The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Five

"Today's the day," Hugo whispered, as he got up from his bed, having a quick stretch before he went to his closet to get dressed. In his own style. A long sleeved button down white shirt with black flames embedded on the cloth, long black pants with leather shoes, along with a silver belt that had two lines vertically faced each other.

"Now for the finishing touches," He smiled, taking out a long black cape that not only helps him stay warm but it'll help him be invisible, and carry stuff without any problem and not feel heavy at all. He grabbed a comb and quickly brushed his hair, making sure his eyes were in tip top shape. He was really glad that Lunar Star Academy allowed their students to dress up in any style of clothes.

"Hugo! Get down here son, we have to drop you off at your new school!"

"Coming mom!"

With that Hugo came running downstairs with his suitcase while his heart soaring in excitement, his new life is about to begin in just a few hours. "There you are son," his father greeted from outside, getting the carriage with skeleton horses ready. "Hop in, you have a new beginning!" Before Hugo got in, his mother came running to him while holding two cases. "Just a moment Hugo! I have something for you," She knelt before her son as she handed him the two cases. "Your father and I got you something that'll help you fight better at school. Well, they belonged to your father but he willingly decided to give them to you. Go on, open them.” Hugo pulled out two handles with were revealed to be twin swords with silver handles that had some words inscribed he couldn’t quite understand; probably because they were brutally scratched out. He was so speechless, sure he practiced some sword fighting with wooden swords but the real dangerous metal was right before him!

"Thanks, I'll be sure to cherish them," He put the swords back in the case and into the vortex that was hidden in his cape. "Come on, or we'll be late." Soon the small family got into the carriage and were riding away to Lunar Star Academy, and Hugo was looking out through the window in silent wonder.

At last, it's time! Eathelyn thought to herself this morning, she got dressed in her best style since Lunar Star Academy allowed their students to dress down. She put on a red blouse with long sleeves and raven blue pants with a blue belt that had the Ying-Yang symbol on the buckle. She put on black flat boots which made her pants look like skinny jeans when the shoes covered both feet and knees that were covered by the cloth of the pants. Her purple highlighted hair was brushed to its best spiky style, with half of it covering her right eye. "This is it Eathelyn, I'm going to show those kids who the top girl, and I'll find my answers!"

"EATHELYN! Quit talking nonsense to yourself and come down here this instant so your father and I can drop you off and get this over with!" Eathelyn rolled her eyes, and then she grabbed her suitcase, running down stairs to get greeted by her angry mother and calm father. "Good morning," She muttered, her mother just grunted and pointed to the front yard.

"Our ride's outside, hop in so we can do this fast... I have a job to do later. This is a complete waste of time."

Eathelyn ignored the comment as she made her way outside seeing the dark feathered taxi cab with a skeleton driver. After putting the suitcase in the back, she turned around only to see her father behind her, holding something. He approached her while he held out a gray sword-shaped case. "Eathelyn I just want you to know that whatever happens, you'll always make me proud." He then handed her the case. "Use this sword for your future battles, your brother would have wanted you to have it."

Eathelyn grabbed the golden handle and slowly pulled out a silver blade that had lightning running all over it! "Lighting blade!? How did you..."

"Your brother didn't bring it with him to his new job, he told me to give it to you when it was your turn to go to Lunar Star Academy." Her father explained. "Come on, we should get going." Her mother was the first to get in the cab, then her father, and finally Eathelyn. However, before going inside the taxi, she looked at her home on more time before shouting, "Look out world, Eathelyn the Demon is on her way!"

Rashika was looking down at her new silver tunic dress with long black sleeves coming out of the short ones for her arms and long gray leggings. After another five seconds, she quickly took off her black robe and put on her new look.

The tunic was two inches above her knees and the leggings looked perfect since it covered her legs and knees, she put on her black ankle length boots which had laces made out of fake scales. She looked at the mirror, a forest greened eyed girl with a new look but same wings, ears, and tail were showing, but she didn't mind that at all. Her short auburn hair that was a few centimeters above her shoulders was brushed, leaving only two side parts of her hair longer than the rest, which was the way she liked it. Grabbing her suitcase of her needs, she went out of her room only to be greeted by the sight of her father already in his dragon form.

"Morning dad."

"Rashika, good thing you woke up, I was about to go fly off to get a gallon of water to wake you up," Her father smiled, resulting the two laughing a bit before the father grabbed something from behind him.

"Now I know you're going to start a new life in a new environment, but I got you something since you like the sound of explosives."

