Will you kill me slowly with tons of pain or so fast that I’d think I’m still talking to you while I’m in the afterlife?”

“What?” Alsha shook her head in shock as if she was given the most hardiest academic problem to solve in the history of her life! “What are you trying to prove? You’re beginning to sound like Ozur, and I definitely know that you hate that prankster so much after countless times being caught in his tricks!”

“You’re right about one thing, that wolf boy really has a way to drive my nerves to the boiling point that I should have killed him awhile ago,” He chuckled at the memory of countless times being a victim of Ozur’s pranks throughout the year, even after making an alliance with his team! “But...That fool has taught me one thing..”

“Really? What? You should depend on magic, pranks, and just plain luck to survive in this school? Or that you’re weak?” Alsha guessed, her patience was losing energy every second while she watched how quiet Malisha was during this conversation that she should have been using its time to fight back. “Maybe the fact that it’s all about being smart and having a sharp mind to be a good fighter?”

“None of them,” Eiloh shook his head in amusement, at Alsha and at himself. Look at me, he thought. Here I am, talking to Alsha as if this whole thing is some joke while chaos is erupting everywhere. Man that wolf boy and his team of other demons really are guilty of being able to change someone. “What that little pain in the neck taught me was that it’s better to act a fool than to act like you’re more superior than everyone else!”

“Really, are you sure it’s not the other way around?” Alsha had trouble believing that Ozur taught Eiloh that, after all, the hybrid’s prank days proved that statement otherwise. “By the way, he plays his pranks and all.”

“Yeah and there’s also one other thing that his pranks taught me..” Eiloh smirked, earning a questioning look from Alsha, she didn’t need to say anything for him to know what was on her mind. He shrugged again, sighing in the process while he stood in front of Malisha in a protective manner. He took a deep breath before smiling as he waved to someone behind Alsha as she saw smoke coming out of him! “That you shouldn’t be dumb enough to just stand there and listen to my clone all this time.” On that moment, the electricity that made his clone disappear with Malisha then reappear on the seats in the audience that wasn’t damaged in the bombing! Once Malisha was out of harm’s way, the clone disappeared while Alsha felt her whole body tense feeling the urge to turn around from looking at where Malisha went! She spun around, her eyes got bigger than table plates as she flipped down to fall on her back in shock!

At that same moment, the real Eiloh flew right past her with his own weapon that looked like the bladed boomerang Alsha had but this one was bigger, half his size as his left hand held the smooth metal middle that wasn’t bladed! He swung the boomerang in an attempt to slice Alsha but the girl was too fast so she dodged just barely! She was on the floor on her back, she could see tiny tips of her hair slice through blade while her eyes met Eiloh’s cold coal pupils of rage. He flew back a few inches seeing that his first attempt failed, the boomerang’s blade ends suddenly popped out, separating into a long string of chains with each blade at each end! Then one of the blades was folded into a handle that he could hold on to, which was incredible since metal was hard to bend, let alone by itself! He spun the other end of this now a new weapon, making sure the other blade end was in the air making a clear message for Alsha step back a bit.

He didn’t give Alsha a chance to get up since he ran straight for her but she got up just in time to duck from the next swing of his blade! She threw her first set of daggers at him, who used his spinning blade to hit every hitting dagger away from him!

Meanwhile, Malisha could hear the battle taking place but out of nowhere, her heart froze in shock as her mind went blank! She could feel her hands tremble, her voice was lost in the depths of her stomach that was turning upside down. Oh no...No, it’s a trap! Of course, I can’t see but I heard something creep up behind him! Maybe it was just a trick...No, he has to get out of there before she kills him! No turn around Eiloh...TURN AROUND!

“EILOH TURN AROUND!” Her voice finally found it’s way out of her lungs, she could hear her voice crack during that but not wasn’t the time to fuss how she sounded.

