The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Six


Yep, that was the first thing every teen inside the train were up to. The kids who were gossiping the most were all from the Light and Myth World; not really surprising since the demon children didn’t really have a chance to meet at the very beginning of their lives. However, all the Dark World teens were getting along very well with the people around them; almost all of them.

Hugo was sitting down on his self, observing his twin swords carefully as if they held secrets to the past or some mystery like that. He was astounded by the craftsmanship on the blade as if the blacksmith wanted to carve a story along the blade since it was surrounded by homes in flames. Then the words inscribed on the handle, he couldn’t help but wonder what they mean. Maybe they’re secrets of the past, or maybe a spell! He was suddenly interrupted from his thoughts when a demon boy approached with wonder in his eyes.

“You’re certainly quite quiet around here aren’t you? Hey, you got the demon eyes just like me!”

“You idiot every demon has the Demon Eye!”

“Well sorry for not noticing!”

“Sometimes I wonder why we’re twins, Jackson!”

“You’re not alone on that question Johnson!”

Hugo stared at the two boys who looked very identical argue about who’s the biggest idiot ever. So much for making friends at the very start, he thought to himself.

The argument apparently got restless since the boys soon began to fight fist to fist! Crowds of teens circled around them, chanting out loud, “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” Even the teens from the Light World were encouraging them!

Hugo rolled his eyes, he mother wasn’t kidding when she warned him about fighting on the train the night before. Soon the twin who was called Johnson was knocked out cold on the nearest chair while one of the Light Worlders held up the champion twin’s hand shouting to the crowd. “Is there any sucker who’ll be willing to fight this lunatic?! Myths pay five scale pieces, Darks pay three coal pieces, and Lights pay two gold pieces! Winner takes all!” No one had the guts to volunteer, they just mutter to themselves about how dead they’ll be if they engage until the Light Worlder pointed at Hugo with a demanding finger.

“You! Shy demon guy in the corner with the cape!”

Hugo’s eyes widen bigger than dinner plates. Him?! Fight?! He’d rather go get beaten up by a girl then go fight! “U-um...S-sorry guys but I-I-I’m not much of-”

He couldn’t even finish his excuse since the random teen took him by his right hand and dragged him to the middle, facing the twin! However, Jackson laughed, shaking his head. “You guys can’t be serious, you expect me to fight this piece of trash? Nah, give me a real challenge!”

Soon everyone began to cry out, “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” The tension was rising, pretty soon Hugo would be one crashed demon of no one stepped in to help, heck he’ll be dead before he can see the first building of Lunar Star Academy!

“I’LL FIGHT THAT TOUGH GUY WITH HIM!!” A feminine voice shouted from behind the crowd, causing a lot of gasps. The crowd of teens made a clear path revealing Eathelyn, as confident as ever while she pulled a bit of her hair to cover her right demon eye, even though it was covered quite enough. This caused Jackson to roll on the floor, laughing his guts out. “You can’t possibly be thinking that a demon girl with only one demon eye with that shrimp to fight me!”

This frustrated the crowd even more until Eathelyn cried out in her best spirit voice ever to Jackson. “What’s the matter? Afraid to get your butt kicked by a girl!?”

The crowd then gasped and began to whisper to each other about the crazy girl who just burned Jackson with words. “I’m not afraid, heck I can beat you any day at any time! Just give me two seconds, then I’ll fight and kick your girly butt.” Jackson argued, but then smirked, knowing that no one would be dumb enough to join the fight. Eathelyn placed her payment on the gold platter that one of other teens were holding, cracking her knuckles, causing Hugo to swallow. “We’ll see then,” she smirked.

“Fighters!” The host announced while waving a red flag. “Get ready!” Then a brought forth a green flag waved by, causing time to look like it was running slowly! “GO!”

The then fighters leaped and soon everyone was shouting and cheering except for a few passengers. Rashika looked at the battle, wondering if the two crazy teens would make it out of this fight alive. “They must have guts to go up against a guy like that.” Then again Rashika hoped they beat Jackson, after all, it’s not every day you see someone stand up for another person, especially a demon.

Ozur was sitting in the seats where the suitcases were, getting his new prank ready until the fight was grabbing his interest. “I bet the girl and boy will win, that Jackson dude is too much of a fool to beat them.”