Then he pulled out a few belts that had endless supplies of small explosives. "Don't worry they only activate one by one when you give the command, but only you." He reassured, as he then helped Rashika put the belts around the waist of her dress. The belts hung around her waist, making an X shape and it wasn't heavy at all! Rashika made a small twirl, showing off the new her, with the brightest smile she had since yesterday.

"But don't ever lose those belts Rashika, promise me that," Her father begged, one of his claws lifting a bomb from the belt. He then added in a soft voice, "Those belts are the only thing your mother left behind when she left."

All Rashika did be nod to that request, her mother wasn't really a topic she and her father would enjoy talking about. She knew how special those belts are to him and to her since she saw them a few times in her life. She stopped her little memory trip only to see her father's eyes getting a bit watery. "Dad, are you okay?" She asked with a hint of amusement.

"Yeah," He sniffled, but then after two seconds, he confessed. "No, I'm not, it's just that now my little girl is growing up so fast! How about waiting another year before going away? ...You're still my little girl."

"Now dad I can't do that, we're dragons after all," Rashika smiled to reassure her worried parent, "And if I stay any longer I might go insane." They then both laughed again at that comment, and with a glow of her necklace, she went from demon girl to a dragon.

"Come on we should get going, we don't give the headmistress a bad impression." Nodding, knowing that her father was correct, the two dragons soared up into the sky, flying as fast as they could to get to Lunar Star Academy, which was located in the center of the worlds.

"No turning back now.”

"Ozur! Come on I have to drop you off!" Mrs. Pawen shouted this morning, looking around the orphanage while the other orphans were outside having some fun. "Ozur this isn't a time for one of your pranks, you don't want to make a bad impression on your new classmates?"

"I'm walking right behind you Mrs. Pawen!"

The co-manager gasped after turning around to see Ozur fairly dressed for his new destination. He was wearing a collared blue short sleeved shirt with a gray belt holding up his long gray jeans, walking on brown sneakers. He also had a brown satchel strapped around him that held everything he needed, including pranks. He was about put on some shades until Mrs. Pawen grabbed them as she shook her head in amusement. "You're going to a school, not a gang."

"Yeah but I think those shades will add some cool in me since I have this awesome hair and collar. Also, it'll warn others then I'm dangerous." Ozur pretended to act cool and dangerous but the results ended up with both of them laughing.

"Okay cool boy, let's go I've waited too long for you to finish getting changed, we're going by carriage." Mrs. Pawen smiled, as she led Ozur out of the orphanage, and there outside on the front was the carriage with one Griffin. Mrs. Pawen got in first then stretched her hand out for Ozur but he quickly made a "wait" sign, quickly explaining.

"Hold on Mrs. Pawen before I get in, I have something to say." With that, he turned around, his back facing the carriage and he lifted his hand making a thumbs up as he shouted to the orphanage. "Goodbye, Fang Orphanage! Ozur the Demon Wolf is out but I'll return one day!"


Smiling, he got in the carriage as they drove off, while looking out the window, Mrs. Pawen quickly got his attention by handing him a wrapped in a blue package, explaining in a soft voice. "Here, your father was practicing a bit of magic back in his day, and before he married your mother he made me promise to give this to you when you're going to Lunar Star Academy...Since he and your mother trusted me so much."

"Really?" Ozur looked at the package in astonishment, surprised that his father was also good at some magic, maybe he can practice some so he can do more pranks.

"Go on, open it," urged Mrs. Pawen. On cue, Ozur unwrapped the package and then opened the brown case, very slowly and with caution. There laid a wizard's wand, with a one-foot long silver stick that held a large yellow orb that seemed to be where all the powers came out of.

"Yes, you father was a master prankster like you," Mrs. Pawen sighed, then whispered to Ozur with a smile. "Just don't use your magic only for pranks okay."

"I can't promise you that ma'am," Ozur chuckled, even Mrs. Pawen giggled a bit and soon the rest of the ride was in silence since he was once again looking out the window at the unseen fields, homes and other lands of the Dark World.

"I'm going to be the champion, just you wait."

Now don't be fooled, the families aren't really going to drop their children off at the actual academy since each kind has to be separated so chaos won't erupt. The parents have to drop their children off at a train station and there the train will take them to Lunar Star Academy. There at Moon Sun Train Station, it was so crowded that you can easily get lost even if you left a trail to find your way back. The station was large but was divided into four sections which of course is the world they live in, so no chaos or misunderstanding happens between the adults since they all a tendency of holding grudges. However, the fourth section was hardly used but it's for those who are extremely different for instance being part demon and dragon. Yes, that section was built especially for Rashika.