Eiloh’s attention went to Malisha’s warning, his eyes looked back to see what was behind him when he no longer heard the CLINKING of Alsha’s daggers hitting his weapon. Right behind him was Sundria, who seemed more than ready to stab him with her double-edged sword! His instincts went to his Demon Eyes, activating them in record time to pause time around him so he could run a few feet away from Sundria who was now frozen in time! However, after three seconds, the power faded and his Demon Eyes turned back to his regular sight tools! Yeah used your Demon Eye even though you know that your power will last you three seconds! He scolded himself, now dodging each punch Alsha and Sundria were throwing at him once they caught up to him! In an instant, he spun his weapon around himself to make sure they stay clear for the time being.

However, Sundria circled around Eiloh at a safe distance, her eyes on the chain rope that helped spin the giant blade midair! Malisha released the breath she didn’t realize she was holding she suddenly felt that same feeling she felt a few moments ago again, this time instead of yelling she searched for the edge to jump off from.

Sundria’s eyes were locked on the string of chains, looking for the right moment, the right moment to strike. After at least five seconds, her hands went for the chains that flew to her direction, getting a good hold of it as she tugged the weapon right out of Eiloh’s hands! Eiloh tripped over his own feet when his hold on the handle was gone, now Sundria had his weapon and from behind him, Alsha punched him to the ground!

Eiloh winced in pain when Alsha punched and kicked him before she took out another dagger to try to stab him, but he rolled over to the right and left to avoid each blow. He felt the cool metal slice through his right arm, making a good wound but he ignored that pain, using his other arm to grab Alsha’s arm and toss her aside to give him time to get up! He was pretty strong to recover as he stood, lifting Alsha once more and throwing her to the wall!

Alsha coughed from the smoke and dust that resulted from her hitting the wall but her eyes filled up with rage as she used her dagger to become a short sword to throw at him in every direction so he could be stabbed. Eiloh dodged each one, his breath was quickening as he starting to feel exhausted from the fighting but he continued on, for Malisha’s sake. However what he didn’t see or hear in fact, was that Sundria quietly walked up from behind him, her sword was ready to murder but she didn’t realize that Malisha’s spear somehow was gone. All she focused was going for the kill, but her eyes snapped when she heard a sudden sound of a blade coming out from behind so she had to turn around, using her sword to block the blow!

“Malisha?!” She gasped in shock to see her blind teammate managed to get her spear back and be able to fight at the same time! Malisha didn’t respond, she leaned forward to use her own weight on her spear to put Sundria down!

“You think you’ll win?” Sundria asked, pulling back as their weapons clashed against each other again. “You’ll be dead before we let anyone win! Heck, I’ll be able to defeat Team Hero from their foolish ideas they planted in your heads!”

“You keep talking, but I know Team Here are much stronger than you and will defeat you and the Sun Gang!” Malisha retorted with a snarl, using what was left of her strength to use on her spear to knock the double-edged sword clean off of Sundria’s hands as it hit the ground with the rhythm of banging. She then pointed the sharp end of her spear, aiming straight at Sundria’s chest. “Give up Sundria.”

Sundria just shook her head, her eyes taking a glimpse at how distracted Eiloh was between his fight with Alsha and the fact that Malisha joined in the battle! Before she could say a word, she ran away from Malisha, charging straight at him once more! She used the chains of his weapon, and with great aim, she lassoed the chains around Eiloh, tying him up tightly that he fell to the ground in an instant!

“Sure I’ll give up after I first have the sweet pleasure of killing Eiloh who happens to be your only love partner!” Sundria smiled, finally caught up with Alsha as they both looked down at Eiloh, who was struggling to break free from the chains. The tighter the grip was, the more pain he felt to the point that he felt the bones of both his leather wings break! He swallowed a scream, knowing that it wouldn’t help much that now he was weak and vulnerable; however, his attention went to Malisha in a flash.

“MALISHA I WANT YOU TO RUN AND GET OUT OF HERE!” He saw Malisha gasped at his request, and continued before she could protest. “I want you to be safe so just leave me and get away before your get killed!”