At the same time, though, he actually admired the way those two will handle the situation, he was especially surprised that the Light Worlders would accept this kind of violence. Jackson was the first to begin, he made a grab for one of her arms, then he successfully managed to lift her up, or so he thought. Eathelyn gladly lets him lift her up because she used that opportunity to begin to run as fast as she can in the air. She was running so fast that everyone had a hard time managing to keep track where she was, or what direction she’s coming from.

Ozur looked at her in shock, he never seen anyone run with such fast speed in his whole life! Rashika smiled a bit, she should have known that speed was this girl’s best abilities since she was fast enough to react and come up with a strategy. “This girl has some good skills.” Hugo was too distracted by how quick she stepped up to his aid and then just instantly get the guy right into a quick trip, which is quite a spin out.

Eathelyn stopped spinning, which resulted in Jackson being even dizzier than a drunk demon! She signaled Hugo to try to, at least, kick him down to the floor, which took a few seconds since someone was in sleep. Hugo stood from his hands, spun his legs which caused Jackson to move back but fall over, but apparently, he’s a fast healer since he recovered from the spin out five seconds right after he fell. He stood up from the floor, his back turned while he dusted himself while more teens began to yell.


Eathelyn then approached Jackson with such fast and great speed while getting her fist ready to hit the teen’s face. Jackson eagerly dodged, pretending to yawn as he chuckled. “Pathetic, I already know what you’re going to do, trying to punch me in the face.” She missed alright but surprisingly, she smiled. “You actually think I was aiming for your face?” Jackson then heard something crash, but before he could react, a ton of suitcases and broken wood fell on top of him!


That wasn’t all she hit, Eathelyn accidentally hit the one that had Ozur’s prank, and it successfully hit Jackson in the face! Paint balloons! Ozur thankfully held onto one of the spare holders, shaking like a leaf since he was surprised at the strength this girl had! “She must have worked out a lot!” He whispered to himself, and not far from the scene Rashika looked pretty surprised herself. “So I’m not the only one who has some great strength? This should be interesting.”

Taking the opportunity, Hugo circled Jackson, who was too busy trying to get the blue paint off him. Digging in his cape, Hugo pulled out mini smoke bomb balls, hitting the ground when brown smoke began to surround Jackson. Then Eathelyn took that chance to go in and with the help of her demon eye; she was able to find Jackson and began to beat him up, not very hard, though. Hugo pulled out some rope and secured Jackson, at least, he thought it was Jackson.

“HEY, NOT ME! I’M YOUR PARTNER REMEMBER!′ He pulled out Eathelyn, all tied up and steaming with anger while they both heard Jackson laughing at this sight, even if he had a black eye. “How sad, you were good as gold until one slip of the rope and we have a volcano ready to blow.”

“I’LL SHOW YOU A VOLCANO MISTER!” Eathelyn ripped herself out of the ropes, making Hugo’s eyes even bigger than a grandfather clock! “That girl is....She’s strong, brave and... And..” Hugo swallowed as his continued his whispering to himself so no one can hear him,“...So...Scary...” Eathelyn was about to jump on Jackson, like she ready to actually kill him, causing Rashika to stand up from her empty corner ready to put a stop to this, and Ozur to jump out of his hiding spot and stop the crazy teen from doing anything rash!

Eathelyn was inches close from hitting the twin until they were both pushed back a sudden blast of strong wind that appeared in the middle! Everyone stopped cheering, looking in shock to see who was one to intervene on such a good fight. Standing in the middle once the wind calmed down was a pale skinned pure one teen. She was wearing a rose pink dress that was up to her knees with long sleeves, along with white shoes. She was holding a long purple and golden spear, her skin was white as snow, and so her hair as gold as the sun. The only thing that shocked everyone was her eyes...

They had absolutely no color at all, which indicates that she’s completely blind! Although not everyone can tell since she faced Eatheyln, Jackson, and Hugo. “You three should be ashamed of yourselves! Fighting on the train like a bunch of hooligans! You all know better than to begin fights before getting proper training from the academy.”