"You remembered to pack your brush?"

"Yes, dad."

"Your notebook?"


"Don't forget to write a letter back home."

"I won't

"How about your ...uh...your pencils and pens?"

Eathelyn rolled her eyes in annoyance, sure she completely understood that her father wanted her to be prepared but he's going a bit overboard. "Look, dad, I'm fully prepared, you don't have to worry."

"Couldn't have said it better myself," her mother huffed in annoyance, her eyes looking at the exit, not even showing a care in the world. Ignoring the comment, she and her father formally shook hands to keep her mother happy for once. "Good luck kiddo," Her father whispered, Eathelyn couldn't help but smile as she made a fist. "I'll make you both proud!" With that she grabbed her suitcase and hopped on the train along a few others, passing by Hugo who was with his family, but they didn't know each other yet.

"This is it guys, the second I step in this train I'm on my way," Hugo lightly announced, while his mother was using a tissue to wipe a tear. "I'm sorry I'm just so happy for you son," She looked around for any spying eyes until she embraced him gently while he did the same back. His father then approached them with a small smile. "Well, I guess you really are going, don't forget to write Hugo and show those kids who you are."

"Don't worry dad, I got this in the bag," Hugo then placed his hand which was in a fist over his chest. "You'll see, soon everyone in the Dark World, no, everyone in all the worlds... They'll soon know my name."

"Don't forget to brush son. Oh and be very respectful to your teacher and battle well so you'll more opportunities for your life!" His mother reminded him as Hugo made his way to the train cart. "Also be sure to make friends, you're meeting other kids your age! And if you can, find yourself a nice girl! Any kind as long as you love her and she loves you back!" Hugo smiled, as he waved farewell to his folks, while his mother was shouting out more stuff but soon she decided to stay quiet, she knew that her little boy was no longer little. The teen was soon inside, but before he did, he looked over at the orphan's at the corner; smiling, he got in. Maybe he'll befriend an orphan.

Ozur's eyes were wondering again, but this time his eyes caught a demon boy looking over at his corner before going in the cart. "Now Ozur, this is your big moment but remember that no matter what, you're always a champion to me," Mrs. Pawen sniffled, tears were already going down. "Be sure to not play that many pranks on your classmates, otherwise you might not make any friends."

"Hey Mrs. Pawen, no worries I'll be alright," Ozur tried to calm the co-worker. "Besides with a guy like me, I'll be the most popular kid at school!" Laughing for the last time, Mrs. Pawen pulled Ozur in a tight hug before he ran to the train cart. Ozur turned around and made a thumbs up, shouting, "I'll be back with success by my side!"

Apparently Rashika heard that over the brick wall where it was clearly empty, without any life at all. Only she and her father were there at the first part of the train which really seemed insulting to her but that didn't bother her much. However, she couldn't help but sigh a bit since she didn't think that everyone in every world would fear her so much that she had her own farewell section.

"Don't let them get to you Rashika."

She looked up at her proud father and gave him a smile. "I know, but just you wait, dad!" Spreading her wings, she flew up to make a peace sign with her two of her fingers. "I'll change this world so no one else would be treated the way I am being treated today!" Rashika gave a father one last high five before she flew in shouting at last. "I'll be the champion for you, dad! I'll show them who the strongest person really is!"

She watched through the cart window her father waving back as he began to remind her of everything she knew. "Don't forget to work hard, and to respect your teachers! Try to make some friends, not that much but the ones who'll accept you for being yourself! Keep you ruby necklace with you at all times, otherwise, you can't turn into your dragon form! Don't ever stop believing in yourself, and never give up on your goals!" The train then blew its silver whistle as it began to stroll away, but Rashika's father was still having a hard time accepting that she was leaving. "Write to me whenever you can!" He yelled, trying to find more things to tell his daughter, "And be sure to show the world who you are! I love you!"

Rashika opened the cart room window as she waved back to her father, her hair racing through the wind. "I love you too dad!"

"Goodbye, Mrs. Pawen!" Ozur shouted from the window.

"I'll see you soon guys!" Eathelyn exclaimed as well.

"I'll be back before you can say the Ethicals!" Hugo reassured each teen waved back to their families, not even noticing that they were next to each other. They didn't even notice that they were thinking the same thought.

I'll show them all... Being different is good and I'll prove this to everyone to the world, no matter what!

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