Sundria laughed as Alsha pulled out another ribbon of daggers tied around it, which she had been saving this last one for emergencies or special occasions. Well, to be honest, this wasn’t an emergency or special occasion, so this probably could be because they just saved it for the next person they wanted to obliterate! “Sure just run away Malisha and leave your man of your life here to die by our hands! Just proving once more that you are pathetic and weak!” Alsha chuckled, then looking at Eiloh with a voice of disappointment. “You really think being a fool can defeat us, well you are sadly mistaken.”

“I’m not mistaken..” Eiloh whispered before he rudely snapped at Sundria, “And Malisha isn’t weak! She’s stronger, she’s more determined and smarter than both of you combined!”

Malisha didn’t budge, she could breathe or even think straight at the scene she was hearing her! All her life she spent it either training to learn how to fight or be pampered by unworthy suitors who want her for her riches. Until the day she met Eiloh, how they met, how they bonded, how they feel in love! Their times learning from each other, getting to know one another, even more, each day! Just as Eiloh was brought up to stand to meet his fate, he screamed back at Malisha once more. “Run Malisha, look I’m willing to die if it means that you’re still alive and well! Just survive and try to find happiness alright, now go!”

Then, just when Sundria used the rest of her strength to release the chains hold on Eiloh, she kicked him in the air from his back! He could feel himself fly up and then come down, knowing that he wasn’t able to fly his way out since his wings are now broken. He heard the song of daggers that hit against each other on the ribbon that was being prepared to tie him with those blades hitting him at every point of his body. Eiloh had his eyes open and ready for his death as he reached down to the ground, seeing the neon blue ribbon with its sharp teeth approaching him for the kill...But just before he could feel the agony he was meant to feel, his ears caught the feminine scream of the one he told to run away.

Malisha wasn’t going to run away, so she went towards Eiloh as fast as she could with her spear being held in her hand as she screamed in distraught and yet courage. “I rather die before I let you kill Eiloh or anyone else!”

Just as his feet met the ground and the sights of the ribbon of death, Eiloh saw Malisha flash right next to him, dropping her spear as she continued. His eyes widen terrified at the sight of him!

Time seemed to have gone slowly even without the Demon Eye as he watched Malisha’s hands touch him, feeling her strong force push him away from death! He watched her stand there trying to catch a breath but look straight at death with her sightless eyes staring down at it with defiance. Every slow passing second, he could hear his heartbeat a second at a time in true terror.

Before he could react, the ribbon wrapped around Malisha, her heart-wrenching screams could be heard from miles away as the daggers penetrated from every inch of her body, including her chest!

Crimson liquid rained down from the daggers, while Alsha and Sundria were caught a little off guard but they still seemed satisfied with their results. Alsha pulled the ribbon out of Malisha, revealing open wounds from almost every part of her body except for her face! They were surprised that she was still breathing even with all the agony she is suffering through. Malisha could taste the coppery liquid that was flowing out of the mouth as she felt the cool metal get taken out of her, letting her fall on her back to die.

Eiloh’s eyes stared, they were bigger than the full moon in mindless grief and anger! His early pain was long forgotten, as he got on his feet getting the energy now to run towards his partner as he shrieked. “MALISHA!!!!” He knelt down beside her, he could hear his shaky breath as his body shook in disbelief. His mind was repeating the same thoughts as he slowly held Malisha gently so he could cradle her in his arms. This can’t be happening...This can’t be happening...Malisha’s stronger than this...She can’t die...She’s going to live...She has too..He looked at his palms that were now covered in Malisha’s blood, it felt warm until more leaked as it was feeling colder and colder.

Malisha coughed for a moment as blood came out from her lungs as she looked up at Eiloh with a small smiled. Her eyes were looking up at him as if she could see his pain right now. “O-Oops...S-sorry.I..I g-guess I-I k-kinda f-followed my own o-orders and… D-Decided to d-die for y-you..instead...S-Sorry about that..”

“Malisha..” Eiloh choked through his tears that he didn’t realize that was falling from his own two eyes. “Why? Why did you do that?”