She then turned around and began to walk away from the staring crowd while shrinking her spear to a pen. “Save your skills until we get to Lunar Star Academy, that’s when you can fight for real.” With that she walked away to next cart in silence, leaving everyone else to sit down and just gossip again. Eathelyn knew what she did was stupid so she went up to Jackson and held out her hand. “Hey sorry for punching your eye, let’s start over ’k? My name’s-”

“Stupid, demons aren’t supposed to apologize or say thank you, geez you’re such a weirdo, only demons who aren’t normal do that!” Jackson growled, going back to his conversation with some of his new friends. Eathelyn let her arm go down to her side, this wasn’t what she had in mind. Hugo wanted to go thank Eathelyn for fighting with him, but after what Jackson commented, he covered himself with his cape and made himself disappear. He hated himself for doing that but he then reminded himself that maybe the girl was still mad at him for attacking her. She might do something rash to him, she seems to have such a short temper. Soon everyone ignored Eathelyn, so she sat alone in the corner while Ozur looked down at her with sympathy. Deciding to be her friend, Ozur made his way down to go to her until he was grabbed by one of train managers.

“Hey you, no students are allowed to sit in the suitcase holders! You’re coming with me to clean the engine room as your punishment!”

Dragged away, Ozur hung his head low; his first chance on making a friend and the train manager ruins everything! Rashika watched Ozur getting towed away, she looked over at Eathelyn, feeling sorry for her since she knew how it felt to be alone.She was about to get up to sit next to her until she was pushed down by one of the Light World girls.

“HEY! Watch it, I was getting up ya’ know!” Rashika screamed at the person who pushed her down. The teen had straight long blonde hair that was up to her hip and huge bangs over her forehead. A gold short sleeved tunic with white skinny jeans with high-heeled silver shoes, the girl’s sky blue eyes looked down at Rashika while laughing.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see you but wait... Aren’t you the freak whose half demon and dragon? Whose mom has abandoned?” She got closer to Rashika’s face to inspect the features a little more.“Yep, you are her!” She began to laugh herself like crazy. “Hey freak, I hope you don’t get in my way, my mom’s the headmistress and my dad is the head commander of all the worlds so better not get in my way!”

“I never told you anything about beating you,” Rashika answered back. “But I’ll gladly surpass you at school. And be the best of the best!”

“You?” The teen giggled. “Good luck with that freak, no one will ever give someone like you a chance, unlike me.”

“Just who are you?” Rashika questioned with caution, but all that girl answer with a cold tone. “That’s for me to know and for you to never find out. And all I know from you is that you won’t last a day in Lunar Star Academy.”

“You’ll never know, I might change this world for the better good,” Rashika smiled a bit until the rude girl sent a glare. “Good luck with that, but you’re a demon and you’ll always be a demon and dragon freak until you rot to death. If you ask me, this is already a better world, I don’t see what’s so wrong about it.”

“Really?” Rashika began. “So harming those who are different and treating them like dirt is a better world!?”

“Yes it is, newbie, better believe it, the Ethicals are good and demons are bad. That’s life sweetheart. I’ll be glad to make sure that everyone knows that you’re that monster.” She approached the center of the cart and shouted on the top of her lungs while pointing to Rashika. “HEY EVERYONE, THE MONSTER WHOSE HALF DEMON AND DRAGON IS RIGHT HERE!”

She was shouting in a terrified voice as if she was about to die at that moment or something but apparently she wanted to look very convincing. The result ended up with everybody in the cart screaming in terror and running out to the other cart in fear. The Ethical chuckled as she slowly walked away. “Remember freak, no matter what you do...People will only look at you based on who you’re destined to be; you’re destined to be a monster.”

Rashika saw the demon girl who was fighting Jackson earlier gone as well, no one was left in the room but herself. She heard that girl shut the cart door loudly, and there Rashika sat alone by herself again.

Eathelyn couldn’t believe what just happened. One minute she was just a few seconds from meeting someone who was willing to approach her. Then the next thing she knows, she was pushed and shoved by every panicking passenger in the cart; ending up in another dark corner. She did see some Light World girl point towards the very person who was going to talk to her, screaming in pure terror, “HEY EVERYONE, THE MONSTER WHOSE HALF DEMON AND DRAGON IS RIGHT HERE!”