Malisha still smiled back at him, her voice was shaky but she explained through the agony her wounds felt as more of her own blood went down to decorate the ground while the battle cries of students could be heard from out the walls. “I-I guess I-I-I loved y-you so much that...That I didn’t want y-you to die b-b-because of me...Even if you’re a demon...”

“But now you’re dying because of me!” Eiloh protested, holding her closer as he cried every tear out. “Because of me..”

“Hey...I-I don’t b-blame you...Really I don’t...” Malisha assured gently, her warm smile seemed to have calmed him down a bit. “Y-Y-You know...I want you to live...Live on w-with your life...I know that I-I-I wouldn’t s-stand a chance in this world...And you have much...To live for...S-sure your l-life is me and our love but...some...sometimes l-life can surprise you with m-much more..”

“But I still don’t understand..” Eiloh muttered, his eyes were getting puffy from all the tears he cried out.

“Y-You were t-t-too...precious to me and we m-must protect t-those..who are most precious to us..” Malisha explained, then coughed some more her body was feeling peculiar. She knew she was running out of time. “I-I need you to..Help..Team Hero...With their next challenges...I-I’m fully aware...That I’m too w-w-weak to s-stand a chance in the future...But you...Y-you are stronger than w-what you give y-yourself credit for.”

“So you want me to live on?” Eiloh asked softly, believing that he was understanding Malisha’s decision a bit. “You want me to live on to help Team Hero defeat the Sun Gang?”

“P-Precisely..” Malisha chuckled, her hand grabbed on to Eiloh’s hand, feeling his warmth as her hand was getting colder by the minute. “I-I j-just know that T-Team Hero will h-help the worlds’...find peace...T-They will c-change us all f-for the better good...So please Eiloh...Please h-help them in a-anyway you can...D-Do not go down the thew-wrong path...Please...Promise me?”

Eiloh held her hand firmly, holding it up to his chest where she could feel his beating heart as he nodded as his tears fell on Malisha’s dying face. “I...I promise...I promise Malisha, I’ll help those idiots...I will never stray from the good path..”

Suddenly she began to cough more blood as she whispered with tired eyes as Eiloh held her closer. “Hey...You know, I’m blind...and yet...And yet I can tell what my man looks like...”

“Yeah...Yeah I bet you do,” He sniffled, trying to act strong like a man but his emotions were taking over now. “I bet you do..”

“I’m getting tired Eiloh...Really tired...I guess it’s from all the pain I’m in...”

Eiloh knew what she meant but he didn’t want to accept it, he just couldn’t. I want her to live! “Don’t...Don’t worry, we’ll find someone...Someone to help you and once you’re better you can get some rest but not right now just hold on..”

“I wish I could...But I’m really tired...Sorry...I guess I’m doing... The opposite of what...You want me to do again..” Malisha then relaxed, her hand felt the steady beating of Eiloh’s heart as she spoke her a few more words with her last few breaths of life as her eyes got a little glassy with emotion. “I...Love..You...Eiloh..” Before he could answer, her hand was now frozen stone as it gotten limb. Eiloh felt her hand let go of his, as it fell to the ground but it never it the stone floor...As the hand fell, he saw Malisha’s body begin to glow a bright blue glow, as sparkles emerged out of her skin! Her face was slowly disappearing in the glowing while Eiloh tried to hold on to her more to prevent her change from happening, begging to the heavens above to let her stay.

“No..No..No, no, no, no, no, no NO! NO! Don’t go, don’t go! DON’T GO MALISHA!! DON’T DIE ON ME!” He shouted to the sky, his eyes locked back down at Malisha’s glowing body as he felt her shrinking as ever part of her disappeared to shift into a different shape. She was no longer in his arms, he saw her hair just turn to sparkles after her face vanished as well as everything else that was Malisha.

Before long, Malisha’s blood vanished from the ground, from his own two palms, into thin air leaving not a trace as if nothing happened. Now what stood in place of where Malisha’s body once was, bloomed a silky petaled blue lily, one of rarest of the lilies of death. The last thing he saw painted on her beautiful face was her smile before it disappeared into the petals of the flower. Eiloh picked the lonely lily up, his fingers clasping gently around the stem as he held it close to his chest. His chest felt like someone had just gone on his chest and began to rip his heart out piece by piece. Then followed by daggers penetrating his heart from every angle. He couldn’t even find more words to describe what pain he was in now, all he knew was the Malisha is dead.

That he never replied back to her last words; saying “I love you too” before she left this world. He knew that there was no way on Earth that will help him bring her back, now she was in a better place...While he’s stuck in this sad dark world. His lips trembled along with his body, tears rained down from his eyes while he held on to what was left of Malisha! He didn’t utter a word, just whimpers and cried to the heavens who have drawn out the wrong cards in this round. He was completely blinded by grief, he never noticed Sundria and Alsha approaching him.

He didn’t notice the comment they made about how his time was up. He didn’t hear a single word that came out of either girl’s lip. His main focus...His main pinpoint to all the happiness he experienced was Malisha. But now, with her gone; what’s left for him to live for? What is he supposed to do without her? What will he do without her? Nothing but fulfill his final promises to her.

“Get up Eiloh, you’re coming with us!” Alsha commanded in a harsh tone after she managed to tie a rope around his wrists, binding both arms together. “And you better not give us any problems... Sundria’s parents will handle you when we get everything sorted out after this mess.”

Eiloh didn’t say anything, leaving Alsha to the only shrug as she pushed him to walk forward without signs of any struggle. His right hand still was secured to the lily, refusing to drop Malisha. As they continued to walk their way out, Eiloh ignored the chaos that was occurring around him, all he heard was his heavy footsteps on the ground decorated with remain of the school. His ears appeared deaf to the cries of students telling each other to retreat. He didn’t realize that the Sun Gang just popped in out of nowhere, as they scattered throughout the school grounds to retain the out of control teens. His body didn’t react to how some Sun Gang members actually harmed some students by taking out some sort of small pen and releasing a strong electric shock to at twenty teens! Their shrieks of suffering lasted for six seconds before they collapsed unconscious. No one could save them from this horrendous results of this rough like rebellion that seemed to have sparked something much bigger that adults have not dared to think about.

The fire continued to move along more pieces of what remained in Lunar Star Academy, never ending it’s appetite for eternal destruction until everything is gone. As for Team Hero, no one knows their current location; they seemed to have vanished into thin air without a trace. Not even Ulin could be found but no one really had the time and sanity to even start wondering where she is.

Students were captured, others managed to hide in the chaos but no one knows what happens to them. The captured ones were taken hostage as Hellioh was radioing in for new sets of ships to arrive while he had to also explain their situation which seemed unnecessary since everyone witnessed what happened in the stadium. They had to duck several times when more explosions erupted from the outer part of the schools, even the tallest tower where the control room was has perished in the orange blaze.

“Yes I know what you saw but we didn’t expect them to actually win!” Hellioh explained furiously at the walkie-talkie he held in his hand. The person he was talking to apparently didn’t sound at all pleased as he tried to continue through the screams and bombing. “Look we underestimated them and I know that was very low for us…” The operator asked him some questions which he answered as calmly as he can. “Only half the students escaped with some of our ships and all the slaves are gone…” The operator then seemed to have shown a shred of understanding since Hellioh released his breath with relief. “Thank you and don’t worry about today; we’ll fix this mess.” Once his pressed his finger on the button of his walkie-talkie to end the call, a new army of hover crafts flew near the entrance in less than ten seconds! The Sun Gang must have been more prepared and fast when it comes to situations like this one.

Shouts of protests still could be heard several feet away, some students were shouting for Team Hero to make an appearance while others made threats:

“Hey, Team Hero!? Where are you guys hiding!? We need you!”

“You, Sun Gang will pay for everything you’ve done tonight! For all the lies and the new plan you all intend to engage in!”

“You killed innocent people! I’ll kill you, every last one of you Sun Gang!”


“You four better not be running and abandoning us Team Hero!!”