“She doesn’t look like a monster,” Eathelyn whispered to herself, she looked out the small window that let her see the empty cart, revealing this monster, who actually seems pretty harmless; and alone. She now probably thinks that I was part of the panic too, she must think I’m afraid of her! Eathelyn you really need to learn how to stay put. She looked down at the floor in shame, she knew that she could have done something so the poor girl won’t feel neglected from the world. Of course, she heard the rumors, the stories about a girl in the Myth world who was part demon and dragon from her parents but she never believed that the girl was a monster. But now she’s in this cart leaving the poor girl alone. This might disgrace Eathelyn for the rest of her days unless she does something.

Meanwhile, Hugo couldn’t believe that he managed to not get crushed in the stampede of scared people, besides what’s so bad about being part demon and dragon. “I thought the Light Worlders were supposed to defend the innocent, and never discriminate anyone.” He didn’t realize that he was out of his cape so the teen sitting next to him answered his question in a ’didn’t you know?′ tone, “They do, they just do that for the normal people, not the divergent ones.”

“But why is that girl in the other cart considered different? Did she actually hurt someone before?” Hugo began to ask, only to cause the person sitting next to him move a bit further away while responding. “No but she’s different and different is bad no matter who you are. That girl is especially more evil, her mom was a demon and her father was a dragon. But the mother left after seeing that the child she gave birth to isn’t a full demon, just half, and a half... Didn’t your parents tell you about her? We stay clear of her at all costs... That’s the Light World rule, now stop asking those questions, you’re creeping me out.”

Hugo decided to shut up, only to make himself feel more embarrassed about what he did today. Sure his parents told him about that girl, but he wasn’t one to trust what his parents tell him at times. He was supposed to impress people, not make demon girls mad at him but only to disappear out of nowhere when she’s alone. And especially not just sit there leaving a Myth Worlder alone with the burden of those rumors about her.

Late that night, Ozur was in his new bed in a separate room like everyone else, well he’s one of the four people who has a window to look out from. He had to take a two-hour bath just to clean all the coal dust out of himself and his clothes; helping in the engine room wasn’t a breeze at all. Although most of his muscles ached from lifting heavy boxes of supplies, he couldn’t help but recall the fight that happened that afternoon. “That girl was incredible, but she does have some anger issues...And then Jackson, he has some attitude problems.” Ozur looked at the half-full moon, wondering about the future. “I know the school divides everyone into a four person team, based on how well they do their battle tactics for the entrance exam. But still, I need to get into a good team, maybe have some rivals.” He couldn’t even close one eye on the thought of this.

“We can be-”

“-Unbeatable, the best fighters in history!” Rashika whispered out loud, in her own bed alone in a nice room with a window that showed a good view of the half moon. The loneliness that was devouring her insides from the incident earlier slowly fading away. “We will have a long journey ahead of us, full of danger, loss, victories and defeats as well. We’ll live, we’ll fight, and we’ll change everything. We’ll defend the weak, the innocent, and the victims.”

“Doesn’t matter if they’re not normal, or look like a monster-”

“-I’ll make sure my team will help them. I won’t go back on my ways,” Hugo stated in a quiet voice while he sat on his bed, looking clearly out of his window at half of the bright white moon and the other half of darkness. “No one will get left behind, no one will have to worry about who they are. It’s about what’s inside themselves, the choices they make, that is what really matters. I’ll be there for anyone who needs help, who are a victim of darkness. No matter what-”

“-I won’t stop trying!” Eathelyn practically screamed, but then she got quiet while she stood in front of her bedroom window. “No matter what the danger, what challenges we’ll have to face. I’ll be with my team, we’ll take everyone back to a real place they can call home. No one will be separated from the rest of the world, no matter who they are on the outside.”

Without hesitation, Eathelyn used a sharp needle she had and caused a small wound on her finger, causing it to leak crimson teardrops. She firmly held it up to the moon, with her eye fired up with determination-

“I Hugo-”

“I Eathelyn-”

“I Rashika-”

“I Ozur-”

You can call this a coincidence, or that those four teens have a special bond, whichever you choose, the moment after they each announced their names, at the same time, at that very second, all four of them promised out loud. “Vow to defend the weak, the innocent, the suffering, and the victims, no matter who they are, I won’t back down from their request. That is a promise.” Soon every room was quiet, and while they slept for the night, they heard the wind howl in their rooms tonight. Even nature is begging them for change.

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