Not one Sun Gang member made a move to respond to the threats, they just push the captives forward to get on the ship. Sundria continued to shove Eiloh, seeing that her mother was right in front of the ship they were going to enter. He didn’t hear what Alsha and Sundria told Headmistress Olema or the woman’s response to this report. Then without warning, Headmistress threw in a nasty rough jab to his stomach! He didn’t make a sound of pain but he just fell on his knees to try to recover from such a hit. Tears stung his eyes but he didn’t give those people a single drop of satisfaction; instead, he got right back up on his feet while his face looked down at the ground. His spare hand that wasn’t holding Malisha’s lily was clenched into a strong fist but being tied up he wasn’t aiming to go for a punch.

As his former teammates were ready to drag him inside the ship to keep him behind bars with Headmistress Olema following them, Eiloh finally found his voice. “You people will regret killing her…” He snarled loud enough for the two teens and adult to hear and get off guard as they stared at him with stunned eyes. “You hear me...I will kill you all for taking my love away from me. I will make sure Team Hero wins this fight!” He finally looked at Sundria straight into her cold eyes of confusion combined with evil. “YOU HEAR ME! TEAM HERO WILL DEFEAT YOU SUN GANG! I’ll personally kill you and Alsha myself if I have too!”

“Such strong words,” Sundria shook her head in dismay but then grinned at him with her devilish smile. “But words won’t save you from forgetting everything you have experienced...Words won’t definitely save you from a brainwashing.” She giggled at the face Eiloh gave her; a face of trauma, horror, and disbelief. From behind him, Hellioh gladly snatched the lily right out of Eiloh’s hand, making the demon enraged while he screamed. “NOOO! YOU GIVE HER BACK YOU MONSTER! GIVE HER BACK! GIVE MALISHA BACK TO ME!!”

“I’m sorry but we can’t disturb the brainwashing process if you have this with you,” Hellioh faked a tune of sympathy in which Eiloh noticed but the demon continued to try to wrestle his way out of the girl’s hands just making random screams! Hellioh walked over to the edge of the school grounds, spinning the flower slowly he held it out to the bottomless sky. “But don’t worry, Malisha will be with others like her, in the field of lilies...”

“NO! Stop! STOP!! STOP! DON’T DO IT PLEASE I BEG YOU!” Without a second for Eiloh to continue, to think, move, or even breathe; Hellioh released his hold on the lily, sending it to plummet from the clouds, and to the grounds of the field down below!


As the priceless flower fell, Eiloh was pushed to the floor as he tried to crawl his way to see where his prized possession has fallen but he was then lifted up by a few pair of strong arms! Three Sun Gang members had to come to hold Eiloh down from ripping his ropes out but he continued his skirmish under their mighty hold. He got one glimpse over to see what was left of Malisha fall to the darkness until a quick black flash flew over it, in the process grabbing the plant. He could tell because by the time the flash was gone in less than three seconds, and the lily was nowhere in sight. But he continued to try to break free from this restraint, because, with the lily gone without any knowledge of where it went, he felt his the shattered pieces of his heart shatter into more tiny pieces that can no longer be seen.

Sundria and Alsha just looked away from Eiloh, avoiding the distraught in his two eyes, the anguish in his movements, and his tone that is in a tone of a broken heart. However they couldn’t avoid his voice, they could hear him whimpering then growl at the people holding him down then back to the whimpering. What seemed like an eternity, Sundria’s parents, Hellioh and Olema had taken care of this situation by taking out their own taser pens and then hit him with an agonizing zap of electricity!

His groans and cries could be heard as he felt a rush of hot stinging torture crawl around his body as if it was untamable wildfire! He tried to keep his eyes open, he had tried but the more he did, the stronger the electricity went around his body. Finally, his body gave up, his conscious was lost in complete darkness leaving his ears to hear one last statement that Headmistress Olema had commanded to her daughter. “Take him to the brainwashing room in the commandership.”

After that....

He heard nothing but eerie ringing going past his ears as he drifted off with the feeling of muscled arms hauling him away somewhere that probably is the commandership. Never again to step out until the enemy is done doing what they plan to do to him.

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